S'Kiear Grimsong

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OOC Disclaimer: All information is IC. Therefore the truth of any statements about this character is up for anyone to discover IC. Enjoy!


 S'kiear "Ki" Grimsong
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"I'm always just one pay check away from becoming someone's antognist."
Gender Male
Race Miqo'te
Clan None
Citizenship Currently None
Age Early Thirties
Nameday "You won't be at my birthday party."
Guardian Althyk, the Keeper
Occupation Mercenary
Online After 9pm CST
Server Balmung

S'Kiear Grimsong is a bastard of a Miqo'te male who, by his own admission would shoot his employer in the back if enough coin was offered. He's armed, dangerous, and a massive asshole. Seriously, spend four minute around him, you'll probably want to knock his smug face out.

An Interview with an Asshole

Interviewer:Thank you for sitting down with us, S'kiear.

S'kiear: Please, call me Ki.
Interviewer:Okay, Ki, First question, where're you from?
S'kiear: Between my mom's legs. He laughs. Seriously, Ala Mhigo
Interviewer: And how do you feel about your city being part of the empire now?
S'kiear: Could care less. You win some, you lose some. Home just happened to get its ass kicked. Shit happens.
Interviewer: Ah. So did you come to Eorzea?
S'kiear: Lookin' for my lost sister and I was needing money.
Interviewer: Ah so family. That's sweet. So is your sister really Delial Grimsong?
S'kiear: Are you really ugly?
Interviewer: Well, I don't know about—
S'kiear: The answer to both of our questions is yes. Delial and me have the same hyur mother. My pops was ma's side experiment one night, hence why I have a tail and cat ears and Delial don't. Next question.
Interviewer: Well you have to understand, it's such an odd story and Delial never spoke of having a Miqo'te brother ever. And suddenly you arrive and there are rumors you...
Interviewer: Um…okay… What do you do for a living?
S'kiear: Whatever I'm paid to do. Acted as thug, hired gun, body guard, and smuggler to name a few things.
Interviewer: So you freelance? Nothing below you for the right coin, huh?
S'kiear: Basically.
Interviewer: Okay. And what happened to your left arm?
S'kiear: Ki looks at the left arm in the sling. Masturbation accident.
Interviewer: What? A masturbation ac—
S'kiear: Did I stutter? No? K, next question. Don't hear me asking you about your obvious, non-existent sex life.
Interviewer: Well, I… Excuse you!
S'kiear: You're excused for being an idiot. Keep this up and I'm gonna charge you even more for this interview.
Interviewer: We aren't paying you for this. This is all fr—

S'kiear: The hell it is! I'm out. I got stuff to do that makes money. Later, piss pot. He gets up and slams the door behind him.



Forename:S'kiear Aliases:Ki, Asshole, Bastard, Backstabber

Born on the ???,

of the cycle ??? , in the Sixth Astral Era.

Currently residing in Limsa , located in La Noscea,

on the continent Vylbrand , in practise as Mercenary.

Son of ??? and of ???,

currently residing in ??? located in ???.

Bonded with "my hand".

Alleged Crimes:Murder, Extortion, Robbery,

Lying, Forgery, Being an asshole.

Race Miqo'te

Hair Brown

Eyes Black

Nose Pixie

Height 6 fulms

Weight "That's a rude question."

Extra signs Eye patch

Rumor Mill

(Feel free to add one.)

"The smartest thing you'll ever do is not trust me." — S'kiear Grimsong

"Costs me extra. Arse… but a decent arse, long as y'can afford his rates." — Osric Melkire

"I will not stop hunting him until he has paid for the crimes he has committed… Or until he's dead." — Sayuri Oinari

"I hope my extended uncle'll buy me some icecream soon and give me an allo- *breaks into a maniacal cackle* Good gods, curse that man's luck." — Orenji Kharn

"We're loose cannons, 'e an' I… Volatile, deranged… But we hold each otha close ta our hearts as mates." — Nahare Rahz

"Don't even call me hees daughta! Don't!" — Memith Ganajai

"Every family has a black sheep, yes? I think 'sheep' is too kind. He is vermin, and resilient vermin at that. Waste not your blades. If you think he is insufferable now then you ought wait and see when he is given another reason to be angry." — Delial Grimsong

"Charming fellow. Efficient, or so I hear. We shall see soon enough, I suppose, whether his services are worth my coin." — Tengri Geneq

"One can change their name as one changes clothing. Yet, in the end, the flesh beneath still reveals the masks' presence." — Jin'li Epinoch

"I had forgotten how needy the living can be. He reminded me." — Mask of the Seven Horrors Hidden in Nald'thal's Mists

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