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Garlemald Flag.jpg Sakura Mitarashi
Pure Cherry Blossom
Ffxiv 04252015 205748.png
"I shall blossom to my earnest!"
OOC Character Information
Main Job(s): Ninja
Main Tradeskill: None
Preferred Role: DPS
Server: Balmung
Alignment: Neutral Good
Reputation: Immortal Flames
Occupation: Kunoichi, Spy/Recon of Solaris Ventus
Education: Educated
Marital Status: Single
Sexuality: Hetero
Guardian: Unknown
Free Company
Items Carried
Two Doman ninja-tou, a cherry blossom necklace
Race: Hyur
Clan: Midlander
Age: 18 (11th Sun of the 6th Umbral Moon)
Height: 5 fulm 6 ilm.
Eyes: Cherry pink
Hair: Black with pink highlights
Complexion: Lightly tanned
Physical Build: Curvy-Athletic
Notable Features:
   Martial Prowess
   Magic Affinity
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Sakura Mitarashi (桜・美田裸士) is a player character from the Balmung server. She is a Doman refugee and a member of the Mitarashi clan from Ensokamiya who went to Eorzea to be with her relative and heir to the clan, Mizuho Mitarashi.



Given Name: Sakura Mitarashi
Current Residence: Mist - Vly
Marital Status: Single
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Religion: Unknown
Voice: Mai Nakahara
Theme Song: "Sakura Sakura" by Rin, instrumental


Ffxiv 04252015 210213.png
Complexion: White (Slightly tan)
Face: Pink-colored eyes, with makeup shadowing the eyes and eyelashes.
Hair: Black Doman hair with pink highlights.


Sakura has split-personality, having two distinct personalities that resulted from a traumatic event in her youth.

"Hikari Sakura"

This is Sakura's normal personality that she kept after the childhood trauma. She is extremely cheery and emits a positive aura wherever she goes. She is naïve to all the wonders of Eorzea and is always curious of everything around her. When she is in combat, she tends to play with her opponents by pranking them or just cause mischief.

"Kage Sakura"

This darker side of Sakura was born dormant after her childhood trauma, waking up when her father was betrayed and killed by Takemaru. She is completely serious and cold-hearted towards her enemies, intending to end them off quickly if the duty calls for it. This personality usually pops up in serious moments or in combat.


Ffxiv 03082015 220219.png


Sakura employs various ninjutsu arts and techniques, along with some formal martial arts in various styles as self-defense. She works best with her daggers and sword.



  • Cherry blossoms
  • Sake
  • Tea
  • Peace
  • Friends


  • Bandits
  • Takemaru
  • Her mother's murderers
  • Deceit
  • Betrayal


  • Meditation
  • Ninja training
  • Cooking
  • Trap setting


  • Favorite Food: Sushi
  • Favorite Drink: Doman Leaf Tea
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Favorite Creature: Lalafells

Player Character Standings

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Takemaru Mitarashi: Sakura's older brother, in his early twenties. Once before he used to be kind and gentle, until Sakura was born and favored by their father instead of him, which made Takemaru jealous, though his mother loved him grandly and vice versa. One day during the Great Ensokamiya War, their mother was murdered by a deranged ronin, which both drove Takemaru mad with grief and rage at his father for not protecting her, and giving birth to Sakura's dark personality. When Ieyasu and his forces were attacking Koshuka in the Mitarashi Conflict in 1555, Takemaru betrayed his family, stabbed his father in the back and killing him, and in the process woke Sakura's dark personality, also attacking her and joining up in Ieyasu's side, serving as a faithful shinobi to him and indirectly the Garleans. In the Seventh Astral Era, he found out of Sakura's new whereabouts in Eorzea, and set off to hunt her down, bringing a lot of ninja henchman with him. After some battles with Arcadeus, including Sakura and her new friend Solis, he managed to poison Nysarias Ylrah, sending her into a coma and making new enemies in Arcadeus. His whereabouts are currently unknown.


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Sixth Astral Era

Age 0 to Age 15: Birth and Growing up in Koshuka


Sakura was born in Ensokamiya in the beautiful town of Koshuka in the Saiyoren Providence, as the younger sibling of Takemaru and the only daughter of Nobuyuki and Ina Mitarashi. Her branch in the Mitarashi was one of ninja lineage, with the females taking their roles as kunoichi, or female ninja, while the males took the traditional role as shinobi. Nobuyuki loved Sakura greatly and he saw a fierce warrior and a fine kunoichi in her, which along with a pure heart, was the reason he gave her special training every passing sun to become the finest kunoichi she can be, all the while Takemaru grew more jealous and learned his ninja arts from Ina on occasion.

Age 16 to Age 17: Mitarashi Conflict

Jealousy eventually turned into hatred as a deranged ronin ambushed Sakura and Takemaru with Ina being murdered by him, causing great grief in Takemaru and Sakura, with the former blaming Nobuyuki for not protecting Ina, and the latter conceiving her dark personality in the trauma. When Ieyasu Mitarashi and his followers allied with the Enmetsu and Akazawa clans alongside Garlemald, they set their sights on Koshuka. In the chaos that ensued, Nobuyuki was betrayed and killed by Takemaru, who had switched to Ieyasu's side, right in front of Sakura's eyes. The trauma caused Sakura's dark side to awaken and mercilessly attack Takemaru, but she was beaten by him and his reinforcements. She managed to flee as her beloved home was razed down and taken away from her. She swore vengeance against Ieyasu and his forces, especially Takemaru. With strong resolve, she went to Eorzea by permission from her patriarch in order to get stronger and to pursue Takemaru who has traveled there with his ninja forces.

Seventh Astral Era

Age 18 to Current: Cherry Blossoms in the Sun: Meeting Solis and Arcadeus

After several weeks in Eorzea, Sakura has made a temporary base at the Lilystone in the Black Shroud, killing off thugs and assassins sent off by Takemaru who was aware of his sister arriving in Eorzea. Eventually she ran into some members of the Free Company Arcadeus, including Solis Claritas, Nysarias Ylrah, and Aaron Frostheart, who managed to find her by request by Takemaru disguised as a Doman refugee operating a caravan. Revealing the trap, he poisoned Nysa and surrounded the group with ninjas, with them barely escaping being incinerated by the ninjas' fire jutsu. After feeling terrible for what happened, Sakura joined Arcadeus, moving into Solis's room and starting her adventures in Eorzea with earnest.



  • "Hikari Sakura" and "Kage Sakura" are OOC terms used to differentiate Sakura's personalities. They are not actually used in-game or IC.

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