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Se Talim
Keeper of the Moon

Never give up. There's always another way.



Vital Information


NICKNAMES... Red, Lioness, Spitfire

RACE & CLAN... Miqo'te, Keeper of the Moon

GENDER... Female

AGE... 20

NAMEDAY... 9th Sun, 1st Astral Moon



Other Statistics



FAMILY... Naraan Ayanga (Sister)

RESIDENCE... Goblet #16th Ward, 58th Plot

OCCUPATION... Matron, Shoe maker

PATRON DEITY... Rhalgr, the Destroyer.

HEIGHT & WEIGHT... 4 fulms and 10 ilms. 115 ponze.

ALIGNMENT... Chaotic Neutral

General Information
Se is a woman in her early twenties who now seeks to live life as she sees fit. She's one known to lean back and let others play heroes and villains, only taking action in politics when she deems it necessary. She refuses to risk the life of herself or those around her unless herself or her friends are at immediate risk of injury or death. She's a matron and shoe maker with work expanding all over Ul'dah and sometimes the surrounding towns. She is friendly at all times with being somewhat snarky at random points, depending on her mood. Rarely will she use be rude or insult anyone. She's a very emotional individual and can sometimes get teary eyed but not actually cry. The woman is also known to be quite the prodigy at fighting, boasting an ungodly amount of strength but is unable to harness it properly. She is can usually be seen training or sparring with friends.
Don't believe what you see. Don't trust what you hear.
Light Blue Reddish Orange A bronze rustic tone Petite, toned. Soft and sweet
Usually upright with hands at her side or folded across chest Right-handed. Scar on left cheek and one across right eye Traditional Keeper markings on face Usually wears lose clothes or robes/dresses
Hair & Eyes
Se has bright sapphire eyes that seem to pierce through anything she looks at. Often at times she is wide eyed when she looks at people or things. Se's demeanor can be described as very friendly and often outgoing which leads to many interacting with her. Se's hair is a vibrant Reddish Orange hue. Her hair is extremely long; wrapping around her face and resting just to her lower back. Often times she will cut it short and leave it hugging just around her jaw and settling on the back of her neck. Her hair is soft to the touch.
Physique & Markings
Se stands at 4 fulms, 10 ilms and weighing in (without armor) at 115 ponze. The Miqo'te is well toned but not too muscular, being very petite and thin in conjunction with copious amounts of exercise to stay in shape. Despite her near flawless bronzed toned body, the woman does have scars that litter across her body with the most noteable one around her neck from the slave collar she donned. The other across the front of her right thigh, wrapping around the limb. Se's tail is about 2 fulms in length, with the tip seemingly flat... As if it was cut or bitten off.
Hygiene & Attire
Se actively cleans herself when she is not out and about delivering in Thanalan. She bathes at least once a day, if not more, even after exercises or other activities that requires her to do excess amounts of moving. As for her attire, Se wears things that are light material and can be occasionally seen wearing dark colored clothings when dressed professionaly but slowly melding in her own sense of style when dressing in robes and dresses; which is her typical casual wear. Se always wears gloves on her hand which dont come off for any reason unless it is around Alouette and only then if ordered to remove them. The same could be said about the scarf/belled collar around her neck. The only piece of jewelry Se wears is the Moonlet earring upon her left ear. Se loves to wear hats.
Psychological Profile
Se's views on life is rather jaded when compared to the ideology of anyone and everyone around her. If what you do rewards you with success, be it morally or immoraly, Se will do it. She does not stand by the thought of 'there is a right way and then there is a wrong way'. If you can obtain your goals by whatever means, then what is right or wrong is simply determined by your own perspective. Coming to this belief system after spending summers in Ul'dah. However, this belief system is hardly known by her friends considering she always trying her to best to make them happy or is completely oblivious to her own actions.

Se can be an extremely angry person when others get in the way of her personal goals, even though she herself may not know what those goals are at any given time. These temper tantrums can be explosive to a full blown brawl or as simple as giving onr the silent treatment. When she is angry it can be hard to calm her down though there is one person who can reel her back in with ease... She is prone to treat others based on how they treat her but no matter what, when dealing with her friends, she will always show them the utmost respect or apologize after a fight as she fears losing them over anything.

It is common for Se to give compliments or speak to people of whom she does not know. The Miqo'te is one to make new friends and is hardly ever shy to introduce herself. Though more often than not, she is surrounded by those she knows and is constantly getting into hijinks. To catch her by herself is a rarity or a sign that something is wrong.
A soft gentle voice is the common sound that comes from Se. Speaking with hushed tones as if trying not to be loud and disrespectful. Often times she'll speak in an odd manner though doesn't realize it. When angered her voice can be monotonous yet still give off a thunderous roar that comes from her throat. When happy or pleased she can be heard humming or purring from her throat.
● Alouette
● Tea
● Cuddles
● Sweets
● Ear Scratches
● Sex
● Promises
● Books with pictures
● Her friends
● The cold
● Scholars
● Ishgardians
● Morbols
● Failure
● Glares
● Thieves
● Pain
● Secrets
● Slavers
● Hand to Hand Combat
● Swordsmanship
● Mining
● Shoemaking
● Tea Making
● Athleticism

From the Memories of Se Talim
Disclaimer: This is OOC information based on memories from Se. This information isn't common knowledge, this is just to give people ways to meet or hookup IC with Se. None of this is set in stone and will be changed if need be to fit lore or to change her abilities. If you see something amiss contact me and I can fix it. IF you want to be included or even play out a scene of this I'm more then happy to oblige if it makes sense.
Life as a slave

Life in Ul'dah
A new life

In Recent Times

♥ Relationship

Alouette Amandine, Bestfriend ( ♥ ) - Stitches
Character's Thoughts: "Stitches was one of my very first friends and now my bestfriend! She has always been there for me, steering me in the right direction and has been a voice of reason for me. People didn't like me hanging around her but if it wasn't for her, I don't think I'd be around. I will always love her!"
Alouette and Se have an interesting bond and while they may not be around each other at all times, they certainly have one another's backs and have been known to work together quite flawlessly with Alouette being the brains and Se being the muscle. Se has devoted herself to Alouette and is very easily influenced by the woman; following almost any order given. Regardless, Se is in love with Alouette and will do what she can to make her happy.
Naraan Ayanga, Sister ( ) - Sunflower
Character's Thoughts: "Sunflower is my sister. How often do I hear that we look nothing alike but it doesn't bother me as much as it used to. We have had our arguments in the past and have since sorted out those differences. I love my sister and I will protect her however I can when she calls upon me. Hopefully I am not as much of a burden as I used to be... "
Se and Naraan met exactly at the same time Se would meet Alouette. Despite a rocky start between the two, Se would eventually be called a sister to the Xaelan. Tough trials awaited the two at every corner with the two butting heads on several occassions but have sense settled their differences with a duel. Since then, Se is always happy to see her sister .
X'khereva Tykha, Club Member ( ♥ ) - Sandals
Character's Thoughts: "Sandals was also one of my very friends and a member of the Club! What's the Club you ask? If you have to ask, you don't need to know! Me and Sandals have always been close and always offers to lend me help whenever I get caught up in dangerous bits! Just remind me not to make any bets with her again.."
X'khereva to Se is like how Alouette is to Se but on a slightly lesser scale. Being an illustrious club member, Se will put X'khereva on a priority whenever things are getting dicey. Se has been known to express fear for guns but the Seeker is a well known exception in which Se feels completely comfortable around the firearm. These two have been known to make bets against one another.
Zohmo Rheze, Mate ( ♥ ) - Coeurl
Character's Thoughts: "Coeurl is my mate has been a constant relief of my stress whenever it builds up and gets bad. She always takes me on trips and is always glued to my side; a shadow. To think we've known each other for moons and barely spoke a word until a fateful chance sun. I do not regret a single moment since she's been in my life."
Zohmo has ever watchful eyes on Se whenever present in order to preserve the woman's safety and peace of mind and is quick to defend her at a moments notice. Se loves the woman and while always be found at her side should the two ever be in public. While of different clans, the two are inseparable and know that life will oft have them apart. A loving understanding.
X'aria Tohka ( ) - Goggles
Character's Thoughts: "Goggles is a good friend of mine. Oft have I found myself sitting in the alleyways with her just talking about life in general. She has certainly talked me out of a lot of shite mindsets and someone I feel I could go to whenever I need to vent. Lately, I don't see her around and I hope she knows I always support her."
X'aria and Se have always had a bit of random friendship. Often going suns or sennights at a time without speaking but can easily fall into conversation when they encounter one another. Meeting during a spar, Se has always considered X'aria one of her closest friends during a period where Se couldn't get out of her depression. The Seeker taking time to put Se's mind at ease. Despite their distance, Se still sees X'aria as one of her confidants.
Seirun Devir ( � ) - Trainee
Character's Thoughts: "I first met this man in Quicksand, barely knew anything about fighting. Recently, we've had some issues with one another and I can say without a doubt that he's gotten better but I know not where our friendship stands. I've kept my distance as of late as whenever we met, tension flares."
Seirun was a very brief student of Se's (if you can call it that) who eventually became a sort of guardian for the family. While the two have come to blows and their friendship shakey, Seirun has stuck around and has continued to help others with hunts and even Se despite their differences. Whether or not they hate each other, Se can't deny all he's done and is thankful though she is too prideful to say it to him.
X'lyhhia Genhu ( ) - Lyhhia
Character's Thoughts: "Lyhhia has been around the family since it was established and has been around to help on many of the hunts and requests given to us. She surely has proven to be quite the supporter and has quite the potential to be a great fighter."
Se and X`lyhhia met at some point when hanging the Quicksand of Ul'dah. While the specifics were quite hazy to Se, X'lyhhia has always been one to offer an ear whenever it was needed. While the two Miqo'te's have butted heads in the past due to internal conflict, Se relies on her strength to help keep others safe when the family departs on hunts.
U`bhel Isahri ( ) - Kitten
Character's Thoughts: "I met Bhel while loitering around Quicksand one sun. We had tea, we talked and most of the time I ended up having to wash her hair from all the sand! Ever since, she has always been a part of the family, coming and going!"
U'bhel and Se's relationship is very casual, seeing each between each other's ventures. Often times Se can be found in her library trying to find children books to read or to simply look at the pictures. The two share an affinity with sweets; U'bhel with cakes and candy, Se with chocolates. .
Rosa Snow ( ) - Snow
Character's Thoughts: "Snow and I have become close and oft times has been an ear to listen to me rant about silly things that don't pertain to anything. She visits me a lot and I couldn't be happier to have Snow in my life and I hope she is someone I continue to rely on to keep my head in a positive mood!"
Se sees Rosa as a very close friend and can admit there is feelings for her. While such things can be evident, Se knows the two have very different lives in which they are distant. However, it doesn't stop the two from ever putting smiles on each other's faces when together. Se sees Rosa as a confidant and someone whom she shares secrets with and hopes one day they can be together.
Jay Jojowai ( ) - Boy
Character's Thoughts: "Jay was someone who I didn't think I'd get close with after first meeting him. I was very skeptical to his motives as I was with any males whom I came into contact with due to my past. He was a good friend but he had another calling that took him to far off lands. "
Jay and Se had a very interesting relationship as it was riddled with confused and mixed signals which led to odd situations. Needless to say, Jay sacrificed a lot for Se's happiness, even going as far as to put himself in harm's way, much to the disapproval of Se herself. Despite it all, Se has some sort attraction to him which she never or ever will truly pursue.
Mhrorila'a Muhtu ( ) - Mhro
Character's Thoughts: "Mhro was always a silent person when we first met and was always scared away by our family antics. Lately, she's opened up a bit more and has shown genuine care for my well-being. I'm unsure if she truly feels the same as I feel about her but time will tell."
Mhrorila'a has become a person in which Se has begun to rely on when something is needed to get off of her chest. While there was hardly any interaction before, the few shared recently has really caused Se to open more about what's on her mind. Because of the lack of time together, Se often worries about upsetting her.
X'kotho Mitnu, Ex-Mate ( ) - Cocoa
Character's Thoughts: "Cocoa was my very first mate and has taught me a lot about being strong and sticking to my beliefs. While we oft fought with one another, I can safely say that when she left to chase after her dreams, I knew what I had to do to become a better person.."
X'kotho plays a big part in Se's life. From showing her that love comes in many forms, strength comes in a variety of ways and that arguments in a relationship were bound to happen. When X'kotho left the family, Se was saddened by this but knew that X'kotho would find happiness in wherever she went.. And that was all Se could ask for.
Suri Suri ( ) - Dear
Character's Thoughts: "A nice gambling friend of mine who likes to show a bit of bravado everytime we set the stakes. Oft has she lost to me but she keeps coming back. Maybe she thinks she can withstand my luck? Either way, she is a friend I wouldn't trade for anything."
A Seeker whom Se met one day when wandering the streets of Ul'dah. While initially the two's meeting was but to have a nice a cup of tea, it evolved into gambling which has blossomed a very competitive relationship between the two. Se couldn't be happier as it is someone new who visits her at the house.
C'lef Forte ( ) - Leaf
Character's Thoughts: "We met at a Valentione event and decided to speak with one another. She came to the home and we had some cake! A very good friend of mine and we've grown quite close. Oft times she feels bad for taking up my time but I hope one sun she realizes she is free to come and say hello whenever!"
A Seeker that Se has become well acquainted with and has become a frequent visitor of the house. More oft than not, the two meet at the house and on very rare occasions they meet outside of the home. Se sees C'lef as a very close confidant who has become an importsnt figure in maintaining Se's mental health.
Echo Lotus, Mentor ( )
Character's Thoughts: "Echo was my very first mentor. She didn't much train me but had always told me that my strength was so great that I didn't really need it. Only to hone it. It bothered me back then but now I know what she meant. I miss her.."
Echo Lotus was the very first person to train Se. While skeptical at first, the Keeper agreed. She learned to overcome her fear of heights and the very first steps of aether manipulation. This was also what started the Se/Naraan rivarly. When time between the two grew limited and rare, Se sought training from another close contact of Echo's, Rothgar.
Rothgar Gunnarsvard, Mentor ( ) - Axey
Character's Thoughts: "Axey is my mentor. He is also a very good friend of mine. We've sparred on occassion but it's mostly me just wanting to take his axe away. One sun I'll manage to get it from him..."
Rothgar is Se's second mentor following Echo. Se views him quite highly and has been known to share information she wouldn't normally share with others. Recently, Rothgar has given her the cloth in which he wore over his face. Se wears it upon her person at all times.

Xain Wanowan, Ex Fiance ( ) - Offputtin
Character's Thoughts: "Xain was my fiance in time where things were simpler. While we got a long, he was a troubled man who eventually let his emotions run rampant and harmed me and others. His passing, both times, was needed and I truly hope he found some measure of peace in death."
Xain was a man who went above and beyond, passing Se's trial and winning her heart. It was a sure sign that the two were fated to be together. However, due to his troubled past, he brought harm to Se which earned the attention of Alouette who ordered his death. The body was tossed aside and for moons the body rotted until by unknown means, to Se anyways, Xain returned. He attacked her and was disgusted by how Se was weakened by her family and sought to kill everyone. That was until a group of the family confronted him and finally put him to rest.
Lottie Godwin ( ) - Tail Biter
Character's Thoughts: "So... There I was in the Quicksand. Standing next to Cocoa, who was my mate at the time, where we met this strange woman with googley eyes and always talked about how hungry she was. I turned my back for one moment and suddenly she chomps the tip of my tail off! I'm still mad about it!"
Lottie and Se have only ever met the one time but it was the one time to forever etch Lottie as someone Se will strike in the face with a punch without holding back. While the act itself was more than likely a misunderstanding as Se's tail was swaying about in Lottie's face, a woman known to have quite the appetite and eat anything. Still, the Keeper has yet to forgive or forget.
Aesa Raven'ther ( ) - The Raven
Character's Thoughts: "Aesa had been a pain my family's side for moons. At first starting with my sister and me until she thought trying to kill everyone would satisfy her. Thank the twelve that she was finally put down after the countless lives she has tormented over the many summers she was allowed to do so."
The Raven of Ala Mhigo was a long time enemy of the family, spanning over a few moons. She was ruthless in her fights thanks to her corrupter aether which made her no laughing matter. From singling out her enemies to straight confronting and fighting a free company. However, her mind had become unstable and relied on her fiance, Glacie to be her voice of reason. When she had vanished, Aesa finally snapped and went after long time rival, Ishaori Gundyr. It was then she finally was finally killed by the hands of Naraan Ayanga.
Glacie La Vondane ( ) - The White Witch
Character's Thoughts: "Glacie,just like Aesa, had been a problem for the family for quite a while, using mutagan to mess with my unborn child. Since she and Aesa had been dealt with, the biggest threats are gone. Hopefully, with those two gone we can find some measure of clarity.""
Glacie was an Allagan researcher who had been Aesa's other half. Sometimes, while being just as ruthless, has shown to be the calmer and craftier of the two. Using mutagen to mess with her opponents, Se was one such victim. It wasn't until one fateful day, Glacie had vanished, leaving Aesa to succumb to the aftermath which led to her death.
D'ken Moronali ( ) - Ken
Character's Thoughts: "A hunter of the Shroud. I came across him on accident and our first meeting was harmless enough. The more we ran into each other, the more aggressive he caught. He was done bad things and has caught the attention of the family."
D'ken is a Seeker Miqo'te, tribeless as he proclaims, that frequents the Shroud as a hunter for Gridania. While at first he had a friendly demeanor and could have even been considered a friend, he threw it away when Se made fun of him for targetting animals and not fighting people. Calling him weak. This led to a rather shift change as he suddenly sees the female Keeper as the person to beat. By any means to prove her wrong... And has done so often.
NPC Rumors

Some of these rumors are untrue, speculation, or are greatly exaggerated.

◢ Common Rumors - Easily overheard. Use these freely!
"The woman really loves orange juice for some reason." — Patron of the Quicksand.
"The young lass was a very good miner but would often flail that pickaxe around." — Merchant on the Ruby Exchange.
◢ Uncommon Rumors - A little more difficult to hear. Use sparingly or ask first!
"The woman is deathly afraid of guns. I wonder what has her so spooked about them?" — An adventurer.
"I hear she used to pick fights with people! Sounds like a trouble maker to me! — Patron of the Quicksand.
◢ Rare Rumors - Very rarely overheard. Please ask before using!
"She never rakes off her scarf or gloves. For anything! I wonder what she has to hide?" — A wandering Scholar.
"I hear she can get quite violent when out under a lot of stress. I haven't seen it myself but the things you hear at Quicksand!" — Gladiator from the Gladiators Guild..
PC Rumors

Feel free to add your own rumors to this section.

◢ Player Character Rumors - Some of these are more rare than others!
"Rumor" — Rumormonger.
"Rumor" — Rumormonger.

RP Info

RP Limits
I like to consider myself a flexible player who is willing to commit to a number of different types of scenes and role-play scenarios, but even I have my limits. When it comes to combat RP I am fine with either rolls or freeform. I usually base fights around 3 - 5 rolls to avoid long drawn out fights. If you wish to go longer, communicate with me and we can have fun!
I will playThe damsel in distress or friend or shoulder to cry on or being kidnapped. Se is meant to be mentally fragile and a support type character who will occasionally have story arcs of her own. Mature content (Excessive Language) and themes dealing with: Violence, Kidnapping, Drug or Alcohol use or abuse, Torture. These must be story driven or used as character developement for your toon! Ask about Long-term and/or permanent injury. Long-term captivity or imprisonment. Rape and character death plots.
I won't play Pure heroics except for those she's close to. I don't want her to die anytime soon so her death is on hold if never. A villain type character or something that requires her to do something which results in maiming or killing another toon, unless in extreme situations. Godmoding. If your character is omnipotent being with no real reason as to why other than you saying so, I will Godmode right back to avoid further conflict to Se. Anything that forces Se to be OOC.
RP Hooks
While the below is by no means comprehensive, it's a kind of spring board for walk-up RP. Longer plots that are meant to run for more than a few quick RP's, please feel free to send me a tell so we can work out a good reason for our characters to get to know one another. I'm always looking for RP, unless I'm actively spamming PvE content.
■ Mining - Se was a very well known miner in Ul'dah and has developed a reputation for being one of the best.

While she doesn't mine anymore, she is still quite knowledgeable in the profession. Mayhap you have questions?

■ Shoe Making - Se has taken a job as making shoes since quitting being a miner. It is a job she has taken quite the interest in. Need any repairs done or something made?
■ Fighting - Se cherishes strength above all else. Therefore she is prone to fighting or watching spars. Want to have a fight? Seek her out.
■ Thanalan - Rarely will Se leave the comforts of Thanalan to explore other parts of Eorzea. Have you seen her perchance?
■ Tea - Se loves tea and is known to make splendid batches. Perhaps join her for a cup?
■ Cooking - Se has recently taken up cooking though she is quite bad at it. She loves to learn so maybe you could teach her... Or perhaps be her guinea pig?
■ A night on the town - Se loves to go out have fun! She doesn't drink though.. Maybe you could convince her?
■ Aether - Se has recently begun looking into Aether to further her own abilities. Mayhaps you can teach her something or be a mentor?
■ Weaponry - The woman collects all types of weapons from people she has beaten in combat ranging from swords to axes. She even goes out of her way to learn how to fight with some. Want to have a spar maybe?
OOC Notes
Player Information
Player Note
There is a lot of information on this character wiki, but it is by no means completely comprehensive. There are chunks of backstory that are left intentionally vague so that details can be later added as developed through creative writing or in role-play revelation. Feel free to use Common or Uncommon rumors freely, if you want to use a Rare Rumor as a plot hook or to spark RP, I would ask that you send me a tell first, to make certain it's alright.
Character Lore Adherence
Everything concerning this character that has not been confirmed by in-game lore should be taken with a grain of salt. Anything that has had to be changed because of lore shifting will be noted below.

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