Serena Izshara

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Serena-Gauge-II-flipped.png Serena Izshara-Name-Header.png Serena-Gauge-II.png


Gene-Icon1.pngSerena-BirthName.png Serena Gavrielle Izshara

Gene-Icon1.pngSereneRaceClan.png Hyur, Highlander

Gene-Icon1.pngSerenaGender.png ♀️ Female

Gene-Icon1.pngSerena-Age.png Around Thirty Summers

Gene-Icon1.pngSerene-Nameday.png Born on 7th Sun of the 6th Astral Moon


Gene-Icon1.pngSerena-Nationality.png Ala Mhigan

Gene-Icon1.pngSerena-Occupation.png Monk, Freedom Fighter

Gene-Icon1.pngSerena-PatronDeity.png Rhalgr, the Destroyer

Gene-Icon1.pngSerena-Height.png 5 fulms, 9 ilms

Gene-Icon1.pngSerena-Physique.png Strong, Athletic

At a Glance
[ Under ReConstruction ]
"Warrior of Ala Mhigo"
[Under Construction]
Chaste, Virtuous, Fearless, Solemn, Determined, Noble

MiniMapMsqIcon.png Fencing
MiniMapMsqIcon.png Sparring
MiniMapMsqIcon.png Archaeology
MiniMapMsqIcon.png Circuits
MiniMapMsqIcon.png Racing
MiniMapMsqIcon.png Triple Triad


MiniMapMsqIcon.png Excavating
MiniMapMsqIcon.png Swimming
MiniMapMsqIcon.png Engineering
MiniMapMsqIcon.png Goldsmithing
MiniMapMsqIcon.png Dance
MiniMapMsqIcon.png Close Quarters Combat


MiniMapMsqIcon.png Bravery
MiniMapMsqIcon.png Integrity
MiniMapMsqIcon.png Independent
MiniMapMsqIcon.png Determined
MiniMapMsqIcon.png Respectful
MiniMapMsqIcon.png Honourable


MiniMapMsqIcon.png Stubborn
MiniMapMsqIcon.png Cynical
MiniMapMsqIcon.png Blunt
MiniMapMsqIcon.png Aloof
MiniMapMsqIcon.png Impatient
MiniMapMsqIcon.png Sceptical

Chapter Image Section

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Chapter Image Section

Chapter One

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Out of Character Section

Server: Omega
Country: United Kingdom
Timezone: GMT/BST/EU
Contact info: RPC PM / Discord: Serena#2554

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