Sazhi'to Bajhiri

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Limsa Lominsa-transparent.png Sazhi'to Bajhiri
Gender Male
Race Miqo'te
Clan Keepers of the Moon
Citizenship Limsa Lominsa
Pronunciation /ˈsɑːˌʒiːˈtoʊ / /ˌbɑːˈdʒiˌriː/

SAH-zhi-TOH bah-JEE-ree

Religion Menphina, the Lover
Age 25
Nameday 28th Sun of the 3rd Astral Moon, Turn 1553 of the Sixth Astral Era
Height / Weight 66 Ilms / 144 Ponz
Server Balmung
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Summary:Born in a small settlement of Keeper of the Moon Miqo'te in the Black Shroud away from the city, Sazhi'to had a relatively simple childhood. His mother was the head Matriarch of the clan, composed of three related family groups, and as her second son he was expected to be just as strong as his brother and sister. On the other hand his father was an Arcanist of some skill, and while one of the more far-wandering males in the area, he held the honor of being the chosen life mate to the Matriarch.

While he wasn't sickly, Sazhi'to was quieter and seemed less physically inclined than either of his siblings had been. It was initially a concern, but at just six years of age one of the other matriarchs discovered that Sazhi'to was already reading, if haltingly, from one of his father's journals. Khot'a was immediately summoned back from his wandering to teach him properly.

He quickly displayed a natural affinity for interracting with Aether, his ability to read and retain information also growing immensely with proper instruction, and by ten he was immersed in every book or scroll he could get his hands on; many of which were in fact "borrowed" by his father from the library in Limsa Lominsa, and meant for students twice his age.

While his father still wandered freely, Sazhi'to was kept within the village due to having "below average" skill with a bow or spear. With the common clashes with the Wood Wailers, he was seen as a liability out in the Shroud.

In his seventeenth summer he was finally able to properly summon forth both aspects of Carbuncle. Satisfied that he could keep on the right path of study, his father obtained the permission of the Matriarchs and brought him along on his next wandering to Limsa Lominsa, taking him to the Arcanists' Guild itself to study alongside other mages first-hand.

Less than two years later however the conflict with the Garlean Empire reached the breaking point. As Eorzea's forces martialed for a final resolution, Sazhi'to and the other young members of the guild were ordered to stay within the city to assist with civilians and maintain order.

His father was killed at the Battle of Carteneau while assisting with the retreat of a pinned down medical team. At the same time the fragments of Dalamud cast off by Bahamut into the Black Shroud all but erased his home, and nearly the entire clan was wiped out.

It was almost two years before he learned that his older sister Mholi had survived, but that revelation came with the shock of learning that she was known and wanted by the Wood Wailers for ongoing acts of aggression. It took all of his ability to finally track her down, not far from the still blackened clearing where they we raised, and the woman he found was not what he had expected.

She called herself Mujuuk instead of Bajhiri and refused to discuss why. Bitter and angry rather than stern and determined, she vociferously accused him of failing his clan by staying away so long, telling him bluntly of every clan member she had buried by herself and those who had gone off to fight, at least dying with fangs bared. If Sazhi'to hadn't been driving himself to sleepless nights alternating with nightmares thinking the same things about himself he might have argued when she turned to vanish back into the. Instead he kept his silence and dejectedly returned to Limsa Lominsa.

Despite this, or perhaps because of it, he reaffirmed his determination to help others whenever, wherever, and however he can. In this vein he has since taken to learning about as many different skills and subjects as possible, from fishing to carpentry. Sometimes he still becomes so absorbed in one thing or another that he will go without rest for days at a time. Those who express concern over this behavior are simply waved off and assured that his apparent disdain for sleep cames from a desire to learn more to help more.

He has since joined the Ivory Tower, a company of wizards, and friends, who share similar interests in advancing their studies and helping others. There he met his now life-mate K'hane Tariq, and more recently his sleep has been thrown off by their young daughter Nuali, rather than any nightmares.

Marital Status: Mated
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
Aliases/Pseudonyms: Saz (among non Miqo'te acquaintances), Sazhi (only a few are permitted to call him this as, technically, it is his mother's name)


Distinguishing marks:

  • Traditional Keeper markings in an "inverted double fangs" pattern on each side of his jaw, and matching single-fang marks on each cheek bone.
  • Dark bags under his eyes which none of his acquaintances can remember seeing him without.
  • A thin scar, only about four ilms long, at the top left of his abdominals. Not immediately noticeable.
  • An arcane seal is literally etched into the skin at the base of his neck, about three ilms in diameter.


Alignment: Neutral good.
Demeanour: Amiable, supportive.



  • Sweets and salty foods.
  • Antiques.
  • Riddle games.


  • Spicy foods.
  • Acts of intentional selfishness.
  • Hearing someone speak authoritatively when they do not truly posess the relevant knowledge.


  • Can read, and fully retain information, at a prodigous speed of approximately 1400 words per minute.
  • Learning a new skill, no matter how trivial others might think it to be.
  • Functionally ambidextrous through self training, not as dexterous with his right hand when writing.



  • Mother: Sazhi Bajiri (deceased)
  • Father: Khot'a Jinjahl (deceased)
  • Siblings:
    • Older Brother: Sazhi'a Bajhiri (deceased)
    • Older Sister: Mholi Bajhiri Mujuuk
    • Younger Sister: Kinireh Bajhiri (deceased)
  • Mate: K'hane Tariq
  • Daughter: Nuali Tariq



He considers the Garlean Empire to be an ongoingthreat to Eorzea, along with anyone who supports them; however he has a particular hate for Voidsent.


Common Rumours (Easily overheard)
"He's quite the chatterbox, that one. Saw him carry on three different conversations at once, the other day!" - Overworked Midlander Merchant
"Aye, firs' time I seen 'im, th' li'l bastard jus' waltzed in, watched us at th' forge less'n 'alf a bell, stuck 'is nose inna book fer a tick, then picked up a 'ammer an' pounded out a near perfect set o' chain links! Damndest thing I e're saw!" - Befuddled Roegadyn Blacksmith
"The way I hear it, he owes someone a Hells of a lot of Gil, and has to do anything and everything to pay it all back. Why else would someone pick up so many different odd-jobs?" - Shifty eyed Lalafel
Moderate Rumours (Moderately difficult to overhear)
"I know the instructors said he was a rare case, but if being an Arcanist can make it that hard to get to sleep, I'd rather just stick with being a fisherman like my dad." - Disenchanted Highlander youth
"If only the boy could settle to drinking, like any other man who's lost something dear, he might not be so high-strung. Eh? What did he lose? Family, of course, didn't we all?" -World-Weary Miqo'te Scholar
Rare Rumours (Very difficult or rarely overheard)
"He fell asleep in the middle of a meal once, right over there by that window. I woke him up, of course, and at least I lived to regret it. He apologized up and down, but there wasn't always a window there, you know?" -Plucky Seeker Barmaid
"Some say he's got a sorta pact with a Voidsent arch-fiend or other such beastie. Don't take my word for it, my cousin heard someone screaming bloody murder in his inn room one early mornin' before he came strolling out, calm as you like. Nobody else went in or out of there that day, neither!" -Superstitious Dunesfolk Gambler
PC Rumours (Rumours written by other Player Characters. Feel free to add to this IC, or shoot me a whisper/pm!)
"He's so very nice and passive, but beneath the quiet exterior, there's a warrior trying to get out! He's so terribly mysterious!" -- L'yhta Mahre
"It's only understandable that he'd have trouble sleeping after that. You always remember your first, and it's the innocents that give you nightmares the worst!" ((This is a false rumor. Probably))-- Karaki Crystalis
"He is a man of quiet contemplation, and it is often difficult to read his thoughts by visual cues alone. This gives him more power than I believe he realizes. His wife is a very lucky woman to have such a stabilizing presence in her life... especially given how... unstable she can sometimes be." -- Llaine Tetheros
Things You Can't Possibly Know (But I want you to know OOCly)
Despite appearances, he suffers from nightmares brought on by a lingering feeling of Survivor's Guilt over the deaths of his family members. While he can rationalize the why of it, often he will put off going to sleep in the hopes that when he does sleep, it will be without dreaming.
While just like most Miqo'te he was raised in a predominantly female environment, he generally behaves in a passive manner with women, and has trouble dealing with assertive women especially.

Known Haunts

■ Hawkers Alley
■ Mist residential district, ward 5
■ Arcanists Guild


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