Sigyn Bloebloud

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Limsa Lominsa-transparent.png Sigyn Bloebloud
Sigyn - Day Clothes.png
"Meditation may be a little too relaxing..."
Gender Female
Race Roegadyn
Clan Sea Wolf
Citizenship Limsa Lominsa
Age 19
Name Day 20th Sun of the 6th Umbral Moon, 1558
Beliefs Azeyma, the Warden & Byregot, the Builder
Occupation Guard, Message Carrier, Aspiring Writer
Server Gilgamesh

Sigyn Bloebloud, a rather short, pretty, Roegadyn Sea Wolf, she is the daughter of Crowe Bloebloud, and friend of the Trange family. Growing up alongside the Trange children, Sigyn was included in their studies and learned letters, numbers and how to hold herself in diplomatic matters as well as on the battle field. Fighting against the instigators of the coup rendered upon the Tranges alongside her father, Sigyn has made very valued use of her defensive and healing abilities. As physically intimidating as any Roegadyn of her age, she is actually very shy and tends to keep to herself, only keeping up with her close friends. Now employed by Danielle McGoirn as an assistant within the Privateers, Sigyn has taken a liking to writing and has begun to explore the world outside of the span of a ship's deck or a cramped office space.



Name: Sigyn Bloebloud [Sig-In Blu-Blʌd]: The name Sigyn is taken from a heroine of a Roegadyn myth from before the race sailed to Eorzea. Her surname, created by her family a few generations ago, was chosen due to their love of the sea. Coincidentally, Sigyn and her father have a bluish tinge to their skin.

Nickname: 'Sigy': A pet-name once accidentally said by her father, Lizzo and Sigmund taunted her with it when they were children. Now, the name is only used to annoy her. If called such by other people she becomes flustered and extremely embarrassed.

Birthplace: Ul'dah: Born to a young woman whom Crowe had met when she was visiting Limsa Lominsa, Sigyn never knew her mother due to complications during her birth. Though he had only known her for a short time, the loss of his new love hit Crowe hard. Worse still, the woman's family blamed Crowe and his infant daughter for her death, and the two of them were forced to leave Ul'dah.

Age: 19: Born in 1558, Sigyn was dutifully protecting Danielle and Meredith Trange, whilst aiding them in their endeavors. As such, she was not involved in the Battle of Carteneau Flats, though was too young at the time to have done so anyway.

Marital Status: Single

Sexuality Homosexual (a fact that only her closest friends know.)

Class: Disciple of Magic - Conjurer / White Mage

Beliefs: Her study of defensive and healing magic has lent Sigyn to looking towards Azeyma for guidance. During her meditations she has found some measure of piece that she in turn now brings to her duties. Her interest in writing has grown as of late, as has her admiration for other forms of artwork. For these reasons she now gives small tokens of gratitude to Byregot.


Height: 6 fulms 3 ilms

Weight: 140 ponz

Complexion: A soft, pale blue, Sigyn's skin is smooth and bears little exposure to sun and wind. Having worn long, concealing clothing upon reaching puberty, she has also spent vast majorities of her time below decks or in quiet, closed off areas during her frequent meditations. These practices have left her quite fair-skinned.

Physique: Toned, but not muscular, Sigyn's physique comes almost purely from being born a Roegadyn. In her younger years she chose to train with a staff in terms of offense and defense. More recently her staff is used mostly as a conduit for her magic, and is oft times replaced by a wand. To keep her body the way she likes she often aids her father in mock brawls against each other.

Hair: Fine, ice blue hair, woven into a braid here and there, falls half way to her shoulders, though most of the time Sigyn pulls it back with a headband. According to her father, the feathery aspect of her hair comes from Sigyn's mother, who had fly-away hair. Sigyn is fond of her hair, especially as it has a semblance to her mother's.

Eye Color: Friendly, light violet eyes, the colour of amethysts, sparkle from within Siygn's face. When happy, her eyes light up and become an even brighter purple. Again, the colour of her eyes comes from her mother.

Distinguishing Marks: A small, gem-shaped birthmark can be found on her left shoulder, a slightly darker blue than the rest of her skin. Crowe believes that, like Sigyn's hair and eyes, the mark is a gift from her mother - a small reminder of where Sigyn comes from.



General Skills: Growing up amongst the Trange children, Sigyn was given the education usually reserved for the upper class. Learning martial combat from Remus Trange from an early age, the want to protect those closest to her became very apparent. Since then her will to master the mystical conjuring arts has led to days of quiet meditation.

Combat Skills: Trained to use a staff, the magical use of earth, wind and water and now her chosen weapons in a fight. Being able to defend herself and those around her, as well as her ability to heal the injured during a fight has made Sigyn a welcome sight on any field of battle.

Weapons Skills: Able to pull, push, and throw the conjuring elements around at will, Sigyn can also poke, prod and smash opponents while keeping them at a distance with her skill with a staff. Either of her chosen forms of weapon can be quite devastating.

Social Skills: Softly-spoken and shy, Sigyn is sometimes hard to understand and often must repeat herself. This trait has started to level off as she relays messages throughout several groups in The Maelstrom. When around those she knows she is very layed back, almost to the point of looking as if she's day-dreaming.

Athletic Skills: Her Roegadyn heritage gives Sigyn an athletic physique that is easily maintained. Years of training with sword and shield now replaced by running messages between the docks and buildings owned by The Maelstrom has kept her in peak condition.



Limsa Lominsa and the Dracon





Father - Crowe Bloebloud:

Brother - Lokir Bloebloud:

Sister-in-Law - Angrboda Bloebloud:

Mother - Siv Lager (Deceased):


Lizzo Trange:

Sigmund Forrester:

Zali'ah Qin:

Additional Information

Happiness: Being with friends and/or her father. A quiet place in Limsa where the sea breeze ruffles her hair as she meditates.

Fears: Continued loss of those closest to her, her father most of all. Being seen as a brute for simply being a Roegadyn.

Strengths: Friendly and thoughtful.

Weaknesses: Shy and easily embarrassed when it comes to her body, as well as personal or sexual matters.

Sigyn's theme: Roegadyn Meditations

These are my Alts:

Parker Connor is my main on Gilgamesh

Zali'ah Qin

Miyuki Yamauchi.