Syranelle Ironleaf

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Syranelle Ironleaf
Arcanist :: Scholar :: Researcher

Name: Syranelle Ironleaf
Alias: None known
Age: Late 40's
Gender: Female
Race: Elezen
Clan: Duskwight
Orientation: Heterosexual
Marital: Committed
Deity: Halone
Nationality: Gelmorran
Occupation: Chronicler
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Syra Winter 2016.png

A statuesque six-fulm, six-ilms tall and weighing-in at around 180 ponze, Syranelle leans more toward an athletic build -- which might be surprising in a studious scholar like herself. Her brown hair is highlighted with streaks of red; that, along with her milk-chocolate brown skin are a clear indication that she spends a lot of time out of doors.

To those attuned to aetherical aspects, Syranelle's aetheric signature is a green-gold helix. Contact with it lends the feeling reminiscent of summer sunshine felt through the dappled canopy of the Twelveswood, warm and inviting. It radiates care, comfort, and confidence; the very essence of the woman's soul. The particularly astute in aetherical magic might occasionally notice small motes of blue that flicker their way through the center of the helix, like occasional falling stars.

Scars & Markings

Syranelle has a tattoo on the left side of her chest, some of which might be partially visible, depending on the cut of the top she's wearing. It depicts a large closed book of a golden hue, those familiar with her aether signature would note it's the same color. Upon the cover of the book was an elegant spear of what seemed to be bluish crystals that match the signature color of her beloved, Irridias Velnyx. The spear itself was surrounded by vines and leaves of varying green, giving the appearance that it was being completely embraced by it. And beyond the book was a pair of scaled wings that closed lightly over the book, almost in a protective way. The wings themselves were of cyan and purple, matching Irridias's eyes.

Beyond that she has several scars, most of which aren't normally visible in normal social situations. However, her hands are particularly note-worthy. They are both irrevocably misshapen from every bone having once been broken, then left to mend on their own without aetherical healing or first aid. They pain her from time to time and make certain tasks more difficult for her, but she perseveres.

Items of Note

She wears an engagement ring of purest gold, topped with a diamond carved into the shape of a rose, given to her by Irridias Velnyx along with his marriage proposal.

She wears a leaf-shaped pendant made of silver and Nophica Green crystal. It is imbued with the aether of Irridias Velnyx and acts as an aetherical focus when attempting to control and convert the energy from the Aetherflow around her.

Guarded, but Genuine

With those she is not familiar with, wary might be the first impulse used to describe this woman; she seems almost like a wild avian, perched to take flight at the first sign of a threat. Yet, there is a curiosity in the depths of her eyes that belie that. Reserved almost to the point of aloofness, she proceeds with caution among others, keeping mostly to herself unless directly addressed or confronted.

Among friends or compatriots, however, she can be found to be quite congenial and solicitous of the well-being of others. She can often be found cooking meals down in the Company kitchen, providing companionable conversation for those who pass through. She will often go out of her way to help those among her circle of friends.

With those she trusts most, there is an innocent sort of vulnerability to her and a pure honesty. There are no secrets among those she trusts, though some of her past she may be reluctant to speak of due to their emotional significance.


  • Nymian Scholastics
  • Gelmorran History
  • Adventure/Exploration
  • Discovery
  • Food, particularly Sweets
  • Music
  • Animals


  • Hostile/Antagonistic Attitudes
  • Intense Sexual Advances
  • Mistreatment of Books/Scrolls
  • Abuse of People/Animals
  • (Most) Morbol
  • Voidsent/Void-touched Creatures


  • Thalassophobia
  • Claustrophobia


  • Favorite Food: Velnyx Family Rolanberry Ice Cream
  • Favorite Drink: Ishgardian Cider
  • Favorite Color: Nophica Green

Present Day

Syranelle is currently working for the Chroniclers Free Company, a band of historians, adventurers, and general miscreants; she serves as a healer and researcher. Between her duties in that regard, she continues her own personal research into Gelmorra and Duskwight history in an effort to find some manner of absolution and refuge for her people. Along with that, she has recently taken an interest in Nymian History as well.
In the days that followed the Calamity, Syranelle was part of a small group of Duskwight survivors that became trapped in a small section of caves in the Central Shroud, not far from Tam-Tara Deepcroft. Despite protests among the survivors that they should merely burrow deeper to escape the travesty, Syranelle knew that they would not survive long without adequate food and shelter. So she was among the first to volunteer to go to the surface to attempt to ensure their small encampment's survival.
In the first year after, there was much bickering and dissension in the encampment as some of their number turned to banditry and thievery to supply the camp. Some wanted nothing to do with the outside world, trusting none beyond their fellow Duskwights. Others felt that the Calamity and their survival was a sign that they needed to cease living underground and take their rightful place in the world. Torn between both ideals, Syranelle did her best to supply the camp by hunting for food and foraging in the woods; yet even she turned to thievery now and then, which was how she acquired a book on Elezen lore from a small band of antiquities dealers. In this book, she discovered the first snippets of knowledge about Gelmorra, an underground city where the Duskwights once lived in relative peace.
That was her first step toward an interest in researching lore. The second came in a more tragic form when a band of cultists began infiltrating their encampment. These individuals spoke of a quick way to power, a means to ease their suffering through supplication to their unknown god. Many within the camp fell under the spell and enticements of these cultists, foremost among them being Syranelle's own younger sister, Arthuriel.
They fought over the subject for weeks before Arthuriel packed up her things and left her sister behind. It wasn't until a year later, when voidsent creatures began attacking the encampment in ever-increasing numbers, that their paths would cross again. For a Hunting Party was dispatched to find the source of the voidsent and it was in the catacombs of the Deepcroft that they found the cultists conducting the worst sort of ritual: an attempt to summon a primal. And at its heart, serving as the vessel, was Syranelle's sister.
With no room for debate and no time for lengthy battles, the leader of the Hunting Party decreed that it was Arthuriel who had to die, first and foremost. Syranelle refused to allow any hand to slay her sister but her own, but it was a choice that would cost her dearly. Once it was done, Syranelle was driven near-mad from the guilt and grief, and in that miasma of self-deprecation she broke every bone in both her hands. To prevent her from picking up a bow to harm another again, she told herself, but also as punishment for the atrocity she had committed, no matter how well intended.
Another few months passed and Syranelle fell into a despondency from which she could not be shaken. When she could bear the burden of her guilt, grief, and self-loathing no longer, she left the encampment behind and took herself deeper into the forest to the East Shroud. It was here in the remoteness that she attempted to take her own life, cutting her forearms up the veins.
Yet, Fate had other plans for her. A band of adventurers came across her comatose body, hovering upon the brink of death. Taking pity on her, they took her with them to the Adventurer's Guild in Gridania where she was eventually nursed back to health. To this day, she doesn't know who her saviors were, only that she was given a new opportunity at life. She embraced it with both hands and turned her attention to Gelmorra and bringing hope and, perhaps, a home back to the Duskwights. In the dark of the night, she also researches the voidsent ritual that her sister was caught up in, hoping to discover the identity of location of the cultists that provoked her death. She seeks both to prevent such damnation from happening again, as well as to understand exactly what her sister died for.

Some of these rumors are untrue, speculation, or are greatly exaggerated. Please feel free to add your own rumors under the Player Character category!


◢ Common Rumors - Easily overheard. Use these freely!

    "Always got her nose in a book, that one. Hardly says a word to anyone elsewise."
    "Unless ye've got summat t'say about Gelmorra, then that'un's all ears. Pardon th'Elezen pun."
    "Not sure she'd be any good in a fight from what I've seen."

◢ Uncommon Rumors - A little more difficult to hear. Use sparingly or ask first!

    "She's a Bard that failed... or gave up, one or the other. It's said that she shot someone, killed them dead. Hasn't picked up bow nor instrument since."
    "Nay, nay... T'ain't no Bard, that'un. Ah've 'eard she's naught more'n a common thief, like the rest o' that Duskwight lot. How'm I t'know she's one? Dem big ol' ears, ye mangy git."

◢ Rare Rumors - Very rarely overheard. Please ask before using!

    "Killed her sister, that's what they say. There are few things worse than a fratricidal maniac. If she can do that to her own family, who knows who might be next?"
    "I remember Weaver Vivienne; a lovely woman, very skilled with a needle and thread. Syranelle there is her daughter."


◢ Player Character Rumors - Feel free to add rumors of your own!

    "Add rumor here." Name


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