Tausenadel Geispyrsyn

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Limsa Lominsa-transparent.png Tausenadel Geispyrsyn
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Landlocked Pirate
Gender Male
Race Roegadyn
Clan Sea Wolf
Citizenship Limsa Lominsa
Deity Llymlaen
Age 26
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His father dead, the crew scattered and his pockets empty, Tausenadel Geispyrsyn found himself coughing up seaweed on the beaches of Thanalan after the Calamity. Sent to sea by Admiral Merlwyb to battle the Garlean incursion, his father and the crew sent the Cactuar's Promise prow first into battle. Remembering naught of that night but the explosive rebirth of Bahamut and said destruction taking the life of his only family, Tau was in a bad state. Wandering through the desert, wounded and alone, he barely made it to a small town before collapsing into the dust. As he came to in the inn, he wasted not a moment longer then he was forced by those caring for him. Once he had his land legs back, he set a course for Limsa Lominsa, returning home to pledge his hands to help rebuild. But he would not return to the sea, despite his best efforts.

Buy him a drink, maybe he'll tell you the rest. Or he might just tell you anyway. Tau likes to talk.


Tau has been a very busy man since the Calamity. Simply meandering for a few years, working with some unscrupulous fellows to get by, he eventually earned enough gil to rent out a small stable near Red Rooster Stead. It was here that he raised his first chocobo on land, having grown used to handling and rearing animals as cargo in his youth. Red Rooster would also see him introduced to Dhemgeim Shyrdoenwyn (though he didn't remember it at the time, they had met previously under very different circumstances), a woman filled with strength, cunning, and whiskey. As they grew closer, she found work with The Coral Sea and brought Tau in as well. They both rose through the ranks and he soon settled into a position of some authority, answering to their captain and he has been with the company ever since. He hopes his father would be proud.

Dhemgeim and Tau would eventually be wed, though the nuptials were tragically short lived. Prior events had dealt her a mortal blow, though none of them had known it yet. Her death plunged the entire Coral Sea into despair but Tau had lost far more than a 1st Mate. He struggled with returning to normalcy for many months, slowly recovering only as he knew how. Drink and friends. Still haunted by her loss to this day, he has since found his heart again and put his efforts to expanding his menagerie. To lifting the Coral Sea higher amongst the Free Companies. The crew matters most.


Tall for his age, deeply tanned from his years at sea and with a stark green streak through his hair, Tau tends to stand out in a crowd. He doesn't look like he was made for anything delicate, which broad shoulders and calloused hands. Scars line his body from various sources, be it close-quarters ship-to-ship combat or beast attack, though he seems pleased when people make note of them. In fact, he is known to flex and stand so the light strikes those old marks, just to lead people to bring them up.


Quick to laugh, quicker to cheer, full of strange superstitions and with no concept of personal space, Tau was clearly raised by pirates. A natural story-teller, boisterous and loud when he has an audience before him, he has been described as 'surprisingly amiable' by one then-stranger. He's a fast learner but fairly uncouth, he knows enough to pipe down when told. Being stranded at a young age has left some marks though he seems jovial even when speaking of darker subjects.



Tau fights with a ferocity that comes from fearlessness. Every battle at sea carries hundreds of awful ways to perish and the only way to prevail is to laugh in the face of every one of them. No matter what is in his hands at the time, it can be assumed Tau will know how to improvise it into a deadly weapon. Ask him for a story about it, he's got plenty.



  • The Sea and all that She entails.
  • Cactuar. It's a long story.
  • Singing shanties.


  • Blows to the head. His one weakness.
  • Garleans, but this isn't unique to him by any stretch.
  • Sahagin. A traditional pirate foe.


  • Raising animals of all kinds. Chocobo, cactuar, coeurl and other creatures that don't start with 'C'!
  • Wood working, ship repairs and weapon fashioning. All important skills when away from port.
  • Exploring. The land isn't as bad as other pirates make it out to be.


  • Ghosts, spirits, black Miqo'te crossing his path and broken mirrors. A sailor's superstitions.
  • Admiral Merlwyb.



  • Geispyr. His father died the night of the Calamity. Not much is known of Geispyr before Tau was born. He became a Lancer in the Ishgardian Holy See before abandoning his post, fleeing from ...something. He became a welcome member of a boisterous pirate crew when he brought his infant son onto the ship in late 1557. Rising in the Captain's favor due to his talents and patience, Geispyr soon became Quartermaster and trained the rest of the crew for combat. Due to age and the exemplary brashness of the captain, Tau's father became Captain for a short time and succeeded in saving his son and a bare handful of crew before the Calamity claimed both his ship and his life.
  • His mother. Tau does not remember much, if anything, of his mother but was told she'd died when he was young. Perhaps on the road to Ishgard after he was born.
  • Dhemgeim Shyrdoenwyn. His friend, his wife, the brains to his heart. She gave him a purpose, a passion, a few stab wounds and a hole in his chest from her sudden departure.


  • Jancis Milburga is a dear and ever present friend for more than a cycle. Sharing duties with her inside the Coral Sea, they work together more often than not and find many similarities with their hobbies and outlooks. Both of them have jumped at the chance to assist the other, becoming friends of the sort that need no words between them. He'll always be ready to lend a hand to any of her endeavors.
  • Renaud Becquerel/Renee Becquerel/Renzhen Berkuul, or whatever name they're going by these days, is the Captain of the Coral Sea and someone Tau feels a true kinship with. A person of many talents, many goals and many faces, they gave Tau a chance and a home when he wasn't sure he'd ever have either again. Their treatment of Tau is secondary to the man, it's truly their respect and admiration for Dhemgeim that drove him to trust the mercurial leader. The understanding they had for her. Tau could not imagine the Coral Sea without his Captain and will strive to make it so this ship sails longer than his father's had a chance to.
  • Garalona Swarbrydawyn is an old old (actually old) friend. Most of Tau's mates from before the Calamity either drowned at the time or drowned in booze on land, only one ever came back no worse for wear. Garalona and Tau have known each other for an embarrassingly long time (for her, at least) and their friendship is equal parts 'you're alright kid' and 'well everyone else is dead'. Having such a history together, they tend to mostly speak in expressions or inside jokes, confounding those around them. Their goals align more often than not despite their differences; through it all, though years apart and on different paths through life, they can truly agree on one thing: The thought of them being a couple is disgusting.
  • Grog and the wind!


Hasn't made much of any yet. He tends to drink with them after any scuffles.