Temyss Dakwhil

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Temyss Dakwhil
The Prophetess



Vital Information


NICKNAMES... Tem, Temmy.

RACE & CLAN... Miqo'te Keeper of the Moon.

GENDER... Female.

AGE... 19.

NAMEDAY... 1st Sun, 1st Astral Moon, 1561 S.A.E.

ORIENTATION... Pansexual, male leaning.


Other Statistics

NATIONALITY... Gridanian.

CITIZENSHIP... Black Shroud.

FAMILY... Mother, sisters, extended family clan.

RESIDENCE... Lavender Beds, Black Shroud.

OCCUPATION... Acolyte of Menphina, astromancer, fortune teller.

PATRON DEITY... Menphina.

HEIGHT & WEIGHT... 4 fulms, 10 ilms. 102 ponze.

ALIGNMENT... Neutral Good [1].

General Information
Blue-grey. Silver and grey. Porcelain pale. Slender, hourglass. Light & lilting.
Poised, careful movements, dreamy Right-handed Black teardrop, center of forehead Facial stripes Ritualistic
Hair & Eyes
Tem's eyes are wide, luminous pale blue moons eclipsed by large black pupils. Her hair is a silk curtain that shrouds her form down to her knees unless kept swept up in a high ponytail.
Physique & Markings
She is soft and slender, toned but not muscular. The only markings she has are the soft grey tabby stripes on her cheeks in addition to a the black teardrop mark on her forehead. A vaguely crescent shaped birthmark is found on her right inner thigh, a mark found on each priestess in her clan.
Hygiene & Attire
Temyss is extremely clean and bathes daily, sometimes multiple times per day if she feels dirty. Her clothing is always immaculate and inspires a sense of mysticism due to various ritual accoutrements that she adorns herself with.
Psychological Profile
The young Keeper is a soft-spoken, caring individual raised from birth to fill the role of future priestess and matron of her relatively small clan. She has strong maternal instincts, a desire to listen to the woes of others and offer guidance, and please those around her in any way necessary. Temyss is calm and caring to even those who would do her harm. She could be likened to a stream or brook... willing to keep flowing wherever she is directed.
Her voice is soft and songlike, lilting in a way that suggests that common Eorzean is not her native tongue with how certain syllables fall in her speech.
Philosophy & Mannerisms
She is singularly devoted to The Lover, Menphina. As an acolyte, her life has been spent since her earliest days in devotion to Her, learning her clan's ways and rituals so that one day she may take over as High Priestess and Matron.
Her movements appear practiced and careful, as if everything she does is ritual. A gentle smile is often found gracing her lips, particularly when she is observing the interactions of those around her.
● Fresh river fish
● Studying the patterns of the moon and stars
● Swimming
● Affectionate attention
● Honeysuckle
● Being dirty
● Violence
● The sun
● Needlessly cruel people
● Gossip
● Singing
● Fortune Telling
● Minor time manipulation
● Navigation via stars

Combat, Abilities & Weaponry

Weapon Training
Mastery: Healing
Above Average: n/a
Average: n/a
Low: n/a
Aetheric Abilities
Mastery: Astromancy
Expert: n/a
Average: n/a
Novice: Offensive time magicks
Non-Combat Abilities
Tarot: Temyss' ability to predict outcomes based on the spread of cards she draws from her deck is legendary. This is not the same as seeing visions of the future, rather, it is her skill at interpreting the cards drawn once a question has been posed by the one seeking an answer. However, this ability is directly tied to her aetherial abilities and should she lose her Focus, her predictions become much less reliable.
Combat Abilities
Enhance: While her own innate offensive magicks are very weak, she does have the ability to enhance another's offensive spells via time manipulation. How this works is that she can escalate the damage dealt by a spell by essentially repeating the moment in time the spell hit, or by slowing time for a few seconds to ensure that the spell's effects last just a bit longer than normal. This comes at a high mana cost and will drain her quickly of her own aether if used too frequently in a short amount of time.
OOC Note
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Sixth Astral Era
Temyss was born to the current Matron of the Snowdrake Clan that calls Alder Springs of the North Shroud its home. Unlike others of their kin, the Snowdrakes often venture out of the Shroud and into the central highlands of Coerthas for hunting and rites. It was there that Temyss drew her first breath beneath the loving light of Menphina's pale disk and there that the clan noted the mark that heralded her as their future priestess. She was a quiet girl growing up, always willing to assist in any task and eager to learn all her mother had to teach.

As a young girl, she became fascinated with the astrologians she watched from afar going about their business in Coerthas. It was strictly forbidden for her to speak to any outside the clan, but over the years she had something of a silent friendship with an elderly elezen man from the Observatorium and whenever the clan would pass near its walls he could be seen with a grandfatherly smile and wave. Whenever her mother wasn't looking, that is. She would often sit and watch him teaching pupils in the late nights, pointing out stars and meanings and it was the knowing, mischievous glances that told her he counted her among his pupils. The clan either never noticed, or turned a blind eye to her fascination and it's unclear how the astrologian tarot deck and planisphere appeared in the clan's belongings the summer of her 10th nameday, but Temyss is sure to this day that is was that sweet elezen man who somehow snuck it into their packs.

Seventh Umbral Era
Her card reading 'hobby' was handwaved as just that for about a year or so, which suited her just fine. But it wasn't until the clan started noticing her 'predictions' were eerily accurate that they took closer notice. How could a child's game predict the future? Only those who failed to heed her careful instructions would sow unfavorable outcomes, but those who listened were gifted with the outcome they had been promised. It took little time for this carefully guarded 'secret' to make its way outside the clan (thanks to traveling males, no doubt) and soon enough other Keepers were coming to their clanhome for readings. Eventually, even those from other races heeded the alluring call of future sight...

However, not even a solution to the impending Calamity could be read in her cards. The end simply couldn't be avoided.

In Recent Times
Moving Forward
The Calamity's effect upon the Shroud was devastating, but the clan persisted and survived with minimal casualties. Perhaps it was that they fled to Coerthas and sheltered at Camp Dragonhead. Perhaps it was simply a refusal to let the upset dictate their futures. Regardless, the Snowdrakes returned to their ancestral home - along with their budding priestess - to resume life as usual. She was growing up, learning the truths of life and what her duties would mean for the future of the clan. It was upon her 16th nameday as acolyte she would begin bearing witness to countless rituals among the clan, the foremost being the consummation of her clansister's first matings. Namings, rites of passage, deaths, all were rituals she would one day perform herself but it was the First Matings that were among the most sacred. To the clan it symbolized a coming of age for the females, a time when they would be seen not as girls but as women who would soon become mothers. For Temyss, though, despite having witnessed many matings firsthand it wasn't until her 19th naming year that she would be given the task of finding her first mate.

Relationship Status Legend

---- ---. ( )
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------, ---------. ( )
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---------, --. ( )
Character's Thoughts: "---------"
---, -----. ( )
Character's Thoughts: "-----------."
-------, -----------. ( )
Character's Thoughts: "-------------."
-------, ---------. ( )
Character's Thoughts: "--------."
--------, ---------. ( )
Character's Thoughts: "-------------."
--------, ------. ( )
Character's Thoughts: "-------------."
---------, ----------. ( )
Character's Thoughts: "-------------."
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RP Info

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Coinpurse: A simple coin purse made of soft leather, containing a few hundred gil.
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I won't play permanent character death. Permanent maiming or any crippling that prevents her from functioning independently.
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