Theo Risus

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Theo Risus


Character Information
Full Name Theo Risus
Nickname(s) Theo, TBD
Race Viera
Subrace Veena
Gender Male
Sexual Orientation Open to Suggestion
Relationship Status Engaged
Nameday 13th Sun Fourth Astral Moon (July 13th)
Age Mid 20s
Guardian Nald'thal, the Trader
Birthplace Unknown
Occupation Innkeep / exMerchant / Tinkerer
Family Deceased

General Information

Usually a friendly face, Theo oftentimes attempts to surround himself with others. Overall, Theo seems to have a healthy, yet sometimes cynical outlook on life. Oftentimes seeking new adventures, he's seemingly unable to stay in one place despite trying to "retire" and stay relaxed. The mention of any sort of adventure usually is able to grab his attention!


Long ears lead into his purple hair, stained with pink highlights. His hair ever-growing, he tends to wear it off to the side, trying to keep it out of his face where he wears a golden pair of glasses. His aqua eyes tend to dart around the crowd during a conversation, seemingly seeking an escape route if needed. Due to his time with Krizette, he is also often seen with gold makeup smeared by his eyes, highlighting the contrast.


Personality Traits

  • Friendly
  • Secretive
  • Hopeful
  • Cozy
  • Information Hungry


  • Twitchy Ears
  • Eyes that dart everywhere
  • Hooking a thumb in pockets while standing
  • Peering over glasses
  • Philosophy & Ideals

    Theo does his best to live a lawful life but realizes that oftentimes the only way to do the right thing, is to do a bad thing. Petty crime tends to come easily, and oftentimes without thinking due to his past. If around Krizette, he'll often try to avoid these things as he doesn't want her to be involved.


    • An obscene interest in books and learning. Theo will often collect books if left alone with them, bringing them to his library.
    • Tinkering with old tech. Theo is very interested in Allagan tech!
    • Theo has picked up bits and pieces of other languages, mostly due to traveling while trading. Usually only basics/involved words though!
    Likes Dislikes
    • Snow / Rain
    • Sweet and Savory Flavors
    • People Watching / Listening
    • Puddings / Slimes
    • Government
    • Direct Sunlight
    • Most Insects
    Skills Education
    • Basic survival skills
    • Shopkeeping
    • Tinkering / Repair
    • Advanced Reading
    • Languages (fluent Eorzean, barebones other)
    Strengths Flaws
    • Strong Social Network
    • (Meager) Wealth
    • Collection of Books
    • Too trusting
    • Often absent-minded
    • Gambling Addiction
    Fears Favorites
    • Abandonment
    • Most Insects
    • Friends getting injured
    • Bacon Bread
    • Hot Chocolate
    • Reading

    Early Life


    Raised in the Muthru Bazaar, Theo would often assist various traders and caravans in exchange for goods while his parents worked further into the city. Often setting up collections of wares to attempt to sell, he'd rarely sell and usually ended up bringing more home than he came with.


    After an accident that resulted in the loss of his mother and the disapperarance of his father, Theo took the increased imperial aggression as an excuse to flee. Ariving in the far-away Ul'dah, Theo met many traders that he'd often work with, thriving with adventurers.

    As he grew older, Theo started to blame himself more and more for his mother's passing. After meeting a Miqo'te named T'kuri Magum, he learned to accept that he wasn't responsible for the accident and that sometimes fate goes at its own pace. The two became very close friends, often spending weeks at a time with each other, day and night. T'kuri was the sole person to know Theo was a Viera, helping him to conceal this with glamour potions made from her research.


    Destabilization in the Ul'dah martplaces quickly led to Theo deciding to leave Ul'da, with a slight distaste in his mouth, and began traveling. Being unable to tell T'kuri, he left in the middle of the night. Taking only her name, he branded himself as "Theo Magum" for years to come. Along his travels he'd meet friends including Rae Misha, as well as Blaise Swiftwind before eventually meeting Krizette. Taking any job available, Theo would often be called a criminal, though he'd always manage to get his way out of these claims...

    After meeting Krizette and slowly falling for her, Theo decided to settle down a bit. Upon returning to Ul'dah and the Goblet, he created the Lodge for the Lost & Curious, a free company formed to house any who may need refuge. Though the Lodge has had its patrons, its operations are questionale, given the owner's past. It wasn't long until T'kuri ran into Theo, immediately recognizing her, where she learned he stole her name.

    Recent Times

    Currently, Theo has been away on a search to his homeland in Dalmasca.
    Common Uncommon
    These are rumors that are easily overheard or public knowledge. Use them freely!*
    • "How does he afford his way of life?" - Ruby Road Dancer
    • "He keeps traveling around with a pair of mercenaries, what, does he think he's special?" - An old contact
    • "Was he always a Viera? Didn't he used to be a Miqo'te?" - Confused Chocobo Handler

    * Some rumors may be partially or entirely untrue.

    These rumors may take a little digging to find. Use sparingly or ask permission before use.*
    • "He's the one that owns that Inn right? How do they afford to keep the doors open if nobody's there?" - confused citizen
    • "I remember him from when he was younger, he...wasn't a great trader..." - Retired Trader
    • "Uncommon Rumor" - Rumor Source

    * Some rumors may be partially or entirely untrue.

    Rare Player Character
    These rumors are very difficult to find. Ask permission before use.*
    • "I heard he lived under a different name for most of his life! Can't trust a guy like that!" - Rival Trader
    • "Rare Rumor" - Rumor Source
    • "Rare Rumor" - Rumor Source

    * Some rumors may be partially or entirely untrue.

    These are rumors made by other characters. They are color coded for common, uncommon, or rare.*
    • "Mr. Magum? Of course I know him. Charming sort, trustworthy to a fault! Thorn in my side whenever I'm trying to broker an honest connection..." - Tide Bhenhal
    • "He thinks he can keep secrets, but usually I know right away! He needs to do better if he's trying to keep them from me." - Rae Misha
    • "Rare Rumor" - Rumor Source

    * Some rumors may be partially or entirely untrue.

    Relationship Status Key

    • Loved One
    • In Love
    • Attraction
    • § Complicated
    • Friend

    • Good Standing
    • Poor Standing
    • Neutral
    • Uncertain
    • Deceased
    Close Friends Family
    • Rae Misha
      Old bodyguard, one of Theo's closer friends. Knows when to call him on his crap.
    • Blaise Swiftwind
      Previously worked with Rae. Old bodyguard, The two often tease each other, but there seems to be a mutual trust.
    • T'kuri Magum
      Theo's childhood friend and mentor. Taught him most of what he knows about magic. Currently residing in a room in the Lodge for the Lost & Curious, where she sells magical goods.
    • Krizette ------

      Girlfriend/Fiance, met through trading. After roughly a year of spending time often together, the two had admitted love to each other nestled in the basement of Theo's previous home. They are currently together, and arranging an Eternal Bond Ceramony.

    Friends Acquaintances
    • Hanibi Dan'na
      A close friend of Theo, met in Ul'dah. Hani has helped teach Theo about local greenery as well as introduced him to new friends.
    • Dane Escherra
      Friend, met through Hani. Theo appreciated her interest in marine life, and grew to appreciate her view on things.
    • OTHER?
    • Acquaintance Name

      Description of relationship (optional).

    • Acquaintance Name

      Description of relationship (optional).

    • Acquaintance Name

      Description of relationship (optional).



    Likely Locations Affiliations
    • Ul'dah: Good!
    • Kugane: Decent!
    • Lodge of the Lost: Very good!
    • Affiliation: How the character is affiliated.
    • Affiliation: How the character is affiliated.
    • Affiliation: How the character is affiliated.

    RP Hooks

    • Your character needs a place to stay

      Maybe you've seen Theo putting up a flyer for the lodge, and wanted to flag him down to ask questions!

    • You're a merchant/trader, or used to be!

      Theo made tons of contacts, however brief, while trading! Maybe they've met briefly, and you recognize his voice!

    • Dalmascan?

      Theo would absolutely love to meet more people from his homeland!

    Acceptable RP Unacceptable RP
    • Walkups & Oneshots
    • Casual & Slice of Life
    • Dark & Mature
    • Sexual or Erotic RP
    • Nonconsentual Content
    • God-modding & WOL RP

    Player Info

    My name is Matt, I play Theo alongside a various cast of characters!

    My Policies

    • Lets respect each other

      I get that we both have lives, please respect that! I might take a moment to get back to you, but I promise I'll try to!

    • Feel free to contact me!

      I never mind if you contact me on my twitter or discord, but please! Don't be annoyed if I don't reply right away.

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    • Time Zone: US East Coast (GMT -5)
    • Active Time Frame: Evening into Late Night
    • Have an interesting plot idea? Mention it!
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