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֍ Sanada Iwa ֎

Name Sanada Iwa
Namesday 12th Sun of the 1st Umbral Moon
Age Forty and Four Winters Old
Gender Male
Race Hyur
Clan Midlander
Orientation Asexual
Marital Status Single
Deity Dawn Father
Nationality Yanxia, Doma
Occupation Vagrant
Alignment Lawful Neutral

Iwa is through his appearance an obviously older gentleman, his face just barely beginning to pull downwards, wrinkles drawing small cracks near his muted, green eyes. His hair, usually pulled back into a ponytail, was once a jet black, having now faded to a softer hue with several areas even graying. His resting face is that of a small smile, it being rare to see the man with the corners of his mouth turned any direction but upwards. A neat scar furrows a shallow trench through his right cheek, starting from the back of his jaw about mouth-level and almost reaching his upper lip, parting his facial hair along its path. A tattoo curves around the outside edge of his left eye socket, appearing to be no more than a simple decorative line. He doesn't stand particularly tall, but is by no means short, looking to be of average weight for his height if even somewhat slim.

"Just like a rock, I will stand my ground, but if I need act, it will be no chore."

Iwa appears endlessly jubilant in spite of all things, almost always smiling, talking loud, and laughing louder. He is wont to aid those in need, and quick to forgive those who have wronged him, generally presenting himself as carefree, though he is capable of displaying an incredibly serious tone when the need arises, the way he carries himself seeming to completely change in the event. His gait is almost scarily agile, his footsteps hushed despite his otherwise loud demeanor.


  • Dogs
  • Matcha
  • The Sun
  • Baking


  • Garleans
  • The color red
  • Unnecessary Conflict
  • Most reptiles


  • Is left handed.
  • Makes delicious green tea cookies.
  • Is cool
  • Is cool

Disclaimer: Anything written here is pre-written history or things that have occured in-character and are heavy spoilers. Proceed with caution after reading this information and roleplaying! Any and all forms of meta-gaming with such information without gained through RP will be cause for immediate cut in communication until further notice.
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Relationship Status Legend
💕 Partner
💘 Romantic Feelings
Sexual Attraction
🔗 In-Law


💔 Former Partner

Non-Player Characters

Namiko - Ex-Wife -
A childhood sweetheart, Namiko's and Iwa's lives were intertwined from nearly the very beginning. Most days they spent playing together, often having their own exciting adventures well past the hours of light. It was of no surprise to anyone that as they got older, they grew even closer. They married young, and seemed to be the perfect match, until Iwa began to grow disenchanted with the notion of adventure and excitement, his thoughts clouded by the looming Garlean threat. Eventually, he wanted nothing to do with anything deviating from a simple, quiet life, and opted to spend his days only as a baker. The two's now clashing personalities led her to divorce him after a time, the two rarely crossing paths afterwards, though Iwa knows full well his love for her will never fade.
Yasahiro Sanada - Father -
Iwa's father never played a particularly large role in his life, mostly absent until his brother's birth, at which point most of the man's focus stayed on his youngest, letting Iwa carve his own path and future. A rift most certainly existed between the two, and though he was not outright unkind to his eldest, it was no secret that he was disappointed with Iwa turning his back on the fate his father wanted him to have, being that of a swordsman. The man disappeared shortly after his wife's death, leaving his two son's to fend for themselves.
Seiko Sanada - Mother -
Much like his father, Iwa's mother did not impact his upbringing very strongly, also choosing to consolidate her parenting efforts into her younger son who she believed would be a more worthy heir to the family name. When Iwa was a young adult, his brother Jiro merely a teenager, she passed away due to sickness.
Jiro Sanada - Brother -
Jiro was born some time after Iwa, and quickly became everything his parents wanted Iwa to be. He strove for acceptance and perfection in nearly all forms, forgoing most luxuries and downtime in order to keep up his progress in becoming the Sanada family heir, though deep down he could not understand how Iwa found happiness in what he felt was an incredibly mundane lifestyle, and it drove him mad. He was often horrible to his older brother, sometimes even Namiko when she was unfortunately caught in the crossfire between the two. The boy never truly found his own happiness, and the death of their mother and vanishing of their father etched scars deeper than any blade ever could have into him. His confusion towards Iwa eventually twisted into rage, then hatred, and he sought his brother out a great deal of time after Iwa's disappearance following his divorce, only to find that the man had finally taken up his family's blade. Blinded by fury, he demanded the sword be given to him, though Iwa refused, resulting in a fight between the two, ultimately ending in Jiro's death.

Player Characters

Kanna Sato -
The Sato family was always kind to Iwa, as the man growing up spent more time at their house than he did his own, feeling his own family cared less about him than they did. When Kanna was born, Iwa was an adult, but he was still usually around as she was growing up. The two naturally became friends, as the girl was quick-witted and just as friendly towards him as the rest of her family. He views her as the sibling he would've much rather had, and their friendship remained strong even as she grew to be an adult herself.
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