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Bertrand Ahlbrecht
The Aging Knight
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You must become an old man in good time if you wish to be an old man long.

Marcus Aurelius
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Vital Information

NICKNAMES... Ber, Bert, Eight-Arms

RACE... Hyuran

GENDER... Male

AGE... Fifty-one

NAMEDAY... 20th Sun, 6th Umbral Moon, 1529 S.A.E.



Other Statistics

NATIONALITY... Highlander


RESIDENCE... Residential area of the Shroud

OCCUPATION... Former Knight Commander (Retired)

PATRON DEITY... Oschon, The Wanderer

HEIGHT & WEIGHT... 6 fulms, 6 ilms. 257 ponze.

General Information
Hailing from the Northern parts of Eorzea, Bertand Ahlbrecht was raised as part of the Ishgardian nation. Taken in at a young age as an orphan, he'd work for the noble House Rochechouart. Being placed into service as soon as he was able, he would eventually earn a right to become a squire for a Knight of the House itself. Unbeknownst to him, it would be for the eighth Knight Commander himself; Ser Louise Ahlbrecht.

Through rigorous training and studious practice, he would become a Knight of the House just several years later after taking part of the month long trial. As well as earning the surname Ahlbrecht. Having befriended the new young Lord Nicholas Rochechouart upon saving his life during a royal hunt, Bertrand would find himself a new purpose to his Knighthood. Growing older as every mortal does and with the passing of Ser Louise Ahlbrecht; as well as much more understanding of his duties and his own abilities, he would be gifted the Knight Commander's blade "ina gcónaí" or the Living Blade as it had become known to many.

Bertrand Ahlbrecht had become a friend to many and an enemy to many more as he wandered into the beginnings of his winter years. With no successor in sight, he would also choose to suddenly retire at the age of fifty.
Who knew the world held so much more?
Vivid Blue Silvery Gray Olive skinned Broadly built Deeper Gruff
Strong and firmDiscoverable through RPFrontal Body covered None Scottish in appearance
Hair & Eyes
Longer in length, straighter yet shaggy hair. It is kept well not out of want for an attractive appearance, but due to him simply not wishing to worry about it. His face boasts a mutton-chop style, with some trim yet stubbly facial hair over the rest of his jaw and chin. His eyes, always half-lidded hold a tiredness to them but in the same a seriousness that one would be mistaken to not notice.
Physique & Markings
Broad and strong in stature, he carries himself quite well for a man of his age. He has the body of someone thickly muscled yet still with age comes a sag to his skin. His neck would be comparable to that of a sturdy trunk of a tree. His arms themselves would be sturdy and heavy yet with how they moved would suggest not of it. His torso would be tight and firm, deeper around his chest. His back is tough and taut, yet long and wide to show his want for plentiful training and exercise. His legs, like his arms were sturdy and long. Having created their own strength from carrying the heavy burden that it was of Bertrand himself. He walks without limp, yet does experience pain from his joints without help from his medicine. Slow when time calls for it, but able to speed himself up when the situation turns. Bertrand is older, but still has the fiery spirit of someone half his age.
Hygiene & Attire
Despite age and the laziness that comes with, Bertrand still keeps himself clean and exercised. Never smelling, or looking disheveled. His attire ranges from cloth and silk attire with the occasional leather add in, ie. boots, gloves or random assortments of attachments; all the way to the flannel suspenders that he ofts wears. One would be shocked to see the man without his trusty bandana tied around his head. During occasion does he don his armour once more, but those days are few and rare. Though always by his side does he carry the blade gifted to him so many years ago, but often to most has a short-sword and dagger somewhere on his person.
Psychological Profile
Bertrand is one to hide his thoughts and emotions unless around those he deeply trusts. Even with old age creeping more fully into his life, his mind shows it not. Witty, and intelligent he is one to study and figure out an entire situation before devoting himself to it. Humorous when needed, he has a funny side to himself that comes out in spurts during conversation.
The voice that reverberates out of his throat is one that is deep and gruff. A roughness to it that adds a edge to his bite, yet able to hold a kindness to it that tricks most when heard.
Philosophy & Mannerisms
Bertrand believes in doing good to others as he hopes they would do to him. He understands not everyone follows his own beliefs or thoughts, and chooses to not judge them based solely on those alone. He wishes to leave a mark on the world, though not through incredibly heroic actions but from the small deeds that normally go overlooked. Upon seen the man, one would think he were a mercenary of some sort. Speaking to him would eventually give someone another thought entirely. He is a thoughtful man, full of wisdom and knowledge. He holds most of those due to his love of books and readings. If spotted, he most likely is reading a book he just recently acquired. When it comes to swordsmanship his is the utmost serious about it, often treating others as children when they first take up a blade. Safety is key, but he knows when others use it for play.
● Books and stories
● Conversation
● Those who show a will to learn
● Writing and drawing
● Cockiness
● Those that do harm to others that cannot defend themselves
● His past
● Swordsmanship
● Reflexes
● Diplomacy
● Reading and writing
Combat, Abilities & Weaponry

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