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 Fearless Shadow
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Gender Male
Race Roegadyn
Clan Hellsguard
Citizenship Ala Mhigo, Ul'dah
Server Mateus
Nameday 14th sun of the 6th Umbral Moon
Age 36
Ocupation Merc/bodyguard
Guardian Rhalgr
Alias Midnight Blade
Marital Status In a relationship

"I've worn this darkened armor for so long now, there's no mote of light left in me. Not even... in my heart."


Fearless is a trained Dark Knight and fights accordingly. He is a veteran of many conflicts and is no stranger to battle. He is proficient in the Greatsword as well as one handed swords. He will usually resort to traditional swordplay and only use his Dark Knight magic if he feels he is loosing. He is a fearsome combatant and will use his overwhelming size and strength to his advantage. He will also rely on his armor to absorb the brunt of an attack, concentrating all his effort on offense, making sure he lands that one perfect, fight stopping blow. He is also trained in wrestling and unarmed combat but he is nowhere as good at those as he is with a sword.


  • A relaxing fire at night
  • Good fellowship
  • Strong drink


  • Hurting others needlessly
  • Bullies
  • Opression


Foods: Coeurl Stew, Onion soup, meat on a stick
Drinks: Tea with honey, Rum, grape juice
Colors: red, white


  • Taiko Drumming
  • Triple Triad

Theme Song

Disturbed - The Light


Hair/Fur: Black with streaks of gray
Skin: a dark tan/shade of peach
Eyes: Leaf green
Height: 7'3
Weight: 619 (PONZ)
Build: very muscular and solid

Fearless Shadow is a very typical Hellsguard in appearance. He is tall and very wide and muscular. He appears middle aged with slight wrinkles and folds just starting to appear on his face. His hair is combed back neatly but a few strands hang down into his face. He has leaf green eyes which is an unusual contrast to his raven black hair. He keeps a neatly trimmed beard. he smells of leather oil and pine.


  • Alignment

    Neutral Good
  • Motivation

    To wash away mistakes of his past that haunt him.
  • Disposition

    Fearless is rather stoic, polite but pragmatic.
  • Outlook

    To have peace in Eorzea first we must walk though the fire of war.
  • Positive personality traits

    Fiercely loyal once his fealty is given. A good friend and confidant.
  • Negative personality traits

    Can indulge too much in a good thing. when enraged he is impossible to stop.
  • Misc Quirks

    Does not like being dirty, he will always be impeccably clean if he can help it.
Named his sword Worldbreaker


Fearless Shadow was born like most of his kind in Abalathia's spine. He doesn't remember his real parents as he was orphaned at the age of six. Fearless is a war orphan, his parents killed in some pointless battle no one can remember. Young Fearless was taken from his home to live as a ward of the city of Ala Mhigo, and to be trained as a soldier when he grew up. Fearless lived among all the other war orphans and discarded children that Ala Mhigo took care of to ensure it's military always had fresh bodies. Being a Roegadyn Fearless easily excelled at anything physical. Chores, training if he could use his body to accomplish it he loved it. He was larger and stronger than the other children and this made him a slight outcast among the mostly Highlander huyrs. Fearless always felt alone, there were hardly any other Roegadyn in Ala Mhigo. this planted a seed of resentment that Fearless never knew was growing.

A few years pass and Fearless was one of the fortunate ones, he found a new family to call his own. A Highlander couple adopted the young Roegadyn. Kreggor and Laidri Blackthorne. Laidri was unable to become pregnant and had no one to carry on the line. Fearless was apprehensive at first, he didn't really like Highlanders because the other children were unkind to him. Kreggor was a well respected warrior and soon Fearless learned to value his "father's" tutelage. Slowly but surely Fearless settled down and for the first time he started to regain what he had lost, a family. Kreggor instructed his son in the ways of war, swordsmanship, armor, siege weaponry, everything the young Roegadyn would have to know to carry on the family's reputation. Fearless was a sponge and absorbed everything. Everything seemed well until...

The Garlean Empire invaded and laid siege to the city of Ala Mhigo. Every able bodied male took up arms to defend the city. Fearless Shadow was eleven years old was not able to fight yet, all the knowledge of a soldier but his body had yet to catch up. The last thing he remembers before being sprited away on a ship bound for the Southern city of Ul'Dah was the gates closing behind him. This was the last time Fearless saw the city that gave him the gift of a normal life. He does not know the fate of his adopted parents, he assumes they died trying to beat back the Empire.

A young angry Roegadyn got off that ship. Fearless cursed the Empire and everything they took away from him. Once again he was a stranger in a strange city with no one. He was alone... again. The pits of despair has a strange way of attracting the wrong kind of people to you, This was no exception. Fearless met a strange man, a man who promised to give him everything he needed to have his vengeance. A young angry child who just had everything taken from him for a second time needed little persuasion, Fearless quickly agreed. The man promised to show the Young Roegadyn the secrets of a very ancient fighting art known as the Dark Sword, but to unlock it's secrets Fearless would have to suffer greatly. The man became a cruel taskmaster routinely beating and humiliating Fearless for the slightest infraction. He made the boy sleep in pig slop, carry large bundles of wood over burning rocks and other such tortures unfit for anyone. This didn't seem like training to Fearless, it just seemed cruel. However Fearless could never forget his true enemy, he would make the Empire pay, no matter what it cost. Any time he felt like just giving up he would think of what was taken from him and his resolve, and hatred grew. This is what fuels the Dark Sword, hate, suffering, fear. All the things that are considered negative emotions when summoned properly can create a devastating warrior. But the seed of resentment planted so long ago was about to run away like a snowball on a hill. Without remorse or pity one night Fearless strangled the man to death. This began a rampage in the teenage Roegadyn. Fearless put anyone and everyone to the sword he deemed a despicable person, true he killed criminals, murderers, thieves, thugs, but this was not justice, it was cold blooded murder. Fearless grew very cold and cruel, a product of incorrect tutelage. He was oh so close to becoming the very same monster he despised, until fate took him to a certain battlefield.

The Garlean Empire invaded Eorzea and the combined Eorzean alliance were to make their stand in Mor Dhona at Carteneau. This was his chance and Fearless eagerly signed up to fight with the Immortal Flames. After almost twenty years of waiting he would finally have his revenge. He slaughtered anyone and everyone in his way to arrive to this moment. This was it, the might of the Garleans against him and his sword. The battle was intense, the most intense fighting he had ever seen. Magic and steel clashed for what seemed like an eternity. he doesn't know how many Garlean soldiers fell to his blade but he fought as if possessed by a demon. When victory seemed assured the unthinkable happened. The elder Primal Bahamut was released from his lunar prison of Dalamund and his hateful wrath was terrifying to behold. It was in this moment Fearless realized what giving his life over to hate would cost. The Dreadwyrm's burning hate could be felt by everyone. That was not what Fearless wanted, he didn't want to become a shell of himself. He wanted so much more, to laugh, to sing, to feel joy and to love. He saw real hereos that day, people that selflessly sacrificed themselves to stop the Dreadwym's rampage. Stepping off of that horrid battlefield Fearless Shadow vowed to right the wrongs he had caused. To be the honorable warrior his father Kreggor wanted him to be. He would make the Dark Sword obey him, and use it to cleanse his soul of the stains he inflicted upon it in his hate. Fearless carries the guilt of his actions, the lives he has taken with him everywhere he goes, but he stoically tries to not be consumed by it.


Romantic Interest, Sexual Interest, Platonic Love, Good Standing, Neutral Standing, Poor Standing

Romantic Interest

Wayfarer Nyln - Tended to her and watched over her when she was injured, feelings developed fast.

Platonic Love

Good Standing

Gaspard Beaudonet - Leader of the Aetheric Order and Fearless's boss.
Conner Cinwulf - Commander of the Inquisition and Fearless's Commanding Officer.

Neutral Standing

Poor Standing


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