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Characters of the Player

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A Seeker who's somewhat fallen from grace, Rihxo's a nonchalant Seeker with a penchant for alcohol and other less legal vices. Ever the entertainer, though, she's never one to deny herself a good time.

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JHHalfLengthener.png Savant of the stars, Odtuya is a meek and quiet Xaela... who is more than happy to rob unsuspecting passersby for their gil in the blink of an eye. Never seen without her sister, Altani, the two have come to Eorzea to find a place to call home - and in Odtuya's case, maybe a little romance, right out of the fairy tales.

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JHHalfLengthener.png A knight clad in white and gold, the Sentinel's true name is known by none. She is a stoic watchman of little consequence, another enigma on the streets... or so she presents herself.

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JHHalfLengthener.png A dancer, risen from the dead - or so it seems. A name forgotten by most, the amnesiac gypsy is intent on finding answers through those who best remember the Moonweaver name from Kanako.

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A scythe-wielding relic hunter, Cosima is certainly more than meets the eye. Seeming at first glance to be little more than a gothically dressed Keeper with an overbearing curiosity, hiding behind her eccentricity is a genius mind to parallel the scholars of old.

Ways of Contact

In-game: Any character name.
Discord: voidVirago#9027 (best way to reach me)
Tumblr: calypsoskiss

Type of Roleplay Welcomed
  1. Mature/Dark
  2. Plotline
  3. Walk-up
  4. Oneshot
  5. Really, anything, just ask
Normal Hours of Operation

I work evenings from about 4-10 most days; my two days off aren't consistent. Your best bet is to ask me what I'm up to! Time Zone: US East Coast (EST)

I am always available on Discord for RP and just to chat.

Characters I No Longer Play

This section will include characters that I have deleted, retired, or otherwise simply do not play. They will no longer have wikis, as I do not see a reason to keep their wikis up if they are not in action.

  1. Ephione Troumoud - Retired; available for Discord RP; alive
  2. Ito Dotharl - Retired; no longer available for play; deceased
  3. Arata Matsuoka - Retired; available for Discord RP; alive
  4. Adelaide Levenson - Retired; no longer available for play; deceased

I usually log on whichever character strikes my fancy at the moment; some get more play time than others. If you wish to see someone specific, please message me so that you can see the character you'd like to see! I love all of them, and want to play the stories out with everyone - the best way to do that is just to let me know!

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