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Birth Name: Kanako Moonweaver (informal: Kana)

Gender: Female

Race & Clan: Au Ra, Raen

Age: 30

Height 5 fulms 2 ilms

Weight: 110 ponze

Nameday: 5th Sun, 3rd Astral Moon.

Patron Deity: N/A


Birth Place: Doma

Citizenship: Limsan, Doman

Residence: Lily Hills Apartment

Occupation: Information Broker, Drug Dealer, Gun-for-Hire

Marital Status: Taken

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Hobbies: Cooking, Training, Reading, Dancing


Alignment: Type 4 Chaotic Neutral


(KANAKO IS NOW RETIRED. She has icly given the reigns of her information circut to another person and now lives back in Doma. She is married to Valtemont Ledaloix and considers Sakura as her own daughter. Kanako IS NOT available to RP unless I decide to bring her out of retirement. Thank you to everyone who helped make memorable stories with Kanako for the past TWO YEARS; It's crazy to think that I've had Kanako for that long! Although her story has come to an end, her name won't be forgotten.)

Kanako is a woman who has been through many changes. She was once a carefree woman and with a dream. She has since strayed far from that path due to the people she has encountered and chosen to stay with. On the surface, she acts calm and collective; she knows everything that’s going on around the area and doesn’t let anything blindside her. She makes business deals and often never takes no for an answer, she’ll even lie to get the deal she wants. Below the surface though? That’s another convoluted story entirely. After letting her weaknesses control her for so long, she lets herself think that she turned those weaknesses into strengths but that isn’t entirely true. She feels alone and afraid of losing it all but she does her best to let anyone see her that way. At any moment, she could just fall apart at the seams.

Kanako holds a philosophy of the strong shall thrive and the weak will die. For Kanako, if you're not strong enough to survive the harsh realities of Eorzea, you're a waste of Aether. Doing nothing with your life? Waste of Aether. She will help those who she thinks are weaker but more likely than not, it's because she sees how she could benefit from it. She is always striving to become a stronger woman as she is tired of being seen as a nobody.


An average size for a female Raen, Kanako doesn’t really hold an intimidating stance. Though, the woman is rather fit and nimble and what she lacks in raw strength she makes up with agility and speed. Kanako’s rose red hair perfectly compliments her fiery personality. She likes to keep it cut short as she finds it suits her more but also because it doesn’t get in the way as much. Her eyes mostly match her hair, the only thing stopping it from being a perfect match is the fact that her right eye is an unnatural orange color. She use to cover that eye with an eyepatch but she’s finally come to accept that there is nothing to really hide..
Scars & Markings:She has quite a few scars along her back that look to appear to be gashes and two more near her neck. She also has a few other minor scars along her torso and along her right horn you can see various cracks. Her right arm is no longer there and instead replaced with a magitek arm from just below the shoulder and down. On the top of her left hand is a rather prominent tattoo of an eyeball and black tendrils extending from it. She often keeps the tattoo covered with a glove and/or bandages.
Voice: Kanako is often very expressive when she speaks, even if it sometimes holds a bit of bitterness. Her voice properly portrays how she feels if her face doesn't. She's a very vocal woman and it's hard to keep her quiet on things she is most passionate about. (Reference: Tara Platt Zero )

Hygiene & Attire: She keeps herself as clean as possible when she can, she hates the feeling of being sweaty, grimy, and just plain gross. In the middle of combat and while camping, it’s something that can’t be avoided and she understands that, but she will take a bath to rid herself from it as soon as possible. When it comes to attire, she often wears leather and cloth that compliment her figure. She looks to comfort while still trying to look at least a bit fashionable. When it comes to armor, she has learned to accept clunky armor and favors it over fighting in leather. For armor, she doesn’t care about style, she just needs it to protect her.


Lively, Cynical, Reckless, Unstable, Stubborn, & Secretive

  • Alcohol
  • Moko Grass
  • Night time
  • Dancing
  • Learning
  • Cooking
  • Coffee
  • Various Animals


  • Betrayal
  • Herself
  • Her past
  • Swimmingt
  • Righteousness
  • Naiveness
  • Failing

Distinctive Features

  • Loneliness
  • Betrayal
  • Weakness
  • Silence


  • Favorite food: Various fruits, jerked beef, chocolate
  • Favorite drink: Booze, Coffee, plain ol’ water
  • Favorite colour: Red, Green, Brown
  • Vices: Too Many
  • Personality Type: ESTP

Romantic Relationship
Romantic Interest
Sexual Attraction
Trusted Friend
Lost contact


Yuki Kaibu ( ) - Mother
The woman she never knew personally as she died giving birth to Kanako and her sister. It's because of her death that her father abandoned Kanako and Mamiko. Although she never knew her, Kanako did here stories about her and how beautiful she was.
Hidehiro Kaibu ( ) - Father
The man she thought was dead was discovered to be alive and residing in Kugane. Traveling to Kugane with Stroud, she set out seeking answers and hoping that she could forgive her father for what he did; howeverm, between the trip there and during her search to find him, someone had twisted her mind and manipulated her into thinking her father deserved punishment for abandoning her. When she finally met her father, she wouldn't hear his exucses and wouldn't accept his appology. Kanako left her father for dead thinking it was the best thing for a sorry old man.
Mamiko Moonweaver ( ) - Twin Sister
Mamiko was everything to Kanako and she failed to protect her. Kanako often questions why someone like Mamiko, a hopeful, beautiful, and good-hearted woman died while she is able to live.
Yumia Starcatcher ( ) - Adoptive Mother
This was the only mother she ever knew. Yumia took care of Kanako and Mamiko as if they were her own and taught them many skills for them to survive on their own. Kanako left the caravan she was raied in when she was 18 and almost a decade later when she finally reunited with them, her time was cut short. When Kanako started her new life as Marigold, she had discovered that Yumia passed away from an illness. Kanako was never able to give her a proper goodbye.
Sakura Starcatcher ( ) - Yumia's Daughter
When Kanako reunited with her caravan, she learned that Yumia gave birth to a beutiful daughter who was now 6 years old. Kanako enjoyed playing and watching over her while she could. When Sakuras' mother passed away, she was devistated and Kanako (at the time Marigold) took it upon herself to have her sent to an orphanage. From then on, she would send anaomyus donations to the orphanage to ensure Sakura was being properly taken care of. Due to the person Kanako has become, she doesn't wish to Sakura to ever see her again.


Valtemont Ledaloix ( ) - Lover
Kanako was weary of the man at first who came to her for one of his investigations. After a failed attempt to watch from the shadows to learn more about him, she began warming up to him. She offered him what hospitality she could in her small apartment and after many long conversations, her feelings for him became undeniable. Valtemont keeps Kanako sane and alive. Kanako just wanted to end it all but it was Valtemont that gave her a reason to live. She'll never let go of him and he will never let go of her. Though, if he were to ever let go, it just might lead her to her death.....
Xeiz Feine ( ) - Crestfallen Friend
Pain and comfort. Those are the two things he has always given to her and despite the pain, she would always crawl back. Though, a fate is sealed and nothing more can be done. The man loved her and that love is what hurt him most, for he could never have her. Kanako did everyhting she could in the end to try and keep what they had but it would only prove to damage him even further. This is someone she has known for almost two years now and their "friendship" is tainted with all the mistakes she made and how much she made him suffer. The guilt that she alone ruined one person will always follow her and weigh her down. Though perhaps it was better for both of them to finally walk different paths and never to see each other again.
Tray'ju Estinoch ( ) - Smuggle Buddy
Once an enemy, Kanako thought she had killed the man in the past. Much time had past until she saw him again and very much alive. At this point, she didn't particularly care that he was alive and didn't hold any ill will towards him. If anything, she wished to make him one of her allies. The two became rather close and she even held feelings for him, but she looked past them and they continue to be good friends and great buisness contacts.
Percival DeRolo ( ) - Fromer Friend
Percival is someone she was friends with back in her old free company and their frienship stayed even after she made her leave. Unfortunetly, she lost contact with him and isn't sure what his current whereabouts are.

Acquaintances & Rivals

Valen Stalhart ( ) - Magitek Knight
A long time friend but one she doesn't speak to often. Though, the times she is able to speak with him, they often hold rather long and deep conversations. Valen is someone she could talk to for hours and get truly honest answers from him.
Rihxo Matoi ( ) - Naive Bard
Rihxo is someone who she didn't particularly like but had no real reason as to why. When the two met again, Kanako was actually aiding the exhausted and lost Miqo'te but it was hardly for simple goodwill. Kanako saw where she could benefit from helping Rihxo and hopes that Rihxo will be of a great asset.
Hojo'to Zuginoch ( ) - Bounty Hunter
A friend she hasn' seen in a rather long time.
Ito Dotharl ( ) - Bounty Hunter
A simple contact she hired to take care of some buisness but she hopes that she will continue to see benefit from the naive Dotharl.


Some of these rumors are untrue, speculation, or are greatly exaggerated.
Common & Uncommon Rumors
"She was dead, wasn’t she?" — (Common).
"The poor bitch is just an alcoholic, but there ain’t nothin’ wrong with that." — (Common).
"Hey, you need some info? Kanako is sure to find it, you just gotta find her first so you can make the deal." — (Uncommon).
"We heard a gunshot one night in Kugane and red-head running away in a hurry, did she shoot someone?" — (Uncommon).
Rare & Player Rumors
"She’s got this strange aura about her a very dangerous one at that. Be careful now, I don’t know what she could have up her sleeve." — (Rare Rumor).
"Oh, Kanako? There is...much I don't know her, but from what I have seen, she is a charitable soul and diligent in her duties. I look forward to talking with her more, as her optimism is oft something I lack...." — (Old) Ruran Vas.
"...we used to fight over stupid things. But she saved my life, and got me back on my feet. I can never ever EVER thank her enough for that." — Rihxo Matoi.
"I’ve buried Kanako... and my humanity with her." — The Reaper.


Glio coinpurse.png
A simple coin purse made of soft leather, containing a few hundred gil.
Glio knife.png
Boot Dagger
A small steel dagger which she concealed inside or on the side of most of her boots. It’s always good to have a backup weapon.
Leather Satchel
Something she always keeps with her and shows obvious signs of wear and tear.

Leather Satchel

Glio herbs.png
Various linkpearls for various connections.
Glio journal.png
A journal that contains various notes, contact information, and to-do lists.
Glio rations.png
Travel Rations
Contains dried meat, fruits, and various nuts.

Tied Satchets

Glio alchkit.png
Aether Crystals
Various elemental Aether crystal rest in the satchel. THe purpose of them is unknown.
Glio medkit.png
Medical Kit
Contains various bandages, sewing supplies, pain meds, scissors, and even some herbs.


Songs used set a mood, lyrics may not reflect the views of my character. Music links to Youtube or SoundCloud. Careful of the volume when using speakers/headphones.

Ambient Themes

Kaine’s Salvation
Origin: Nier: Automata OST
Reference: Main/Somber Theme I
Lost in Thoughts All Alone
Origin: Fire Emblem: Fates OST
Reference: Internal Struggle
The Last Song
Origin: Drakengard 3 OST
Reference: Performance Theme
Origin: Nier Music Concert
Reference: Main/Somber Theme II

Combat Themes

Bipolar Nightmare
Origin: Nier Music Concert
Reference:Combat I



RP Info

Acceptable is All RP themes from dark, serious and mature (violence, torture, murder, conflict, drug / alcohol use) to the more light-hearted, humorous and simplistic, as long as it makes sense in the course of the RP. Plots that range from long-term to one-shots, elaborate and large-scale to minor and frivolous. Serious injury. Temporary injury and incapacitation. Temporary captivity or imprisonment. Minor/Moderate Emotional Manipulation. Combat, ambushes, assassination attempts, rivalries, friendships, romantic or sexual tension, coarse language and morally unclear subjects are all welcomed.
Ask about Mutilation, permanent scarring or symbolic markings, long-term and/or permanent injury and disfigurement. Long-term captivity or imprisonment. Temporary character death. Significant emotional manipulation. Anything dramatically character-changing or that might render her unplayable for a prolonged period of time.
Unacceptable is Permanent character death. Permanent maiming or any crippling that prevents her from functioning independently. ERP. Rape, or kidnap plots, as well as any sexual forms of torture. Godmodding
Kanako has experienced a lot and travels quite a bit. She can adapt to most social interactions and because of this she wears many “faces”. Below are just a few RP hooks that might help with getting things going.
■ Need dirt on someone? Stop by her apartment to form a contract and she’ll give you the information you need!
■ She’s a known alcoholic and it’s not uncommon to see her alone at a bar
■ Need someone dead? She’ll make sure the job gets done and clean
■ If you’re someone sensitive to Aether/can detect Aetherical auras, you’ll notice that something isn’t quite right with her (Details given to those who are interested)
■ Need a connection from the underground? Seek Kanako!
■ Rumor has it that Kanako was behind the murder of Hidehiro Kaibu that took place about three months ago in Kugane. Maybe you just want to know if it’s true or finally seek justice.
■ For a short period of time, everyone thought Kanako was dead. Perhaps you seek out the truth on how a dead woman is suddenly alive.
■ Kanako use to be a notorious vigilante


Character Lore Adherence
Everything concerning this character that has not been confirmed by in-game lore should be taken with a grain of salt.
■ Kanako has made a few connections with people who are lore-bending and have influenced her experiences. Furthermore some of the past events she has had to go through may also be considered lore bending but they are not extreme.
Miscellaneous Information
Concept: Originally, her appearance was based on Kyoko Sakura but went about a few changes. I pulled ideas and concepts from other minor “villains” and created it into something unique for her .
Classes: MCH (70), BLM (70), DRG (60), RDM (61), ALC (50), CUL (63)
Server: Balmung
Timezone: US Player; EST (UTC +5)
Character Tidbits
Links Out
Links that lead off the wiki, but are technically relevant to the character.
■Tumblr: GhostieMaiden


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