Kanako Moonweaver

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Kanako Moonweaver
The Wilted Rose


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CURRENT ALIAS... Kanako Moonweaver.

BIRTH NAME... Kanako Moonweaver.

RACE & CLAN... Au Ra - Raen.

GENDER... Female.

AGE & NAMEDAY... 28 - 5th Sun, 3rd Astral Moon..

ORIENTATION... Bisexual.




CURRENT RESIDENCE... Lavander Beds Apartment.

OCCUPATION... Information Broker, Drug Dealer, & Gun-for-Hire.

PATRON DEITY... Dawn Father.

HEIGHT & WEIGHT... 5 fulms & 2 ilms, 105 ponz.

ALIGNMENT... Chaotic Neutral.


Unstable, Stubborn, & Secretive, Kanako is a woman who has been through many changes. She was once a carefree woman and with a dream. She has since strayed far from that path due to the people she has encountered and chosen to stay with. On the surface, she acts calm and collective; she knows everything that’s going on around the area and doesn’t let anything blindside her. She makes business deals and often never takes no for an answer, she’ll even lie to get the deal she wants. Below the surface though? That’s another convoluted story entirely. After letting her weaknesses control her for so long, she lets herself think that she turned those weaknesses into strengths even though she still knows that she’ll never have full control of them. She feels alone and afraid of losing it all but she does her best to let anyone see her that way. At any moment, she could just fall apart at the seams.

Voice: Kanako is often very expressive when she speaks, even if it sometimes holds a bit of bitterness. Her voice properly portrays how she feels if her face doesn't. She's a very vocal woman and it's hard to keep her quiet on things she is most passionate about.

Philosophy: The strong shall thrive and the weak will die. For Kanako, if you're not strong enough to survive the harsh realities of Eorzea, you're a waste of Aether. Doing nothing with your life? Waste of Aether. She will help those who she thinks are weaker but more likely than not, it's because she sees how she could benefit from it. She is always striving to become a stronger woman as she is tired of being seen as a nobody.


Strong Alcohol.
Moko Grass.


Being Alone.




Hair & Eyes

Kanako’s rose red hair perfectly compliments her fiery personality. She likes to keep it cut short as she finds it suits her more but also because it doesn’t get in the way as much. Her eyes mostly match her hair, the only thing stopping it from being a perfect match is the fact that her right eye is an unnatural orange color. She use to cover that eye with an eyepatch but she finally come to accept that there is nothing to really hide.

Physique & Markings

Kanako is a rather slim woman who does her best to keep her figure, without it, she would likely be unable to do all the things she does now. She’s a fairly busty woman, but depending on your standards, might not be seen as much. On the back of her right wrist looks to be a fairly faded tattoo, if you see it, then you’re considered lucky as she often keeps it covered.

Hygiene & Attire

She keeps herself as clean as possible when she can, she hates the feeling of being sweaty, grimy, and just plain gross. In the middle of combat and while camping, it’s something that can’t be avoided and she understands that, but she will take a bath to rid herself from it as soon as possible. When it comes to attire, she often wears leather and cloth that compliment her figure. She looks to comfort while still trying to look at least a bit fashionable. When it comes to armor, she has learned to accept clunky armor and favors it more over fighting in leather. For armor, she doesn’t care about style, she just needs it to protect her.

Color Key
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Romantic Attraction: Name is romantically interested in this character.
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Deceased: This character has passed away.
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Yumia Starcatcher ( ) ( Adopted Mother )
This was the only mother she ever knew. Yumia took care of Kanako and Mamiko as if they were her own and taught them many skills for them to survive on their own. Kanako left the caravan she was raied in when she was 18 and almost a decade later when she finally reunited with them, her time was cut short. When Kanako started her new life as Marigold, she had discovered that Yumia passed away from an illness. Kanako was never able to give her a proper goodbye..
Sakura Starcatcher ( ) ( Yumias’ Daughter )
When Kanako reunited with her caravan, she learned that Yumia gave birth to a beutiful daughter who was now 6 years old. Kanako enjoyed playing and watching over her while she could. When Sakuras' mother passed away, she was devistated and Kanako (at the time Marigold) took it upon herself to have her sent to an orphanage. From then on, she would send anaomyus donations to the orphanage to ensure Sakura was being properly taken care of. Due to the person Kanako has become, she doesn't wish to Sakura to ever see her again.
Yuki Kaibu ( ) ( Mother )
The woman she never knew personally as she died giving birth to Kanako and her sister. It's because of her death that her father abandoned Kanako and Mamiko. Although she never knew her, Kanako did here stories about her and how beautiful she was.
Hidehiro Kaibu ( ) ( Father )
The man she thought was dead was discovered to be alive and residing in Kugane. Traveling to Kugane with Stroud, she set out seeking answers and hoping that she could forgive her father for what he did; howeverm, between the trip there and during her search to find him, someone had twisted her mind and manipulated her into thinking her father deserved punishment for abandoning her. When she finally met her father, she wouldn't hear his exucses and wouldn't accept his appology. Kanako left her father for dead thinking it was the best thing for a sorry old man.
Mamiko Moonweaver ( ) ( Twin Sister )
Mamiko was everything to Kanako.


Stroud Forscythe ( ? )
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Percival Derolo ( )
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Text, text, text, text.
Tray'Ju Estinoch ( )
Text, text, text, text.
Illust Days ( )
Text, text, text, text.
Hojo'to Zuginoch ( )
Text, text, text, text.
Xeiz Feine ( )
Text, text, text, text.
Rihxo Matoi ( )
Text, text, text, text.
Crate ( )
Text, text, text, text.

Some of these rumors are untrue, speculation, or are greatly exaggerated. Please feel free to add your own rumors under the Player Character category!


◢ Common Rumors - Easily overheard. Use these freely!

    "She was dead, wasn’t she?"
    "The poor bitch is just an alcoholic, but there ain’t nothin’ wrong with that."
    "She gives off a bit of an intimidating vibe but she really isn’t that bad."

◢ Uncommon Rumors - A little more difficult to hear. Use sparingly or ask first!

    "Hey, you need some info? Kanako is sure to find it, you just gotta find her first so you can make the deal."
    "We heard a gunshot one night in Kugane and red-head running away in a hurry, did she shoot someone?"
    "One moment she’s Marigold and the next she’s Kanako!"

◢ Rare Rumors - Very rarely overheard. Please ask before using!

    "The rapid increase in drug flow is rumored to be behind one person, but it ain’t Kanako, she’s just the middleman for someone else."
    "You get in her way and you’ll get fucking shot, you better stay on her good side."
    "The tough girl persona is just an act, just outwit her and she’ll fall."


◢ Player Character Rumors - Feel free to add rumors of your own!

    "Oh, Kanako? There is...much I don't know her, but from what I have seen, she is a charitable soul and diligent in her duties. I look forward to talking with her more, as her optimism is oft something I lack..." (Old rumor) Ruran Vas
    "...we used to fight over stupid things. But she saved my life, and got me back on my feet. I can never ever EVER thank her enough for that." Rihxo Matoi
    "Add rumor here." Name


Text, text, text, text.
Kaines’ Salvation
Artist: Nier Automata OST
Context: Kanakos’ Somber/Main Theme
Fire Emblem Fates - Lost in Thoughts All Alone
Artist: Fire Emblem: Fates OST.
Context: Internal Struggle.
The Last Song
Artist: Drakengard 3 OST.
Context: Performance Theme.
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Artist: Text, text, text, text.
Context: Text, text, text, text.
[Link goes here. Name for link goes here.]
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Context: Text, text, text, text.

OOC Information

Personal RP Limits
I will play mature content and themes (violence, sexuality, drug / alcohol use) as long as they're logical in a plot-driven encounter. Coarse and excessive language. Temporary injury and incapacitation. Temporary imprisonment. Most walk-up encounters. Lore- abiding plots. Minor/Moderate Lore-Bending plots.
Ask about long-term and/or permanent injury and disfigurement. Long-term captivity or imprisonment. Extensive emotional manipulation. Anything that is highly lore-bending.
I won't play permanent character death. ERP (I prefer fade-to-black). godmodding. Anything that is blatently lore-breaking.
If an aspect of RP makes you uncomfortable in a scene we're playing, please send me a /tell, letting me know. Communication is very important, more important than potentially keeping immersion.

Character Tidbits

Links Out
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Tumblr: GhostieMaiden
Potential Plot Hooks
Kanako?: Perhaps you never knew she was actually running around with an alias while everyone thought her dead. To finally see her back from the dead, a little odd, isn’t it?
Would you like a deal?: Kanako does just a little bit over everything but is most known for her drug deals and brokering information. If you can track her down, maybe you can amuse her and try negotiating a deal.
Stroud Forscythe: Maybe you know the person she’s really working for. If you know him, you most likely know her.
Formal Gatherings: On the behalf of her current employer, Kanako is often tasked to go out to formal gatherings and she's only there for buisness purposes. Perhaps you run into her a one of these gatherings and wish to talk buisness, or try your luck at small talk.
Kugane: With the recent routes open to Kugane, Kanako has been taking advantage of them not only for buisness, but to learn more about the home she has never seen before. She isn't there as often as she is in Eorzea, but perhaps you'll be lucky to find her.

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