Kanako Moonweaver

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Vital Information

BIRTH NAME... Kanako Moonweaver.

NICKNAMES... Kana, Moon, *Marigold.

RACE & CLAN... Au Ra, Raen.

GENDER... Female.

AGE... 28.

NAMEDAY... 5th Sun, 3rd Astral Moon.


Other Statistics



RESIDENCE... Vagabond.

OCCUPATION... Bounty Hunter, Vigilante, & Dancer.

PATRON DEITY... Dawn Father.

HEIGHT... 5 fulms, 2 ilms.

WEIGHT... 105 ponze.

ORIENTATION... Bisexual.

ALIGNMENT... Chaotic Good - Balance Seeker.

General Information
Kanako Moonweaver was once thought to be dead. While many accepted this fact, others knew something was amiss when a woman named Marigold came around. After all, she looked just like Kanako aside from a few changes. With the sudden return of this woman, she has taken what she has learned and slowly becoming a seemingly stronger woman. She hopes that she can finally forge a new and final path from herself and remain on such a path. She is still with The Limitless Reliquary and although she considers herself a relic hunter, she hopes to do more with her life.
Headstrong & Stubborn. Right. Multiple burn scars & stab wound on cheek.
Hair & Eyes
Kanako’s rose red hair perfectly compliments her fiery personality. She usually styles it into a ponytail, though, there are a few occasions which she wears it down in a more messy fashion. Her eyes mostly match her hair, the only thing stopping it from being a perfect match is the fact that her right eye is an unnatural orange color. She use to cover that eye with an eyepatch but she finally come to accept that there is nothing to really hide.
Physique & Markings
Kanako is a rather slim woman who does her best to keep her figure, without it, she would likely be unable to do all the things she does now. She’s a fairly busty woman, but depending on your standards, might not be seen as much. On the back of her right wrist looks to be a fairly faded tattoo, if you see it, then you’re considered lucky as she often keeps it covered.
Hygiene & Attire
She keeps herself as clean as possible when she can, she hates the feeling of being sweaty, grimy, and just plain gross. In the middle of combat and while camping, it’s something that can’t be avoided and she understands that, but she will take a bath to rid herself from it as soon as possible. When it comes to attire, she often wears leather and cloth that compliment her figure. She looks to comfort while still trying to look at least a bit fashionable. When it comes to armor, she has learned to accept clunky armor and favors it more over fighting in leather. For armor, she doesn’t care about style, she just needs it to protect her.
Worn Items of Note
Unstable. Compassionate. Headstrong. Kanako has been through quite a lot in her life and it certainly shows. She has a difficult time with dealing with very strong emotions such as sorrow and anger, this can lead her into going into a deep depression or temper-driven meltdown. She is a very compassionate person and it often leads her to think that it’s always her fault if something goes wrong and it’s because she is so compassionate that she has to deal with such strong emotions and unfortunately, being unable to deal with them. Overall, Kanako is a nice person to be around despite her little quirk and she’s the most loyal friend one can ever hope for. Because of her “blind” loyalty, it brings her to being a bit too headstrong and not thinking about a plan thoroughly. She thinks of one outcome and what might be at stake and that’s essentially it..CURRENT MENTAL STABILITY: Moderate.
Kanako is often very expressive when she speaks, even if it sometimes holds a bit of bitterness. Her voice properly portrays how she feels if her face doesn't. She's a very vocal woman and it's hard to keep her quiet on things she is most passionate about.
Philosophy & Mannerisms
As stated before, Kanako is a very vocal and expressive person, sometimes overbearing. She acts on her ideals and see them as right and when someone speaks against her, instead of hearing their side and keeping an understanding outlook, she is more likely to argue over it. Though, despite this, she holds a caring nature for people close to her, even if she does have a bit of an attitude. She believes that everyone deserves a second chance but if they ignore it and don't take it, they lose any chance of finally grabbing hold. With this mindset, she is more likely to kill someone who has done wrong-doing than to spare them.
❄ Strong Alcohol.
❄ Moko Grass.
❄ Protecting Others.
❄ Children.
❄ The Beach.
❄ Animals.
❄ A Nice Meal.
❄ Being Right.
❄ Dancing.
❄ Singing.
❄ Training.
❄ Betrayal.
❄ Silence.
❄ Failure.
❄ Axes.
❄ Racism.
❄ People Prying.
❄ Nightmares.
❄ Quiet.
❄ Being Alone.
❄ Putting Others in Danger.
❄ Multlingual.
❄ Knowledge About Politics.
❄ Remaining Loyal.
❄ Sneaky.
❄ Tracking.
❄ Obtaining Information.
❄ Lying.

Basic Statistics
High: Tracking, Stealth
Above Average: Perception (hearing)
Average: Perception (sight), Slight of Hand
Low: Strategic planning, Keeping Upper Ground
Aetheric Abilities
Mastery: N/A
Expert: N/A
Average: N/A
Novice: N/A
Weapon Training
Mastery: Lance
Expert: Revolver, hand-to-hand
Average: Daggers
Novice: Sword & Shield, Axe
Combat Relevant Skills
High: Agile, Fast
Above Average: Strength
Average: Versatility
Poor: Healing
Trade & Field Crafts
Mastery: N/A
Expert: N/A
Average: Leatherworking
Novice: Cooking
Non-Combat Skills
Above Average: NON-COMBAT
OOC Note


NPC Rumors

Some of these rumors are untrue, speculation, or are greatly exaggerated.

◢ Common Rumors - Easily overheard. Use these freely!
"She was dead, wasn’t she?" — Quicksand Barmaid.
"The poor bitch is just an alcoholic, but there ain’t nothin’ wrong with that." — Quicksand Regular.
"She seems lost and alone. The woman must be going through a lot." — Kindhearted Mercenary.
◢ Uncommon Rumors - A little more difficult to hear. Use sparingly or ask first!
"She has a bounty you know, but it’s hard to find a woman whose appearance changes every few moons." — Bounty Hunter.
"One minute Marigold, then the next she’s Kanako." — Momodi.
◢ Rare Rumors - Very rarely overheard. Please ask before using!
"She’s crazy, she does a whole lot o’ evil to do some ‘good’. If she would take a minute to look at herself in the mirror, she would see she’s no better than some of the criminals hang around. Think about it, remove the stupid morals and what do you have? A crazy murderer." — Former Immortal Flames Investigator.
PC Rumors

Feel free to add your own rumors to this section.

◢ Player Character Rumors - Some of these are more rare than others!
"Oh, Kanako? There is...much I don't know her, but from what I have seen, she is a charitable soul and diligent in her duties. I look forward to talking with her more, as her optimism is oft something I lack..." — Ruran Vas.

Relationship Status Legend
Romantic Attraction
Sexual Attraction
Platonic Love
FC Member

Lost Contact

(**) = Kanako is hunting this person as she sees them as villainous and should pay for their crimes with death.

Yumia Starcatcher { } - Adopted Mother
Yuki Kaibu { } - Mother
Hidehiro Kaibu { } - Father
Mamiko Moonweaver { (?) } - Twin Sister
Sakura Starcatcher { } - Yumia’s Daughter
Friends & Acquaintances
Sun'ra Zhawn { }
Ruran Vas { }
Percival Derolo { }
Valen Stalhart { }
Stroud Forscythe { }
Eshea Tende { }
Illust Days { }
Kel'ari Dotharl { }
Nahare Mergrey { }
Crate { }
Tengri Geneq { }
Tray'Ju Estinoch { }
Location & Probability
Kanako has a tendency to not stay in one place for a long time and can be found in a variety of locations, though a few stand out more than others.
The Shroud: Low.
Gridania: Low.
Ishgard: Moderate.
Dravania: Low.
Coerthas: Low-Moderate.
Mor Dhona: High.
Ul'dah: High.
Thanalan: High.
Limsa Lominsa: Moderate.
La Noscea: High.
She has made a number of connections during her travels.
Merchants: She started off as a merchant and although she no longer walks on that path, she is still known by many common merchants.
Lancer’s Guild: Her basic training was done during her time with the Caravan but when she was out on her own, she went to them for further guidance. Although a loose connection, she still keeps in touch.
Gridania: Once most of her troubles were set aside, her and her sister lived in Gridania, trying to start their merchant careers. Times have changed and that is no longer the case, but she still sees the place as ‘home’.
IC Inventory
The following items are things that Kanako carries on her person at all times. These are noted for pickpockets, and those watching her closely. This information is meant to be a prompt for insight and is not to be meta-gamed, though feel free to use this information if it comes up logically in RP (pickpocketing, a search, etc) with use of a simple /tell.

Coinpurse.png Linkpearlicon.png SteelDaggerIcon.png JerkedBeef.png AgedDecanter.png

Coinpurse: Gil has to go somewhere.
Linkpearls: She has a few contacts she needs to keep in touch with.
Hidden Dagger: She always keeps it somewhere just in case.
Rations: And lots of them.
Canteen: It’s probably filled with alcohol most of the time.
Medical Supplies: Bandages, needle, and some thread.
RP Limits
I will Combat RP. One-shot RP. Long-term RP. Dramatic plots. Heavy, feeling-driven plots. Romance. Sexual Tension. Serious injury. Temporary injury and incapacitation of mind or body. Temporary captivity or imprisonment. Assassination attempts. Rivalries. Deep platonic friendships.
Ask about Torture that leaves behind lasting, long-term effects (aka, longer than 3 months),. Long-term and/or permanent injury. Long-term captivity or imprisonment. Significant tampering of the mind. Anything that is dramatically character-changing, or may have extremely negative implications for my character.
I will not ERP. Allow Lore Breaking. Allow my character to be killed, injury that will leave my character incapacitated, Allow godmodding, and OOCly planned romances.
RP Hooks
Marigold? Some may recognize her when her hair was a light orange and she carried eyes which looked like a fire. However, she now looks more like a rose. You may recognize but be unable to quite put your finger on it. If you are able to, then maybe this can prove your suspicion that she wasn’t truly dead.
Kanako? Or it can be quite the opposite. You never knew Marigold was tied to Kanako and thought she was truly dead. To see a woman who was thought to be dead walking around the place again is certainly a strange sight. What happened to her?
Bounty. After attacking a member of the Black Lotus, a bounty has been put up on her head. They want her either dead or alive, it’s up to you if you decide to take it.
The Limitless Reliquary. She's a former member of the free company and still may associate her with them and approach her about it.
Contract? If you happen to know a criminal that has happened to escape her radar but you don't know how to deal with them, it's possible you could've heard of some of her exploits and decide to seek her out for her aid.
The Smuggler (If you know Marigold and Kanako are the same) She was once associated with the renowned smuggler, Tray’ju. Perhaps you don’t know about their recent disagreements and how she left him and still wish to make business. Or maybe you assume she kept some of those connections she made along the way…
Player Information
Player Note
I live on the East Coast and my availability often varies. Most of the time, I am available during evening and late night hours. However, there are special circumstances where I may be available morning and early afternoon. I am open to in-game rp, forum rp, and discord rp; NO SKYPE RP.
Miscellaneous Information
Concept: Kanako's original 'concept' is sourced from a lot of different material, including video games, anime, literature, and common tropes. Most notable ones being her appearance and her weapon of choice being based on Kyoko Sakura from Madoka Magica.
Claims: Voice: Laura Bailey, Face: Krysten Ritter, Body: WIP
Classes: 60 DRG & 60 MCH
Server: Balmung
Timezone: US Player; EST
Character Tidbits
Links Out
Links that lead off the wiki, but are technically relevant to the character.
■ Tumblr: GhostieMaiden
Tropes & Explanations
The tropes below describe Kanako either in part, or as a whole. Her background, personality, appearance, etc, most of them can be described in the tropes below.
Vigilante Man - Kanako's Vigilante persona
The Paranoiac - Past events have lead Kanako to having trust issues and paranoid
Tropes are devices and conventions that a writer can reasonably rely on as being present in the audience members' minds and expectations. On the whole, tropes are not clichés.

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