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Senha Vhelyuru
The Owl

Age does not protect you from love but love to some extent protects you from age.



Vital Information

RACE... Keeper of the Moon

GENDER... Female

AGE... 43

NAMEDAY... 28th Sun, 3rd Umbral Moon


Other Statistics

NATIONALITY... Twelveswood


FAMILY... Alive

OCCUPATION... Conjurer, Folklorist, Alchemist

PATRON DEITY... Menphina

HEIGHT & WEIGHT... 5 fulms, 2 ilms. 115 ponze.

General Information
Senha moves with grace and elegance, speaks with warmth and kindness, loves with patience, and looks over others with empathy and understanding. She is a woman of tribal background that quickly assimilated into city life, though she never forgot her Keeper roots. Though she speaks eloquently and can converse with even the highest of nobility without embarrassment, she is still prone to wearing tribal garb — minus a few rare occasions. A lithe and soft woman, her body is no longer the tight and fit body of her past — age has begun to catch up with her. Faint wrinkles and lines are visible on her forehead, along her mouth, and at the corners of her eyes; her body has softened over the years, just hardly beginning to show the weight of her years upon her shoulders. Yet all the while she will beam and seems to carry little in the change of her appearance, knowing full well that a smile will always remain the same - even in the end.
We all have our faults, do we not? Let us understand them instead of despise them.
Pale grey
Stormy purple; greying
Lilting; soothing; breathy
. . . . .
Absent-minded; kind; motherly
Tribal marking under eyes
Light cloth; tribal
. . . . .
Hair & Eyes
Stormy tufts of purple frame her face and drape down the bottom of her neck, ending just below her shoulders. Her hair is silky and wild, brushed daily but hardly looked over harder than a single comb. Streaks of black and grey run along strands of hair.
Physique & Markings
A huntress in the prime of her life, Senha is fortunate to still benefit from the activity and exercise afforded to her daily in her younger years — while she has lost most of her muscle, the Miqo'te remains lithe even in her age. Her clothing usually accentuates her better features: a slight raise to her bust, an exposed and flat stomach, and slender arms that are free of all scars and markings of any kind (though they are often covered in bangles and bracelets). Only the tribal marking upon her gentle visage is sported — the deep blue complementing the grey of her eyes.
Hygiene & Attire
Senha is a clean person. She bathes as often as possible wherever she may be - finding the closest stream, river, or body of water to dip into and wash. It was a luxury not often afforded to her within the boughs of the Twelveswood and it shows - the faint coloring of her hair betraying the years of dirt that rested upon her brow and the earthy smell that permeates her being everlasting, though it is not altogether unpleasant. The biggest indicator of her time among the clans of the Keepers is her attire — loose, breathable, and distinctly tribal in nature, she typically wears things that remind her of home. On rare occasions she may wear something a bit more civilized and modest.
Psychological Profile
Senha is kind and patient. Bearing three children and raising them as diligently as she could to watch them leave on their own paths has left the older miqo'te void of purpose. Now too old to safely procreate, Senha roams the land and offers her services as a healer to those in need (and occasionally the gladiatorial pit in Ul'dah). She is as motherly as they come and will not be afraid to chastise you as if you were one of her own should she find you doing something foolish.
Her voice is lilting and soothing; pleasant to the ears. She speaks in a melodic tone that is low from her age but sing-song enough to carry easily even in its tender timbre. The only time it changes is when she is upset or correcting someone after they have tried her long fuse - then her voice takes on a hardened edge and firm tone. Certainly a mother's voice.
Philosophy & Mannerisms
Senha very much believes in "love begets love". She is a stern mentor when needed, but normally a kind and almost oblivious soul — so she would have you believe. Observant and ever-thinking, the healer is not one to be taken advantage of - if she allows anything to happen to her, it is because she wished for it to or thought it would benefit another. On her own, Senha is a sharp and calculating woman with previous experience as a huntress. She likes to hum, stare off into space, and is prone to enjoy the company of others.
● Stories, tall tales
● Socializing
● Poetry
● Music
● Riddles
● Owls
● Item
● Item
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