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About Me

I'm Otter (ey/em/eir). I started playing in late 2015/early 2016 when my friends got the game for me. I love DoL classes, my true calling is healing, I have too many alts, and I'm way too enthusiastic about worldbuilding questions.

My RP policies

My RP directory entry, with copious details about my RP policies, can be found here[1].

  1. Message me to plot before starting a scene.
  2. You'll enjoy RP with me most if you enjoy LGBT and mental illness themes.
  3. Let me know if you're comfortable with mature themes, such as violence or sex; I won't include them if you don't say.
  4. Don't Echo without my permission & input.
  5. I reserve the right to withdraw from or retcon out a scene, at any time, for any reason. You are afforded the same right.


Balmung characters