Rostnais Askiwintsyn

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 Rostnais Askiwinsyn
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Gender Male
Race Roegadyn
Clan Sea Wolf
Citizenship Unaffiliated
Server Balmung

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A Sea Wolf Roegadyn who ran away from his father's ship, Rost is not the brightest. Loud and outspoken, he acts without thinking to take what he wants. He can usually be found wherever there is alcohol.

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Rostnais Askiwintsyn
❝S-stop starin' at me...


: Alias... Rost

: Birth Name... Rostnais, son of Askiwint

: Age... Late 20s

: Gender... Male

: Race... Roegadyn

: Clan... Sea Wolf

: Orientation... Ask him

: Marital... Single

: Deity... Oschon - The Wanderer


: Boisterous Loud spoken and rambunctuous, Rost has a booming voice when he gets excited, which happens far too often. Or maybe he's just used to yelling while on a ship. Whichever, he's the sort that one would hear across the room. Whispering.

: Easy-going Rost is generally easy to get along with and doesn't take much to please. A good drink. A story. Something shiny (like gil or treasure). After having been raised razing other ships, he's grown to enjoy the fine things in life and not worry too much about losing them. There is always another opportunity to him.

: Drunk It may be hard to find a time when Rost is fully sober. Even when working, he's likely to have a flask on him, or he'll be the first in line if there's a keg or bottle being opened in sight. His reasons for drinking? It was there. Nothing makes his sun more than an unlimited tab at a bar. But don't worry, he prefers ales over the harder spirits.

: Greedy Let's be honest here. If there's something he wants, Rost has been raised and taught to just take it, dealing with ramifications later. He's not used to having to actually pay for things that would have previously just been looted. He is trying though, and if he's learning anything, it's that he really likes everything. That drink. The food on that other table. Those person's fancy clothes, if they could fit him. He wants it all. He's the person who would grab a handful of candy if it take "please take one" while giving a big hearty grin to anyone watching.

: Loyal Perhaps not the first thing one would think of when told he's a former pirate. Even though he has since departed from his father's ship, Rost would likely go running back if he heard that any of the crew were in trouble. He's seen enough temporary alliances end in bloody fights that he wants to change that in his life.

: Gullible "Yeh can make a ship fly by tyin' chocobos to it?! But where the hells would I find that many birds...." Perhaps not the best combination with loyalty, Rost will take most things at face-value. If a person sounds convincing, they probably are. Did he previously need that advertised product? Well he does now! Just...just don't listen to them about the yellow snow, Rost. You know better than that, right? Right?!

Rumors and Relationships
Franz - Some grump in Ul'dah
What's Rost got to say?: "Jus' how drunk was I to hit on a Highlander? Good lookin' for an older guy, but hells he ran away fast."
What Franz has to say about Rost: "I refuse to speak anything of it. We were drunk. He more than I. I...did not expect such things.... OF COURSE I RAN!"
((Really more of a joke)) Franz may have learned to be more careful around who he drinks with in the future. Perhaps out of pity, possibly a good deed, Franz offered to pay Rost's tab at the Quicksand, which became quite a mistake. Already sweating from the desert heat, the Roegadyn ate and drank his fill until nearly chased from the pub. Both now on the streets, Franz made a second mistake of offering to find the man a hostel just for the night. They'd no sooner stepped into a room when Rost lurched forwards with an advance, which sent the Highlander running out of the room promptly.
He doesn't have any yet!

He doesn't have any yet!

Interesting Items
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RP hooks
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