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Vysce the Lad


This page is a parody of the character template that is actually depicting a live rper from FFXIV as is meant for comedic purposes only. Please see Caen Jabari or Juste Fantome for IC wikis played by Vysce.


Vysce is a roleplayer in Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. He currently roleplays as the miq'ote, Caen Jabari, on the Balmung Server. He began roleplaying officially in 2003 with his first MMO RuneScape 2. Vysce always seeks motivation for playing video games, often coming up with them himself if the story fails to impress. Even in single-player/multiplayer RTS campaigns, Vysce would often draw up treaties and histories of conflicts between warring nations. His role playing borrows heavy themes from the Final Fantasy series, after the game Final Fantasy IX changed the way he views fiction overall.

MMO Tours

Vysce has played many online and table-top games since his roleplay debut in 2003. Games where he stayed awhile and roleplayed are marked with a *.

Favorite Games:
  • RuneScape (2)*
  • World of Warcraft*
  • Star Wars: The Old Republic*
  • Guild Wars 2*
  • Final Fantasy XIV: ARR*
Other Online Games:
  • Lord of the Rings Online
  • Dungeons and Dragons Online*
  • Tera: Rising
  • DC Online
  • City of Heroes
  • Star Trek Online
Table-Top Games:
  • Pathfinder
  • Vampire: The Masquerade
  • Warhammer 40K: Inquisition
  • Evangelion
  • Tenra Bansho Zero

Role Playing Career

In every MMO, Vysce has drafted multiple storylines and played many different characters. The games below are copyright to their individual developers, as are relevant terms.


The story unfolded on two fronts, the first of the orphan boy Lieru Van Maurader wielding the mythril mace Thorzor and the second of the immortal warrior, Grugnir Ulfsarker. When Lieru found out that an ancient evil was unleashed from beneath the abbey where he lived, he took up his father's mace and journeyed to defeat it. It was the evil wizard Forenzikon that was brought to life and sought the purification of the world via a ritual known as the Sapphire Dawn. Lieru eventually met Grugnir and Sir Foster Belveont, a paladin also seeking an end to evil. The three created the Holy Order of Pandora, a company of heroes that would take up arms to defeat the wizard. When at last the company met Forenzikon, the end of the world had already begun, and while the wizard was slain, there was no stopping the destruction. Grugnir Ulfsarker sacrificed his immortality to try to save his fellow comrades, and the heroes vanished from the plain, which was consumed by the Sapphire Dawn.

  • Lieru Van Maurader: An orphan boy turned hero. Lieru is righteous and good, living only to protect others. Wields the mace, Thorzor.
  • Grugnir Ulfsarker: An immortal warrior, summoned time and time again to save the world from evil. Wields the great-axe Helsbane.
  • Foster Belveont: A knight who is sworn to destroy all evil.
  • Felix Nightrose: The last survivor of the Nightrose clan. His family was accidentally slain by Grugnir when the man lost himself to the wolf-spirit. Grugnir killed him when Felix sought revenge.
  • Godric Lombadore: An advisor to the King who was mind-wiped by Forenzikon into trapping the Holy Order.
  • Arros Toxon: A famed archer and bard who offered his services to the Holy Order.
  • Gourien Vysce: A black knight who fought on behalf of Forenzikon. He eventually came to his senses after fighting with Grugnir, and told the man where to find the dark lord.
  • Forenzikon: A dark lord bent on the worlds purification via the Sapphire Dawn.

(2007-2010)World of Warcraft

Sin'dorei Gourien Vysce awoke with no memories of his past life and served the Lord Fladen Dravas in his campaign to summon the dark lord Aunzeriuth sealed within a blade hidden somewhere in Kalimdor. Meanwhile Foster Belveont and Grugnir Ulfsarker found themselves whisked away to the Eastern Kingdoms of Azeroth. They quickly became involved with the protection of Stormwind and the Alliance's battle against the Horde. Eventually, the news of the dark-lord Aunzeriuth's revival came to light, and Grugnir traveled to the Azuremyst Isle to destroy the blade, alongside Ambassador Chouhada, sent by the shamans to finish the duties of the Holy Order. Chouhada, Grugnir, and Belveont, along with a host of other heroes were able to defeat the appearance of the sorcerer Garaanth who attempted to raise the dark lord after Fladen uncovered the blade. Ediskrad Malphret, sorcerer to Lord Fladen, was able to save Gourien from certain demise after almost being killed by Grugnir. The destruction of Aunzeriuth tore a rift in the void which Fladen attempted to close, but did not succeed until the void had pulled Belveont, Malphret, and Gourien within. Afterwards, Chouhada and Grugnir went back to serving the Alliance in the war with the Horde.

  • Gourien Vysce: A paladin whose loyalty wavered between that of darkness and that of light.
  • Fladen Dravas: A Sin'Dorei lord with a fascination with the Void.
  • Ediskrad Malphret: Along with his servants Zagnor and Zorpit, the mad Forsaken sorcerer served Lord Fladen in his quest to find the Demon Blade.
  • Foster Belveont: A paladin who still seeks an end to the Dark Lords.
  • Grugnir Ulfsarker: A werewolf turned hero, he uses his axe to fight against the Horde.
  • Ambassador Chouhada: A famous hero turned Alliance Ambassador.
  • Vaeraldor: A thief turned agent, his father sacrificed himself for the future of his clan. He is Chouhada's apprentice.
  • Garaanth: A zealot priest of darkness seeking the revival of the dark lord Aunzeriuth.

(2010)Dungeons & Dragon's Online

Luxarros Ipsen, a wandering battle-cleric, is washed ashore an unknown land amongst the wreckage of his ship. He journeys to find his lost love when evidence proves she washed ashore as well, and meets up with warriors Grugnir Ulfsarker and Sir Kasanus to find her.

(2010)Star Trek Online

Scientist Logan Freyja was on a special assignment to investigate an anomaly in space near the Scutum-Centaurus Arm where his ship suddenly lost contact. His son, Nathaniel, took it upon himself to send a rescue party to the last point of contact where he found his ship and the ruins of his father's ship surrounded by Borg. In a daring rescue, he was able to beam several survivors aboard his own ship while his father caused a distraction, firing wildly into the Borg vessels. Before Logan could beam to his son's ship, his ship suffered a vital hit and exploded. Although his ship suffered his own casualties, Nathaniel was able to warp back to Starfleet with the survivors. He was welcomed back a hero by some, but since he took his ship to Borg space against Starfleet command, he was stripped of his captain status.

  • Nathaniel Freyja: Captain of the Olympic-class science vessel Victory Albatross. He applied heavily into becoming an ambassador to new alien races because of his dream for a fully unified galaxy, and was denied. He found solace in scientific exploration, specifically new technologies and sources of fuel.

(2011-2012) Star Wars: The Old Republic

Pureblood Sith Lord Rovin Vysce was once counted among the greatest sith warriors, yet fell from grace after an a member of the Sith Lord Council sabotaged his new ship to surface beam cannon when he went to present it to them. He then worked for Imperial Reclamations, trying to uncover ancient sith artifacts that would allow him to access more power. It soon came to his knowledge that he had two sons, Gourien Vysce and Cepheus Vysce. While Gourien became a sith acolyte, Cepheus did not wish to affiliate himself with the Empire, and Rovin tried to kill him for it. Cepheus, thoroughly injured, was able to escape and defected to the Republic, chased by the bounty hunter Jyrrus Axrr. While Rovin sought a way to reclaim his seat of power, Gourien's loyalties became to waver, not wishing to be a weapon against the jedi. He eventually found and saved an old kel dor jedi master on Nar Shaddaa named Kaa'ros D'ni, who saw the good in Gourien, and taught him the ways of the jedi. Gourien eventually became strong in the light side of the force and attracted the attention of Rovin who journeyed to kill Gourien himself. The two clashed lightsabers for hours and the injuries were equal on both sides. Rovin attempted to bring down the structure they were in with the force, but Gourien was able to escape with the aide of the arrival of the bounty hunter Jyrrus. Rovin's death was never confirmed, yet Gourien and Jyrrus found solace in using their talents to combat evil throughout the galaxy, Jyrrus assisting when the pay was good, of course.

  • Gourien Vysce: A sith acolyte turned jedi, Gourien fights for the good of the Republic.
  • Rovin Vysce: A powerful Sith Lord who had everything and lost it all. Rovin was a great pilot and one of the greatest assassins in the Empire until his demise.
  • Cepheus Vysce: A charming smuggler who shoots his way out of troubling situations with twin blaster pistols. He was uncredited for his vital assistance in the Republic hold on Ord Mantell and Taris. He was gunned down by Jyrrus Axrr when Cepheus's father Rovin placed a 500,000 credit bounty on the man's head.
  • Doctor Xav'ros: A mad scientist and creator of the K-89 Aldrus "Blood-Boiler" virus. He attempted to decimate the Republic forces by almost releasing it onto a space station. While he attempted to escape Republic custody and sell his virus to the black market underground Coruscant, he was thwarted by Leon Belveont and Padawan Ixion. Jyrrus Axrr arrived and blasted the entire compound with his ship, forever destroying the doctor and his virus, along with Leon and Ixion who were caught in the crossfire. Xav'ros was worth 2 million credits after destroying an entire Republic cruiser with explosives.
  • Jyrrus Axrr: Ex-bartender, ace fighter pilot, and bounty hunter Jyrrus Axrr plays by his own rules. He doesn't care about who serves who as long as he gets paid for his jobs. He operates out of his modified D5-Mantis, the Phantom Jackal. His morality is a curiosity to some, since Jyrrus would refuse to kill a man in cold blood, yet cause millions of credits in damage and blast away innocents if it meant killing a bounty required dead. While he worked alone at first, he eventually felt for Gourien's position in his fight against his father, and saved the man's life when Rovin tried to kill them. After draining the Sith Lords accounts, Jyrrus allowed Gourien to live in his ship and tour the galaxy in search of credits to be made, never telling the jedi he was responsible for Cepheus's death.

(2013)Guild Wars 2

The love story between the orphan thief Leiru Van Maurader and highborn lady Sarisa Shizuko was a poem written across the stars, yet it was not to last. The cruel Sidgar Shizuko took his daughter far away from Divinity's Reach much to Van's dismay. When the boy was older and ventured to find her, he met the warriors Julian Silverlin and Maea who were creating a force to destroy the centaur threatening to overtake the lands surrounding the Reach. In a massive campaign, Julian was able to lead his mercenary force to victory, but suffered heavy losses. They uncovered a plot that involved the reanimation of the dead in the Shadowheart swamps. They would create a counter defensive, only to discover a wicked demon Greatsword known as Aunzeriuth had taken over the body of a sylvari and was warping the minds of the centaur horde to fulfil his desire for amass great power and destroy the last bastion of humanity. Van would set aside his quest to find Sarisa, and help Julian combat the threat. In a great battle that took place in the bloodied hills of Kessex. Chaos would ensue, and in an eventual grand battle where Van had almost lost his life, Julian defeated the Demon Blade and brought down it's dark palace. After recovering from his injuries, Van would leave the band for good, chasing his own dreams and destiny.

  • Leiru Van Maurader II: The poster child for naivity, stubborness, and recklessness, Van is an eighteen year old ex-thief and street rat living in Nebo Terrace with his aunt Sofia Jaime. His father, Leiru the first, and his mother Maria LaCroix were both assassins who fought against evil in Tyria, but were killed by Aunzeriuth in the last war. Van is extremely loyal, and never needs a reason to help people.
  • Gourien Emberclaw: An ex-gladium who was once called Gourien Tribal, this charr is a warrior belonging to the Iron Legion in the reconnaissance division. Gourien's rise from being a gladium came when he appeared felled before rising and dipping his claws in dying flames, then stabbing his foes in the face with his claws. During a meeting with associates in Divinity's Reach, he came across some drunken residents from Ebonhawke who mercilessly gunned down the Charr in the city streets for his kind's capture of Ascalon. The ex-thief, Van, rushed to Gourien's side, but he was no healer and the charr's wounds were too great. He asked for Van's forgiveness for his war-mongering ways, and Van, on behalf of humanity, put all his fear to rest and forgave him.
  • Ediskrad Malphret: The self-proclaimed "great" Malphret is a researcher at Incinergin Labs. If it involves chaos or destruction, Malphret is usually involved. His intelligence is near genius yet he lacks proper phrasing, leading him to invent his own words on the fly. He dreamt of constructing a massive Dreadnough Airship to combat the Dragon threat and then become a God. His unorthodox methods and destructive nature lead others to call him "mad". However, in non-threatening circumstances, the asura can be quite calm and collected, however brash his responses might be in the meantime. Malphret does not care for anyone other than himself and speaks his mind when he wants. The Demon Blade took notice of his power and abducted the asura to be the battery in an ancient machine that would hold his fortress together in the dimension reflected in the murky waters in Wychmire Swamp. When Julian and Van defeated the Demon Blade, Malphret obtained near God-like power from the machine. However, when he came to his senses and realized this power would doom Tyria is it was unleashed, he held the dimension together long enough for the humans to escape before sending himself and Aunzeriuth to oblivion.
  • Atticus Segura: A sylvari mesmer who found the Greatsword, Vasskaldir, that contained the soul of a demon lord named Aunzeriuth. Born as Icaryse, he awoke in the middle of a Nightmare Court attack on the Caledon Forest. He was chased to the Wychmire Swamps where he collapsed due to his wounds. After attempting to crawl to safety, he accidentally came across a blade half buried in the swamp that promised him power to save his fellow sylvari in exchange for newly born pulling the blade from the swamp. Icaryse accepted without thinking and freed the blade, breaking a seal that contained Aunzeriuth from the blade. Aunzeriuth fulfilled his part of the bargain and granted Icaryse near-immortal power to drive back the Nightmare Court's assault. Exhausted, Icaryse collapsed near the road to Kessex and instantly forgot everything. He was awoken by a maiden named Sarisa Shizuko and her carriage to Divinity's Reach. Since he could not remember his own name, she gifted him with a new name, Atticus Segura, a legendary knight that her nurse would often tell her tales about. He would attempt to become as equally as renown but it was not to last. It was soon after Sarisa had been taken by the Reach by her father that Icaryse was overcome by Aunzeriuth's power. The demon lord used his new body to cast his vengeance upon the heroes of this new age.

(2014)Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn

Five years ago when Dalamud fell, Caen was found unconscious and clinging to a piece of wreckage in Vesper Bay in Western Thanalan. Caen remembered nothing of his first eleven years, and woke up to a world he did not remember living in. All he had on him, besides the tattered rags that covered his body, where water-logged letters addressed to "Caen" from an older brother "Vailyx" and held together by a pair of violet earrings. Thankfully, the kinder fisherman Faust Jabari, was able to find the young miq'ote and semi-raised the boy to be able to live on his own. Five years have passed... and Caen now serves as one of many secretive "errand-tails" who pass letters through Thanalan containing information that would serve to bring power back to the sultana of Ul'dah, unbeknownst to the lad.

  • Caen Jabari: A young miq'ote that seeks a peaceful Eorzea.
  • Juste Fantome: An ishgardian noble who is sworn to take back his father's sword.

Roleplay Tendencies


  • Characters with darks pasts or amnesia.
  • Stories with near-death experiences.
  • References to the Final Fantasy series.


  • Roleplayers that take things personally.
  • Stories or roleplayers that steal stories from other media.
  • Out of character drama.
  • Retcons.


  • Vysce can roleplay his way out of -almost- every situation.
  • Has a natural ability in storytelling.
  • Is an excellent multi-tasker.


  • Has a terrible memory for vocabulary, which makes roleplaying intelligent characters difficult.
  • Will only roleplay on an MMO if it has a /walk feature.
  • Has a fascination with capes.