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Juste Fantome is a Ishgardian noble hailing from House Fantome, a clan of heretic hunters that reside in the darkness and shadow to undermine Dravanian plots against the Holy See. When Juste's father, Rovin, suddenly massacred Ishgardian patriots and fled with the family sword, Aunzeriuth, into southern Eorzea, Juste swore to bring back his father to save his family from disgrace and reclaim his birthright.

Juste Fantome
"That fire was so warm... and in that flame I felt like a God."
Heir to the Fantome Bloodline
Gender Male
Race Elezen
Clan Duskwight
Citizenship Ishgard
Patron Deity Halone, the Fury
Age 25
Nameday 19th Sun of the 2nd Umbral Moon, 1552
Height/Weight 6 fulms 1 ilms, 177 ponz
Occupation Wanderer
Server Balmung
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Hair Skin Body Type Voice Clothing Notable Features
Silver and crimson. Gold with crimson highlights. Dark in shadow, tan in light. Athletic build. Deep and wispy with an underlying tone of uncertainty and grief. A hybrid of cloth and metal with regal elegance. Scar across his face. A crimson tattoo around his left eye.

Juste was born a light-grey skinned half-duskwight, half-hyur of House Fantome, an Ishgardian clan whose ancestry is said to reach back to Gelmorra. He is shorter than many of his kind and sports long, light-blond hair. His frame is well built from years of sword and martial arts training.

Personality & Mannerisms

Juste is a quiet and reserved duskwight, often not speaking unless spoken to first. He prefers to plan his actions out carefully before acting rashly. That being said, he is quick to conjure a solution of issues that arise around him, and solve them quickly. The elezen rarely seeks the attention of others, especially strangers as he would prefer to be stand-offish first; his patience could be mistaken for zoning out or falling asleep. This being said, he is never to busy to chat with a friend or an intrigued stranger, out of politeness or actual desire, who is to say. In public, he dons a false persona of a simple adventurer looking for miscellaneous work in Eorzea. Juste pretends to suffer from allowing strangers to walk all over him, often not responding after being insulted or ignoring being shoved or kicked around. Juste also boasts a higher standard of proper etiquette, referring to women as "milady" and men as "ser." In fact, he places most people far above himself, greeting strangers with utmost respect. This is, of course, if they introduce themselves to Juste first. In this way, new people often view Juste into being more vulnerable than he is and don't see him as a threat. To people who know Juste as a friend, the elezen will feel obliged to be himself. It is not uncanny to hear the man laugh or smile, and he will offer expressions of happiness around those he cares for.

Combat Art

Fighting Style

"You always look like you want to kill me Juste. Now would be a good reason to."

" I assure you, tis not my intent..." ~Artorias Mason and Juste Fantome

  • Blade: Juste has been taught to wield a sword ever since he was a boy. It was mandatory for children of the Fantome blood to be proficient with at least one sword art until the weapon becomes as natural as part of the body. Juste is well practiced in short-sword, long-sword, and heavy two-handed greatswords, the latter being vital to wield the Fantome's family sword, Aunzeriuth, the blade carried down from generation to generation. Until his father Rovin hands the sword over, Juste is familiar with his long sword, Segura, named after the ancestor of his bloodline.
  • Black Magic: Juste's Aether Eye allows the young elezen to cast spells at a quick rate and would last much longer before finding himself in need of aether. In addition, the Eye amplifies his magic, causing them to be much more devastating and destructive then would seem possible at his age. Alongside other martial arts, it was magic that came most natural to him, and he would say that such magics are his favorite method of fighting. This was one of the first signs that Juste would prove to take Rovin's place as head of the family and take upon the Aunzeriuth sword.
  • Archery: Before the plains of Coerthas became conquered by ice and snow, Juste would found solace from his noble duties in hunting and tracking in the wild. During which, he taught himself to use a bow and arrow. While he takes some pride in being proficient at aimed shots at large targets, Juste is not among the first pick for a combat archer.

Tendencies & Quirks



  • Chamomile Tea.
  • Grape Juice.
  • Rain.
  • Saving people.
  • Reading.
  • Castles
  • Practicing magic.
  • Forests.
  • Caves/Tombs
  • Airships.


  • Being without purpose.
  • Leaving debts unfulfilled.
  • Wasting time.
  • Idiots.


  • Black Magic.
  • Quick Reflexes.
  • Aetherial and blade prodigy.
  • High Aether Capacity.


Good Standing Neutral Standing Poor Standing


Cedric Riordan –An enigmatic Ishgardian Dragoon who has appeared twice, seemingly out of nowhere, to save Juste from instances of peril. On the second count, Juste pledged undying loyalty to Cedric as the fulfillment of a life-debt. The Dragoon uncovered a plot against his own life that may tie all the way back to the Holy See of Ishgard, and Juste will attempt to prevent Cedric's doom by any means necessary. The two have bonded fast and the elezen would soon learn to lower his guard around the hyur. For the first time since Garrett Slater, here is another man who wishes no harm unto Juste and one who the elezen can place full trust with no cost to taint their friendship. While Juste at first found he was bound by oath to protect him, he now feels a sense of comradery with the man.
Leilani Leilai -A young lalafel bard who lives with her family in Gridania. Amidst Juste's investigation of the Shard Bearers, he saved her from being killed by a cloaked individual with a curved blade. It was however, an accident that after the man was felled did the girl believe for a moment that Juste was out to kill her. After explaining the misunderstanding, the two became quick friends. The girl is innocent to the ways of the world and Juste would attempt to shield her from most that lie in shadows. She likes writing songs about her friends, carrying around a small notebook to aide in her lyrical construction. She made Juste promise to teach her archery.
Garrett Slater -A quiet, stoic, and strong Paladin of Ul'dah. His father went off to fight in Mor Dhona, leaving Garrett and his mother alone. After his father died in the war, Garrett now finds a piece of himself missing. He works as a freelance blacksmith and has contracts in all three great cities. He is quite wary of Juste, suspecting the man hails from the Garlean Empire, yet understood when the man gave his life to protect his friends from them. He held on to Juste's grimoire, where the young elezen sealed his ability to cast magic, but returned it when Juste believed he had been rid of Malphret. The grimoire restored all of Juste's memories and Garrett and Juste became close allies; the elezen holding great trust in him. Juste would later return the favor when the hyur would begin to lose himself to The Black, a curse bestowed by the interaction with black magics. He did everything he could to halt the Black from taking the man over, ultimately sacrificing a majority of his aether to keep Garrett pure. In the end, Garrett was able to fight back the Black, but suddenly vanished. Juste knows the man is alive yet cannot stop and worry over his whereabouts.


Kelvena Agapor -A young conjurer from Gridania and the daughter of Ikus Agapor. Kelvena hasn't seen her father since she was eleven, and searches for word of him now that she is strong enough to travel. She has a warm heart, yet can be naive when it comes to protecting her friends. She wishes to be strong enough to protect everyone and re-establish the Lost Rogues. Juste was able to restore her aether capacity when she cast too much from it after trying to save Artorias Mason from a fatal wound. Currently, she is dating the bard, Markus Gladeswind.
Markus Gladeswind -A bard who has fallen head over heels in love with Kelvena Agapor. While Juste and Markus did not know each other long, Markus understood how much Juste meant to Kelvena as a friend, and before Juste went to surrender himself to the Empire, the miqo'te gifted Juste with a good luck feather, in hopes that it would lead him back to them. The miqo'te is also quite the cook. WIth his sudden disappearance after going off to assist the Maelstrom, Juste took steps to locate the miqo'te before tragedy befell him.
Artorias Mason -An all-knowing Dragoon with seemingly limitless power and Imperial technology to boot. He had everything, yet lost it all to Gaius von Baelsar, and now seeks vengeance. Denying the existence of the Twelve in his misfortune, Artorias has a tendency to boast his amazing abilities and often talks down to others; It's not clear if he means to or not. He trains for his inevitable confrontation with Gaius... and to the death of the both of them. Juste considers the man a good friend, and Artorias would agree.
Augustine Frost -A sellsword who has fallen in love with Garrett Slater. While that man can be seen to be rather rude and unsympathetic, he does think fondly of those closest to him, whenever it deems convenient. Juste saved the man's life from two garlean soldiers when they ambushed the man and his comrades.
Surilian Blu -A seemingly timid and shy miqo'te who acts as Lady Kelvena's maid. She is always very quick to apologize for interruptions made by her, and believes that she is unworthy as a person and disposable; lacking any real future. She hides great anger in her soul, yet seems to have taken an unknown interest in Juste. This interest has slowly grown to a subtle romance, of which Juste knows. The elezen would fight feelings for her as well, attempting to tell her what he really feels. In an instance where he heard of her capture, he rushed to action to save her. When Juste finally found Suri barely alive in the fields outside Limsa, he pulled forth painful magic to heal her and carried the girl to Gridania where healers could watch over her. She would vanish shortly afterwards before Juste could tell her the truth of the feelings he bore. When he saw her again, she made it clear that he must live his own life, apart from hers. She would go to meet her death and Juste's heart broke a second time. The elezen would dash his feelings aside, wanting to never be hurt by love again. It was a feeling that brought only pain, and his heart could not bear any more.
Ikus Agapor: The leader of a mercenary group called the Lost Rogues. Juste's father, Rovin, joined the battle of Carteneau alongside this band of mercenaries in exchange for granting him passage to the plains themselves.
Aerostein Epitaph -This freedom-obsessed hyur was once in a relationship with Cedric. Due to a misunderstanding, however, Aerostein would accuse Juste of having an affair with Cedric. In an effort to stab a final guilt-filled accusation at Juste, Cedric would happen upon them both and exile both of them from his life, much to Juste's despair. Expressing his sincere apology for losing Juste's last friend, Aerostein now talks with Juste in a more friendly nature. The elezen is unsure how to act around him, unsure if he is being friendly out of pity or actual sincerity. Aerostein recently regifted Juste with a chocobo doll that Cedric had rejected.

Enemies & Rivals

Edis Krad Malphret -Also known as Malphret The Mad, the Garlean scientist grew obsessed with crafting the perfect weapon to ensure the defeat of the Eorzean Alliance at Carteneau. He has been experimenting on organics for the better half of twenty years before his success with a few subjects. He is wicked and insane, a deadly combination, and has a nasty habit of surviving to plot his newest schemes every time he seems to die. He's attempted to kill the shard bearer Caen Jabari on more than three occasions, with the third resulting in his permanent death, thus ending SECT 7 once and for all.
Uko Tredecim: aka, Phantom Seven, A hunter from SECT 7. He has no regrets, and no emotion. He kills for nothing. In fact, he lusts for it. Since Juste's escape from SECT 7, Uko will take over, going after the Shard-Bearers. However Juste will see that Uko meets death soon. The bloody-haired elezen's recent targets were the young miq'ote Caen Jabari and his older cousin Tiergan Vashir. However before Uko could slay Tiergan with an underhanded attack, Juste would tap into the connection of his Aether Eye, stunning the killer long enough for Tiergan to finish him once and for all.
Varus Adelric Rosenthal -Juste first met the hyuran aether adept near the end of his investigation into the Aeon Free Company. Juste made an effort to seize the hyur when he sicked his assassin in to defend him. The battle was incredible and was almost won, had it not been for the mage who rose his assassin back to full strength from near-death and took advantage of Juste's exhausted state. Varus left Juste for dead where the elezen was soon found clinging to life by a mysterious dragoon.


Common Rumors

  • "I've seen eyes o' every colour mind you. I c'n tell... that eye ain't normal. Me gut tells me so, y'hear?"
  • "Bloody mages. Always got their noses stuck in books. Can books put money on th'table? Naw! Y'ain't wonderin' why his robes are so ragged now, eh?"
  • "He doesn't talk much, of course. He is one of those elezen afterall."

Moderate Rumors

  • "I saw him outside the gates collecting herbs to heal that poor sick girl from Summerset. Without pay too. What's his angle, I wonder?"
  • " Ol' Jyrrus said 'e was lookin' fer his father's sword. Like somethin' outta a bloody fairytail. I don't buy it, o' course!"
  • " I saw him! The pointy-eared garley fightin' those odd recruiters! Garleans fightin' garleans? What's this world comin' to?"

Rare Rumors

  • " Reports of an elezen matching that description in the vicinity of the explosion near the Sanctum. No one was hurt but, if you see him, he needs to be taken in for questioning."
  • "Those eyes... I seem to remember a boy like that coming to my bookshop with Madame Vianne. That was years ago... I had to close up shop since the Gates closed to outsiders... you'll have to try somewhere else."

PC Rumors

  • "You know, he's not a bad man. I regret I allowed my jealousy to consume me. Logic should dictate I hate him, but I don't. Perhaps he and I can be friends one day." - Aerostein Epitaph
  • "I saved this man's life twice, and I am not allowing him to make waste of it." - "The Umbral Dragoon"
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"So it ends now, Aunzeriuth, with this blade, I cast you into the Void forever, that your power will be shattered. I smite thee for the sake of Light...!"

"Before thy sword falls, Atticus, phantom, I would beseech thee. It needeth not end with me."

"What bile do you offer me now, Consumer? Riches? Glory? Do not mock my honour-!"

"Nay, Segura. I offer power. Mine own power... and a new beginning." -Atticus Segura and Aunzeriuth


So it was in that Era long ago that the elezen dark knight Atticus, of the Segura bloodline, in the final battle, cast down the Void Lord Aunzeriuth and raise his sword over his head in attempt to destroy the demon forever. In that hour, Aunzeriuth would beg that his power would be spared and not scattered across the realm for eternity. That amazing power that he had spent an equal eternity gathering. No one expected Atticus to agree and forever bound his blood to the void-being, sealing the demon in his sword, which had now transformed to host the entity of Aunzeriuth. This new blood that flowed through Atticus both excited and terrified the mortal who was reminded by his honor that great power went hand in hand with an even greater responsibility. The elezen would go off alone and train himself to wield this new power of darkness without losing himself in it. To mark his binding to the demon blade, his left eye turned crimson and he swore that only his new bloodline, which he would name Fantome, be the guardians of this power and have a duty to the realm to slay the servants of evil with it.

Rovin, the Butcher

A century or so later, the sword had been passed down again and again through the Fantome clan which was presently counted under the High Houses of Ishgard, namely, House Durendaire. While the head of the family bore the greatsword Aunzeriuth, other members of the family continued to fight back the Horde with black magics as well as steel. Rovin Fantome, the current head of the family, was an asset against the Dravanian horde that would incessantly assault the Holy See. An arrogant warrior, Rovin would often toss himself into the fray without back-up and unleash devastating strikes in the Dravanian advances. With each moon, Rovin grew more and more powerful, up to the day he would bestow the blade and power of Aunzeriuth to his eldest son, D'Andre Fantome. An anomaly occurred, and Rovin saw himself becoming a slave to the power and his face became twisted. When it was time to surrender the sword, he dug it into D'Andre's chest and killed half of the family when they attempted to stop him. Rovin fled Ishgard, leaving a trail of innocent and temple knight blood in his path, swearing that no one but him would ever wield the power of his bloodline.

Exile (2.2)

Before the High Inquisitor would cast judgement on his family, Rovin's second son, Juste Fantome offered up his own life in exchange for the survival of the family that remained. He pledged to leave Ishgard and bring back his father in chains to be rightfully brought to justice. Agreeing to the request, the elezen was banished from Ishgard until the day he could drag his father back to the Steps of Faith.

Character Connections


Juste does not call many his allies, yet one with powerful magics does seem to get around, for better or worse~

  • While House Fantome was by no means very famous, there are a few Ishgardians that may recount of it's existence.
  • People who pay attention to the little things will have noticed his name popping up numerous times in Maelstrom reports.
  • Inquisitors of Ishgard who cared about such things will have heard of House Fantome and their unorthodox fight against the heretics.

Trivia & Misc

  • --Juste was named after Juste Belmont from Castlevania: Harmony of Dissonance, and his history and character will often reference the Castlevania series themselves.
  • --Juste was originally planned to be an antagonist, yet through rp he saw the light and became a force for good.
  • --Juste is unofficially voiced by Liam O'Brian.
  • --Juste's unofficial soundtrack is mostly composed of dark orchestral music and symphonic power metal. Some examples include songs from Nightwish, Within Temptation, and the soundtracks from the Lords of Shadow Castlevania reboots.
  • --Juste Fantome's name is often subtly mocked by Juste when he says he is, "Just a Phantom."
  • --The black and white painting of Juste was painted by Lurial Vashir. Sidenote: She is amazing!
  • --Juste Fantome is the spiritual successor to his player's recurring character in MMOs: Gourien Vysce. This counts as his Fifth reincarnation.
  • --Juste's Theme is In the Shadows by The Rasmus.
  • -- There is a reference to Marvel Comics in the History of Juste. Read: Bloodlines.
  • --Juste is always 100% IC, even when out leveling. SO if you see him, don't hesitate to say hello!