Veyha Yanjahl

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Veyha Yanjahl
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Holy places are dark places. It is life and strength, not knowledge and words, that we get in them. Holy wisdom is not clear and thin like water, but thick and dark like blood. —C.S. Lewis, Till We Have Faces



Vital Information

PRONUNCIATION...Veyha Yanjahl [Vey·AH Yan·jawl] .

NICKNAMES...Yvenalise, Tachi, Doe Eyes, Wombless, Alice .

RACE & CLAN...Miqo'te Keeper of the Moon .

GENDER...Female .

AGE...Twenty-Seven .

NAMEDAY...27th Sun of the 5th Umbral Moon.


MARITAL STATUS...Married to an investment towards her survival and best interests. Polyamorous .

Other Statistics


CITIZENSHIP...Gridania .

FAMILY...Yanjahl Clan .

RESIDENCE...Sable Tree Co. - Lavender Beds Ward 15, Plot 58 .

OCCUPATION...Occultist/Hunter-Scholar .

PATRON DEITY...Menphina .

HEIGHT & WEIGHT...5'2 & 120 ponze

ALIGNMENT...Neutral Evil Type 4

General Information

Veyha is a woman best described as off-centered and eccentric, even by those who oft find themselves welcome in the teetering stability of woman's humors. Swathed in a vigor of furs and tailored silks interchangeably does this peculiar Keeper of the Moon reside. With feet rooted in both worlds, she is a prowling beast held fast in the forest of herself; of the very same sinews, painted flesh, and tested bones that make her out to be a person.

She is an emissary of the hunt. A witch, and fanatic who preaches kindredly of the very same wilds she's been so violently shorn from and then reclaimed by time and time again. It's done strange things to her, yet the vestiges of her wandering spirit are still there for those who would seek it.

Trinkets, tonics, and baubles line the walls of her home. A self-made proprietress of an establishment steeped in intrigue in which the esoteric and arcane are found to be commonplace. She's happy to help the curious passerby acquire what they're looking for or provide with a singular service, but rarely is the clatter of gil heard in these transactions.

Hallowed Gold Moon-touched Dark Brown Lithe/Athletic Well-spoken/subtle lilt
Aloof/Eccentric Left-handed Across bridge of nose/eye Racial markings on cheeks Furs/tailored fabrics
Hair & Eyes

White hair with naturally occuring steaks of blonde that is usually kept in a dreadlocked style, and reaches down to her lower back. Her eyes are a hallowed, striking shade of gold.

Physique & Markings

Lithe and athletic physique from a lifetime of hunting. Her arms, hands, and knuckles seem to bare the brunt of her past injuries, detailing an intimate relationship with the claws and fangs of beasts. Has a scar across the bridge of her nose and bisecting her left eye. Has facial markings that are standard for Miqo'te along her cheeks.

Hygiene & Attire

Well groomed. Exotic silks, furs, and well made fabrics catch her eye easily, and the sensation of them against her skin has quickly grown into a fondness. These garments never last long. Always snagged and torn by passing branches, or worn and frayed by whatever activity her whims see her towards. Has a growing collection of silver and bone-wrought rings that she is rarely seen without, and is always looking for talented goldsmiths to aid in adding to said collection.

Psychological Profile

Veyha lives, breathes, and will probably die as some unspeakable amalgamation of all that is hunting. Opportunism, ceaseless adaptation, patience, and a swift decisiveness are all made manifest through the Keeper’s varying quirks and social oddities. ESTP

● Hunting
● Gambling
● Eft Steak
● Spears and Polearms
● Occultism
● Harsh sunlight
● Prying individuals
● The length of her hair
● Extended periods of time indoors
● Boring people
● Trained-lancer
● Riddles
● Storytelling
● Eerily perceptive
● Aetherial Manipulation
Combat, Abilities & Weaponry

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Basic Statistics
High: Adaptability, Beastiary Knowledge
Above Average: Speed, Dexterity
Average: Physical Strength
Low: Patience
Aetheric Abilities
Mastery: Replication of the magic used by beasts.
Expert: Thaumaturgical concepts
Average: Conjury as taught by the Yanjahl tribe
Novice: Arcanima
Weapon Training
Mastery: Spear and polearms
Expert: Staves/Wands
Average: Ritual Kris (daggers), archery
Novice: Swords, Axe, Hand to hand
Combat Relevant Skills
High: Decisiveness, Hunting based skills.
Above Average: Perceptive. Using sound or scent in combat over eyesight.
Average: Self control.
Low: Tenacity.
Non-Combat Abilities
Hunting & Tracking: The sole focus of her life revolves around The Hunt, and her place within the ever shifting circle of life.
Beastiary Knowledge: A scholar of beasts, and possessor of the title Hunter-Scholar. Veyha is well versed in the Raimdelle Codex and its many iterations.
Occultism: It's a family thing.
Combat Abilities
Beast Magic: Through an expansive knowledge of beasts and of the occult, Veyha has developed a method of ritual sacrifice that enables her to mimic the abilities and attributes of beasts, creatures, and fiends.
OOC Note
Any relevant notes about combat should be added here, such as player preference, system preference, or links off-site to sheets using existing XIV player-made combat systems.

RP Info

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Location & Probability
Places where the character is very likely to be seen
Black Shroud: High
La Noscea: Low
Thanalan: Moderate
Othard: Moderate
Gyr Abania: Low
Most of these aren’t public, and would have to be asked after!
House de Bayle:
The Comet's Cause:
The Golden Fox Emporium:
IC Inventory
The following items are things that this individual carries on their person at all times. These are noted for pickpockets, and those watching her closely. This information is meant to be a prompt for insight and is not to be meta-gamed, though feel free to use this information if it comes up logically in RP (pickpocketing, a search, etc) with use of a simple /tell.
Coinpurse: A simple coin purse made of soft leather. It strangely only has shiny rocks in it.
Ritual Daggers: Two ritual kris. One made of an Anzu's talon, the other from an antelope's horn.
Linkpearl: To keep in touch.
Gridanian Chestnuts: Snacks for the road.
RP Limits
I like to consider myself a flexible player who is willing to commit to a number of different types of scenes and role-play scenarios, but even I have my limits. If something is on the play list, assume it means yes, as long as it's within the context of the current play or ongoing plot. No's are typically a hard no, and it means don't ask.
I will play If unsure ask.
Ask about Permadeath.
I won't play Will let you know.
RP Hooks
While the below is by no means comprehensive, it's a kind of spring board for walk-up RP. Longer plots that are meant to run for more than a few quick RP's, please feel free to send me a tell so we can work out a good reason for our characters to get to know one another. I'm always looking for RP, unless I'm actively spamming PvE content.
■ Occult/Aetherial services
■ Hunting/Study of beasts
■ Keeper of the Moon culture
■ Business connections
■ Gambling
OOC Notes
Player Information
Player Note
There is a lot of information on this character wiki, but it is by no means completely comprehensive. There are chunks of backstory that are left intentionally vague so that details can be later added as developed through creative writing or in role-play revelation. Feel free to use Common or Uncommon rumors freely, if you want to use a Rare Rumor as a plot hook or to spark RP, I would ask that you send me a tell first, to make certain it's alright.
Character Lore Adherence
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■ No changes.
Character Concept
Character Tidbits
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Tropes & Explanations
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