Vuzu Noxe

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Vital Information

NICKNAMES... Plenty, and none flattering.

RACE & CLAN... Miqo'te, Keeper of the Moon.

GENDER... Female.

AGE... Early twenties.

NAMEDAY... 5th Sun, 4th Umbral Moon.



Other Statistics

NATIONALITY... Lominsan.

RESIDENCE... Transient, but never straying for too long.

OCCUPATION... Enforcer.

PATRON DEITY... Menphina, the Lover.

HEIGHT & WEIGHT... 5 fulms, 112 ponze.

ALIGNMENT... Chaotic Good.

General Information
Stupid stray!
Lean muscle.
Slender form.
Low pitch.
Usual Attire
A rogue's job is to slip by unimpeded and, as such, Vuzu often favors garments that won't restrict her movement if she's in the thick of things. Loose tunics make for nimble jabs, and sturdy boots are handy for when it comes time to turn tail.

She decorates herself liberally with the baubles and jewelry; ears and fingers laden with rings, paste jewels glittering from around her neck, and gold-plated bangles upon her wrists. How one could look so effortlessly chic and gaudy is truly a talent. 
■ Dramatic.
■ Playful.
■ Energetic.
■ Flirtatious.
■ Rowdy.
■ Fickle.
■ Careless.
■ Impulsive.
Likes & Dislikes
CATNAPS. An enjoyment born of necessity. If only she did not get so damnably tired throughout the day!
HOBBY GARDENING. Should the plant be hardy enough, it might even survive the process.
CUTE PEOPLE. And why not?
THE SUN. Although warm and inviting, it is also inexcusably bright. Someone ought to fight it.
COLD COFFEE. Notably different from iced coffee, which is tasty and on purpose.
LOSING. Understandable.
COIN PURSE. A pouch containing an assortment of coins and tickets for the Gold Saucer.
A GOBLIN HAT. Self explanatory.
COCKSURE. Some might consider it an undeserved overconfidence, but this Miqo'te carries herself with the airs of someone worthy of note. Maybe she is, if her tall tales are to be believed.
SEA SPRAY. The pungent, but not altogether unpleasant, scent of brine lingers on her cool skin. It mingles with more familiar scents; warm metal, worn leather, and clean sweat.
RESTLESS FINGERS. Near ceaseless fidgeting with coin, or a trinket, or the butt of her blade.

Brief History
NOTE. As a rule, I prefer to allow backstory to be revealed through roleplay. Feel free to prise the truth from her, if you can manage!
An Urchin
What little is certain of the young Miqo'te called Vuzu Noxe, is that she hails from Limsa Lominsa. What few can claim to remember her from her youth, do so with an disgruntled sort of fondness, as one might remember a misbehaving pet.

A scrawny slip of a lass, with scraped knees and a knack for taking what doesn't rightly belong to her, Vuzu has always been a fixture on the lower docks. It comes as little surprise, then, that she would fall in with less reputable sorts.

When asked of what came before, the answer is never more than a good-natured grin and some wild story. Entertaining, at least, and far more fanciful than whatever the truth may be.

Rumors & Half-truths
● Have you heard about that girl? Illegitimate daughter of some Hrothgar king, they say-...what do you mean there aren't any Hrothgar kings?
● Raised by goblins, I heard.

In Recent Times
Moving Forward
Section under construction!

RP Info

Location & Probability
Have you purr-haps glimpsed her, on your travels?
LIMSA LOMINSA. Most often seen prowling about the lower docks, or holed up in The Drowned Wench.
UL'DAH. On occasion; both for business and pleasure.
GRIDANIA. Only in the company of handsome strangers.
GOLD SAUCER. A frequent fixture.
If you know, you know.
THE ROGUES GUILD. This one is a dutiful sister, indeed.
Combat Statistics
HIGH. Dexterity.
ABOVE AVERAGE. Charisma. Constitution.
AVERAGE. Strength. Intelligence.
LOW. Wisdom.
Combat Skills
HIGH. Dirty tactics. Precision aim. Agility.
ABOVE AVERAGE. Running away from a fight.
AVERAGE. Almost everything else.
LOW. Planning ahead. Fighting fair.
RP Limits
I’m super chill about most content. Whether you want a mature, slow-burn storyline or a light-hearted encounter at the tavern, I’m usually happy to oblige. If you're not sure about something not on the list, then ask away!
WILL PLAY. Slice-of-life. Combat. Adventures on the road. Injuries. Antagonistic relationships. Shady rogue business.
ASK ABOUT. Pre-established relationships. ERP.
WON'T PLAY. Abusive scenarios. Permanent character death.
RP Hooks
Hooks to come!

OOC Notes
Last edited 07/28/2020. Information on this page is under constant construction, so don't mind the mess!
Player Information
I go by A. I love to write and roleplay and have been doing the latter for close to 10 years now. Maybe even 15, if you count my time on the Neoboards! My preferred style is paragraph to multi-paragraph, but sometimes I'm a sucker for just sitting around and chatting.

I like to think that I'm super approachable, so please never hesitate to message me. Whether it's to plot something or just to chit chat, I'm usually up for it.

If you see Vuzu in the wild and the RP tag is on, then she's probably available for a walk-up. If you’re unsure how to approach, or are really shy, then absolutely shoot me a private message. I’ve just come off of a near-abandoned WoW RP server, so I practically pounce at the chance to roleplay.

■ I’m still familiarizing myself with the game and its lore. Please be gentle.
■ I am 18+ and would prefer to roleplay with others who are as well. It's nothing against anyone, more a matter of my own comfort. Thank you!
■ Sexual themes may happen, but if I do write them it absolutely has to be with a writer that I am comfortable with. On that same note, please don’t mistake in-character flirtations as a sign that my character wants to jump into a relationship with yours.
■ I do have a discord that I'll occasionally roleplay on. If we've talked a few times (IC or OOC) then feel free to ask! Fair warning though, I'm pretty absent-minded about responding to it.


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