Zindelo Tarantella

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Ul'dah-transparent.png Zindelo Tarantella
The 'Dusty Dancer' Himself
Gender Male
Race Hyur
Clan Highlander
Citizenship Ul'Dahn
Age 25
Name Day 11th Sun of the First Astral Moon
Guardian Oschon the Wanderer
Occupation Fortune Teller
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Zindelo Tarantella is a man of odd speech and many 'mysteries' as he would call them. While openly being friendly and talkative, he seems to be very good at keeping his personal history a secret. Whether this is through simple mystique or some deeper purpose is left to be seen, but he is still a friendly and affable man regardless.

Referring to himself as the 'Dusty Dancer' due to his wandering ways, he is in fact the eldest of a trio of brothers, a troupe he formed himself. 'The Tarantella Trio' are three men,


Zindelo is a tall and lean man, solid build coming more from his heritage than direct training. A dancer's body is obvious beneath his tanned skin and long legs move with practiced step with every move he makes. His face done up with paint of vivid colors, wine-red eyes and gaudy hair beads all lend to his less than subtle presence and appearance. He seems to never be without his dry and crooked grin.

Despite the training his body has obviously undergone, he actually seems to be rather clean. His skin is well-maintained, and despite the slight layer of dust from his wanderings in the deserts around Ul'Dah, it shows very little in the way of marks or scars. Finger nails, beard and hair and even his feet are well looked after, apart from the callouses that come from years of dancing and wandering barefoot.


By and large a friendly man, Zindelo welcomes any sort of talk or chat with just about anyone. This is, however, where one of his largest quirks seems to reveal itself, as Zindelo has an odd habit of switching between referring to himself in the First and Third person. He also has a habit of referring to questions as 'Mysteries' and ending sentences with 'Really'.

As a man that tells fortunes for a living, he is very good at reading people, and knowing when to remain quiet and listen. He does offer fortunes freely and seems to pick and chose who and when he charges for his readings. His readings seem to be eerily accurate and most times of the day he can be found giving them in either his shop in the Hustings Strip, in Ul'Dah or the Quicksand.

Never one to shy away from speaking his mind, he is a flirt to some degree and knows when to use his wiles, such as they are, on both men and women.

With his brothers, Zindelo has a very powerful sense of pride and is by and large protective of his 'siblings'. While he generally allows them to go their own way, do as they please and by and large lets them live their own lives, talking ill of either of his younger brothers results in swift revenge. Subtle too--things like accidentally hitting the offender with a door or tripping them are the most common, though more serious crimes can and usually do result in more serious repercussions.



Zindelo is a trained dancer and makes heavy use of his talents in combat. Flips, cartwheels, waltzes, foxtrots and every dance step in between make up his various forms and attacks and it is this whirling display that usually causes problems for his opponents. Working unarmed, he could be marked as a 'Pugilist' though he is not registered with the Pugilist guild. Taut muscles snap with incredible precision and it is a rare day that his blows don't move the way he wants them to when he starts to dance with his opponents.

Combat is seen as a contest, a dance-battle if you will, between Zindelo and his opponents and he makes a habit of commenting on their dancing ability through taunts and commentary. Quips concerning their lack of rhythm are frequent and he maintains (generally) an air of playfulness, even in dangerous situations.

He does not, apparently, make use of Aether while in combat as of yet. If he does, it is subtle, though some have marked on occasion that they have seen traces of it while he fights. Whether this is intentional or bespeaking of some latent and undiscovered ability has yet to be seen.



  • Dancing and fortune telling--and any combination thereof.
  • Spending time with his family and friends--and complete strangers too if the chance arises.
  • Wandering and exploring the world all on his own, discovering and solving 'Mysteries'.


  • People that insult his family directly.
  • Bad music.
  • Confinement.


  • Dancing and Fortune Telling
  • Solving 'Mysteries'.
  • Reading people.


  • Speaking oddly and switching between First and Third person when referring to himself.
  • May seem to quit an activity for no reason or disappear for days at a time.
  • Seems to enjoy keeping people on their toes around him.



The eldest brother of the Tarantella Trio, a group he adopted--Dancing Wendigo (a Roegadyne) being the middle brother, and Ioakim Tarantella (also a Hyur) being the youngest.


Berrod Armstrong was a regular attendee at the Grindstone Tournaments that Zindelo and his siblings also attended on occasion. After meeting Berrod in combat, he started to lingering around the man--mostly because his younger brother, Ioakim, had developed a crush on him and Zindelo wished to ensure that he was 'worthy' of such a title. He proved to be just fine--so fine in fact that he sparred Berrod in private on a few instances, eventually leading to a single-night tryst. He now sees Berrod as a stalwart companion and trusted friend, though maintains a respectful distance to ensure he does not cause problems for Berrod and his current lover, Caleb.


Caleb Agron is viewed a very good friend that Zindelo marks as being one of the first he made. While he does enjoy his company, it's obvious that he keeps his distance out of respect for Caleb's relationship with Berrod. Even so, he will willingly fight alongside Caleb and treats him almost as an extra sibling when the situation arises.

Caden Agron is a friend, though not as close as Caden. Since they haven't had much of a chance to meet or work together, he is more or less considered a friend by extension because he is Caleb's brother.

Lottie Forsaidh is seen as nothing short of a little sister. While she may not realize it, Zindelo considers her part of the family due in part to her aid in helping restore his brother when he was cursed. Moreover, he holds a fondness for her straight-forward and no-nonsense attitude. Embodying most every quality Zindelo admires, he would do most anything Lottie needed if she asked and would defend her honor with all the ferocity an older brother could have for his 'little sister'.


Zindelo has not yet made any significant enemies.


Common Rumors

  • "He's that odd man that does fortunes in the Quicksand, isn't he?"
  • "Why does he talk like that?"
  • "No, seriously, the man's fortunes are never wrong!"

Moderate Rumors

  • "If you can find him, he'll tell you all kinds of things--for a price."
  • "You need to know something about someone? Zindelo knows all and sees all!"
  • "I've never seen him angry--and I don't want to. Always the nice ones and all that."

Rare Rumors

  • "Heard him mumbling in his sleep once--kept muttering about 'The Doctor' and 'She's not so terrible, really'."
  • "He was in the middle of a fight then suddenly blanked out. Woke up going on and on about 'Vaha'Del' or some rot."
  • "He's mad. Absolutely mad--though, maybe it would be better to say 'They're' mad."

PC Rumors

  • "He's a weird one, sure, but ain't we all got our strangeness? Besides, the man's got a family that he's always out ta protect. If y'can't respect that then you ain't got no right talkin' about 'im." - Berrod Armstrong


Once upon a time there was a man that wandered the world doing all sorts of things for all sorts of people. He found it easy to fit in with them, to get to know them and learn about them. He could give and take as he saw fit, sell and buy--there was nothing he could not lay claim to if he wanted. He was good and kind and helpful one moment and the next cold and dangerous. He knew how to hide his true self well--how to put on a mask and act as little a threat to others as possible. It wasn't long before he began to have two faces for every occasion.

The child of a band of wanderers, he had decided that he wanted to chose his own path--and so he did. Leaving his family, he went into the world to make his way. To become the man of many faces and live as he wished.

After meeting some friends and making some enemies, he came across a powerful mage. Enrolling in her employ, enjoying her frank attitude and candor, he decided to stay with her for a time. Despite what others may have remarked, he himself found it to be enjoyable work, despite acting the gopher. Of course this was not without its own personal merits; he could learn from her or, in some cases, gain some things on the side that she may have not known he was gaining.

But of course, as is the case in these stories, she did know. And the good Doctor was not pleased that her assistant was nicking her papers and the like. It wasn't that she was perturbed at his theft--no, that part was flattering. She was more upset that he'd allowed himself to be caught at all; she had, apparently, been enjoying the game.

And so, she performed one last experiment with him, and the Wanderer was sent forth from the world he knew into another.

Awakening in this new world, he found the trip had done more than simply send him on his way; he found he was still very much aware of the world he once knew and loved. Memories of home still lingered in his mind and though they were clouded they were still there. Despite this, his body still knew how to fight and how to wander and so he returned to that, his greatest and most beloved hobby.


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