Caleb Agron

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Gridania-transparent.png Caleb Agron
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Gridania Paladin
Gender Male
Race Hyur
Clan Highlander
Citizenship Gridania
Age 25
Namesday 2nd sun of the 3th Astral moon
Guardian Halone, The Fury
Orientation Bisexual


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Full Name: Caleb Agron

Nicknames: None

Pronunciation: Kay-lub A-gron



Height: ~6'Fulms 5"ilms

Weight: ~253 Ponz

Body: Caleb has a broad chest and a large muscled frame that could wield a Lominsan Roedagyn's Greataxe with ease. The man is a powerhouse of muscle and bulk, an ideal body type for the sword and shield.

Hair: Short and Black

Eyes: Blue

Skin: Fair skin with a tint of tanning.

Clothing: Caleb is usually seen in cloth outfits, though for training events and tournaments he has worn leather and on occasion heavy plate armor.

Marks: When shirtless, one can see a large scar running down the far right side of his chest. The large scar starts slightly below the arm pit and runs down to his waist.



Caleb's childhood is as boring and normal as they come. Having an identical twin and younger sister to grow up with meant that he was rarely alone. While their parent's were at work the siblings would often play in the woods near their house, making forts and pretending to be on some great adventure. Despite their mothers warning not play in the forest they had gotten into a few close calls with the local fauna, ending in a few swift swats to their behinds once they were safe.


This was a tumultuous time for Caleb as he began to pull away from his family and become more isolated. He felt different for most his childhood and it wasn't until adolescence that he came to accept the truth of his bisexuality. His father took it the hardest causing a rift between the two as he felt ashamed of Caleb. For days his father would avoid him, never even looking at the boy. And although his mother and siblings were more understanding, Caleb made the decision to leave home. The first year was difficult for him as he made his way through the forests, living off the survival skills he was taught as a kid. But food was scarce and his ability to hunt was sub par. Having no real skills to speak of and desperate for gil he enlisted in the Eorzea militia. This in turn helped to keep him off the streets and fill his coin sack with some gil. He would spend the next few years defending the borderlands from Garlean encroachment.



Years past and many battles were seen by Caleb, the pain of losing one comrade in particular however was more then he could bare. He had become very fond of another soldier, Adolston, who returned Calebs friendship. The two became inseparable for a time ever at the others side in battle. Their relationship however would come to an abrupt end with one bloody skirmish with the Garleans. Adolston's death in battle sent Caleb into despair, and every battle after would only remind him of losing his close friend. He chose to leave the militia and return to civilian life in Gridania.

Recent Years

In recent months Caleb is starting settling down from the life of a wanderer, to an apprentice at a smithy. He does not own a place of his own just yet, but has been saving gil to one day own a piece of land. He has also recently been reunited with most of his family, save for his father with whom he still has a very tense relationship with. But the wounds with the others have began to heal, and Caleb is making his best effort to ensure that they do. Caleb has also made a few new friends along the way.



Magic: Caleb is still new to what he would call "Finger Wiggling" but under the guidance of Ioakim Tarantella he has started to hone his ability to heal. He is also seeking to get some guidance from a former Commander he served under during the Garlean invasion, and learn how to weave magic to enhance his physical combat capabilities.

Swordplay: Caleb is pretty accomplished when it comes to the sword and shield, having been trained by a fine Paladin in his career with the Twin Adder. His hand to hand combat is average, getting basic training should the soldier ever be parted from his weapons during combat. His ability with a bow is about average as well, though he has not used the weapon in combat, the bow for Caleb as strictly been a means for killing game for food when he was out in the wilds. And his skill with other weapons is highly lacking since he has yet to branch out into other weapon combat.

Education: Caleb was put through basic schooling, thanks to his parents, and has the basic intelligence and knowledge that any schooled person would have. Though his accent might deceive others into thinking the man is less than learned.

Weaknesses: Caleb is a walking shield in combat who can take a hit and keep on ticking, however the man is not as quick as others, something he has been trying to improve upon. He is use to taking the hit for his fellow soldiers and so he is not particularly skilled with avoiding most attacks. If one can get past his shield they will likely find an easy target to attack.


  • Weight lifting.
  • Riding in the wilderness.
  • Gridania. While he might currently reside in Ul'dah, his heart belongs to the forests.
  • Ale! Though he does not drink nearly as much as he use to.
  • Training. Caleb has become a regular at the Grindstone training grounds.
  • Making armor. Caleb use to work at a Blacksmith and so he enjoys making Armor and Weapons, though he is a bit out of practice since it has been several months since he has worked in a smithy.


  • The Sea and all the food it produces! Caleb gets ill each time he is forced to take to the sea on a boat.
  • Greed and Arrogance.
  • Children.
  • Lies
  • Spiders


Caleb for the most part is a quiet man who keeps to himself, especially when in big crowds. This might come across as his being anti social but despite the large man's appearance he is actually quite shy. He is also a very honest person and despises being lied to, while he does value truth he himself prefers to try and be tactful with what he says to others.

Caleb also has a streak of narcissism though nothing to extreme, he knows what he is good at and has no problems telling people so. He is also confident in his physical appearance as he puts a great deal of time and sweat into keeping in top shape, some of his outfits reflect this confidence by leaving little to the imagination. Caleb is also an honorable man and expects those around him to act honorably as well, though this has many a time blown up in his face and been the cause for tension between him and others who do not share his idea of what is "honorable".

But while the Highlander might come across as anti social and narcissistic he is loyal to a fault and would do anything for those he loves. Very few things will turn Caleb from his friends, and they can always rely on his support when they need it. He is also a very compassionate and empathic man, knowing when those around him could use an ear with sorting things out. While he might not seem like the most intelligent man, he has surprised a few people with his wit and insight into deep matters.



  • Father: Cesar Agron
  • Mother: Lelandra Agron
  • Siblings: Caden Agron (Identical Twin), Anya Agron (Younger Sister)


  • Berrod Armstrong: Caleb despised Berrod the first time they meet, his lack of tact was off-putting to the Highlander. Still after many run in's he got to know the man better and found himself strangely attracted to the arsehole. The two were fiercely competitive with one another from the start, their alpha male personalities often causing conflict between the two and resulting in multiple fist fights. Despite this the two also shared a mutual respect for one another and have since become good friends and lovers. Berrod has made a profound impact on Caleb's current life, most times for the better, while other times have torment the man and have pushed him to the edge.
  • Obsidian Hornet: A fighter Caleb meet at the Grindstone Tournaments, this feisty woman has earned Caleb's respect and friendship. He often looks forward to seeing and competing against her on the sparing grounds.
  • Gharen Wolfsong: A member of the Grindstone of whom Caleb has sought help from multiple times. Gharen has helped Caleb and has earned his friendship and respect, though he still hopes to challenge Gharen's fighting skills one of these days.
  • Kayllen Stormbringer: He both frustrates and inspires Caleb. The two are complete opposites with regards to how they show their emotions, Kayllen coming across as cold and calculating while Caleb could be seen as brash and emotional. Still despite their differences he respects the man and is proud to count him as a friend.
  • Lottie Forsaidh: A young woman from Gridania whom Caleb meet at the Grindstone. Later he would call her comrade and friend as she joined the Astral Agency, her healing abilities a valuable asset to the company. But it was her caring and calm demeanor that draws Caleb to the woman and has made the two form a strong friendship.

(more to come)


  • Currently Caleb Has no Foes to speak of.


Other Notes

The Rumor Mill

  • Common Rumors (Easily overheard):
    • "Caleb use to be a soldier under the Twin Adder's banner during the Garlean Invasion."
    • "Man knows his way around a smithy, an his work is decent enough too."
    • "Man likes the ale, but can't handle the hard stuff too well."

  • Moderate Rumors (Moderately difficult to overhear):
    • "Them Agron boy's use to be joined at their sides till the doctor took a knife to them, why they have those long scar's down their sides."
    • "I hear he likes the lasses and lads alike."

  • Rare Rumors (Very difficult to overhear):
    • "He and his dad haven't spoke for many cycles now."
    • "Man would like you to think hes not good at the magic stuff but he's got some kinda natural connection to it."
    • "Heard he was kicked out of the home by his dad, or left because he was caught kissin a boy."

  • PC Rumors (Player created rumors--feel free to add your own!):
    • "Yeah, I know his name. It's 'Back Off'." Berrod Armstrong
    • "I've known him since the Grindstone and I think was a large reason why I thought Berrod to be so approachable, back then. We both hail from Gridania and because of it, we tend to agree on most troubling matters that are presented within the guild and I feel like I can tell him anything without fearing judgement. He has the frame of a fierce warrior but the voice and heart of a sweetling; I treasure our friendship and I adore the gentle man he continues to be." Lottie Forsaidh
    • "Caleb is... a man who leads from the front and with his heart, I would say. It's uncanny, really, that a man's motivations can be so simple yet so noble at the same time; protect those who cares about, even should it cost him his blood and life. You will always count Caleb as a man who will do 'the right thing' no matter the circumstances. It's as infuriating as it is admirable." Kayllen Stormbringer
    • "Lord Caleb always smiles. Forgive me I have spoken to him rarely, but he always smiles." Jancis Milburga

Miscellaneous Info

  • Theme Song: Bah! Character music is always so hard for me because it's difficult to find a single song that all around grasps a character. So instead I'm gonna to provide a few songs that seem to fit him. Ordinary World New Divide The Next two are more "Battle" theme music but can still be applied to his theme as a whole. Master of Shadows League theme song

  • Other: Special thanks to Blastedking for the awesome artwork of the Twins!

And thanks to Kylin Felstar for allowing me to use his page as a template.