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:*<u>[[Osric Melkire]]</u>:&nbsp;"The hells must've frozen over, seein' as how Ser Jenlyns finally grew a brain stem, what with pushin' her to the forefront. Green... but competent."
:*<u>[[Osric Melkire]]</u>:&nbsp;"The hells must've frozen over, seein' as how Ser Jenlyns finally grew a brain stem, what with pushin' her to the forefront. Green... but competent."
:*<u>[[Oscare Iono]]</u>:&nbsp;"What was it, Wristcleaver? Wristbreaker? Bah, it doesn't matter. If you like your head on your shoulders though, it'd be smart to behave around her."
:*<u>[[Oscare Iono]]</u>:&nbsp;"What was it, Wristcleaver? Wristbreaker? Bah, it doesn't matter. If you like your head on your shoulders though, it'd be smart to behave around her."
:*<u>[[L'yhta Mahre]]</u>: "I heard she was in charge of security at half the taverns in Eorzea! She's definitely someone you don't want on your bad side, at least if you want to get a drink anywhere outside of Mor Dhona!"
====<div style="margin: 0.5em; padding: 0em 1em;">NPC Rumors</div>====
====<div style="margin: 0.5em; padding: 0em 1em;">NPC Rumors</div>====

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Ul'dah-transparent.png Coatleque Crofte
250px-Coatleque Crofte 2.png
Gender Female
Race Hyur
Clan Highlander
Citizenship Ul'Dah
Age 22
Marital Status Single
Occupation Paladin, Armorer & Blacksmith
Height/Weight 5 fulms, 11 ilms / 150 ponz
Nicknames "CC", Lady Crofte

Coatleque Crofte (pronounced cottl-ee-kay) is, by her knowledge, the only remaining survivor of her fishing village from the north. Her life has been hard since the Calamity, but she is slowly working to piece it back together and raise her station.

General Demeanor

Coatleque tries to appear and act like a proper lady at all times. She will almost always be in uniform as this is the only symbol she has of her current station in society. To the common man she can easily fit the role of a knight, but to a true aristocrat her sometimes rough mannerisms and verbal slip-ups are blatantly clear. She is still the daughter of a fisherman after all.

While on duty her purpose is clear. She acts with respect and exudes the authoritative presence one would expect of the Sultansworn. She will avoid idle banter as well and only interject if she has a relevant point to make. Otherwise, business is business.

On the chance that you catch her off of duty, she is shy and awkward socially. Having to see everyone else's lives play out before her on a daily bases, she often forgets to have her own. She will only be found in a public place if she's accompanying someone else. Even then she'll tend to stay at the edge of the crowd and try to go unnoticed.

Education / Job History

- See Background for more detail -

Behind all her pretense, Coatleque has a rather sharp mind. While she started off with nothing due to her upbringing, the eventual life she was forced into brought great opportunity for her to learn. She taught herself to read and write in her time alone, learned a few sensual arts such as massage, and how to speak to the cultural elite of the city. Granted, not much of this helps in her current profession.

She knows the basics of conjuration as her first inclination upon gaining her freedom was to help others. She met her dear friend Jancis Milburga during this time and the two became inseparable. Unfortunately she just wasn't able to grasp some of the gentler concepts and decided to leave.

Taking up a sword, she joined the Brass Blades. She knew them as the ones who freed her from a life of forced servitude. They knew her as the high-class whore some of them often visited years before. Unable to gain an onze of respect among the wolves, she left to end the bullying if nothing else.

With nowhere else to turn she found herself registering at the Gladiator's guild with the mind of meeting a quick death in the Colosseum. It turned out she had picked up the sword rather well. Very well in fact, and quickly gained both respect and station. With new-found purpose in life and a talent she could exploit, she did not hesitate to swear her life in service of the Sultana when given the chance. Now a member of the Sultansworn elite, she spends her time patrolling the city and keeping the peace between her other investigations.

Combat - Views & Behavior

Coatleque will carry her longsword by her side while on duty. It is kept sharp, well oiled, and can be drawn at a moment's notice. She will use this sword both single and two-handed as necessary, favoring either quick defense or strong offense. She carries her shield only if brought into a campaign where a larger battle is assured. When off-duty she will still have a small concealed dagger or gladius at the ready. Despite this she has no love for war and will avoid mass conflicts when possible.

Coatleque shows great mastery of the longsword. She can easily pickup technique and adapt style, but she lacks the self confidence required of an accomplished swordsman. If the fight turns against her quickly, she'll tend to make more and more glaring mistakes. Otherwise she will fight defensively in style. She can avoid, block, or parry most attacks, but has trouble landing her own. Her frustrations can easily get the better of her the longer a fight draws out. (( In dice this translates to +2 on defense, and a cumulative -1 attack penalty every round to a max of -10 on a D20, or -6 on a D10 ))


(In Character)

Coatleque is not wont to talk of her past history to people she doesn't know. You would be better off winning her trust first. Otherwise, if hard-pressed she may anger and simply leave.

(Out of Character)

Coatleque is from a remote fishing village at the Southern tip of Ala'Mhigo. Born after the empire's invasion, this technically makes her Garlean if not for location. Built on the coast, of little importance, they eked out a meager existence far from any city. She was a typical country girl, the daughter of a fisherman, with no special skills or talents. Her parents were in the process of arranging her to be given away to the miller's son. A quiet life she was honestly looking forward to.

When Dalamud came raining down, a rather large chunk landed in the ocean off their coast. The resulting tidal wave destroyed the village and swept away a majority of its inhabitants. She was only 17 at the time. The remnants of the coast were soon raided by brigands from the mountains looking to make quick coin off the salvage. What few villagers remained were captured. The men were either put to the sword or pressed into service. The women did not fair so well.

Carted off in rags, they were taken by cover of night to Ul'dah and sold to one of the more high-class brothels of the under-ground. For three long years she served all manner of clients under fear of torture or death. Each night spent crying out to Menphina for deliverance. Eventually, as all people who think they are more influential than they really are do, the owner angered a very important client who was also a member of the Syndicate. Soon after, the Brass Blades swept through the establishment in a false-front raid to "expose slave trafficking". Coatleque escaped during the chaos as many of the courtesans fled.

She spent the next two years bettering herself and learning to fight. She has a mind for revenge against the brigands that raided her village so many years ago. But she would also like to find any others that may have survived, especially her family whom she has had no word of for these long five years. She has no interest in going back, however. She knows there is nothing for her there. She has embraced her life as a citizen of Ul'dah - even as she prepares to take her oath to lay down her life for the Sultana.



Her family was either killed by the tidal wave that destroyed her village, or captured by brigands in the wake of the Calamity. She has not heard from anyone in five years and has all but given up hope of contacting them.


Coatleque does not currently have any romantic interest(s). She would say that her chosen profession is not conducive to such interests at this time. It could just be that she hasn't met the right man yet. In either case, from her past, she is used to being viewed as only an object and therefore has no experience in a real relationship. She dare not approach anyone directly and is easily flustered if someone else shows genuine interest.

She is attracted to strength and confidence. She needs to be assured she will be safe and protected, but not coddled and sheltered. While her recent past has forced her to bed both men and women, she would say the latter was not her choice. She longs for the life she was denied, to marry and raise her own family away from the bustle and dangers of city life.

PC Friends

  ( = Romantic Interest, = Sexual Tension, = Platonic Care )

 Alveo Soulseeker: An apparent sailor who has quickly muscled his way into Jancis's life. Coatleque does not fully trust him and is always looking for that hidden ulterior motive. Despite some recent rough time, the pair still seem to be sticking together. Something she can at least respect.

 Bartolomeo Filangieri: A fellow Sultansworn and shield brother. Coatleque initially reported to him while their blades were pledged to the Harbingers. Since then it seems she has been giving him more council than the reverse, a role she is rather uncomfortable with.

 Jancis Milburga: A friend she met while studying conjuration two years ago. She is the closest thing Coatleque has to family right now, and she loves her like a sister. They have on occasion been mistaken for one another due to their like mannerisms.

 Tasa Rhyzul: A strong, stoic Elezen whom Coatleque met while assisting the Harbingers. Coatleque quickly found herself drawn to the woman's confident attitude, and has developed a sort of girl-crush on her. After a few personal moments together they have found some almost uncanny similarities in their lives. Such common ground may serve to drive them closer in the end. The woman's flirtatious nature has, on more than one occasion, left Coatleque alone and frustrated as she continues to pine for her affections. More recently, Tasa has decided to drink pumpkin flavored Fantasia sold by Gus at his Cafe. The results have transformed her into a Miqo'te. Coatleque assured her the outward change does not affect her feelings, and in the end they have grown a bit closer together. Deciding to take things slowly, they are about to face their mutual fears of relationships together.

 Warren Castille: A Free Paladin and colleague of Coatleque's. They can often be seen together standing watch over the Quicksand. He is Highlander, like her, yet easily towers over her in stature. If there is anyone in Eorzea who would be her match, it is Warren. They are alike in mannerisms, speech, and action. Her personal view of the man has been elevated slightly after observing him fight, and win, at the Grindstone. His being shirtless at the time may or may not have been a factor.

 X'Kohu Tia: Former (albeit short lived) Crafting Saint of the Harbingers, the two had little interaction until recently. His rather forward advances have made for some lightly awkward conversation mainly do to Coatleque's obliviousness.

Other Acquaintences

 Aya Foxheart: The always lovely bar maid of the Quicksand. The nights she is working just seem to pass too quickly. She never did tell Coatleque her last name, so the Knight simply calls her Miss Aya. Aya has become a trusted source of information in the city due to her profession. She sees and hears things most people would simply pass over.

 Barbarccia Valadis: Coatleque does not know much about this woman, and from what she's seen so far that's a good thing. The Miqo'te comes off as very haughty, pushy, even rude. There is a certain tension present whenever they are in the same room together, and is probably best for the both of them that Coatleque can hold her tongue. Coatleque will refer to her as 'Madam Valadis' and indulge her aristocratic attitude, but personally would not shed a tear if the woman was finally put in her place.

 Gus Pumpkinweed: The fast talking owner of the Piquant Pumpkin. Coatleque met him when she chased off a street rat who was harassing his business dealings outside the Quicksand. He was so impressed that he offered her a job providing security. She hesitantly accepted, more so that she can keep herself busy when not on active duty, than for the pay (which she often neglects to collect).

 Obsidian Hornet: A rather elegant and refined Roegadyn woman that Coatleque met first at a beach-side cook-out hosted by the Coral Sea. They haven't exchanged many words in person, but Lady Hornet always seems to comment on Coatleque's appearance when they do.

 Osric Melkire: Chief Flame Sergeant of the Immortal Flames. Coatleque has heard rumors of the many investigations Osric is involved in, though it is only recently the two have been 'formally' introduced. He is not what the Knight was expecting from descriptions, and she is still forming an opinion of the man.

 Valirelia Ferox: A rather enigmatic Miqo'te - Coatleque met Vali at her first orientation for the Piquant Pumpkin. Since then she's learned they share some common ground through past acquaintances. Coatleque doesn't know what to make of the girl yet, but she always seems to be around wherever Coatleque goes.

 Val Nunh: Not so much a friend as an acquaintance. Coatleque knows next to nothing about him, save what she unfortunately has to overhear when in the same room. Her first impression was of him and another member discussing their many visits to the brothels of Ul'dah - a conversation which has left her with distaste for them both.

Enemies / Rivalries / Those in poor standing

 Jenzi Einzig: A mysterious girl who always wears facial coverings. Coatleque saved the woman's life when she confronted a would-be assassin who tried to force-ably remove Jenzi from the Quicksand. Not even two bells later, Coatleque found herself being accosted by the woman AND the assassin together and making brash accusations of Coatleques loyalties right in public. While the Lady Knight was able to hold her position of authority over the claims, the whole situation has left her with an understandable distaste for the woman.

 Briareus Kurokawa: An Ishgardian assassin sent after Jenzi Enzig who's plans were initially stopped by Coatleque. He then returned and accused her of signing the very contract on the woman's life. Coatleque refused to cooperate with the unauthorized investigation of an outsider yet offered to aid him by making her own formal inquiry on his behalf. He refused to compromise and eventually backed down. Coatleque is still on guard for this man as he may try to accost her again with a larger show of force.

 Quentyn Nocturama: A common thug who accosted an innocent girl in the streets of Ul'Dah outside the Quicksand. He made bold threats to harm her person and "have my way with her, if you know what I mean..." in the middle of broad daylight. Coatleque stepped in to separate the two and the girl quit the scene while she had the chance. The man was forced to back down when he and his two cronies were quickly outnumbered. Needless to say, Coatleque is always on guard for this man in case he once again threatens to rape someone in the streets.


PC Rumors

  • Warren Castille: "One of the good ones. I hope to continue to hear and see good things from her."
  • Osric Melkire: "The hells must've frozen over, seein' as how Ser Jenlyns finally grew a brain stem, what with pushin' her to the forefront. Green... but competent."
  • Oscare Iono: "What was it, Wristcleaver? Wristbreaker? Bah, it doesn't matter. If you like your head on your shoulders though, it'd be smart to behave around her."
  • L'yhta Mahre: "I heard she was in charge of security at half the taverns in Eorzea! She's definitely someone you don't want on your bad side, at least if you want to get a drink anywhere outside of Mor Dhona!"

NPC Rumors

  • Random Brass Blade: "Oh, I remember her. Quite good with her mouth that one, mmm-hahahaha!"
  • Random Brass Blade: "She was my favorite. Just something about those eyes... and red hair. *sigh* Shame when we had to take that place down."
  • Random Drunk: "Huh? *hic* eeehhh... get offa my *hic* lawn you kidsh!"
  • Mylla: "She came to us with nothing but a fire in her eyes, I couldn't turn her away. I just hope she learned something here."
  • Jenlyns: "A fine sword arm on that girl. And you'd be hard pressed to find a more loyal soldier. I fear what her lack of confidence may lead to, however."


(feel free to edit)

  • "Look Jancis, I'm flying!" ~ while being carried to an inn room after too much wine
  • "I'm not a warrior like you, Tasa. I was supposed to be a house-wife!" ~ personal moment with Tasa Rhyzul
  • Jancis: "Can you see from back there?" Coatleque: "I can see exactly what I need to." ~ while watching Warren at the Grindstone

Current Events / Achievements (case files)

(New Events at Top, but some may relate to others. All will be updated as things proceed)

  • The Road to Redemption (In Progress):
  • Having acted against her orders now, Coatleque has submitted a lengthy report to her Captain regarding three disgraced Sultansworn. She is currently waiting reprimand for disobedience, but feels her actions were justified as laid out in her documentation. While two of the three seem to be far past saving, she still holds hope for their third."
  • Case of the Missing Pants (Case Closed): Coatleque receved a new set of finery as thanks from the famous Otto Vann, fashion designer of Ul'dah.
  • The Thanks I Get (In Progress):
  • After saving a girl's life (Jenzi) from a would be assassin (Briareus) in the Quicksand, Coatleque found herself accosted not two bells later that same night by the same assassin and his target. They both accused Coatleque of signing the contract on the woman's life, a charge she vehemently denied before all present. A riot nearly ensued afterwords as Flames, Blades, and Paladins answered her call for support. Still she stood her ground with the law on her side and the Ishgardian backed down when it was clear she would not submit to his inquisition. Once the crowd had dispersed, it was made known the barmaid (Aya) may have information. She gave Coatleque the names of three disgraced Sultansworn (Natalie, Kage, Roen) who may have forged no less than sixteen contracts on the woman's life, if the Ishgardian's accusations are true. While Coatleque has heard rumors of the three, she has yet to meet any of them.
  • Coatleque has been contacted by the assassin once again. Briareus seemd to be after someone he refered to as Kalas. Before she could react, the man ran off with a comarade. Aparently their quarry had already been caught.
  • Some days later, the Knight was contacted and asked to meet with the mysterious Master Zero. The man has requested her aid in the near future, but seems tight lipped on the details. While she is not about to turn away someone in need, she also cannot pledge help to a cause she does not know. She asked him to contact her once there is something he actually needs her to do other than false hope and promises.
  • The Piquant Pumpkin (Case Closed):
  • Coatleque accepted a position to provide security at Gus Pumpkinweed's new Cafe during its grand opening.
  • Services were once again rendered as security for the Spooky Lightsday at camp Bluefog.
  • Career Change (Case Closed):
  • With the company slowly falling apart under absent leadership, a change of allegiance has finally been forced. While Coatleque's first liege has always been the Sultana, she worries for the rest of the Harbingers who are now scattered abroad.
  • Looking to fill her spare time with yet more work, Coatleque has thrown her blade in with the Sailors of the Coral Sea.
  • Dear Sister (Case Closed):
  • It's hard not to get involved in your best friend's love life when everyone else keeps throwing it in your face.
  • Taking a passive role in the whole business seems to have paid off, as Jancis's relationship woes have seemingly been smoothed over.
  • Tension Abounds (In Progress):
  • After sharing some personal 'girl' time with Tasa in the Mist, the pair parted ways with an unexpected kiss.
  • An emotional parting of ways occurred as both women decided to move on from the Harbingers. They have promised to keep in touch however possible.
  • Some shameless flirting has led to a sudden outburst in public. Has a relationship been strained, or has Coatleque been forced to confront her fears of being hurt?
  • Time can heal most wounds. In this case it has drawn the two closer together. Deciding to just see where things lead, Tasa and Coatleque have decided to face their fears together for now.
  • Coatleque's position has been keeping her tied up with work more often than not. She worries about the strain this may cause on her 'relationship' and is already convinced things are going to turn downhill. She feels she has been cursed by Menphina herself in this aspect of her life.
  • Harbingers' Leviathon Plot (Case Closed): While the Harbinger's Vanguard fought the Leviathan near the Ilse of Umbra, Coatleque led a successful diversionary move against the Sahaguin to prevent them from interfering with the main assault. Once the beast was felled, she ordered the withdraw to reinforce the company while the wounded were tended to.
  • Paladinhood, or, To Be a Sultansworn (Case Closed):
  • Since pledging her life and blade to the Sultansworn, Coatleque has been taking active guard duty in Ul'dah. A boring start to her career.
  • Coatleque's stalwart defense of the innocents of Ul'Dah are beginning to garner her more support from the populace while she is on duty. Her name seems to be rising quickly through word of mouth.
  • Faced with an ongoing investigation and internal inquiry, the Sultansworn have been left in an awkward position regarding allegations of corruption. With a need to maintain a show of strength to counteract the Monetarists, Jenlyns has quickly promoted his new rising star to replace the Sergeant he had to dismiss recently. Her orders are to maintain her patrols and be the Sworn's face to the public.