Oscare Iono

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 Oscare Iono
Ffxiv 11012014 182920.png
Gender Male
Race Hyur
Clan Highlander
Citizenship Unknown
Age 29
Occupation Hunter and Maelstrom Officer
Height/Weight 6'7 and 224lbs

Oscare Iono - This page is a stub. Someone help me bug Oscare in-game to get over here and fill it in, since he always talks about it but never does!







  • "That guy? Who even knows what he is? A bounty hunter, a slacker, a Maelstrom officer? I think only he knows for sure."
  • "He's pretty rude and disrespectful."
  • "Looks sexy and cool, acts cool, but he's pretty... rough."
  • "He's pretty skilled with almost anything that isn't magic."


  • "I heard he conspires with the Empire!"
  • "Half-Garlean? Who would've known?"
  • "He's actually not half bad once you get to know him a little better."
  • "Did you hear? His sister apparently beats him at competitions at bows on a regular basis. Must flow in the family."
  • "He's very distant. Not even his company mates can get a read on him. He's apparently very anti-social-being."


  • "I heard he has ties with Merlwyb herself."
  • "He used to work as a Imperial sniper. He has to be unmatched with a bow and gun."
  • "He's one hell of a mechanic. Fixed my magitek armor ride in an hour tops."


  • Coatleque Crofte - "A right good shot he is. Do not ask how I know."
  • Jancis Milburga - "I simply cannot draw my thoughts from him."
  • Franz Renatus - *snickers* "Anyone else ever got him to speak? It took an axe cleaving before I could."
  • Berrod Armstrong - "Fought 'im a couple times. Lost one, won one. He's a damn hard man ta take down. Uh -- outside a fight? I dunno, we don't talk much. He seems awright."
  • Natalie Mcbeef - "He claims he's an officer of the Maelstrom, but all I ever see him do is loaf around the Quicksand. Must be nice."
  • Ciel Wulfe - "I seem to recall he used to be much more friendly, but now he just seems sad and distant more often than not. I wish there were something I could do."
  • Aerostein Epitaph - "Os used to be very nice, but just changed all of a sudden. Either way, doesn't change the fact he's a great fighter and has earned my respect."
  • Warren Castille - "Last I heard he picked a fight with the wrong Sultansworn. Still meaning to talk to him about that."
  • S'imba Tia - "I once shot a cannon through the roof of his house, he shows up ready to beat me then suddenly he says it's ok and leaves. The hells up with that?"
  • Crooked Tarot - "Don't let his hot-shot bearing fool you. His aim may be 'good' but even a broken clock is right twice a day."
  • Aya Foxheart - "Who? Mister Grumpy Face? No, that's his real name~"
  • Kahn'a Ohditra - "Good man, says he likes to hunt. I do too, so sometime I shall watch him, and see what kind of game he's made for."
  • Lilithium Altair - "Seen him come to my company events once or twice, and at the Quicksand. He's quite a large male, isn't he?"
  • Jana Ridah - "I don't blame him for what happened, but he fled when I tried to tell him..."
  • Leanne Delphium - "A bit grumpy. He should smile more! Or rather, not only when making fun of me! Hmph..."
  • Alistair Fry - "Grumpy? What? No. He and I take potshots at each other all the time. He's a nice guy, probably one of my best friends. Never seen him sour, personally..."


Oscare Iono -- "Nothing is lost, everything is simply transferred."

Oscare Iono -- "Your feelings are your inherited and untrained instincts. Listen to them, and mix your honed intelligence and reflexes. You'll get anywhere you need to be if you do just that before you know it."

Oscare Iono -- "The difference between you and me? You had someone to piss off. I don't.