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Dalton Spicer
Wanderlusting Privateering Traveller

Name... Dalton Spicer
Alias... Seawyrm
Age... 30
Gender... Male
Race... Hyur
Clan... Midlander
Orientation... Bisexual
Marital... Single
Deity... Llymlaen - The Navigator
Citizenship... Limsa Lominsa
Occupation... Privateer, Explorer, Adventurer
Alignment... True Neutral

Appearance: --- While mainly having the appearance of a Midlander Hyur he is somewhat on the larger end of their size, on account to his mixed heritage. Standing around 6 fulms and 2 ilms he usually can look down at others in a very physical manner.

He is solidly built, though not excessively massive in musculature, he carries a lot more strength than his frame might suggest initially. Broad shouldered and slightly longer in limb than the norm he can cut an intimidating figure when he wants to. Despite spending years at sea in the open air his skin is almost sickly pale in complexion. No matter how long he remains in the sun it seems he does not tan, nor does he burn curiously.

His hair is an oily jet black, dishevelled and usually under-washed. It does occasionally grow out after leaving it while on voyage, making it look even messier. His facial hair is limited to a pair of rather luscious sideburns along his cheeks, though again occasionally he will let a small beard grow. His dark hair on his pale skin also makes his body hair look much more prominent than it actually is. Only one of his eyes are usually present, with his left eye covered by a leather patch. His visible eye is a turquoise colour, a bright mix of blue and green. A rather deep scar covers the right hand side of his face over his covered eye. He is usually hesitant to remove his eyepatch and generally attempts to distance any talk about his apparent lack of a second eye.

Along next to his right eye a small black tattoo is etched into him as well. His only main weapon he is usually seen keeping around his person is a large axe, although not always present. He carries a small knife on his belt but otherwise prefers to fight with his fists.

Scars & Markings: --- Scar over his left eye. Tattooing on the right of his face.

Voice: --- Coarse, harsh and commanding, with a charming Lominsan lilt.

Clothing: --- Not one to dress formally, he tends to wear whatever is practical and comfortable over style. Often his attire appears less than it should for most occasions. Used to being out at sea in the heat and cold he has remarkable tolerance for extremes of climate, leading to a situation where he often wears little above the waist. That is not to say he is dull in appearance. His torso often is shown bare to various the various paints decorating his skin in obscure patterns.

Background: A straight talking, hardy, seafaring Lominsan. Nothing too outlandish to think about. Born some thirty years ago into rather meagre, although not impoverished conditions. The first child of a transient nomadic reaver of the tides and his native Lominsan crewmember he took as a fancy.

Dalton was born at sea, so it would be little surprise to say there’s more than tradition for nautical travel in his blood. While his mother hailed from his native Limsa Lominsa his father’s origin was never revealed to him, nor was he entirely bothered. Most of his childhood memories are of his father’s brutish and uncouth behaviour, little of it positive. All that he knew was he wasn’t a native to La Noscea, a Highlander man from distant shores.

From the age of seven he began journeying with his father and mother’s crew, from the age of fourteen he had participated in his own reaving of foreign lands. A few years later he had found a different crew to sail under for all manner of purpose: trade, piracy and exploration to name a few.

The young privateer sailed far and wide, visiting lands many Eorzeans hear solely from accounts in books. From Sharlayan to Kugane he would voyage, and most lands between. The Sea Wyrm, the vessel he was a part of, as swift in travel as It was dangerous to fight was his home for many and its crew his surrogate family. Roughly ten years ago however did a major change come into his life. Commissioned by the East Aldenard Trading Company, the Sea Wyrm along with a small flotilla of other ships of various origin made an exploratory journey southwards through the Sea of Ash towards the scarcely known continent of Meracydia.

The voyage was rife with trouble. Intense humid heat stifled and debilitated crew members, a host of strange diseases swept through the flotilla and intense storms threw many off course. Even upon arriving on the bleak continent did they find little of apparent worth, hostile savage natives, and an unforgiving barren landscape prompted the mission to return having scarcely penetrated the Meracydian coastline. Less than half of the ships who made the journey returned to port in Eorzea.

The odyssey had a profound effect on Dalton’s psyche, not only for losing many fellow crewmates who he cared for deeply but he was thrust into captaining the Sea Wyrm following the demise of the captain and his subordinates through a bout of so called “Meracydian Flu” that ravaged the vessel. The disastrous expedition hardened his heart to many things about life, and upon returning to Limsa Lominsa with a half-ruined ship he had the Sea Wyrm redesigned to its modern shape.

Since then he has remained captain, leading not as a superior to his crew but as one of them across the world under contract for various factions and individuals from The Maelstrom, Ul’dahn merchants and more, transporting goods and people, waging war on Garlean vessels and his personal favourite – raiding and plundering distant lands.

--- Not one to shy away from voicing his view on something, Dalton can come across as blunt, excessively so at times. He is however not someone to force his views onto others rather being quite content to live and let live. His upbringing has left him with a harder outlook on how to behave, rarely showing visible weakness or being overly sentimental. At times he can come across as quite turbulent and stormy when his stony façade cracks. He keeps his “professional” life away from his personal life as much as possible. “What happens on the ship stays on the ship” is a line he often reminds his myriad crew. A natural leader type figure, he prefers to show by example rather than dictate to his fellow sailor considering himself an equal amongst peers rather than a ruler. For those he considers near and dear he has an inexhaustible amount of patience, understanding and even, more surprisingly for some, tenderness to them. His granite like exterior covers what is someone with a great capacity for compassion. On the opposing end however, to those who have his scorn or the object of his wrath he is without mercy, like a vicious tempest. Such bloody violence is rarely seen however on home shores and is conserved typically for his voyages. As a sailor he wouldn’t be complete without a healthy love (or dependence possibly) on liquor and ale. He has a remarkable tolerance for his alcohol and rarely seems to slip into inebriation. On the rare chance he hammers himself to that stage his usually concealed kind-heartedness leaks out in an un-tempered, often messy manner.

Personality Type: [ENFJ] - The Protagonist.

  • Bad Faith
  • He has a particular intense dislike for those who act with malice in their actions to others, especially while appearing to be benign. Those acting with bad faith towards him are less bothering than others.
  • Indecisiveness
  • As impulsive as he is, he finds those who can’t decide what they want to do or where they want to do or what action to take as overly boring and irritating. Even worse when someone in a position of leadership dithers about.
  • Cold Climates
  • Being a son of the sands and sun, the idea of coldness is discomforting and even upsetting to him. Anything colder than moderately temperate will sour his mood. He strongly dislikes snow and ice and will avoid unless strictly necessary
  • Dishonour
  • While by no means a saint or a paragon of virtue, he has a code of conduct he follows and will not deviate from it, and when forced to will be likely highly annoyed. There are certain things he simply will not like to do. One can still be a rogue and a gentleman at the same time after all.


  • Eating
  • a glutton in many ways, if there is food on the go he will take a bite out of it. Something of a talent for eating and drinking his own bodyweight in food and alcohol.
  • Social butterfly
  • Unlike many Miqo’te men, he revels in social interaction, with anyone and anything practically. He particularly enjoys trying to break people out of social isolation and warm them up.
  • Hedonist
  • Hand in hand with socialising, he has a propensity for playing game. Ranging from gambling to games of strategy all the way to simple riddling and dare-seeking.
  • Bookish
  • While not appearing to look it on the surface he does enjoy calmer and more mentally enriching activities such as reading and studying. In particular group studying is one of his greatest pleasures, to interact with wise and learned minds.
  • Fishing
  • while an amateur he has always loved fishing, claiming it must be some sort of primeval instinct inside him to go angling


  • ---
  • ---
  • ---


  • Favorite Food: Most foods, especially sweet sorts.
  • Favorite Drink: Cider.
  • Favorite Color: Purple

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Unknown Father ( ♥ ✖) ( NPC ) - Biological Father
A man he never knew, and sadly will never. (He is unaware of his father's fate currently.)
Unknown Mother ( ♥ ✖) ( NPC ) - Biological Mother
His mother who left him by the roadside, with scant few details of her identity. His memories of her are few and distorted with time. (He is unaware of her ultimate fate, although does suspect it.)
Jasper Rookthorne () ( NPC ) - Adoptive Father
Business savvy Ul'dahn merchant, A family man as well as a ruthless businessman. Pro-Monarchist Party.
Esther Rookthorne () ( NPC ) - Adoptive Mother
A former adventurer who has settled down into family life. Daughter of Lominsan pirate lord turned honest trader. Superstitious and mild occultist.
Edward Rookthorne () ( NPC ) - Younger Brother - Middle Child
Biological son of Jasper and Esther, Percy's younger brother. A young man of 16, he has recently entered the world of commerce in the family trading business. Best of friends with Percy, sharing secrets and generally very close.
Sara Rookthorne () ( NPC ) - Younger Sister - Youngest Child
Youngest child and only daughter of Jasper and Esther, Percy's younger sister. A sharp minded young lady of 14, She studies the arts of an Arcanist. Studious and sharing her eldest brother's bookish disposition on which they bond well with. Percy is highly protective of his sister and is often the shoulder for her to vent her worries to.
Name Goes Here ( Status Icons Go Here ) ( NPC ) - Title Given By Character Goes Here
Text, text, text, text.


D'eshel Tia ( ?) ( Player ) - Tribal Half-Brother
An enigmatic fellow Seeker he met one evening at Nald's Reflection. The young, poorly spoken Miqo'te sparked interest in him, as if he had seen him before. Auspiciously meeting him at such a place at the statue of Nald made Percy think he would meet this strange man again.
E'lias Moshroca ( ) ( Player ) - Dancing Miqo'te Colleague
Commonly known to Percy as Elias, he is on good terms with the often flamboyantly dressed Miqo'te. Not knowing many Miqo'te half-breeds Percy was curious to get to know the energetic man, of which he now considers him the closest to him in their Free Company.
Vyraan Malaguld ( ) ( Player ) - Eccentric Free Company Manager
Percy's Free Company leader, of whom he sees as something of an eccentric, although well meaning. Another Au Ra, he is both fascinated and in Vyraan's case, often baffled by her behaviour.
Tanis Aldori ( ) ( Player ) - Mildly Terrifying Highlander Secretary
A lady so impressive Percy initially thought she was a man. He finds Tanis and her drinking acumen to be similar to his and her straight fowardness has given him a good impression of the imposing free company secretary.
Ihrih Nhoyo ( ) ( Player ) - Aspiring Miqo'te Matriarch
A friendly face who has offered Percy a means to get to understand his own people more. Adequately diplomatic and laid-back, he finds her a good position to lead the helpful co-operative she founded.
Yumeh'to Nehlah ( ?) ( Player ) - Mild Mannered Clan-kin
A quiet, maybe naive and shy Keeper Miqo'te. Percy has made it his mission to raise the soft-hearted Keeper's confidence and make him feel welcome. Over time he has realised he also has other, warmer feelings towards his friend. For the sake of his friend's delicate nature however he hasn't advanced past giving the kind boy a few kisses.
Y'banhi Nagali () ( Player ) - Shy Sharlayan Scholar
Meek, shy but kind and pleasant Seeker who shared a similar learned interest with Percy. For all his apparent introversion and Percy's extroversion they have managed to get on well, with Percy finding the bookish Miqo'te an enriching pleasure to talk to a fellow thinker. He looks foward to a day when he and Banhi can go exploring ancient ruins of yore together.
Xayah Nara ( ) ( Player ) - Spoiled Princess
A female Keeper with more emotion than sense. Percy largely dislikes her due to her apparent inability to rationally behave, observing several instances of petty, childish behaviour. More annoyingly he believes she can dish out unpleasantries but retreats to tears when he or others return the favour. Animosity is likely to increase due to both of them sharing a proud streak.
Kit Everett ( ) ( Player ) - Friendly Neighbourhood Girl
Percy gets along well with Kit, seeing her very similar to his own younger sister. On top of this he feels affinity with her, a fellow Miqo'te who has been raised amongst Hyur. Fellow goggle aficionado.
Astrid Rensa ( ) ( Player ) - International Miq'ote of Mystery
Highly interested in this mysterious Seeker lady. Not least of all the bounty on her head. Not one to mindlessly turn in others for Gil he wants to learn more about this snow-haired "subversive".
J'ruko Tia ( ) ( Player ) - Traditionalist Goofball
Percy while only recently got to know Ruko finds the young traditional thinking Tia to be refreshing and quaint. He has taken pity on the plight of the poor boy who has had to abandon his homeland for a foreign nation that he doesn't feel comfortable in. His antics remind him of himself in someways as well, further endearing him.
J'vahni Tia ( ?) ( Player ) - Roving Smiling Mercenary
Met the same evening as Ruko, Vahni is something quite unlike Percy has met so far. Finding the dark-haired and wry-humoured Seeker to gel very well with his own personality, Percy found an instant and electric connection to the sellsword. While enjoying his time camped out with Vanhi and Ruko he found his mind tumultous following his time with the wandering Mercenary.
Some of these rumors are untrue, speculation, or are greatly exaggerated. Please feel free to add your own rumors under the Player Character category!


◢ Common Rumors - Easily overheard. Use these freely!

    “I heard he was adopted by the Rookthornes because they couldn’t conceive. Also heard he’s the heir to the trading fortune!” – An Ul’dahn Merchant.
    “Charitable lad, noticed him giving to the poor and needy around the hard done areas of the city.” – An Observant Brass Blade.
    “Skulks around beyond reasonable hour, cavorting with the worst ilk blighting the noble jewel of our nation, criminal immigrants, dark sorcerers and prostitutes – of both varieties no less!” - A Pious Cleric.
    “I heard he studied at the Arrzaneth Ossuary for years. He doesn’t look like a Thaumaturge usually though, guess that’s why it’s a surprise for some.” – Gold Saucer Gambler.
    “Once saw him disappear in the middle of a crowd. Poof! Gone like smoke in the wind.” – Questionably Sober Bar Patron.

◢ Uncommon Rumors - A little more difficult to hear. Use sparingly or ask first!

    “His weird eyes are a bad omen, it’s no wonder he was abandoned as an infant. He is cursed.” – Superstitious Caravan Driver.
    “The Rookthornes did conceive a few years after they found him, I doubt he’s that cursed. His adoptive mother fawns over him for being a bringer of luck.” – A Slightly Less Superstitious Caravan Driver.
    “I heard one story his Miqo’te tribe was wiped out in an unnatural plague shortly after his birth. Heard another he was found in blood stained blankets as a babe with seven dead beastmen not far from him, necks snapped cleanly.” – Gossiping Weaver.
    “He partakes in gross ‘activities’ of the flesh and forbidden study of sacrilegious texts. Unnatural and wrong. Vice rules his heart, and heresies in his mind.” – Wandering Preacher.
    “Seen him talking with the Ala Mhigan refugees a lot, boxes and bags of stuff passed from him to them often.” – Poor Labourer.

◢ Rare Rumors - Very rarely overheard. Please ask before using!

    “The Rookthorne lad? The adopted one? Weird bunch they are. The whole ‘honourable merchants’ airs and graces put on is pure mummery. His family are bastard descendants from the old Thorne Dynasty supposedly, and he’s caught up in all sorts of weird business. Other noble merchants shan’t mewl about it though – lest their own skeletons be brought out the closet!” – Ul’dahn Banker.
    “Heard from some tribal catfolk that the talk is he’s ill-born. Though they also said the Nunh that sired him died mysteriously a few years back. Poison allegedly. Dishonourable amongst their folk. No talk on who did it though, but the young Nunh to succeed was apparently cast out too.” – Well-travelled Adventurer.
    “Saw him once recruiting for his family’s business. Gives good work to refugees on account of their hard times. It’s not all charity though, desperate men and women have no qualms against shadier work either.” – Cynical Bartender.
    “He’s madder than he lets on. He is as voracious for learning and knowledge as his taste in flesh and pleasure. He and the maid of a sister of his have singularly furnished a library of their own will all manner of text and scroll. Many of those caravans baring the Rookthorne crest are not carrying spice, but ancient artefacts.” – Bookish member of the Order of Nald’thal.
    “A demon in mortal skin, as all signs show! A hellish flame coloured eye and a cold and cruel one of ice. His blasphemous birth mother offered his body as a vessel for a greater voidsent! He corrupts all he touches and bathes in the blood and aether of children. He promises much and takes more. An incarnation of EVIL that walks our fair streets of Ul’dah.” – Anonymous Ul’dahn Noble of the Monetarists.


◢ Player Character Rumors - Feel free to add rumors of your own!

    "Add rumor here." Name
    "Add rumor here." Name
    "Add rumor here." Name

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Ask about long-term and/or permanent injury and disfigurement. Long-term captivity or imprisonment.
I won't play permanent character death, unless part of a properly done pre-planned narrative. Character death is often thrown about as some sort of mandatory consequence, it's not. There are more impactful ways and more engaging ways of roleplaying than just trying to kill another character.
■ If an aspect of RP makes you uncomfortable in a scene we're playing, please send me a /tell, letting me know. Communication is very important, more important than potentially keeping immersion. Roleplay is about consensus over competition.
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