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Limsa Lominsa-transparent.png Josario Adrial
"Look, dont get any closer to me."
Gender Cis Male
Race Elezen
Clan Duskwight
Citizenship Limsa Lominsa
Age 26
Deity Menphina, The Lover
Orientation Homosexual
Marital Status Single
Occupation Mechanic (Full Time), Artist (Part Time)
Nameday 25th Sun of the 1st Astral Moon
Josario Adrial, or sometimes, much to his annoyance, known as Jojo, was born on the 25th Sun of the 1st Astral Moon. He is a tall Elezen of the Duskwight clan, hailing from Ishgard. He now travels across Eorzea trying to find a life for himself and put his skills to use.
Although he has no place he specifically calls "home", he is more often than not found in Limsa Lominsa. He helps the Maelstrom Grand Company with their artillery and machines aboard their ships and such. He would like to consider himself neutral between each Grand Company, but Maelstrom holds a special place in his heart. Josario has never officially declared himself part of the Company, however.

Regardless of his talent in machinery, his greatest talents lie in the art of Magic. He's a skilled Arcanist and Summoner. He has a strong affinity for ancient texts and deciphering powerful spells.

Your Character's Inventory

Josario carries his wrenches and other equipment within his messenger bag he often hangs over his shoulder. Along with his tools, he also carries his personal carbine. At his side is his Copy of The Book of Spades.

Height: 6 fulms 2 ilms

Weight: 232 ponz

Complexion: He has pale gray skin littered with freckles and bruises. Across his face is a scar extending from his forehead to the bottom-right edge of his chin.

Hair: His hair is naturally black, although after he left Ishgard, he had fully dyed it a light green and let it grow out. Currently, he has let the dye wash out and cut it short. His still-green bangs hang over his right eye.

Eyes: His eyes are light blue

Face: Across his face is a scar extending from his forehead to the bottom-right edge of his chin. His cheekbones are strong, while his cheeks are covered in dark freckles.

Body: Like most Elezen, Josario is tall with long and lanky limbs. His arms are quite toned along with his upper body. In contrast, his lower body and legs are slightly less muscular.

Josario is cold, mature and logical at first. He sometimes strays from the truth if he fears it may hurt anyone in any way, and distances himself from people. He tries to blend into a crowd and does not speak up much around strangers. He finds it best to be forgotten and derives comfort from tranquil spaces. He is quite introverted and dislikes crowds. If you're not close to him, you may learn his name, but nothing more. He will rarely allow anyone to get close to him. He has a dry sense of humor and is extremely uptight.
If you happen to get close to him, he has quite a comforting personality. He's always willing to lend a helping hand to his friends and is very touchy-feely. He turns into almost a big-brother type and looks out for his friends. Although his clinging may get annoying at times.


He fears hurting people emotionally and makes up lies as his way of protecting some
He can often let his emotions get ahead of him
He has a hard time working with others he does not know


Being "found" by his family
Attention from strangers
Losing sight of himself


Fixing, Tinkering and Upgrading Machines
Drawing and Writing
Deciphering Ancient Texts



Writing Poetry
Tinkering with old machinery


Beautiful people
Quiet rooms
Warm days




Favorite Color: Seafoam Green
Favorite Food: Scrambled Eggs
Favorite Drink: Any Wine, Party Drinks such as Cocktails
Favorite Scent: Mint
Favorite Place: His "Workshop" (His Inn room)

Josario prefers to attack from a distance and send his summons to draw aggro. If without summons, he attacks from a high place with his carbine(s) and aims for instant-hit locations such as the heart or head. He fights with a strategy in mind each time he faces an enemy, whether it be "incapacitate and run" or "kill them in one blow". Although he dislikes the sight of blood, sometimes he has to draw it to survive.


He's incredibly efficient with both his Carbine and Grimoire. Although any other weapons besides his own personal picks would confuse him some. He isn't very flexible when it comes to trading weapons.


Josario enjoyed the study of magic from a young age, although his family discouraged it. He chose to study at the Arcanists' guild in Limsa Lominsa after leaving home, and went on to become a proficient Summoner. He focuses himself with black magic over white, feeling as though healing would only go wrong with him at the staff or codex.


Josario has taken an interest in weaving and culinary arts, although he is not very skilled at them.

Birth and childhood (0-10)

As a young boy, Josario grew up under a wealthy Ishgardian family. However, he rarely saw his parents for a reason he never understood until adulthood. He had a young retainer who kept him out of trouble and took care of him almost without a word. Josario always yearned to see his parents, though. As Josario went out and started making friends, he was eventually bullied out of each friend group for reasons he assumed to be his interest in magic. What really played out was the rumors about his family extending across the Pillars, where he lived, about him being an illegitimate child. As a young boy, he still didn't understand these attacks.

Teen Years

As he grew older, he felt he saw his parents less and less. Eventually he was without a single ally in all of Ishgard. His retainer continued to care for him without a word of praise or punishment. He eventually learned to care for himself around the age of 15. At that point in time, he found more of a home at the Skysteel Manufactory. He discovered a knack for tinkering and blueprint-reading there. He was offered a job as a junior Machinist, which he accepting whole-heartedly. The rumors of his birth were lost to him until the age of 17, where he ran into his mother in his house's foyer. Much to his fear, she mistook him for a servant boy and asked him his name.

He was wounded and confused by that encounter.


At the age of 18, when he officially assumed himself as an Adult, he dismissed his aging retainer and became his own person. He found a new strength in himself derived from his loneliness and experienced hardships. He made quite a few new friends at the Skysteel Manufactory, but mostly worked on personal projects and tampered with his own weapons. He'd preform chores, but mostly nothing he didn't benefit from. One evening when he returned late after finishing up some tasks for his guild mates, he was almost immediately greeted with an attack from his family's servants. Thrown to the ground, he was met with the stern face of his father and the terrified one of his mother. Looking his father in the eyes, he saw only pain. His father absolutely recognized him, but didn't give way to the slightest hint he did. His mother, on the other hand, had no idea. Thrown on to the street, Josario was proclaimed a robber who tried to harm the gracious family of Adrial. With that, he left Ishgard and fled for a new place to call home. The truth of his birth was never known to him.

💑 In a Relationship Romantic Interest Sexual Desire Platonic Love Family Good Standing Neutral Poor Standing Deceased

Illigen Adrial: Josario's birth father and the father he knew while living in Ishgard. The man who cast him out of his own home at 18. An elderly Duskwight Elezen.

Villia Adrial: Josario's adoptive mother and the mother he lived with in Ishgard. The woman who mistook him for a servant at 17. An aged Wildwood Elezen.

Minna: Josario's birth mother whom he never met. A beautiful Duskwight Elezen.


(1/25/1551-1570) Ishgard

(Status: Complete) (Who was Involved: Illigen Adrial, Villia Adrial )

1/25/1551 - Josario Adrial is born of Illigen Adrial and Minna. Illigen takes him to Ishgard where he would be brought up a noble after Minnia goes missing.

3/14/1566 - Josario joins the Skysteel Manufactory and begins work as a Machinist.

6/20/1568 - Josario meets his adoptive mother, Villia in the foyer for the first time.

1/25/1570 - Josario is banished from his home and leaves for Limsa Lominsa.

The Rest

(1/25/1570 - Ongoing) The Rest

(Status: Ongoing) (Who was Involved: Josario Adrial )

1/25/1570 - Josario is banished from his home and leaves for Limsa Lominsa.

8/4/1572 - Josario settles in Limsa Lominsa and finds a place in the Arcanists' Guild.

10/11/1572 - Josario finds work under the Grand Company of Maelstrom.

What I am looking for/interested in:

  • I'm looking for a long-term roleplay that involves Josario finding a romantic partner whom he can share his struggles with. Any other long or short-term roleplays that involve us just goofing off and developing characters more is absolutely welcomed!

What I will NOT RP:

  • NSFW



This template created by Rihxo Matoi with the help of Nanagi Nagi and has pieces from the templates of Unnamed Mercenary, Roen Deneith, Cyrus Wolfe, and Coatleque Crofte.

Other Stuff

  • Player is 17 and can't roleplay NSFW... at least for now