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~Aether Researcher~


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CURRENT ALIAS... Nanagi, Lady Nagi

BIRTH NAME... Nanagi Nagi

RACE & CLAN... Lalafell - Dunesfolk

GENDER... Female

AGE & NAMEDAY... 24; 14th Sun of the 4th Umbral Moon

ORIENTATION... Heterosexual

STATUS... Retired




OCCUPATION... Aether Researcher, Amal’jaa Hunter, Former Mercenary


HEIGHT... 3 fulms 0 ilms

WEIGHT... 38 Ponz

ALIGNMENT... Chaotic Good


Nanagi is a retired character nd no longer avalible for RP unless in the forums. Information about her will still be provided, but not as detailed.


Nanagi's eyes share the heterochromia trait her father had. Her right eye is a deep forest green, and from a distance, it could be mistaken for black. As for her left eye, it's as pitch black as the void. She has the same hair color her mother had, a beautiful violet with lavender highlights. From a distance, her highlights could been mistaken for white highlights. Her hair is thicker, styled into loose curls that frame her face nicely. Although she lived in the desert all of her life, Nanagi is a bit paler than other Dunesfolk. This is likely because she spent most of her time in the shade, and hated being out in the sun for too long. She has rather prominent freckles below her eyes and on her cheekbones. Her ears are pointed, and are not too long, but not too short; about average. Her voice is mature, but still reflects her youthful age.

Scars and Markings

  • Her right hand was badly burned. The scars still remain and will probably be there for the rest of her life. She no longer wears a bandage over the scars.
  • Multiple burn scars can be seen going up her arms. These are different from the ones that her on her right hand.


Formal. Determined. Stubborn.







The smell of death/rotting.

Large Bodies of Water.





High Aetheric Capacity.



Physically weak.



High Pitch Noises.

Color Key
In A Relationship: Nanagi is involved in some form of committed relationship with this character.
Romantic Attraction: Nanagi is romantically attracted to this character.
Sexual Attraction Nanagi is physically attracted to this character.

Platonic Love/Family: Nanagi considers this person family.
Friend: Nanagi considers this person to be a friend.

Good Standing: This character left a good impression.
Neutral: Nanagi has no specific feelings about this character.
Bad Standing: This character left a bad impression.

Dislike: Nanagi doesn't consider this person a friend and will be civil if she must; however, she actively tries to avoid them.
Hate: Nanagi considers this person an annoyance and will try to avoid them, otherwise conflict is almost certain.
Fear: Nanagi is terrified of this character and will try to avoid them at all cost.
Rivalry: Nanagi considers this person to be a rival and will initiate conflict when their paths cross.

Family Member: This character is related by blood to Nanagi.
Business: This character is either Nanagi's employer, employee, or coworker.
Deceased: This character has passed away.
🔃 Unsure: Nanagi is unsure how she feels about this character because of certain actions the character makes.
🔒 Trust: Rihxo trusts this character, and would put her life in their hands if it came to it.


  Mamaki Maki ( ) - Mother
All that remains is a crystal.(WIP)
  Momokofo Tatakofo ( ) - Father
"I promise that I will continue your legacy." She was left heartbroken when she found her father dead. Couldn't believe that this would happen to her family. She knew that her father wanted her to continue the family trade and although she doesn't devote her life to crafting, she still keeps the family trade alive. She manage to obtain the crystal that her father always wore, but it was damaged in the attack and lost all contents that may have been inside.


  Kirkirik Tirtirik ( 🔒 (MIA) ) - Former Lover
"It feels like everything fell apart after you vanished...." Meeting Kirkirik was rather interesting. They started a conversation, and then had to deal with an Amalj'aa attack near the Ul'dah gates. She was able to watch Kirkirik manipulate the earth in ways which she had never seen before. Ever since then, they have become rather good friends. She loves that she can hold an intellectual conversation with him. After finally mustering the courage to tell Kirkirik how she felt about him, it was then that she realized that the feeling was mutual. She hasn't seen Kirkirik in over 2 moons and has no idea where to look. So much has happened that she hasn't had the time to really try to find him. Her love for him is still there, but slowly fading as time goes by....
  Rihxo Matoi ( 🔒 ) - Closest Friend
"You are like the sister I never had." When she first met the miqo'te she couldn't help but notice how positive she was, always cheerful. She didn't understand why someone like her would talk to Nanagi, a quiet lalafell who does her best not to be noticed. She loves Rihxo, and wishes to remain at her side until the day that she dies. Rihxo is the only person who knows the most about Nanagi.
  Valen Stalhart ( 🔃 ) - Magitek Knight
You have helped me discover the whereabouts of my mother, and I think you. I owe you.” To say the least, Valen and Nanagi started off on the wrong foot. Valen was still under Garlean influence when they first met. When Nanagi tried offering him aid, she was met with betrayal. It was at this point that she didn't care if Rihxo wished to see him live, she wanted him dead. Who knows what changed her mind, but after the whole fiasco, she finds herself talking to Valen as if nothing ever happened. She see's him as an ally who she can trust.If it wasn't for his aid in trying to find her mother, it may have taken Nanagi a much longer time to learn to trust him.
  L’rinhi Kett ( 🔒 ) - Owner of the Wayfarer’s Rest
"You gave me a job, and I am most thankful." She met Rini when Nanagi first set foot into the Wayfarer's rest. She found Rini to be rather cute, and professional. In some aspects, she saw a lot of Rihxo in her, except Rini didn't seem to be a ditz. Rini offered Nanagi a job at the Wayfarer's Rest, and Nanagi happily accepted it. It is thanks to her that Nanagi has a real place to call home.
  L'Raha Nunh ( 🔃 ) -Rini's brother
hts:Nanagi first met Ra when she met Rini. The two of them got along fairly well, but with her being so stubborn and backing Stroud almost all the time, it has pulled them somewhat apart. Not only that, but her greatly disapproves of Nagi intentions with the Void. She is unsure how she truly feels about him, but is still willing to help him if he were to ever seek her aid.
  U'zamza Steelclaw ( ) - The Charmer
"You are nothing but a sweet talker. Never did I think I would enjoy your company from time to time" U'zamza is Rihxo's former boyfriend, it was only inevitable that she was going to meet him. Nagi and U'zamza have completely different personalities which may lead to conflicts in the future. As for right now, Nagi didn’t seem to mind his company and seemed to relax a bit more when around him and Rihxo. Who knows where he went, but she does hope he is alright.
  Aoi Obinata ( ) - An Overseer
She has been Aoi's assigned healer twice at the Grindstone. She likes her company, but doesn't know much about her. She wishes to know more, but she doesn't want to bother Aoi; afraid that she will be a nuisance. Nanagi has recently learned that Aoi is a caster as well.
  Melfice Vainchelon ( ) - A fellow researcher
The two met once at the quicksand. It was one of the more "stranger" conversation's Nanagi has had, but by no means does that mean she didn't enjoy it. In many ways, she saw how they were similar. Both of them would get caught up and research, and they both seemed to be the quiet type. She has only met him once, so it is hard to tell if her assumptions are true.
  Adelaide Levenson ( ) - The Magitek Bitch
Nanagi and Adelaide (aka. The Bitch) are anything but allies. They both have a different view on the world and their ideal often clash. If it wasn't for Nanagi's already growing frustration with the Garlean Empire and the circlet fiasco, Nanagi could probably learn to tolerate her more. Adelaide and Nanagi have learned to get through a short conversation without it turning into a "who can say the worst thing possible about the other" contest. When Adelaide usually pays a visit to Nanagi's office, it's usually because she has rather useful information. Aside from that, they never speak.
  Stroud Forscythe ( 🔃 ) - Lord
"At one point, I did care about you. Not anymore." For the longest time, Nanagi had always been by his side. She truly cared about him and all she wanted to do was help him. Something snapped, who knows exactly what it was the caused her to go and try to kill the man - not even Nagi herself fully knows. She sees him as manipulative and no good, she wants him gone. Alas, she must wait for fate to take it’s course.



Some of these rumors are untrue or are exaggerated. Please feel free to add your own rumors under the PC category!
◢ Common Rumors - Easily overheard. Use these freely!
“One of the best Amalj'aa hunters I know.”
– Former Employer
“Her and that Miqo'te woman clad in red are almost inseparable.”
– Quicksand Waitress
“She is a classy woman. Always formal when she first meets someone, and has a good taste in tea.”
– Momodi
◢ Uncommon Rumors - A little more difficult to hear. Use sparingly or ask first!
““I remember having to investigate a caravan attack. Found one dead Lalafell, and the tracks of somethin’ being dragged away. Turned out to be the parents of a girl named Nanagi Nagi.”
– Immortal Flame
“Ya know the circlet she wears all the time? Apparently it use to belong to er’ ma, found it next to ‘er father's body. She been wearin’ it ever since”
– Brass Blade
“She apparently has a bit of an unhealthy obsession with Amal'jaa. Has a book all about em'. I was able to take a quick glance once, the pages have notes all over the margins!”
– Highlander Mercenary
◢ Rare Rumors - Very rarely overheard. Please ask before using!
“Apparently when she was out on one of her jobs, she was caught! They didn’t want her leaving alive, knowing their secrets. They tried drowning her, we were lucky to have gotten there when we did.”
– Maelstrom Officer
“I heard that someone stole her circlet once. Before the man had a chance to sell it, he was found dead. They never caught the killer, and the guards never knew about the circlet. Call me crazy, but I think she killed the man!”
– Ul'dah Merchant
“She is hiding quite a few secrets, one's that would put her life in jeopardy if they were to become known.”
– Mysterious Elezen Woman


◢ Player Character Rumors - Feel free to add rumors of your own!

"Nanagi is someone I couldn't handle losing. I wouldn't have it any other way." - Rihxo Matoi

"I doubt she'll ever let go of her grudge against me, though I can't entirely blame her for that..." - Valen Stalhart

"Nagi does not share enough, but I am always willing to be there for her. I hope she feels the same." - Gil vel Jendahr

"The girl still has much to learn. Ah, but I think I have helped with that already." - Adelaide Levenson

"Lies and slander go here." - Culprit’s Character Name Here.

"Lies and slander go here." - Culprit's Character Name Here


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