A'carisa Merahk

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A'carisa Merahk
A Childish Huntress with a Warrior's Heart
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Care for a fight?



Vital Information

PRONUNCIATION... ah-KAH-ree-sah ME-ra(h)k*

RACE & CLAN... Seeker of the Sun Miqo'te

TRIBE... Antelopes of Merlthor

GENDER... Female

AGE... Early 20s

NAMEDAY... 5th Sun, 3rd Astral Moon


MARITAL STATUS... Part of Tribal Harem

* = (h) represents the unique Miqo'te hissing sound

Other Statistics

FAMILY... Various members of the Antelope Tribe

RESIDENCE... Nomadic (Strait of Merlthor)

OCCUPATION... Huntress

PATRON DEITY... Althyk, the Keeper

HEIGHT & WEIGHT... 5 fulms, 2 ilms. 108 ponze.

General Information
A'carisa Merahk is a troublesome young member of the Antelopes of Merlthor. Blessed with great strength since her birth and skill in battle through training, her abilities turned her youth a bit too easy, allowing her to not grow up when she should have and others did. A thrillseeker at heart, she struggles to fulfill the expectations now placed upon her as a grown-up member of her tribe.
I do what I'm best at, and that involves kicking your arse!
yellow purple fair, light tan well-toned, busty mocking, haughty, dulcet, fierce
confrontational, bored, careless dextral minor scars on arms and torso usual Miqo'te facial markings light, easy to move
Hair & Eyes
Purple, straight hair frames A'carisa's face. She tends to keep it relatively short and in a layered cut so that it doesn't get in the way. Her eyes are of a piercing yellow colour and always dart around, her glances lingering a bit too long on all the people passing by and around her as she tries to assess their threat and physical prowess.
Physique & Markings
Standing at about average height for a female Seeker, A'carisa doesn't look too intimidating on first glance. On second glance, however, it quickly becomes apparent that A'carisa is a warrior. Her body is well-toned and every move she makes, even on instinct, is deliberate and with a great sense of balance, though they may seem wasteful of energy to those who fight with iron discipline rather than raw talent. Rarely though does she come across as intimidating, as her attitude naturally undermines her presence as a fighter.
Hygiene & Attire
A'carisa bathes a lot and tends to be pretty clean. However, her rigorous workout routines and constant fighting make it more than neccessary, as they often leave her drenched in sweat. Her clothing tends to be made of light cloth and leather, usually dyed to dark shades. It looks somewhat piecemeal at times.
Psychological Profile
A'carisa is a fighter through and through - dedicated, strong-willed and ambitious. She constantly seeks out new challengers to fight and test her skills against, as well as seeking out new fighting styles and techniques.
She is also somewhat of a prankster, less in the sense of practical jokes and more finding joy in confusing and confounding others. Overall, her confrontational attitude and this behaviour can make her a quite unpleasant person to be around when she's in the mood for it.
Both of these pastimes of hers are her way of dealing with the fact that not only does she always seem to have an excess of energy and rarely tires, but also that she has a bad case of the restlessness that plagues many Seekers, boring incredibly easy and looking for a diversion and distraction.
As she grew strong from an early age on, her childhood often lacked conflicts that she wasn't able to resolve by being stronger than others. As such, she never grew up into a responsible adult knowing the value of compromise and thinking before acting. While she has matured into a woman in mannerisms and outlook on life, her behaviour and priorities are often still that of a child, a fact that she often remains oblivious to. Her short temper that tends to unload itself in short, fierce and often violent bursts is just another sign of this.
Despite her childishness, around people she likes she tries to act out the part of a 'cool big sister', to varying degrees of success.
She is also, let's not beat around the bush, not the brightest button that ever shone.
Nowhere does A'carisa put on airs as much as in her way of speaking. Her pride, her false sense of maturity, her confrontational attitude, they call meet and combine here to form a speach pattern that's equal parts mocking, haughty and fierce. That said, her voice is dulcet, mature and not unpleasant to listen to, if one can overlook that she sometimes says things that are anything but those three things.
Philosophy & Mannerisms
A'carisa subscribes fully to the law of the strongest, both in whom she respects and how she sees the world. This does not neccessarily have to mean physical prowess: As she herself is streets smart at best, she can also see great strength is those of keen mind.
● Fighting and other physical contests
● The Sea
● Food (lots of it)
● Lemon juice & spiced rum
● Music
● Airships
● Big Cities
● Rich people
● Winter & Cold
● Kobolds & Elezen
Favourite Pastimes
● Hunting
● Picking fights & playing pranks
● Learning new fighting styles
● Campfire music
● Cooking
● Dedicated - Unyielding towards a cause
● Strong-willed - For better or worse
● Carefree - Uncomplicated and positive
● Spontaneous - Thinking on her feet
● Confident - Aware and proud of what she's good at
● Carelessness - Born of confidence
● Gluttony - A big eater
● Excess of energy - Easily bored
● Prideful - Tends to pick fights
● Short temper - Beware the cat
● Thrillseeking
● Improving her combat skills
● Staving off boredom
● Not disappointing her tribe
Combat, Abilities & Weaponry

AcarisaMerahk combat.png
Basic Statistics
High: Strength, Stamina, Speed
Above Average: Toughness
Average: Perception
Low: Concentration, Intelligence
Weapon Training
Mastery: Spears & other polearms
Expert: Fists
Average: Bow
Novice: Swords, Knives
Fighting Style
In personal combat, A'carisa is a force to be reckoned with. Possessing great physical strength, what her way of fighting lacks in elegance she makes up for more than enough in brute force, stamina and speed. Though proficient in a few weapons, she prefers wielding a spear, as it allows her to fully play to her strong points. While her technique is often more the result of talent than precise study, she continues to seek out more knowledge of various fighting styles all over. As she continues to adapt and improve, her fighting style has come to incorporate various different elements, from spear hunting as practiced by her tribe over the teachings of traditional lancers all the way to even incorporating some techniques she copied from the spear-wielding, sky-diving Dragoons of Ishgard.
Weapon of Choice
Scythe: A scythe forged to roughly approximate a halberd's shape and functionality.
OOC Note
This information is supposed to help give you an idea on how I RP combat. While I am open to talk about any of these points and am willing to compromise if good reasons are given, they can be considered a general guideline on how I will deal with any given RP combat situation.
Narrative > Combat: I am a firm believer in the idea that in RPing combat, the most narratively and dramatically appropriate outcome of a battle should take place. That means communicating upfront about a battle that is about to happen, determining who under the given conditions will win the battle, and then in agreement over the result RPing the fight itself.
Power Level: My preference for the given power level in a fight is again ruled by what is dramatically appropriate. In general, I prefer battles that run on 'Final Fantasy Cutscene physics', as these often make for a much more cinematic flow of the fight. If you want me to tone it down and prefer more 'realistic' battles, please inform me upfront. I am also a firm believer that escalating power levels in combat can be appropriate not only in dramatic, but also comedic situations.
Injuries: This kind of overlaps with the above: In my opinion and in agreement with the power level mentioned above, injuries should be incurred when dramatically appropriate and should, again, be decided in agreement between the combatants. Injuries should also scale with tone: In a comedic or less serious fight, I am completely fine with anime-esque injuries that'll heal in a few scenes, while obviously in a serious context injuries might be more permanent.
Disagreements: If we can't agree on how combat will go despite communicating, it is probably best to just leave it at that. Otherwise I reserve the right to ignore the combatants who don't play by the rules.
I don't want to be OP: A'carisa is deliberately designed as a strong combatant. Her weaknesses very clearly lie in other areas. This is not meant as an excuse to have her never lose, merely that in traditional combat it will be a daunting task. However, she can be outsmarted, distracted, tricked into commiting wrongly - there are tons of ways to defeat her that don't involve undermining the fact that yes, she packs quite a punch.

Born the daughter of A'merahk Nunh and one of his mates into the Antelope tribe of the Strait of Merlthor, from early age on it was apparent that A'carisa excelled in all sorts of physical work. Blessed with great strength, speed and stamina, the young Miqo'te never tired in the games she played with her sister and half-sisters. As she grew up and was taught the arts of survival and war by the women of the Antelope tribe, she soon began to excell in physical combat, growing into what would eventually be one of their most capable warriors.

However, her rise came too early and ended up spoiling her personality. Unable to deal with her excess energy in constructive ways she often ended up picking fights with other children and even won a good deal of them. To her, this soon became an accepted form of dealing with her problems and she began throwing herself into more and more dangerous adventures.

As everyone else around her grew up and matured as a person, she remained somewhat childish in her outlook on the world, avoiding responsibility whereever she can in favour of the next big thrill, another battle to fight and another score to settle. This has put her increasingly at odds with the needs of her tribe, causing her more and more of a bad conscience despite being unwilling or unable to change her ways.
In Recent Times
Moving Forward
A'carisa has become notorious for constantly and without permission leaving the tribe on all sorts of endeavours, mostly to seek out opponents and witness more fighting styles. At times, she has been gone for multiple moons, only to return without much of an explanation. Her travels have carried her all over Eorzea, but despite repeated punishments from her tribe, she doesn't seem to be willing or able to change.
The tensions between her and her tribe keep mounting up slowly...

Relationship Status Legend
Romantic Interest
Sexual Interest
Best Friend

A lot of these are placeholders and will be filled out in more detail over time.

A'merahk Tia, Father ( ) - former Nunh
Character's Thoughts: "Father... I'm not dumb, I know why you're not around much anymore... But we could really need as shotcaller like you right about now."
Carisa's father was Nunh of the tribe almost twenty years ago and held his position with pride and a firm hand. Fathering many kits, he never got particularily close to any of them, deciding to be more of a role model than a doting father. Carisa does look up to him to this very day, long after he has gone back to being Tia and since removed himself from almost all tribal matters, knowing that his golden years are past him. However, she also tends to overlook his rougher edges and tends to remember him as more involved than he actually was.
A'mirhe Lhuwa, Mother ( ) - Priestess of the Antelopes
Character's Thoughts: "I don't hate that she thinks she always knows what's best. I just hate that she always thinks she knows better!"
Carisa's relationship with her mother is strained, as her rebellious streak is mostly directed against her. Whilst her mother is fiercely protective of her daughter and in no small parts to blame for her inflated ego and sense of self-worth, she has since started to course-correct. Carisa, deeming this unneccessarily restrictive wants to have none of it.
A'shino Tia, Half-Brother/Cousin? () - former Tribe Member
Character's Thoughts: "The time away from the tribe has changed him for the worse, but I still can't get myself to be mad at him - unless he forces me to."
Carisa and Shino used to be a team of troublemakers, the young Antelope girl usually leading the easily convinced Tia into one incident of mischief into the next. After he and A'khier left after the Calamity, Carisa felt betrayed by both. However, the years have softened her inital anger and when Shino reappeared, she was quick to forgive and move on, especially in light of new about Khier. However, despite getting along with him well enough when on their own, Carisa still harbour some resentment that most clearly shows when she's forced to pick sides between Andre and Shino - always and without fail standing with her Nunh.
S'kaagyiyhe Denma, Tribesister ()
Character's Thoughts: "I could have sworn I still had my purse when we went to get some drinks..."
Kaagy and Carisa manage to pull off the impressive feat of hanging out a lot without growing particularily close. Her sometimes blunt and inconsiderate manner does little to endear Kaagy to Carisa, while Carisa in turn is often not subtle or sensitive enough to pick up on the clues of communication that Kaagy deals in when talking to people, leaving her oblivious to Kaagy's more troublesome inner life.
T'arl Nunh, ( ) - Nunh of the Condors
Character's Thoughts: "He is a bit of a moraliser, but his heart is in the right place."
First met A'carisa as she was causing trouble for a merchant in Ul'dah and put her in her place. As they kept running into each other, she slowly learned to see past his what she considers moralising. Enjoys spending time around his tribe whenever her travels carry her to Ul'dah. Having become a friends of the Condors over time, she can't help but admit she envies just how in control T'arl seems to be of them, at least as far as it appears to outsiders.
???, Twin ( )
Character's Thoughts: " ."
Description of their relationship.
A'andre Nunh, Half-Brother () - current Nunh
Character's Thoughts: "You earned where you are, and yet you do nothing to deserve it. Why did life poison your mind with the tales of love and romance as the Hyur and Elezen know it?"
A childhood friend of A'carisa, and her half-brother. She respects him a lot and although their reasons couldn't be more different, sees a kindred spirit in him as they both struggle with finding ther place within the tribe. While respecting the strength by which he earned that position, she has grown increasingly frustrated with him after his ascension to the position of Nunh. Blaming him of not fulfilling his duties to the tribe in the correct fashion based on her rather traditional views of the matter, his reluctance more and more translates into weakness in her mind. For now, she has not given up on him yet, though...
A'lana Zumyn, Tribesister ()
Character's Thoughts: "She's great to hang out with, when she's not talking about all her research. Seriously, who picks Alagan tech as their hobby?"
Carisa gets along quite well with Lana, though Lana's relationship with Andre puts a minor strain on their relationship. Being a great listener to Carisa's rants and being of a similar disposition make Lana the joined tribesister Carisa is closest to in the entire tribe.
Syren Black, () - Friend of the Tribe
Character's Thoughts: "I gotta admit, I envy her. She's all I'm not: Graceful, cultured - she even managed to get Andre's attention. Teach me your secrets, damn it!"
Despite the elephant of Syren being Andre's lover in the room and between them, Carisa gets along rather well with Syren. She has a deep respect for the Keeper woman and frequently seeks out her advice when she knows cooler heads than hers are required to overcome a particular problem. They have bonded over their shared love for music and often just hang out and chat.
The Shino Orphans ()
Character's Thoughts: "Seriously, how many of them are there?"
Carisa is weary of most of the orphans Shino has 'collected' and then left with the tribe. While some of them are in good standings with her, their defensive attitude towards Shino leaves her at odds with them quite often.
NPC Rumours

Let's face it, people like A'carisa quickly have people talk behind their backs about them or retelling stories of some of the stupid or daring things they did. Some of these stories grow in the telling, while others shrink until they can barely capture what truly happened. Here are just some of the things you might hear about her...

◢ Common Rumours - Easily overheard. Use these freely!
"Her tribe once had her carry a bunch of rocks up the Vylbrand vulcano as punishment for her irresponsible behaviour." — Wineport Trader.
"She once sank a ship while challenging a bunch of pirates to a fight for no particular reason." — Drowning Wench Guest.
◢ Uncommon Rumours - A little more difficult to hear. Use sparingly or ask first!
"Did you know she's barred from entering the city of Ishgard?" — Limsa Lominsa City Guard.
"That scythe she wields? She bought it from some traveler in Mor Dhona." — Chocobo Porter at Eastern La Noscea.
◢ Rare Rumours - Very rarely overheard. Please ask before using!
"Most treasured possession? I know what she hides most carefully of all, at least. A soulstone! And I'm pretty sure she stole it who knows where." — An Antelope tribe member.
PC Rumours

If you want to spread your own rumours about A'carsia, feel free to leave them here.

◢ Player Character Rumours - Some of these are more rare than others!
"Rumour" — Rumourmonger.
"Rumour" — Rumourmonger.

RP Info

AcarisaMerahk rpinfo.png
Location & Probability
Places where the character is very likely to be seen
Eastern Vylbrand Coast: Very High
La Noscea in General: High
Limsa Lominsa: Medium
Mist: Medium
Elsewhere: ??? (highly dependant on her spontaneous travels)
Most of these aren’t public, and would have to be asked after!
Antelopes of Merlthor: Her tribe.
Maelstrom Grand Company: Loose associate.
RP Limits
RPers are as varied as the corns of sand on the beach, with various different tastes, interests and methods of going about every single aspect of our hobby. While I too obviously prefer some things and dislike others to the point where I won't RP them period, above all else, I believe that OOC communication is key. If you are uncertain about something, if you have a grand idea for an RP hook, if you got a suggestion, themes you'd like to explore, if you wonder whether content XYZ is appropriate to my tastes, talk to me before we RP. Let's have an honest and open conversation first and foremost. At worst we'll disagree and don't RP. And at best, we'll find a solution that works for everyone and get to RP the hell out of that!
I will play Comedic and serious plots; violent content and fights: within the limits set in the combat OOC section of this page; fluff; drama; classical mysteries; and; much; more...
Ask about Epic, large scale & long term plots: these take a lot of commitment that I don't always have time for or am willing to invest in; Sexual and romantic content: While I am not opposed to either, both fields are littered with tons of red flags that I'd first like to make sure are avoided. This ranges from content I consider to be disgusting with the former type of content all the way to tropes that make me want to throw up in relation to the latter type of content;
I won't play Poorly written plots; lore-breaking characters and plots; interaction with mary sues; pure ERP plots; and; much; more...
RP Hooks
Here are some ideas and suggestions for spontaneous RPing. Please always send a tell first or contact me otherwise to make sure I got time.
■ Being challenged to battle by A'carisa.
■ Placeholder for more in future (hopefully...)
OOC Notes
Player Information
Player Note
As with all my characters, they should be considered to be a perpetual 'work in progress', so feel free to check back here freqently.
Character Lore Adherence
This character tries to abide by game lore to the best of my ability, while adding and filling out blanks where needed, such as her tribe. Should future patches create contradictions between game lore and character lore, game lore is presumed to apply and the character will be updated soon to fix those contradictions!
Character Concept
This character was partially lifted and adapted from elements of other characters I have made and RPed with in the past, adjusted to fit the Miqo'te and tribal background.
Character Tidbits
Here are some tropes that are either contained within the character to some degree, or even backwards served as inspiration for particular elements. Feel free to enjoy your links to the internet's most effective browser narcotic.

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