A'mahri Kahz

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A'mahri Kahz
"Lady of the Fields"



NAME + ALIASES... A'mahri "Mahrigold" Kahz

RACE & CLAN... Miqo'te, Seeker of the Sun

NAMEDAY... 10th Sun of the 6th Umbral Moon.

GENDER... Female

AGE... Twenty-four




PLACE OF BIRTH.. Outer La Noscea

RESIDENCE... Plot 30, 4 Ward, The Lavender Beds

FAMILY... A'dahlia Bhel (Mother), A'kahz Nunh (Father, deceased)

OCCUPATION... Botanist & Shopkeeper for Clockwork Trading Co.

PATRON DEITY... Azeyma, the Warden

HEIGHT... 5 fulms, 2 ilms

WEIGHT... 146 ponze.


"Want to know a bit about me, ay? Well, that's a bit of a shocker." - A'mahri Kahz

Limsa Lominsa-transparent.png A'mahri Kahz
Lominsan Sun Cat
Gender Female
Race Miqo'te
Clan Seeker of the Sun
Citizenship Limsa Lominsa
Age 24
Deity Azeyma, the Warden
Orientation Bisexual
Marital Status Dating
Occupation Botanist / Merchant
Nameday 10th Sun of the 6th Umbral Moon

A'mahri Kahz (Ah-Ma-Ree Kaz) is a cheerful, energetic Miqo'te woman born on the 10th Sun of the 6th Umbral moon. She was born into the Antelope Tribe, located in the more densely-wooded sections of South Shroud. With an uprise of conflict in the tribe nearly a week after A'mahri was born, several tribesmen, as well as A'mahri, had relocated to Outer La Noscea.

However, due to lack of leadership and direction from the sept's nunh, which had eventually lead to his death, the small group of Antelopes had either returned to the Shroud, or taken up residence in Limsa Lominsa, A'mahri and her mother choosing the latter.

Despite having to grow and adapt to a much different lifestyle, A'mahri remains positive throughout everything regardless! Many years later, A'mahri is the current co-owner of Clockwork Trading Co. -- a business partnership set up by her best friend, Dezmond Neophytos. She currently resides in the Free Company's headquarters located in the Lavender Beds, where she runs the front desk and assists in crafting projects commissioned to the company. However, that isn't to say that someone wouldn't be able to spot A'mahri running around the woodlands of Eorzea, collecting samples of flora and other scraps to use for work.

Of course, there's no need to be shy around this boistrous lass -- she doesn't bite! In fact, she'd be more than happy to pull out a chair and tell you a story or two of her travels.


Pip - A'mahri's 'adopted son' and 'personal bodyguard'. Though he's entirely too heavy for the Miqo'te to carry, the mammet is never too far from her side. Do approach with caution, however, as his 'malfunction' may cause some offense and harm to others.

Ink Bottle and Quill - Though she isn't too sure why she carries these items around, they're quite useful for signing documents on the go!

Coin Pouch - It doesn't hurt to carry some pocket change, though A'mahri never carries more than 500g on her person unless she's being either guarded, or on business.

Bandages - It's a miracle that A'mahri still has all her fingers and toes, especially after how many mishaps she has while at work. It always helps to have one or two rolls of bandages on hand!

Brown Leather Satchel - A fairly large satchel to carry A'mahri's tools and equipment in. It's fairly old and smells musty, but it gets the job done. If one looks closely, they'd be able to notice the small blotches of dry ink staining the bottom of the bag.



Complexion: A'mahri is shown to have a fair skin tone, compared to most Seeker Miqo'te you may see out and about. Spending most of her time working indoors, the Miqo'te doesn't get the opportunity to be out in the sun that much. When she has the free time, A'mahri does try sunbathing in an attempt to make her skin darker. However, she has been cursed with the trait of burning more often than tanning in the sun.

Hair: Dark Brown and shoulder-length which is often styled differently.

Eyes: Left Eye Blue, Right Eye Green

Body: Slightly tall for a Miqo'te, A'mahri proudly stands at 5 fulms 2 ilms. She shows signs of pudginess in some areas, namely her hips and stomach, giving her a more 'pear' shaped body. However, her arms and legs appear to be quite toned - most likely from cycles of outdoor work.

Scent: A'mahri often carries the scent of freshly cut grass and wood, which unfortunately, may also be paired with sweat. When she does bathe however, she may give off the scent of rolanberries and lemon.

Additional Features: A'mahri's fingers and hands are often stained with ink or covered in dirt. They also show small cuts which are more than likely from accidents when working.

Clothing Style: A bit of a 'fashionista', A'mahri will throw on whatever 'looks good', but still can be useful for work. That being said, A'mahri will more than likely be seen wearing aprons and other sorts of protective equipment. When in the field, A'mahri will wear more lighter clothing to increase mobility - and ironically, wearing heavier clothing while in Coerthas. Additionally, A'mahri also has an affinity for the color red - and most if not all of her clothing will contain a form of 'redness' in them.


At a first glance, A'mahri can come off as loud, obnoxious, and maybe even a little bit scatterbrained. Having spent the majority of her life around the hustle and bustle of Limsa Lominsa, it would be undeniable that she would be influenced by some of the city-state's native folk. However, wanting to be taken more seriously in her place of employment, A'mahri will attempt to 'tone down' her behavior a few notches -- drawing her words out longer to conceal her 'dialect' when communicating with clientele.

In addition, A'mahri displays a degree of cockiness when it comes to her own skills -- going as far as to claiming to be a Master Craftsman and to be the best of the best in her trading company. Though, in actuality, A'mahri's skills in both gathering and crafting are average. She also has a habit of deeply exaggerating the truth -- an example being that she would make herself appear as the 'main character' of whichever scenario she so happens to be in.

Upon cracking A'mahri's wild 'shell' of a character, one may discover that she takes pride in her work - even going so far as to working herself to exhaustion in order to meet quotas unless forced to stop by her superiors. She displays an undying loyalty to both Clockwork Trading Co. and towards her boss, Dezmond, in order to gain recognition for her work.

Lastly, though she is guilty of spending unnecessary amounts of gil on luxuries in her youth, A'mahri is shown to be quite frugal -- refusing to spend on anything outside of necessities after receiving a rather harsh tongue-lashing from her mother. However, A'mahri will always put a bit of gil to the side to 'treat herself' when the time is right. Though, don't be too surprised if you find A'mahri trying to win a free drink or two off of your character!


Liar Liar, Pants on Fire! -- A'mahri is prone to lying, mainly to keep herself out of trouble and in an attempt to impress everyone she communicates with.
Name-calling -- Being bad with names, A'mahri refers to some of her aquaintences with nicknames. This is all in harmful fun, though some may be offended by some of the random names she'll make.
Stubborn -- It's relatively difficult for A'mahri to take "No" for an answer. If she is told not to do something, she'll most likely do it anyway.
Hing..Er...What? -- With a combination of both her 'Lominsan dialect' and her exciteable nature, A'mahri is prone to talking fast..REALLY fast. In turn, it may be hard to understand what she's trying to say.
Perfectionist -- A'mahri isn't one to half-ass her work, and will go great lengths to make sure her productions are more satisfactory. However, she will become extremely frustrated should things go wrong or unplanned.


Sylphs -- During one of her expeditions into the Black Shroud, A'mahri fell victim to a Sylph's pranks, which ended up in her being covered from head-to-toe in some really adhesive tree sap. Since then, A'mahri has developed a fear towards the 'flying gysahl greens' beast tribe.
Vilekin -- A'mahri is definitely not fond of the large creepy-crawlies.
Thaumaturgy -- Not being able to understand thaumaturgy, A'mahri has a very thin line of trust in it. As superstitious as she is, she claims that it's an evil act and whoever uses it probably has some dark motives.



Reading -- Though she hasn't fully mastered the art of literature, A'mahri does enjoy sitting down and reading a good book -- as long as there aren't any big words.
Music -- A'mahri has a huge respect for bards, and even wanted to become one herself! However, she hasn't the slightest on how to play an instrument.
Magitek -- A'mahri knows little to nothing about Magitek and other advanced technologies, but she likes the appearance of them.
Gardening -- Red Rooster Stead was a location A'mahri frequented a lot while growing up, so much that she had learned how to maintain her own garden at home! Despite the fact that she feels like she's wrestling the Shroud's elementals just to get a good yield, she's quite the green thumb when she tries hard enough.


Sweets -- Not having much of a sweet-tooth, A'mahri prefers more savory foods, and may turn away any offers consisting of high amounts of sugar.
Cold weather -- Living in Ishgard with her employer for some time was similar to traveling in the Seven Hells itself. A'mahri absolutely hates the cold and will do anything she can to avoid it.
Strong alcohol -- A'mahri enjoys the more simpler alcohols in life -- totally not because she's a lightweight or anything.
Gigantoads -- Though she's well-versed in leatherworking, A'mahri will be very reluctant to gather Gigantoad skins...too slimy!

Weapons + Combat Styles

Bow - A'mahri's primary choice in having to use a weapon would be a bow. Being the first weapon A'mahri was taught how to hunt with as a child, she had grown with years of practice and is quite comfortable with using one. She prefers a stealthy approach towards her prey over all else, and finds much more advantages towards attacking from a distance than upfront. Her main bow is a longbow crafted from Dark Chestnut lumber that she whimsically calls her 'baby'.

Daggers - A'mahri's 'last resort' weapon, though she rarely carries them on her. Should she be unable to use a bow for whatever reason, A'mahri will quickly switch to daggers, which she tucks away into her boots (when she doesn't forget them). Crafted from cheap copper, A'mahri probably wouldn't miss them should they be damaged or destroyed.

Axe - A secondary choice of weapon. When A'mahri is out gathering in the fields and a creature happens to attack, this is mostly her only form of defense. She's not very competant with axes and the like, however, and often swings herself off-balance. However, the strong, reinforced steel is probably more than enough to cut through flesh and bone.


When it comes to crafting, of course A'mahri isn't as 'masterful' as she claims to be. In fact, her main specialties lie in Leatherworking and Weaving. From tanning hides to mending clothing, A'mahri enjoys the thrill of "makin' stuff out of nothin'.", as she would put it. Back in Limsa Lominsa, she had only just begun Carpentry and isn't too adept at it as of yet - but with a bit of practice, she plans on making furniture and other goods to sell in the company. A'mahri's tools of the trade are the typical knives, awls, and needles that one might use when carrying out a task with the two skills. When the opportunity comes along where she's commissioned something, she pays close attention to detail - to make sure not a thread is out of line and not a single scratch in the leather is seen.


"We must make changes for the better and we must not make mistakes. We must not surrender. This is our new life now." -A'dahlia to a young A'mahri.


A'mahri's story began in the midst of a sudden split involving the Miqo'te Antelope tribe. The tribe's Nunh, A'tahro, was forced to pass his title on to a fellow tribesman named A'kahz, who defeated him in a duel to become the one to lead the tribe. thir After getting adjusted to his new position, A'kahz made a snap decision to relocate a small number of Antelope tribesmen to faraway lands in search of a new territory to claim. Though the idea at first seemed foolish, a handful of people supported his decision. At the time of departure roughly a few months later, thirteen people had volunteered to join A'kahz on his journey, and in turn, A'tahro was assigned to look after the rest of the tribe. During the voyage, A'mahri, as well as five other children were born before they arrived at La Noscea.

For the first few moons following their arrival, A'kahz and his group of followers were adapting fairly quickly to the new land. Food was bountiful thanks to their closer proximity to water, and some had even begun to take up spearfishing and agriculture. However, food doesn't last, and many hardships made their way to A'kahz's sept after some time had passed. And so, with thirteen people, plus five additional hungry mouths to now feed, A'kahz was under great pressure. Though he was a strong man with a skill to match, he was a terrible leader. Soon, the sept had begun to resent A'kahz and his decision to be far away from home. He outright refused to show weakness and return to the Shroud, and his inexperience as a head figure had lead to many arguments and confusion throughout his people.

Several months later, crops had withered, wavekin had caught on to the spearmen and fled more successfully, and in an attempt to show off his strength to his tribe, A'kahz was trampled by a raging buffalo after one too many prods of a spear. Thus, the tribe was at a loss as to what to do. No other male in A'kahz's sept was willing to grab the torch, and after a joint decision one day, the group of eighteen Miqo'te parted ways. Some had returned to the Shroud, where A'tahro had reclaimed Nunhship, some had wandered off in any random direction, and some had decided to take up residency in Limsa Lominsa.

A'dahlia, A'mahri's mother, had chosen the latter, and so began their journey to the city-state.


"Are we still a tribe, Momma?"

Several years had passed since A'mahri and A'dahlia had arrived at Limsa Lominsa, and though raising a child by herself in a new setting was difficult at first, A'dahlia managed to shape A'mahri into a cheerful young girl. With little to no recollection of what had happened back on the shores of Outer La Noscea, A'mahri always pestured her mother with questions about family, life when her mother was younger, etc. Though she was a little annoyed at the young Miqo'te's constant barrage of questions, she wanted A'mahri to grow up strong and independant, and thought she'd spare A'mahri any details of what occurred several years ago, of A'kahz and A'tahro, and tribal lifestyle.

Financially, having little to no money had brought a large deal of struggle onto the two Miqo'te. After pawning what little knickknacks she had, A'dahlia had eventually managed to rent an inn room and obtain a position at the Drowning Wench after asking around. As a result, A'dahlia worked long hours while A'mahri was left at the Mizzenmast.

Teenage Years & Adulthood - Into the Life of Crafting

"Toys, pots, kettles, an' the like! Bring 'em up and I'll fix 'em for ya'!" - A'mahri, running her makeshift repair stand.

Things have mostly been the same for a while. A'dahlia busy at the Drowning Wench and A'mahri left to her own devices. Though, as she got older, she was allowed to walk around town while her mother was working. She frequented the ferry docks quite often, and loitered around the outside of Naldiq & Vymelli's to watch the deckhands and craftsmen run in and out of the guild for supplies for hours-on-end.

One day while on her daily routine, however, A'mahri got the chance to sit down and watch an actual ship be prepared from start to finish. Fascinated by how something all banged up magically look like it didn't have a scratch on it, A'mahri decided she wanted to take up crafting as a career -- a nice opposition (at least, in A'mahri's mind) to working with her mother as a tavern wench. Fifteen, a little bit broke, and nothing to really work with, A'mahri learned to make basic adhesives to help fix household items. She was capable of at least sticking handles back on to axes, stopping leaks in pots, and gluing handles on to teacups. Figuring this was at least enough to warrent opening a 'Mender's stand', A'mahri found a little corner in Hawker's Alley to set up shop. As sad as it was, however, her stand scarcely gained any attention. Who would want to hand a scrappy teenager expensive equipment in the first place, right?

However, she did make a few gil here and there on basic repair jobs. Some folk would toss her a child's toy to repair, or ask her to paint a flask with some little designs to make them less boring. Though A'mahri was bummed out at how unsuccessful her stall was compared to the more well-known merchants that frequented the market, practice did eventually make perfect, and A'mahri soon took on more large-scale assignments (mostly from begging until the client agreed to it.) and as a result, positive word-of-mouth from A'mahri's efforts gained her some more attention.

Like Clockwork

"I haven't done the whole 'big business' stuffs yet. Though, if it means I'll be makin' more gil than I am currently, it's an offer I can't refuse."

Roughly four cycles later, A'mahri was working at her little stand when she met a man by the name of Dezmond Neophytos, an engineer from Ishgard who had been commissioned to work on a special job in Limsa Lominsa. After a little bit of conversation and a cup of tea and biscuits, the two had immediately hit it off. Learning of Dezmond's business in the city, A'mahri had offered to assist him on his project, and soon joined the Hyur on finishing his project.

Upon completion, which was more-or-less attaching some upgrades to a Maelstrom-governed ship, Dezmond offered A'mahri to join him as his retainer so they could carry on taking projects back at his home in Ishgard and rake in some gil. Though reluctant at first, A'mahri and Dezmond struck each other a business deal which would eventually evolve into their Free Company, Clockwork Trading Co. -- A supply and manufacturing coalition which specialized in chronometers and other technology for the people of Eorzea.

After saying goodbye to A'dahlia (who later, dropped the tribal prefix from her name), the two journeyed back to Ishgard. After spending a bit of time getting adjusted and working on their business plans, taking in projects and raising a few funds along the way, they eventually purchased a plot of land nestled in the Lavender Beds to set up their 'Southern Branch' of Clockwork Trading Co.

I Am Not Throwing Away My Shot

"I can't let everyone down, I've ruined everything enough as it is."

In a low-income period of Clockwork Trading Co., A'mahri took it among herself to (quite literally) work herself to death. The company's coffers were running low and the shelves were collecting dust. Workers were leaving because of pay deduction and conflict. Competition with other companies was at an all-time high and demands were drifting over towards Far Eastern Influence. In turn, A'mahri felt that she needed to work harder and faster to meet the wishes of her customers.

It wasn't much at first, the Miqo'te just staying up a little past shop hours to finish up on some extra projects. However, full nights of sleep soon became none - meals had become nothing more than nibbles on bread. Though she knew these habits would leave negative marks on her body, she didn't want to let both her mother and Dezmond down, and continued working. However, one day, while returning to the shop, A'mahri collapsed on the front lawn. After being discovered and brought to a local medic, A'mahri was diagnosed with a heavy case of aether sickness due to her frequent aetheryte travelling from location to location. As a result, A'mahri was out of commission and confined to bed back at her mother's room in Limsa, and Dezmond had temporarily closed down Clockwork Trading Co. while she recovered.

The following year, A'mahri had eventually gotten better. She was able to make it out of bed and walk around without fail, but she was prone to dizziness spells and a lot of fatigue. After a long talk with Dezmond, the two opened the doors to Clockwork Trading Co. once more. However, being sensitive to the smells of fumes and metals in the shop, A'mahri brought her profession elsewhere, taking up Botany after several moons of study.

Please feel free to add your own rumors under PC! Some of these rumors may be untrue or greatly exaggerated.

Common Rumors (Easily overheard)

"Oh, right -- Dahlia's kid. The lass was a bit o' a yapper in 'er youth, but I'm happy t' see she's matured a lil'." ~Stationary Yellowjacket
"She used to have a lil' crate she used as a market stall -- didn't get a whole lot of attention, but she fixed me kid's toys for cheap." ~Lominsan Mother
"The manager of Clocktower...or..something, right? She's got a bit of a gob on her."~Gridanian Citizen

Moderate Rumors (Moderately difficult to overhear)

"Word is, her and Dahlia are runaways. Bein' they're Miqo'te, I ain't too surprised if it's true. Their 'culture' is a lil' bit different from ours, ain't it?" ~Lominsan Tavern Wench
"A'mahri!? She's definitely not the sharpest tool in the shed, that's for sure. I once saw her glue her hand to a plank of wood -- then proceed to start smacking things around with it!" ~Doubtful Gridanian

Rare Rumors (Very difficult or rarely overheard)

"A'mahri...she was one of the kits with us while we were with A'kahz. I think she's a crafter now?" ~Former A'kahz tribesman
"The lass almost died -- thinkin' she'd be able to blow her funds on Aetheryte travel. After a hefty aether sickness, she was bedridden for nearly a whole summer -- Dahlia told me 'bout it!" ~Drowning Wench Patron

PC Rumors (Rumors from the characters of other players)

"Insert rumor here." ~Name
"Insert rumor here." ~Name
"Insert rumor here." ~Name
💑 In a Relationship Romantic Interest Sexual Desire Platonic Love Family Good Standing Neutral Poor Standing Deceased

💑 Dezmond Neophytos - "Dezzo, Head-Honcho, Ser Dezzalot" : Dezmond and A'mahri's relationship goes all the way back to when they had first met in Limsa Lominsa. Being hired as his retainer, A'mahri displays a large amount of loyalty and speaks highly of this Ishgardian male. She enjoys teasing him, and after a shared confession of feelings between the two of them, the two are now romantically involved. These two have each other's backs constantly -- doing anything in their power to keep each other happy should they be stressed or feeling down.

Sareyu Ejinn - "Sare/Reyu" : A former employee of Clockwork Trading Co. Though the Xaela's lack of emotion and unfamiliarity of Eorzean culture baffled A'mahri, she valued Sareyu's company and is definitely more than pleased at the fact that she was able to communicate with another female within the company -- almost to a degree of sisterly affection. With Sareyu's resignation from the free company, however, and no definite leads as to her current location, A'mahri worries that the Auri woman might be in danger.


A'dahlia Bhel (Mother) ~~ A former hunter-gatherer for the Miqo'te Antelope tribe. Though she's strict and protective when it comes to A'mahri, she wants nothing more than for her daughter to be successful.

Nowadays, A'dahlia had dropped her tribal prefix, simply going by Dahlia, and continues serving tables in the Drowning Wench -- though she still writes letters to A'mahri and sends her gifts on a weekly basis.

A'kahz Nunh (Sire, Deceased) ~~ Though he was the designated breeding Nunh at around the time A'mahri was born, he will always be referred to as her 'father'. Not knowing the specific details of the man's personality or death in her early years, she idolizes the man for his efforts in keeping everyone together.

Coming Soon!

Want to walk up to A'mahri and find yourself struggling to come up with a conversation topic? Worry not! Perhaps the topics below will give you some ideas.


Note: Use these whenever!

If your character is a tribal Miqo'te, feel free to educate A'mahri on their culture!

If your character is from Limsa Lominsa, they may have seen or remembered A'mahri's little repair stall in Hawker's Alley.

What a strange-looking contraption! A'mahri is always dragging Pip everywhere with her ever since she built it with Dezmond. Perhaps your character may want to talk to A'mahri about her little mammetian companion.

Use these,'OTHER APPEARANCES', and 'AFFILIATIONS' to your heart's content!

A'mahri made a few few appearances here and there at the Fated Inn , which was one of her favorite stops.

A'mahri along with the rest of Clockwork Trading Co. took part in the Festival of Free Companies

A'mahri had attended the Eternal Bonding Ceremony of Balther Strongblade and Sareyu Ejinn, in which she was the maid of honor.


A'mahri would often be seen loitering around in the Carline Canopy, the Forgotten Knight, and the Drowning Wench.

More recently, A'mahri may be seen wandering around The Shroud picking berries and chopping wood.

A'mahri tends to perform most of her business transactions and meetings at Fallgourd Float and various DoH guilds throughout Eorzea.


Clockwork Trading Co. (Free Company)

What I am looking for/interested in:

IC Friends, enemies, interaction! I've been trying to get back into the world of FF RP and simple conversation could be enough to get me started. (OOC friends are even better! /o/)

Plotlines and Stories! Though A'mahri was purposely made to be a more 'background' character, I'd be totally willing to throw her into plots.

Clientele! A'mahri is skilled in the arts of Botany. Being the manager of Clockwork Trading Company, she is always looking for people to commission her.

Walk-ups and tells! I don't mind which - I just wanna RP!

What I will NOT RP:

I will refuse any sort of ERP whatsoever. If your character chooses to flirt with A'mahri, that's fine by me. However, any sort of action into the 'ERP boundary' will be rejected. I'm fine if ERP is your thing, but it's simply not mine.

Character Death & Mutilation

Anything extremely lore-broken. A bit of bending here and there is acceptable, but I will refuse to delve into anything that goes overboard.

About the Player:

Naturally, I post in paragraphs and consider myself as a sort of medium/heavy type of role-player. It gives me a chance to really 'give it my all' in a sense. I also prefer the amount of descriptive detail you can give while doing so. However, I will tone the brevity down a bit when in larger groups so I can match the pace of the conversation more easily.

OOCly, I suffer from social anxiety. While I'm roleplaying, I'm usually freaking out 99% of the time. Please take this into consideration and have patience with me if you chose to RP with me.

Do forgive me if I take a long time to post. With the stupid auto-scroll function in FF, it's really easy for me to get lost in the sea of posts.

While RPing, I always type my responses out on a word doc before copy/pasting them in-game. It may sound slow, but I both type and proofread quite quickly! It also helps me keep track of where I am in my posts because the limited spacing of the chat box makes me get lost sometimes.

For personal reasons, I will refuse to RP in the Quicksand. I'll be blunt -- I'm not looking for weird stuff.

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