Adam Bodiford

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Ul'dah-transparent.png Adam Bodiford
Gender Male
Race Hyur
Clan Midlander
Citizenship Ul'dah
Nameday 25th Sun of the 2nd Astral Moon
Guardian Nald'thal
Class Gladiator

Basic Info

Height:  5' 11.5"
Age:  27
Weight:  180
Complexion:  Caucasian
Eyes:  Blue
Hair:  Blonde with red highlights

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The family name, Bodiford, is one of the oldest Hyur names in Eorzea. It was originally a name for a person who worked as a coppersmith or a dealer in baterie, which is a term for beaten copper or brassware. The surname, Bodiford, is possibly derived from the word bateor, meaning one who beats. The surname may also be a short form of the word orbatour, which means a beater of gold. Variations of the surname include: Batsford, Batesford, Batisford, Botsford, Botsforth, and many more.


The Bodiford ancestors came to Eorzea during the first great Hyur migratory wave in the Sixth Astral Era. Specializing in metalworking, the Bodifords naturally settled in the great city-state of Ul'dah due to it's abundant mineral resources. Seeing a vast potential for prominence and wealth, they eventually transitioned their brass and copper smithing trade into a successful goldsmithing and fine jewelry company which came to be known as, "Bodiford & Sons." Many generations of Bodifords have all been influential members of the Goldsmith's Guild including Adam's father, Henry Thomas Bodiford the 3rd.

When Adam was just a wee lad, Henry would often take him to the Coliseum to watch the mighty gladiators compete. Needless to say, he developed a fascination for the art of the blade at an early age. For his 15th birthday he received his first wooden Macuahuitl. His father would often throw a few Gil to the Brass Blade officers at the Scorpion Crossing outpost in Western Thanalan to let his boy go a few rounds with their striking dummies. It was cheaper than buying him his own. Plus, his Mum wasn't to keen on him playing with swords.


Adam Bodiford is a noble and highly ambitious young man who’s greatest downfall is that he occasionally puts too much pressure on himself. This began to manifest itself in the form of anxiety during his early teenage years. Sometimes when meeting new people or facing unfamiliar or awkward situations his nerves tend to get the better of him. However, he is too driven and determined to succeed to let it keep him from achieving greatness!

When you first meet Adam, he might come across as quiet and reserved, but don’t let that stop you from saying hello. Usually he’s either deep in thought or just observing the situation and goings on around him. He loves a good conversation as much as anybody and once he feels comfortable, he can carry on with the best of them. His Mum raised him to be a well-mannered gentleman and he would never intentionally be rude, even to strangers.

Ever the hopeless romantic, he often finds himself looking for love in all the wrong places.

Throughout his life Adam has never wanted for anything. Most that know him wouldn’t go so far as to call him “spoiled” but it’s fair to say he never fully developed an appreciation for the value of hard work. All of that changed after setting upon the path of the Adventurer. Having to perform the menial tasks of those he once looked down upon just to gain favor with the Ul'dahn citizens was quite a humbling experience.

Despite being surrounded by money his whole life, Adam really could care less about wealth. He only sees it as a means to an end, and would rather be remembered for glory rather than gold. The same glory bestowed upon the gladiators he idolized as a child. The same glory that the Warriors of Light brought upon Eorzea! As far as Adam is concerned, the glory of victory in battle is worth more than all the Gil in Ul'dah!

Career Aspirations

It would seem that Adam’s path was laid out for him: become a Goldsmith, take over the family business, bask in the success of many generations and live happily and wealthily ever after. There was only one problem with that...he had no interest in the life of a Goldsmith whatsoever! The thought of being chained to a grinding wheel, day in and day out, hammering away - always hammering - was a torture he simply could not endure. An Adventurer's life is a dangerous one...but it was always the only life for young Adam. He always said, "I may end up a vagabond on Pearl Lane, but at least I chose my own path!"

As soon as Adam became of age he marched down to The Quicksand to join the Adventurer's guild. Given his love for the arena, joining the Gladiator's guild seemed the next most logical choice. Who knows where this noble Adventurer will end up? There are rumors speculating of new guilds and disciplines of the blade being taught in distance lands, such as: the Rogue, the Ninja, and the Paladin. Only time will tell as the Adventure of Adam Bodiford unfolds!


  • Gladiator
  • Paladin
  • Rogue


  • Adam is currently not a member of any tradecraft guilds.