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 Adarkidai Tumetkakhol
Adarkidai 1.png
That's the funniest thing I heard all day
Gender Female
Race Au Ra
Clan Xaela, of the Kahkol tribe (see history)
Citizenship No citizenship. But spends more time in Ul'dah than other cities.
Age 25
Deity Rhalgr the Destroyer
Orientation Heterosexual
Marital Status Single
Occupation Nothing permanent. Mostly for hire labor, when funds are needed.
Nameday 7th Sun of the 4th Astral Moon
Adarkidai Tumetkakhol, or Dai to her friends, was born on the 7th Sun of the 4th Astral Moon.
When in one of the cities, she tends to spend most of her time in one of the taverns, or in the merchant area.
Adarkidai does not really follow the political movements except where it directly affects her, and even then she has little more than passing knowledge of events.
No Free Company as of now.

Your Character's Inventory

Adarkidai always keeps a crude hand-carved toy of a coeurl in her bag that she made, though she really doesn't know why, as it serves no purpose and is just extra weight. The tail can occasionally be seen sticking out of the bag.

Complexion: Deep tanned, from spending so much time out in the open country.

Hair: Adarkidai almost always wears her flowing blue hair down, though she will put it up on rare occasions.

Eyes: Adarkidai has wide bright blue eyes, which tends to give the impression of child-like wonder and innocence.

Adarkidai keeps in shape, mainly because she is always on the go, and not really because she is conscious about it. Lean and deceptively muscular, she can hold her own.
Adarkidai's voice is very sing-songy, though she doesn't really like it. She tries to cover it, but usually gives up after a couple minutes.
Since she spends a lot of time outside in various regions, Adarkidai usually carries the faint aroma of the most recent region she was in (for example, when in Gridania, the aroma of woodlands would be present). Even after bathing, the scent is always present.
Upon first meeting a new person, Adarkidai is usually a bit stand-offish. Once the barrier is broken, though, she is extremely easy to talk to. And acquaintances of friends are treated as if she had known them a long time.


She will sometimes pick a fight with a larger person to make up for her smaller stature.
She often will leap before she looks (sometimes in the most literal sense of the phrasing).


Adarkidai is not a fan of wasps and hornets, which she tries to avoid at all costs. Even if it means taking the long way to get where she is going.


She has learned to be a talented escape artist, because of her history. She has vowed to never be left in that position again, and is constantly practicing or learning new techniques.


Adarkidai has the habit of biting her lower lip when nervous or frustrated.
When drunk, her body temperature shoots up (at least that's how it feels to her), so she tends to strip down. Needless to say, she VERY rarely drinks more than one cup of ale.
Tends to get seasick/airsick very easily, so tries to avoid those modes of travel if at all possible.



She is trying to learn to be a carpenter, as is evidenced by the couerl toy in her bag. She's not very good at it, but she keeps trying.


The outdoors in any region.


Anything that requires reading to learn, as she prefers the "learn by doing" method.


Favorite Color: Big fan of blue, though she tends to wear white for some unknown (or not willing to say) reason.
Favorite Food: Aldgoat steak, rare.
Favorite Drink: Orange juice
Favorite Scent: Nature
Favorite Place: The Shroud region of Gridania.

To be added.


To be added.


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To be added.

Birth and childhood (0-10)

Adarkidai was born into the Tumet tribe, but unwanted by her father. Her father had wanted a son, and had already had the name chosen, hence the unusual Adarkidai for a female Au Ra. Being of some importance, her father was able to convince the tribe chieftains to expel the girl without even the chance to join the tribe. So at age ten, Adarkidai (still unnamed at this time, though she was aware of the chosen name) was tied to a sacred tree according to tradition, but in such a way that escape was not possible. She struggled for three days to undo the bindings, but to no avail. And to remind her of her unwanted status, a placard was placed at the foot of the tree in plain sight, so that she would know. A rogue Au Ra happened upon her and seeing her predicament, and that she was near death, took her down from the tree and back to his own makeshift tribe, the Kahkol.

Teen Years

After being nursed back to health, she underwent a number of trials to show her gratitude and loyalty to the Kakhol tribe. Upon proving herself, she was allowed to choose a name. Knowing what her name should have been in the Tumet tribe had she been male, she chose the unconventional Adarkidai. And to never forget or forgive the tribe that abandoned her, she incorporated Tumet into her tribal name. After a number of years, she steadily grew in prestige, and she was allowed to leave the tribe for predetermined periods of time, to seek out other Au Ra who were in a similar situation, unwanted or lost to their own tribe. She managed to bring a few back, but after being out in the world on her own, her desire to return grew less. She finally worked up the courage to seek her unconditional freedom, and was told she could leave the tribe for a period of ten years to make sure this is what she truly wanted. She could return at any time within the ten years and be accepted back unconditionally. However, after that time, she would not be allowed to return, and would have to unassociated herself with the Kahkol tribe.


Adarkidai readily agreed, and set out to seek a place for herself among the lands of Eorzea. She did some things to survive that she wasn’t particularly proud of, and she also did some things that she was surprised she was able to do, such as fight off two bandits intent on taking her belongings, and also save the lives of children of various races who had either gotten lost, abandoned or were in danger for various reasons. This is where she started to develop her conjuring skills, to compliment her already high skill in archery. For now, Adarkidai just wanders Eorzea, sometimes stopping into one of the major cities to resupply or for a change of scenery, but mostly feels at home out in the open, with the sky as her ceiling and the ground as her floor.

Please feel free to add your own rumors under PC! Some of these rumors may be untrue or greatly exaggerated.

Common Rumors (Easily overheard)

"I heard tell there's not a cage or a knot that can hold her." ~Various people
"Like her looks? Get her drunk, and you will see more than you hoped. Good luck accomplishing it, though." ~Gridanian tavern patron
"Rumor is she was kicked out of the Tumet tribe." ~Traveling merchant

Moderate Rumors (Moderately difficult to overhear; use sparingly, or ask first if you prefer)

"They say she has a lover in every city, town village and outpost (military or otherwise)." ~Flames Private
"I hear tell she has no interest in forming a pair bond, or even in ANY kind of bonding, if you know what I mean." ~Twin Adder Sergeant
"Please tell me I didn't just see her eat that rat..." ~Homeless person outside Ul'dah

Rare Rumors (Very difficult or rarely overheard; please ask before using)

"Someone once told me that she is the sole survivor of an ill-fated dungeon run. Claims it wasn't her fault, but..." ~Quicksand patron
"I heard it was really her mother who wanted to be rid of her, not her father." ~Member of Kahkol tribe
"Insert rumor here." ~Person

PC Rumors (Rumors from the characters of other players)

"Insert rumor here." ~Name
"Insert rumor here." ~Name
"Insert rumor here." ~Name
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