Adelise Chauvet

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Ishgard.jpg Adelise Chauvet
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The True
Gender Female
Race Elezen
Clan Wildwood
Citizenship Ishgardian
Age 24
Deity Halone
Orientation Homosexual
Marital Status Single
Occupation Sellsword
Nameday 31st Sun of the 4th Astral Moon
Adelise Chauvet, better known as Ade, Addie, or Lisé, was born on the 31st Sun of the 4th Astral Moon. Sheltered, with little to no knowledge or experience of life outside of Ishgard, she's recently having to learn the hard way how to fend for herself in a tumultuous land of myriad races, beliefs and religions.
Until recently, she'd have been discovered either in or around the Savreux estate in Ishgard, or her run-down room in the Brume on the odd occasion she had time to herself.
Her interest in Ishgardian politics is at odds with her lack of understanding of how politics 'truly' work.
She has recently taken employment with Jackal & Hide, purportedly a salvage operation nestled away in the cozy little cove know as the Mists.

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Height: 6 fulms 2 ilms

Weight: 180 ponz

Complexion:  Light, with a warm glow

Hair:  Dark Auburn

Eyes:  Cyan/Opal

Face:  Round-faced, with wide, upturned eyes and full, dark lips.

Physique:  Willowy, mayhaps a little shorter than the norm for her kind, yet all seated about a core of iron.

Voice:  Softly spoken. Quiet, with just a hint of lilting French.

Smell:  Ordinarily, scented oils and/or soap. Currently... sweat, and travel.

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Birth and childhood (0-12)

Adelise was born into, as many of her kind that have their origins in the Brume, abject poverty. At the time, the word of the Holy See was still unquestioned, and that of the Houses equally so. Indebted beyond any means of recovery or escape, her parents nevertheless did what little they could for Adelise during her formative years. Alas, 'what they could' was, comparatively, little, and thus her early ears passed in a blur of hunger, dirt, and childhood games with the other children. It wasn't 'til her 11th birthday or so that the world Adelise knew was torn away from her - conflict with a Dragon in the northern lands had robbed House Savreux, the house that Adelise's parents owed considerable debts to, of many a guard and knight. Desperate for bodies to fill the ranks, the Savreux's called in numerous debts for able bodies able to either serve immediately, or in the case of Adelise and several children of families equally indebted, bodies able to be trained and raised to expand the power and presence of House Savreux over the coming years.
Thus did Adelise find herself torn from the Brume, and propelled into a life a little ways outside of the city proper, learning the basics of blade and shield, spear, and bow alike. These days were simultaneously the best and worst of her life; she missed her family enough to feel that her heart had been torn from her chest, yet... here she was. Fed, watered, and with prospects beyond any she would have had outside of idle dreams in the Brume. Learning to read and write also, for the need of a guard to be able to leave notes and missives for their comrades had proven a useful ability in the past, Adelise grew, within and without, into the beginnings of the women she was destined to be.
Through it all, however, she knew her family was working to the bone in order to clear their debts and free their daughter of this unasked-for responsibility.

Teen Years

Sadly, to the bone proved to be an all-to-apt description, and less than two years later, her father was lost in a scaffolding accident, restoring the foundations of House Savreux. Heartbroken, she was denied the time to return to her Mother's side for any funereal plans that may have been made. Before the end of the following year, her mother, along with a handful of others were reported missing, presumed dead. No bodies were found, and the homes, upon investigation, appeared to be untouched. Although never used officially, the term 'heretics' is bandied about by the residents of the brume, as well as no small number of the guard, as a description for the missing.
Caught between grief and shame, the social aspects of Adelise's life fade, and the next few years pass in a haze of hard work, sweat, bruises, no small number of broken bones, as the orphaned Elezen devotes herself to her lessons, both physical and philosophical.
Eventually, deemed old enough and ready enough, herself and a small number of her brothers- and sisters-in-arms are moved back into Ishgard, taking up duties in and around the house, thus freeing up the more experienced and older guardsmen to be put to use furthering the efforts of House Savreux elsewhere.
It was around her 17th nameday that Dalamud reached critical mass, forever changing the landscape of Ishgard from a rocky, yet green haven to the frozen, snow-covered expanse it is today. In regards to her duties, little changed. In regards to life outside of her duties, changes 'had' to happen, as they did for all Ishgardians at the time.


At some point in her 24th year, unnamed and unknown intruders broke into the Savreux estate. The following display of disciplining still has Adelise wincing, and the welts across her back have still to fade entirely.
Barely a handful of Suns later, the Lord and Lady of House Savreux are brutally murdered outside the city by an unknown force. The eldest son of the House steps forth, dismissing the disgraced guard and calling back external Savreux forces to reinforce the small estate and lands now in his possession. The dismissed guards find mixed success at integrating back into the changed face of Ishgard. One or two find work with other Houses, calling in favours and friendships to pave their way. Others disappear into the Brume, whereas a handful, such as Adelise, find little choice but to depart a city divided and seek what little in the way of life they can forge outside the walls of Ishgard

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