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Yes, it hurts, that’s the moral of the story. Yellow is the color of my wanting.
I’ll say to you, here is honeyeat.



Vital Information

FULL NAME... Aedida Aldricht

TRUE NAME... Vedís Ölldricht

NICKNAMES... Aedie, Dida, Little Bird, Minnow, Warbler

RACE & CLAN... Abalathian Hyur | Highlander

GENDER... Female

AGE... 22

NAMEDAY... Eve of Starlight

ORIENTATION... Heterosexual | Demiromantic


Other Statistics

NATIONALITY... Abalathian

CITIZENSHIP... Ul'dahn Citizenship gained from work with Frondale's

FAMILY... Father | Mother | Two sisters | Four brothers (One deceased)

RESIDENCE... Ul'dah, The Goblet, The Hope

OCCUPATION... Physicker | Chirurgeon

PATRON DEITY... Rhalgr | Pious

HEIGHT & WEIGHT... 5 fulms | 100 ponze

DISPOSITION... Chaotic neutral | INTJ

General Information
There is no bad weather, only bad clothes.
Hair & Eyes

One's first impression upon spotting Aedida in a crowd would be Uninspired. With her dark hair cropped short it would take a second glance to notice the the delicate and intricate weave of braids in the thick mass, the light catching it at the right angle to bring out its earthen tones. Within the braids Aedida wears beaded jewelry as decoration; carved bone to painted wood creating an image of composure and lost culture in her otherwise unadorned appearance. The beads vary in size and shape, though all distinct and unique they bear the mark of an expert craftsman with a fondness for detail. The sets rotate without a pattern or purpose, just as she braids her hair in whatever fashion she fancies at the time. The effect is whimsical yet balanced with her austerity.

Her eyes, however, tell another story. Glassy as the reflection of a full moon on water; an imperfect mirror warped and ever shifting, obscuring the depth below. The faint gray, lingering on the edge of violet, is a trait of her Clan known to her and her own as the Augu Vindur. Their light colour and faint pupil give the impression of cataracts though her vision, poor as it is, is in perfect health. Often lacking in honest emotion contrary to her personality, they are nonetheless striking on their own and could be described as unnerving.

Physique & Markings

Aedida's most notable feature would be a dark mole beneath the corner of her left eye, all other moles covered or swathed in clothing too large for her narrow frame.

Her complexion is clear beside a smattering of freckles that cross over her nose from cheek to cheek, easily disguised by a dusting of cosmetics. It is a sign of vanity that she bears no visible damage to her face outside of the redness of her eyes and the dark circles beneath from a lack of sleep and proper rest. Were one to brush the hair from her eyes the may see a small thin scar disappearing into the dark mane. Stripped of her clothing she is fair of skin without any indication suggesting she spends a large amount of time outside in the sun.

She bears another handful of distinct scars and markings, the old wounds showing signs of immediate and expert treatment. Blossoming from her heart are veins more blue and distinguished than the rest beneath her near transparent skin; the dark branches stretching toward her left shoulder before fading. The faint touch of spider-like tendrils curving down her left arm only to fade near the elbow as though struck by lightning. On her left there are two scars from projectiles, one just over her tenth rib, and another not much lower. The tissue is clean, showing both sign of surgical treatment and immediate aid of magic, the location of the lower more fatal than the other.

Physically, Aedida is small even by Highlander standards, at five fulms tall she is hardly imposing. She hides her physique beneath large, heavy clothing. Her body is androgynous and thin but delicately toned. While she does not give the impression of being exceptionally strong, she is not as malnourished as she first appears either. The woman would appear to be built for climbing and running long distances.

Hygiene & Attire

Every morning Aedida bathes herself in the manner of the girls of the brothel would, with whom she learned from. Her routine is simple and without fuss, cleaning herself head to toe occasionally in a state of half-dress as she prepares for her day. Even if she is running late she will do the least required of her as she is not fond of appearing in public, or in front of friends, unwashed.

Wearing a modest amount of powder and khol, and lacquer on her nails, Aedida does not often spend an inordinate amount of time in front of a vanity table. However, where she lacks in rouge she makes up for in her choice of scents and perfumes. From the heady fragrance of a pure Heather, to the exotic distilled essence of fennel and sandalwood, she will always leave behind a warm impression on the senses as she leaves the room.

Aedida's wardrobe is simple and sparse. With her gil going elsewhere, she does not find herself with enough left over to purchase attire suitable to her preference in style or in her own size. Her clothing is all second hand, purchased from stalls known for their thriftiness, and discarded articles from her friends. Each piece has been hand mended many times over, her favoured shirts often thin in the elbows and shoulders where the suspenders have worn the hempen fabric threadbare. As with her clothing, her shoes also bear the scuffs and worn soles - her commitment to keeping things despite their declining value and high maintenance highlighting her stubbornness and distaste for waste.


Stubborn, Vexing, Confusing - all words used to describe Aedida at one time or another.

Aedida is a a woman of extremes, her capricious social attributes often catching others off balance. On the surface she is cordial and perfectly sensible, offering advice when prompted and lending her undivided attentions to a friend in need. When she is feeling in a particularly disruptive mood, or she senses the energy in the room has swung too far in one direction she will pick apart the conversation to tease her companions or sober them with undeniable truths. As a Physicker of Frondale's Phrontistery Aedida often assisted in the children's ward where she found a penchant for getting attention in ways other than possessing a commanding voice. She uses this talent for persuasion (and manipulations) in other areas of her life with varying degrees of success, earning her both the praise and ire of her peers depending on where they stand. Because of this it is no surprise to her that people find her motivations suspicious or selfish.

However, as selfish as Aedida is, she strives to be (and do) good in most aspects of her life. Devoted to her friends, she would follow her closest companions to the ends of the mortal plane if it meant not only demonstrating her commitment to them, but to also protect them from harm. As a physicker and chirurgeon she cares deeply for the health of others to the point of neglecting her own. Self sacrifice is her greatest weakness and notable negative trait. Aedida would rather do for others and live a life of service than to ask for help or admit to her own desires. These things, borne of her schooling and heritage in the Northern mountains, are traits she has not been able to shed from her youth. Raised to serve her clan as midwife and healer, she can only see a future in what she feels is her duty.

Prior to the Calamity Aedida was a cheerful young woman, mature yet happy to join in the revelry of her friends. She rarely drank to excess or exercised her freedoms liberally once away from home. Since, however, she has experienced a fair number of accidents and loses. She numbs the bitterness of war and the painful memories by smoking heavily in private - a somnus pipe not far from reach in the darkness of her private quarters.

Now living carelessly like her time cannot be taken away, Aedida engages in risky behaviour and relationships. Picking losing fights in the Lanes of Ul'dah and the market wards, as well as loitering long after hours in the slums. She wiles her sleepless hours away memorizing the city's limits (as well as her own) in her pursuit to a slow end, having met many who would do both good and harm to her, taking both in stride and making no commitments. This seemingly emotionless exchange of words and deeds gives the impression of aloofness, neither caring if a turn down one street will be her last or if she will find meaning in her deliveries to those who suffer. It is in caring for the sick in these areas of the city that Aedida finds herself tethered to the present. While it is difficult, she does wish to live and will seek purpose wholeheartedly whenever possible.

A follower through and through, in desperation she looks to those who lead with admiration and dedication even if it brings her ruin.


Aedida's voice possesses a unique quality to it, a broken rasp just a hair above a whisper, mature yet soft - cut with her heavy northern accent. She rolls her R's, and clips every D with an added T. Her tone has a musical quality, teasing light with a suggestion of a secret. In some instances it could be considered seductive, a lure all on its own to gain attention where she cannot raise her voice. She never uses contractions when speaking eorzean merchant common, lending her speech a formal edge. When speaking her mother tongue she speaks more fluidly and swiftly. Aedida never swears or uses curse words in common, nor does she use euphemisms or suggestive remarks. This can lead to a misunderstanding of her innocence, but as she is not fully fluent in common it is one's understanding she does not speak often and when she does it is careful and deliberate. Or at least, she does try.

Voice Claim: Björk | Fran; FF12

Philosophy & Mannerisms

Aedida's philosophy in life is that in mercy she will find herself closer to Rhalgr and to the Gods, and where she might find forgiveness in her own sins. She would not suffer to watch another in pain if she could ease it - and she could not bear to be the hand to deliver punishment without quick end. To her, the end must justify the means - even if they seem cruel, they must be quick and painless.

When she is nervous she rubs the back of her neck and paces, and when she is enthusiastic or desperate in her emotions her gestures become full bodied.

Wind Chimes
Paper Craft
Dried fruits and nuts
Inventing small useless toys and games
The colour yellow
Candy | pocket-able sweets
Heights and tall places
The colour red
Crowds | Loud crowds
Water | Swimming
Any reminder of Carteneau (fireworks)
Sudden and violent actions
Fish | seafood
Cannot swim | Traumatic water experience induces panic
A crude but efficient seamstress
Has no experience in leading or riding a chocobo
Can measure weight by hand within an onze or two.
Gained room and board in a brothel in exchange for personal medical services to the courtesans for several moons
Can play the hiiu kannel
An expert Songstojo'ri, Aedida is well versed in kulning and aetherically projecting her voice for malms.
Can climb just about anything
A fast runner, able to turn corners and sprint down alleyways swiftly

Combat, Abilities & Weaponry

"I lie! To excess! - You can trust me on tha~t."
Basic Statistics
High: Speed, aetheric manipulation
Above Average: Acrobatics
Average: Constitution, caution
Low: Physical strength
Aetheric Abilities
Mastery: Arcanistry, Wind element based magicks, Rune reading
Expert: Navigation of the aethernet, Sixth Astral vision
Average: Conjury
Novice: Thaumaturgy
Weapon Training
Mastery: Bo staff, Foci
Expert: Spear, poisons
Average: Shields
Novice: Hand to Hand, Rapiers/Swords
Combat Relevant Skills
High: Running, Climbing, Jumping
Above Average: Reaction, strategy, Sleight of hand, Poison immunity
Average: Willingness to fight
Low: Initiative, knowing when to quit
Non-Combat Abilities
Sixth Astral Vision: When caught in the spell of the late Louisoix on the fields of Carteneau, Aedida was struck by a projectile to the side of the head. Her glasses had shattered. A piece of the enchanted glass entered her eye, giving her an uncoordinated and unpredictable insight into the past to the start of the Seventh Umbral Era. The vision allows her to see a shadow of what was up to a period of 5 cycles. When the aether is particularly strong, or a storm is on the horizon, she must wear a pair of specially crafted glasses to filter the images out, as it is more or less a handicap than an asset. Examples of cons being seeing rocks and roads and are no longer, or potentially stepping too far off a short fall. The pros being, on occasion, seeing beyond a glamour or tracking a person if given enough time, focus and energy.
Rune Reading: In her free time Aedida studies the ancient magic runes of civilizations past, giving her an edge in her pursuit of knowledge in the Arcane arts.
Alchemy: Quick and dirty, or in a lab, Aedida is a graduated student of Fronadale's. Having learned from the best in Ul'dah, she can produce anything from potions to poisons to suit any occasion. The downside being she refuses to let anyone be a test subject... Outside of herself.
Of the Songstojo'ri: Aedida can project her voice or a sound for malms if conditions are met by aetherial manipulation. A learned skill from her home, it is used infrequently. It is useful to carry a message long distance, or alert a party left behind that the way is clear. It is also quite fun to sing in an echoing cavern.
Unassuming Character Aedida often lies about her experiences in combat and hardships - either in part due to trauma experienced in the weeks leading up to the battle to Carteneau, or because she finds comfort and enjoyment in being under estimated. As she needs time to form a strategy in a fight, she will feign defeat or weakness to work her way into a crushing opening against her opponent. She might be reckless, but she isn't foolish.
Combat Abilities
Sleight of hand poisoning: Be mindful of keeping your flesh covered, and the rings on Aedida's fingers. Using a combination of her speed and a gamble of allowing others to get close in combat Aedida has a spring loaded ring coated in poison that can pierce the flesh of near any Spoken - the needle not nearly thick or long enough to pierce through scale or armour however. While the poison is often just paralyzing, she does not wear just one ring.
Potion of fire breathing: Two vials held together with sealing wax and twine; This potion, when uncorked and poured into her mouth, can produce a cone of fire for either the effect of causing distraction or to damage an opponent. If thrown the mixture would produce a flame equal to that of an oiled torch, capable of setting off explosives or catching things on fire. Occasionally it has been used to produce a campfire under dire circumstances, but do be cautious.
Aerial Aether: With her expertise, and clan heritage, in the manipulation of the wind Aedida can jump higher and further.
Mithridatism Aedida has spent her late teenage and early adulthood immunizing herself to common, and increasingly less common, venom and poisons. So long as they are organic and can be broken down by the body, it will have little effect on her. However she is not immune to supernatural ailments to her aether, nor to toxins that build up in one's body to disable them.
Held Spells Not always having a full grimoire on hand, Aedida takes time every morning to tear pages from a book to draw Arcanic spells of healing and harming. With the aid of specialized enchanted inks; They can be activated either with enough aether to initiate the spell or, in the case of incomplete spells missing a component in the ink, activated with spoken blood. Her own, of course - lest there is an unfortunate foe beside her.
Helios A construct of Aedida's own creation and hubris. She shrouds the mistake and its origins in a blanket of lies. Unlike the fairies of Nym, this construct has little sentience or personality, driven by impulse and purpose to give succor onto others. It is as independent as Aedida allows, rarely finding a need to control it herself. Roughly the size of a carbuncle, the construct shares a likeness with Aedida in features. She is currently looking into research to make it more intelligent, as it terrifies and unnerves most who happen be in its presence.
OOC Note
WIP | Grindstone score: Battles Won: 0 / Battles Lost: 0 / Overall Victories: 0

Disclaimer: Anything written here are things that have occurred in-character, pre-written history and are heavy spoilers. Proceed with caution after reading this information and roleplaying! Any and all forms of meta-gaming with such information without gained through RP will be cause for immediate cut in communication until further notice.
Sixth Astral Era
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Extreme WIP
  • Aedida was born early in the midst of a snow storm around the eve of Starlight. Given the weather and harsh conditions of the turn, an exact date of her birth is unknown. A complex birth, it was a miracle that both mother and child survived and later thrived.
  • Upon reaching five or six, Aedida (Then known as only Vedís to her family and village) would have reached the age to begin following after her mother, responsible for being able to wake herself, dress for the day and prepare the fire for the morning meal as well as help around the kitchen and learn how to manage a household. However it was around this time that both of her elder sisters were expecting children of their own, requiring the aid of their mother to assist in caring for them.
  • Without a mother's support and tutelage, Aedida's care was entrusted to her father and elder brothers. Too small to do much beyond following her brothers around, it was then that the men would take turns caring for her. Between them they taught her rudimentary stitches and mending, as well as her letters before she would begin school.
  • When not tending to the lambs and adlgoats with her family, Aedida spent her mornings with the tutor and other children learning her letters and numbers. It was in the small school room that she excelled. The more she grew and shirked the meager lessons of becoming a wife, combined with the temple's disinterest in the young girl as a potential bride, the more she began to worry her family. While they mourned her dismal future and the knowledge they did not possess the title nor dowry to entice a husband for Aedida, they were relieved that during tantrums their daughter sought comfort and shelter with the village's wise woman where she began her studies in medicine and midwifery. Even if she were to grow alone, the position was necessary and therefore highly respected.
  • At nine or ten years of age her village was approached by a Scholar of a small Academy in the Coerthan region known as the Peacemeet. Through means unknown to Aedida funds had been sent in advance to pay the tuition to see the youngest Ölldricht daughter through traditional schooling. Her father, spitefully taking advantage of what he knew to be a ruse, gave his blessings for her to attend. With a promise to continue her study of advanced medicine Aedida left for the Peacemeet in hopes of improving the lives of her people. While at the Peacemeet Aedida studied natural science, history and language. When not attending service in the church, she would learn martial skills with a lance alongside lessons in military tactics. When she would return to her family in the village every few moons she would show off her skills to the boys and girls of the village below.
  • At fourteen Aedida would find the book that she would later take her 'name' from. Shedding the shameful provincial brand of Vedís, she adopted the pseudonym Aedida after Lady Aedida Dewin from the book of Mythos volume XI. Empowered by the ancient scholar's accomplishments in the arcane and military prowess despite all odds - it comes to no surprise that an impressionable young girl would mistake a mad woman's hubris for strength, something she would later learn many turns later as a young woman speeding dangerously towards the same tragic, early end.
  • At seventeen Aedida would have sat for an exam that would later result in a letter of recommendation to continue her education in the sciences in the city state of Ul'dah. It would not be another turn that she would be accepted, barely passing and receiving her certifications in the natural sciences as well as History.
  • At Eighteen Aedida set out for Ul'dah, having spent several moons with her family convincing them of the importance to learn more of Alchemy from the physickers and chirurgeons of Frondale's. With the expectations she would return within two turns, they begrudgingly gave her leave providing her with a bare minimum of gil and supplies in order to reach the city.
Seventh Umbral Era
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In Recent Times

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Relationship Status Legend
Listed in order of importance to how often I RP with an individual. NPC's will be marked as such, and information about them is uncommon knowledge unless discussed first!

Romantic Feelings
Physical Attraction
Former Partner
? Unknown

"A friend of Hestia's and a frequent attendant to the Grindstone - Aedida has run into the woman countless times and always with a smile. Finding a sort of kinship with the half elezen in her speech, Aedida does not feel as alone in possessing of a different dialect.

While they have found little time to speak and learn much of one another, over Starlight the two spoke extensively of both the nature of the League and its purpose. Through discussing her fears with an outsider Aedida has grown more confident in her direction, particularly after hearing Fiona had once considered joining her Free Company.
Upon hearing they had friends in common, Aedida has invited Fiona over to the League in hopes that the affiliation between the House de Bayle and the League could grow stronger in bond, and that maybe the pair could become friends."
Hestia de Bayle
"Aedida met Hestia when coming to the de Bayle estate to deliver her former husband, Killian, the rewards for his assistance in giving her aid. Aedida was instantly taken in my the abrupt woman's prickly demeanor, trusting Killian's judge of character in partner. Finding to have many things in common with Hestia, Aedida looks to the woman for a fresh point of view in the matters of friendship and faith.
Considering Hestia one of her closest friends, the woman's unending affection and patience with her without questioning her motives has elevated the woman to a familial light.
After a night of tea and an exchange of tokens Aedida and Hestia began to speak of the Tweleve once more. The subject of the virtues of Nymeia came about with Hestia proclaiming "You embody the Spinner, by challenging fate where it would see you defeated."
Embracing the aspect of the Spinner, Aedida now calls Hestia as Systir - though not of blood, close as kin could be, loving her dearly.
Hestia, now her sworn sister, holds a place as one of Aedida's most trusted confidants. With the twins now born, Aedida cannot wait to spend time with the new mother and the little ones. While the winter wears on, Aedida has been preparing a special painting for the new family.
After the Soldier's ball, Aedida spent time with Hestia and Lawrence in an intimate discussion of the past and present, feeling her bonds with her sister strengthened - neither passing judgement on the other.
It has been several moons since Aedida has lost spoken with Hestia, or found time to do so with the woman as busy as she is. The lack of what she felt was a promising confidant pains her, but as always she will wait and move forward."
[ The One They Call the Witch - Joint Battle theme ]
Gifts Given: A weathered bracelet she had found on a trail in Coerthas that makes up the Ishgardian coat of arms, soft toys that resemble a group of vegetables, and a gold lapel pin with two imperfect pearls.
Gifts Received: Blue silk pajamas, an uncirculated piece of gil worn as a necklace, and a black agate bracelet worn daily.
Lawrence Wallace
"We're made up of our choices, and our past experiences. And I want all of you. As you are now"

"As she, Lawrence is one Hestia's Cadre - where he is Hestia's Naldthal. The two became better acquainted after Killian's nameday, her antics gaining the young man's attention and allowing her to accompany him on a mission from the Flames despite her outward appearance of just a civilian.

Aedida enjoys to tease the strict man by brushing off all correction to call him as 'Law' and instead calling him by his full name. The pair spent a quiet afternoon in the Shroud chasing after a stray cat, as it was known to Aedida through observation and Hestia's offer that the man had a preference for them. Caught in a rainstorm the pair grew closer, each learning more of the other and closer for it.
Through their growing physical intimacy Aedida confessed one evening, prompted by mutual selfishness, that Lawrence had the sway to break her heart - a subtle implication of her burgeoning feelings. A terrifying feat and realization for her as she is not one to trust or love so deeply, let alone proclaim the emotion."
Lawrence maintains residence in her apartment, a curious endeavor having never shared a living space with another for longer than an evening or two Aedida struggles with the loss of space.
After several moons of complacency Aedida began to grow detached from Lawrence fearing and mistaking his lack of initiative as a lack of interest. After a long evening after the Soldier's ball, confronted with ugly truths and conflicting needs the pair argued - a consensus later reached that they would rather try than to give up.
Officially announcing to Lawrence she would like to court him over Valentione's day, Aedida now endeavors to be the best she can."
Gifts Given:
-A tin of homemade dubbin and a medical kit suited to his rough lifestyle.
-An oversized plush comforter with leaf detail, large enough to cover the Elezen and then some.
Gifts Received:
-A handmade lyre, full of etchings of small hearts, a spider and a fly, and other light hearted designs.
-A necklace in the shape of one half of an oyster shell, made of rosegold and carrying the symbol of Nald'thal inside of it.
-A white wood spear, more lethal than her broken staff, alongside a set of quilted under-armour.
"Aedida's first impression of Rageant was one of great respect - having been thrust into unceremoniously into his presence under the guise of a jest. Knowing nothing of her he was patient and thus bestowed with a'favour' in the Joust, where he was soundly unseated. Feeling poorly for the outcome, and believing she was responsible for the cursed tilt, Aedida felt encouraged when they met once more on a positive note.
Finding his weariness troubling, as well as his overt seriousness disheartening, Aedida has taken it upon herself to be as keen and joyful in his presence. Seeing him portray qualities outwardly that she suppresses, Aedida is understanding of his distaste for idleness.
In attempting to bond with her fellow cadre member - and metaphorical brother in his Althyk - Aedida has suggested the two embark in an exchange of knowledge. Agreeing that he would train her in combat in exchange for Alchemy lessons, the pair separated from the tilt in good spirits. However, upon their first spar, Aedida lost herself entirely in the fight to show him her Carteneau and was only brought back to her senses with a broken arm from the man. While she bears no grudge for the outcome of the match, she is fearful she has shamed him.
It is her greatest wish to be better, and never repeat the experience again - vowing to herself she will return when she has healed, even if it means to beg forgiveness for her uncontrollable behaviour.
After several moons Aedida has not seen Rageant after asking him for advice, wondering if the man's distant and recent past were getting in the way. After declining any participation in a small gathering and gift for Hestia, Aedida has begun to doubt their friendship. This feeling has only grown during the March on the Lochs, having seen the man but receiving no greeting. Fearing their acquaintanceship to be over, Aedida doubts the strength of the Cadre and her will of keeping up with the House."
Character Relationships

Aveline Blue

"Aedida met Aveline Blue on her first day in Ul'dah. When mugged outside of Aveline's bar, the Miqo'te woman did not hesitate to step in front of the young scholar and her would be assailants. Together they grew to become close friends, and along with several others created The Adventure League of Eorzea. Though the two were divided by both the Calamity and illness, they found one another again to run the estate in hopes to succeed in their original goal: To help those who cannot help themselves, and be a friend to those in need."


"The enigmatic Lord Verdun, met one evening of eavesdropping in the Sands. It was a toss up between which party would show the most interest in her blatant listening - and her purposeful exposure was not without its benefits and woes. The two have become closer in their efforts to unveil the secrets of others, earning her a nickname of Little Bird in his employment.

Over the past few moons their relationship has become heated contention between the two. While she cannot deny she holds emotion for the man, she is too caught up in concern for his well being and her own duty that she hasn't given it much mind beyond what it is on the surface. Despite it all, she hopes to have shown loyalty to a degree to keep the Lord's trust and companionship, even if theirs is not a courtship.
The Lord has been gone some moons, leaving his memory fading."
"Aedida does not recall having met 'Fhylie' as she knows the woman, she simply knows that they are the very best of friends and occasionally rivals. Described as a trouble duo, the pair are as thick as thieves. While they have gotten into a fair amount of slap fights and arguments, you can be certain if one has shown up, the other is not far behind. Aedida trusts Fhylie with her life, but perhaps not with her secrets.
Or her stuff.
Get out of her room.
Through their shared and complex relationship, Aedida relies on Fhylie's memories to supplement her own lost in an accident - one which haunts her to this day. Most recently the cause has returned, throwing the pair back through their memories to solve a case of abduction and murder hoping that it was not their fault that things turned out this way."

"Every interaction with the Keeper has lead Aedida to believe the man is clinically insane. Between picking drunken brawls and waxing poetic at the drop of a coin, she is not quite certain what he means by it - but he is amusing and enjoyable company. As a peer in the Crystal Alliance Aedida had hoped to look up to Rhuli'a and the others for direction in leading, though events at the Gin Mill have made her second guess her choices. In spite of his flaws and ridiculous behaviour there is no one Aedida would rather bear witness to her own shenanigans."


"While in the midst of investigating the loss of several notable patients of her's from the Market Wards of Ul'dah, Aedida took to the streets and the parlors of the wealthy entrepreneurs looking for peace of mind. While Ala Mhigo might be liberated, it did little to ease the suffering of those less fortunate who continued to go missing.

With past experiences with her brother in law going missing in the fuss of false conscription for a land he never knew, Aedida took on the garb of a servant and entered the home of a woman known to dance between the dark and the light. Between those who used their coin for fortune and title, and those who dealt in wealth of another sort under the table Aedida spent the evening listening with little care for whether or not she was seen.
Spot not several bells into party's life by a masked figure known to her later as Captain Veanysus, it took no time at all for attention to be drawn to both - and in the chaos with her cover undoubtedly blown the pair split off into the night bloodied, and annoyed.
Moons later at the Ala Mhigan Accession they met again. In hopes to improve upon their earlier introduction, Ryanti extended the offer to take a walk through the city.
Though she feels they have much in common in their concern and past service, because of these she does not trust him fully."
? Agile Wolf
≈ Delgernandjil Gharl
≈ Eykrie Belaruil
≈ Indelecio Wraith
✝? Tyriont Gaidal
✝? Mackayla Lane
✝? Wandering Lion
✝? Amasar Qalli
? Killian de Bayle
200px|frameless|left "Aedida's mother and matriarch of the northeastern Ölldricht clan, a woman born from Himnari’ki - a village known for its worship of, and home of a temple to, Rhalgr. In Aedida's youth she was frequently absent from the village, attending to her other Daughters in preparation for their own families. As a spiritualist herself, she instilled the teachings of the temple to her children and the importance of mercy and withholding judgement. However she could not reel in a stubbornness and temper that she and her husband passed onto their children.
Sigurd, since the fall of Dalamud, believes her youngest daughter to be dead. Having forgotten her in the five turn span following the Calamity, she believes it to be the shock of losing her beloved child - and has grown increasingly ill as time passes.
Aedida, wishing to have known her mother more in 'life', visits her whenever Natan arrives with the news that she is growing weaker. Near of the gil she has made working for Frondale's and Fizan has gone toward ensuring her mother and family would receive the best care at the sacrifice of her own comfort.
After learning that her mother does not wish to return to Abalathia upon the reconstruction of the village because Sigurd believes Aedida's spirit is trapped too far from the mountains, she has begun to reconsider keeping her family in the dark of her survival if it means they will move on from Thanalan."
200px|frameless|left "The patriarch of the northeastern Ölldricht clan, a man born of Thokuefst and who has lived their his entire life until the fall of Dalamud. Possessing strong anima, he passes along his kin's bloodline for the Augu Vindur, an auspicious trait believed to at one time allow one to guide lost spirits to the afterlife through the thick mists of the Abalathian spine. It is the teachings of Oddbjørn and those of Thokuefst to scatter the remains of the dead at the highest peak, giving the aether back to the mountain its flesh to scavengers.
The clan fashions mementos from the dead's bones, in particular those of their family, believing in their power to protect their living kin. Oddbjørn has created numerous of these mementos and passed them onto his children, as well as passing those older onto his eldest. It is his creations that Aedida wears in her hair, the delicate beads from her grandmother her most cherished and bringing her the most peace.
Oddbjørn, in Aedida's youth, was the model father. Kind and honorable, he cared for Aedida in her mother's absence alongside her youngest brothers. He made certain to bring back gifts after every season of riding the caravans down into Coerthas and to the gates of Ishgard - bringing back straw dolls, scented soaps and other frivolous treats that Aedida yet enjoys into adulthood. As a refugee in Thanalan he works outside of Camp Horizon, selling hand crafted leather goods with his sons.
200px|frameless|left "Eldest sister to Aedida by near three decades. An avid mother figure to her siblings, like her mother she was not present for much of Aedida's life. What she recalls about her sister is her kindness, compassion and likeness to their mother. She and her husband, Baldur, fled the Calamity with the rest of the family and now reside in Gridania where they have spent time and effort in seeing their family flourish despite their situation. With their eldest son bonded, and expecting children, he has taken on an advanced apprenticeship with hopes to enter the Atelier Fen-yll.
Sigrid mourns her family's distance, and wishes for nothing more than returning to the Mountains having lost two siblings to the wars of the Alliance - despising their military and forbidding her children from joining their ranks."
200px|frameless|left "The eccentric eldest brother, unwed and frivolous. He most resembles his youngest sibling's ambitions and spirit for scholastic endeavors. while he was brilliant in school he did not wish to expand his education, instead focused on the business of trade and striving toward a more stable future for the Clan once it passes into his name. Nearing fourty summers, his ambition has left him without a wife and child, burning the candle at both ends. While he wishes for a wife, he doesn't appear to have much interest in women - as awkward and uncertain as his youngest siblings in that respect.
Enok had not participated in the battle of Carteneau, less a bruiser than his younger brothers and without the knowledge of healing that Aedida acquired. Recently having acquired the knowledge she is alive after the death of Hinrik, he silently works alongside Natan and Reginn in uncovering the secret to their sister's uncharacteristic absence."
200px|frameless|left "Ever the worrier and nervous wreck, Una possesses a unique quality of drawing both empathy and ire from her siblings. Taking ill every few moons, she is frequently abed - and when hale so eager for news that she has become a terrible gossip. Because of her frequent illness she found it difficult to secure a partner in Thokuefst - having had two engagements broken in as many summers. When the family fled to Ul'dah she found her match at last in an Ala Mhigan man two years her junior.
Una lost the most between Carteneau and the Rhalgr's Beacon. Her husband Henry followed the manic rantings of The Griffin, dying at Baelsar's wall believing his actions would free his homeland and give his family a better home. Her brother Hinrik, having spent the good half of a turn attempting to persuade him to turn back from the senseless fight, also lost his life. Since their death, unable to care properly for her children and maintain a home she has been shepherded to Gridania to live with Sigrid.
Her children have been learning beneath Sigrid's husband's tutelage to make up for their lack of an education in Ul'dah. While they never knew Aedida by name, their memory of the Doctor that played with the children of the Lane has begun to fade. Aedida misses her young nieces and nephews dearly, having spent much of her time and coin on their care and happiness when Una could not after Henry's death."
200px|frameless|left "A hot tempered man in life, Hinrik took Enok's place back in the mountains of leading the caravans into Coerthas. He was the first to acknowledge the prejudice against his people by those below, learning to be insincere and charming where his anger would otherwise threaten the livelihood of the Clan - a hard lesson he passed onto his siblings. A practiced pugilist, he was closest with his youngest siblings. He and Reginn would spar, both using their skills and strength in the battle of Carteneau. It was Hinrik who was struck the worst on the battlefield, his pain holding him back from a life of fighting.
After five years he turned a stranger away claiming to be his sister, suppressing the creeping suspicion and acknowledgement that Aedida had survived - and that the trauma of Carteneau had temporarily erased her from memory - Hinrik wrote a letter to pass onto his brothers before setting out for Rhalgr's Reach to liberate Ala Mhigo in hopes he could repent and regain his strength, honor and earn Rhalgr's mercy for turning away his kin.
It was there he passed, surrounded by enemy and alliance alike, praying for his salvation so far from home."

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NPC relationships


NPC Rumors

Some of these rumors are untrue, speculation, or are greatly exaggerated.

◢ Common Rumors - Easily overheard. Use these freely!
"Physickers Aldricht and Hwynkoelwyn have been instrumental in their campaign for public health and hygiene in Ul'dah through Frondale's Phrontistery- The pair's remarkable work within the impoverished community continues to draw donations, the contributions easing the burden of the staff for Frondale's and lessening the impact and spread of common illness in all through education and public assistance." — The Raven.
"Since th'liberation o' Ala Mhigo, seen Aldricht runnin' 'ere an'there everywhither. O'er the Lane an' t' yond Manor. Trainin' she says. I say she ought'a slow down f'or she 'urts the ground." — Ul'dahn Citizen
◢ Uncommon Rumors - A little more difficult to hear. Use sparingly or ask first!
"They never gave her name, but I'm certain it was Physicker Aldricht in the Bloodsands not a cycle past as the Noxius who won her freedom. A sober battle it was." — Ul'dahn Residents.
◢ Rare Rumors - Very rarely overheard. Please ask before using!
"I thought to have seen the doctor exit the home of merchant Yopashawu, the night he died, in a carriage - the Lady of the house had said the morning after that it was unusual, as Doctor Aldricht usually walks home from house calls." — Mrs. Coppersmith.
PC Rumors

Feel free to add your own rumors to this section. Remember, some of these may be true, untrue or greatly exaggerated! Please try not to be innappropriate when writing PC rumors or they will be removed.

◢ Player Character Rumors - Some of there are more rare than others. Please ask character or the one who said the rumor before using.
"I 'eard Aedida was a neck romancer. Bet you mis'eard that." — Fhiliht Merlhaemrwyn .
“My Aedida speaks to me like a robin in the morn. Her gentleness and affection refreshes me so. She lies to me I am sure, in the ways we all wish someone would. And I hope some sun, those lies will turn truth. As I only give her mine.” — Hestia de Bayle.
“Underestimate her at thine own peril.” — Rageant Lacordaire.

RP Info

Location & Probability
Places where the character is very likely to be seen
Ul'dah | The Lane | The Quicksand: High
The Shroud | Lavender Beds: High-Moderate
Thanalan | The Goblet: Moderate
La Noscea: Low
Ishgard: Low
Othard: Extremely Low
Hingashi: Extremely Low
Gyr Abania: Extremely High
Not public information
The Adventure League of Eorzea: Sha'ir of TALE in The Goblet, located at the Wanderer's Hope
House de Bayle: Friend and associate
The Sable House Company: [NPC] 'Associate' and private physicker
Eorzean Alliance Crystal Regiment: Commanding Officer of the Independent entities and the Order of the Independent Free Companies should they neither fall beneath one faction or another.
IC Inventory
Items on Aedida at all times:

Glio coinpurse.png

Enchanted Broom: Aedida has enchanted a common broom with aetheric runes and wind crystals to achieve flight in lieu of being unable to ride a chocobo.
Weathered coin purse: A paisley print, sun faded purse containing no more than three hundred gil at any one given time.
Silver cast ring: A large, thick banded silver ringed band. Nothing about it suggests a promise ring, but when spun, the seam along the center opens a hatch to a spring loaded needle with the compartment filled with poison.
Leather bound journal: Half an ilm thick this journal is common and contains everything from shopping lists, things to remember, as well as several prepared spells in the back pages. By no means a Grimoire, Aedida is always prepared.
Foci of the Mountains: A leather sachet she wears beneath her clothing and around her neck. A combination of lucky charms and wards from her home, and protective herbs. It bears the sigil of Rhalgr burned into its front, and smells sweetly of a heather.
Somnus pipe: A terrible habit in self medication, and while Aedida has not reached a level of dependence - having it near even without the associated drug makes her feel more secure.
Hair beads: Cut from the bone of man and animal alike, Aedida's culture of keeping your loved one's near manifests in the craft of turning the sun bleached remains of family members into good luck charms, believing that the tether between the dead and the living will keep their ancestors alive. Aedida has few of the more morbid, the ones of her grand mother being the most prominent and given to her moons after her passing. The rest are carved from Aldgoat who had protected and served their clan through the harsh winters, the most beloved carried as a reminder for their sacrifice - and that it would never be forgotten. Each one is expertly carved and ornate, symbolic for whom and what they represent.
RP Limits
I believe wholeheartedly in separation of IC and OOC. That said the beliefs and actions of the character do not reflect the views or beliefs of who I am. I am flexible, but prefer longer term RP and plot. I am okay with most scenes, but I do have a list of hard passes. I will RP mature content but I have limits. I love communication in and out of character, if something makes you uncomfortable please let me know as soon as possible as I will do the same.
My time is CST//-0600. I am available most evenings 5:30pm until about 10pm. I am available most weekends all day. I do better with structure and having plans, so please do not feel put out if I do not have the time to RP as I may have other activities planned for the evening.

✓ Long-term Roleplay.
✓ Combat Roleplay.
✓ Rivalry/Mentorship
✓ Organic romances.
✓ Sexual tension/actions.
✓ Slice of life / Casual scenes.
✓ Mature/ERP within reason.
✓ Paragraph Roleplay.


● Injuries: No permanent damage to sight, mobility, etc. I will not agree to loss of limb or function on my character.

*I will assist in the consensual maiming of another with reason and if it is agreeable ICly. Aedida is not an evil character she would not harm someone without reason.

● Kinks: Please be kind and communicative.

● Predetermined relationships: I would Love some new friends in RP with pre-arranged friendships and relationships. If you are interested in Aedida's clan and family scenario, let me know! We can work something out!


× No Permanent death or maiming.

× No immature behaviour OOC. If your partner is uncomfortable with you RPing with strangers on the internet, please do not drag me into your real life marital/realtionship issues. RP is my hobby, not an extension of a romantic interaction with the roleplayer.

× No pregnancy plots

RP Hooks
Not a comprehensive list of hooks, however all available so feel free to give a poke for more information particularly regarding the Peacemeet and Fizan!.
ғʀᴏɴᴅᴀʟᴇ’s ᴘʜʀᴏɴᴛɪsᴛᴇʀʏ: Once gainfully employed by one of Ul’dah’s leading guilds, Aedida stalked the bustling wards, a junior chirurgeon and esteemed physicker – When she was not letting her potential in its company go to waste by educating the masses in the lower wards and catering to the needs of the poverty stricken. Her most well known feat prior to the calamity would be her campaign for preventative care.
ᴛʜᴇ ᴘᴇᴀᴄᴇᴍᴇᴇᴛ: An Academy located on the far fringes of Coerthas, built into the stone mountain range. A once grand estate where Lords sent their spares, Bastards and less commonly (and in Aedida’s case) sponsored children who had shown talent and a strong desire for an education.
Born in the ranges of the Abalathian Spine, Aedida was invited at a young age to study maths and the sciences at the behest of an anonymous donor. It was there she spent half of her childhood, boarding amongst those who found themselves given an opportunity to a life outside expectations of their birth.
Destroyed in the wreckage of the Calamity, it is now but a shell. Though there are yet those who roam the land spreading peace and knowledge across Eorzea.
ғɪᴢᴀɴ ʏɪᴢᴀɴ: A man of ill repute, and quite dead.
Once a notable merchant in the elite circles of Ul’dah’s wealthy upper class - Yizan met his end on the road two summers prior to the Calamity.
Both his name and estate were taken over by his dearest business partner - and personal guard. The once humble business is now one of Ul’dahs modest fronts for anything you could possibly want or need.
Arms, somnus, and cheap 'labor.' Aedida discovered Yizan upon needing papers for her extended family after the events of the Calamity. As immigrants they were not given the same opportunities or chance she was given upon arriving in the foreign land.
Desperate for succor she turned to the underground for assistance in forging documents - at the cost of her own freedom. Those deep enough in the company of those who walk the blackmarkets might have heard of Yizan’s Helots - elsewise known as his dogs.
Under his guidance and heavy hand, Aedida used her status as a Physicker of Frondale’s to slip into the houses of her Employer’s enemies to ensure they stayed ill through any means necessary.
A practiced mithridatist, she was often at Yizan's side to test the paranoid businessman’s meals and handle his mail. A bitter, if not loyal, Helot if ever there was one.
Or so she would have the man believe. Now, however, Aedida wishes for freedom - no longer content to shoulder the weight of all she has done in the name of giving her family a better life.

OOC Notes
Player Information
Player Notes
● Not everything on this Wiki has been kept up to date by the minute and things change. Please ask about plot hooks and rare rumours. I appreciate walk ups, tells, and messages through tumblr.

● Best way to get a hold of me for discussion of RP would be to through Tumblr, if I am comfortable enough I will let you know my Discord.

● PC Timezone is CST/UTC-0600 / Weekly work schedule static at mon-fri 7:30am to 5pm

● Player is over 18 years old.

Character Lore Adherence
So long as it is describable within the context of the Lore I will accept most forms of RP, outside of RPing with the 'real WoL' and what not. I may DPS as a Dragoon but that does not make me ICly a Dragoon. I appreciate creativity. Below are a list of canonical lore attributes/triva that apply to Aedida.
■ Has a version of the Echo
■ Is a conjurer in a basic sense.
Out-of-Character Information
I am aaeds on Tumblr.
Character Tidbits
Links Out
Below is my character blog.
Tropes & Explanations
A trope is a convention or device that is often found in creative works. In this case, the tropes below describe my character either in part, or as a whole. Their background, personality, appearance, etc, most of them can be described in the tropes below.
Acquired Poison Immunity
Aedida's mithridatism.
Crouching Moron, Hidden Badass
With a fondness for being taken for granted, Aedida appears unskilled and unreliable in combat. She travels often without an apparent weapon and will wander away from a fight staggering, often with an explanation that her opponent was equally - or more incompetent than herself.

Tropes are devices and conventions that a writer can reasonably rely on as being present in the audience members' minds and expectations. On the whole, tropes are not clichés.


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