Ryanti Veanysus

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Ul'dah-transparent.png Ryanti Veanysus
Ryanti Painting.png
"Merchant Prince"
Gender Male
Race Miqo'te (Mo.) / Midlander (Fa.)
Clan Keepers of the Moon (Midlander)
Citizenship Ul'Dah
Guardian Nymeia, the Spinner
Occupation Black Label Lieutenant (Immortal Flames) / Heir to Veanysus family
Height 5'7"
Weight 134 lbs.
Father Lorenthian Veanysus
Mother Aria Veanysus

[Last Updated April 19th, 2016 at 9:04 PM CST Be wary that the storyline of Ryanti in this wiki is more than a year old (not a priority to update since it's not need-to-know). Don't be afraid of approaching me for information about Ryanti's current plots. When I have time, I will update the storyline am going to rename the 'Black Label Legion' to something else when I have a better title in mind. That name is already taken and I am seeking a better one anyhow. So for now in this wiki considered the 'Black Label Legion' a WORKING TITLE. Thanks!] Updates ongoing.

Ryanti Veanysus is a Miqo'te/Midlander halfbreed, and present Heir of the Veanysus family line. Ryanti is a Shipment Quartermaster in the Immortal Flames. When he is off duty, Ryanti usually assumes the role of a Veanysian Dinnerware Company Representive, assisting his mother, who happens to be the Chief Executive Officer of the company. While these are his public faces, Ryanti also lends his hands to more secretive affairs, which align with his true motives and purposes he finds in his life.

He has a golden heart with a mind for idealism, though he is far from innocent. He is worldy and cultured. The young man strives to utilize his wealth and duty to make the world a better place for all.

Family History and Lineage

Ryanti's Family Tree (WIP)

Father's Side

The earliest traits of the Veanysus family bloodline descends from an incredibly old Elezen family based in Ishguard. The name was adopted into an old Kingdom root when an Elezen was wed to a Midlander in the year 676 of the Sixth Astral Era. The Elezen's name was Ańýawilliphúr Elecrexia. During the early dawn of Ishguard's history, the name Veanysus belonged to a young man called Bartholomeus. The Veanysus name gained a noble status when Bartholomeus wed the Elecrexia heiress, creating the earliest incarnation of the blood line.

Much of the Ishguardian factors of their bloodline has been lost. Partially because of time, mostly because of alienation. If one blames the Ishguardian isolationism that had been an important factor in present times, they would not be entirely correct. However, Ishguardian isolationism can follow the family all the way back to c. 1200 of the Sixth Astral Era.

After the destruction of Sil'Dih to the hands of Ul'Dah during that era in history, events reached a breaking point. Phelexia Veanysus and her husband, Hadran, decided to informally secede themselves from the Ishguardian blood line, and start over from scratch in Ul'Dah. Taking advantage of the mass exodus of Sil'Deh refugees from the bloody and brutal Civil War, the couple created and amassed a dinnerware company. With its heart in the desert, the Veanysus family entered a new era of prosperity. This signified the end of royal nobility and the beginning of merchant nobility. This is the foundation and basis of what the Veanysus family is today.

During those centuries, the family's Ishguardian ties further died within their family. As their family's heirs continued, their alienation from the Northern half of Eorzea remained on a pattern of distancing themselves further and further from the North with each passing generation.

However, those two fates were destined to intertwine. At a moment in time where even her own family would not lend her aide because she was of the youngest sister, an adventuring woman with a purpose by the name of Alexandria befriended a man by the name of Rei-Signh Veanysus. The only surviving brother of four, Rei-Signh was a competent warrior prince of his own right, having learned and implemented the skill and technique of street acrobatics into his scimitar repertoire. Burning for a reason to live as the only survivor of a failed assassination attempt, Re-Signh joined Alexandria in a journey around the entire world, in an attempt to resolve a major concern of Ishguard, lost to time.

During their fateful journey, Rei-Signh married Alexandria. It was then that the family reunited its ties with the North, for Alexandria was a distant cousin of Phelexia's Ishguardian line.

Since then, the family has had occasional Ishguardian descendants, including Maxamillion Veanysus I.

Members of Ryanti's family since his grandfather, Maxamillion Veanysus II, have all been Ul'Dahn.

Ryanti is the first child born to a Miqo'te female.

Mother's Side

Coming soon!

Status and Wealth

"Do not take for granted your birth within this family and the life you have, son."

"In other words... don't be evil?"

"More then that. Utilize your gift to bring the world up to where you are, not to stomp all over it with your heel."

~ Lorenthian and Ryanti Veanysus

Ryanti's family are considered in the Upper Class society. Though far from the wealthiest, they are indeed enriched with resources and heavy on cash. Their financial contribution exceeds far more then that of a common working family. Besides their tradition of military prowess, which happens on occasional generations, they also run a successful business in dinnerware. That, combined with military commission incoming from the City-State at the price of required service, provides the source of their income.

They have always been respected and, at times revered, by members of society's elite. However, ever since a Midlander half-breed with the visual distinctions of a Miqo'te was born, tensions have existed within a few situations, especially with traditionally preservative wealthy families. Recent times have improved on this, however.

The family has owned an Estate in Ul'Dah for close to two centuries. It was constructed by the design of Persephone Veanysus and the pocket of Maxamillion I. It comes complete with four housekeepers, and one Butler who doubles as caretaker.

Personal History (Backstory)

The Early Years

"Is father really my dad?"

"Goodness, honey. Why would you ask such a thing?!?"

"My ears are pointy. Dad's is round. And he has no tail, too!"

   ~ Ryanti and his Mother, Aria

Ryanti Veanysus was born on the 23rd day of the Seventh Astral Moon in 1554 from the marriage of Lorenthian Veanysus, a Hyruian Midlander and Aria Veanysus, a fair-skilled Moon Seeker Miqo'te. A basket woven with white flowers was made as his first crib, flowers in which Ryanti grew fond of as a young man.

Being still a young man with decades of service ahead of him, Lorenthian was almost always away from home. His mother, Aria, did not have much better luck to spend much time with her newborn son. The family business needed its Central Executive Officer. Therefore, the responsibility of raising Ryanti was passed down to the caretakers, and occasionally his parents. His mother would come to regret this later in life, as the rapid influx and outflux of personal influences on Ryanti caused him to turn inward in his early youth, and distant from his mother until only recently.

Ryanti dived himself into books and stories, as it still does to this day. Romantic stories of high civilization and the golden years of prosperous past forever shaped his perspective of the world.


"Those other kids. What were they doing to you?"

"What they always do."

"You're not gonna do anything about it?"

"It is my fate to be treated for what I am."

"No, it ain't your fate. If anyone does that again to you I'll bloody their prissy little noses for you."

          ~ Gaiden Malcolm and Ryanti Veanysus
Ryanti Veanysus at 15 years old

Ryanti's more outgoing personality and adventurous urgings came out when he flowered into adolescence. Being born of such distinction, Ryanti tended to idealize the Hyuran side of his family and alienate himself from his Miqo'te side, which he believed brought nothing to him but insecurity and scrutiny.

At the same time, the exiling of the Beastmen in 1562 left an enormous impression on the noble youth in Ul'Dah. The preservationist ideals of the early Lalafell swiftly became back in practice in those families backed with tradition and fortune. Racism began to poke out its ugly head, and Ryanti, being a half breed in what seemed to be an awkward situation in his family lineage, was an immediate target.

In a world in which a growing child was beginning to experience social life with other children, Ryanti found himself with no friends, and many enemies. Feeling like he had a lack of reprieve from the scrutiny, Ryanti blamed this on his mother's blood. Purebred Miqo'te children resented his mother's dabbling into the Hyurs, seeing their species as a plague, while pure Hyurs, especially Midlanders, related Ryanti as the child of mistakes, and believed him below them. This created a complicated sense of identity that Ryanti carries to this day.

He was accepted nowhere, and was violently mistreated. He was consistently teased, and often jumped or ridiculed and bullied. Derogatory names were tossed at him at an almost daily basis. He became a behavioral case, often locking himself up in his room, diving himself in books, pamphlets, paintings, anything to get away from the outside world, which was beginning to bend on him with a negative, oppressive feeling. All in all, Ryanti was a quite bitter teenager.

There was a few who stood up for him, however. One example is of young boy by the name of Gaiden Malcolm, he was the heir of a merchant family who sold furniture. Often hanging out with the less fortunate, Gaiden was a mischievous, charismatic, and empathetic individual. His perceptions of the world were much more friendlier then the usual noble caste. It was Gaiden's own burden to bear when he volunteered to make a defense in Ryanti's case, generally cashed in by beatings of the oppressors. It was men like him that convinced Ryanti not to give up on himself just yet.

The Fall of Dalamund and the Battle of Carteneau

In 1572, the cycle date of Dalamund's fall, Ryanti's life had taken an odd turn. During the waning years of Dalamund's fall, Lorenthian's final pledge to service was to fight for his life. Recently becoming a BloodSworn, Ryanti's father took up the mantle of becoming a leader of a 52 man unit of semi-experienced servicemen with no fear and the willingness to die. With the world seemingly coming to an end, the family found themselves on the precinct in Ul'Dah's outer walls, defending themselves against Garlean hordes. Faced with the very real possibility of the world ending, and his father fighting on the Front lines of Carteneau, it spelled the moment when for the first time ever, Ryanti took up a sword and fought for his life as his father did at 16 years of age.

Lorenthian ended up losing all 52 men, and for the first time in his life, fled in shame. However, as an unintended consequence, the fleeing meant that Lorenthian did not in fact get sent forward in time. Instead, he quickly rode back to Thanalan to return to his family. The unforeseen installment of a stressful period of brief cataclysm and waiting rocked his family with stress.

Having seen the might and prowess of the Garleans for the first time with his own eyes after spending a decade eyeing them in books and stories, Ryanti was taken aback by his quiet admiration of them.

Having seen Bahamut himself, the father could feel the same. Now middle-aged and weary of war, it was Lorenthian's last battle.

Aria, a mother so rocked with worry and sternness, continued to run her business during the whole affair despite suffering a rather severe financial loss. To her, supply the needy, injured, and weak with food, water, and of course dinnerware, was better than hording any sort of bill. It was from her, after all, that Ryanti finally understood the meaning of kindness, and a perspective outside of his own sheltered bubble in Ul'Dah. Ryanti had always wanted to escape Uldah, travel the world and help people, but it was at this moment that he finally affirmed to himself that he will confide to that errand.

Personal History (Ongoing; RP Driven)

Barracks and Training in Dirty Fighting

"Yer shitridin' nobles expect a free ride in this hellhole?!?"

"All I ask, is that you give me the same kind of ride you offer to anyone in here."

"Well it sure as hell ain't gonna be free, kid. Yer sure as much sacrifice your pride as much as your deposit."

             ~ Drill Instructor Abott and Ryanti Veanysus in the Ul'Dahn barracks.
A green Ryanti sparring in the barracks

As per required of his family, Ryanti admitted into Officer Training School at around 20 years of age. He was to spend eight months in school, and three months in the barracks to consummate a year of training. He received his initiation into military life from Drill Instructor Amarce Abott, eventually earning his respect not through his technique or neither his background, but rather his ability to keep coming back to training, despite Abott's tendency to brutalize privileged nobles that had gone to Officer School in an attempt to scare them out of the core. Abott attempted to utilize Ryanti's loves of refinement and progression and use it against him. Despite all of this, Ryanti refused to leave.

One of his last steps as an officer in training was to travel around the continent and gather up good deeds to be recorded and vouched for on a special note pad, and to bring it back with him to the Flames along with a massive 57 page report on what they have learned during their travels. During this journey, Ryanti spent some time in Ishguard during a brief reprieve, learning how to 'fight dirty' from the thief racket and an ex-assassin. This was his first exposure to Ishguard, a realm that Ryanti found himself fond of, and a place where, unknown to him, his true family's home.

Sentinal's Ark

He also spent some time with a task-oriented force that promoted a sense of well being and justice; Sentinal's Ark. Under the tutelage of Mtoto Wamoto, Ryanti Veanysus experienced hands-on training that included trials such as balancing on wet rocks of a waterfall while being pelted with objects and harnessing the defeat of a winged beast in the jungles of La Noscea. Ryanti attributes him breaking into the world of adventuring to her, despite never being able to know her greatest secret; how to have dinner with her.

He also credits Sentinal's Ark with attributing to his graduation, noting that despite his report coming up short (A disappointingly 32 page report) he graduated anyway.

M'toto Wamoto

A New Direction

"This is against any and all kinds of regulations."

"This is not a task fit to be regulated."

    ~ Anzio Zansio and Ryanti Veanysus
Ryanti at the time of his transition

Having graduated, Ryanti found himself with a decision to make. To take on a unit and become a Lieutenant in one of the three national brigades, or to refuse to take a unit and try his hand at other optional career pathways available to him. Wishing to travel more often, and do more unorthodox tasks, Ryanti decided not to take a unit, despite the temptation of being a leader.

Avoiding the path more traveled of being regulated to office duty, Ryanti swiftly volunteered at every chance he could of overseeing shipping containers. Reasons being that he was fascinated over the latest state of the art equipment, and being part of the process in handling said equipment. The pace of his life was smooth at first; Ryanti found himself often approached by others to determine whether or not the specs in the current shipping lines were heading to their correct destinations. It is during this brief time that Ryanti began his fascination for mechanical engineering, having avoided it in the past due to the idea of getting dirty.

It was not long before he was approached by the Military Brass; Bloodsworn in charge of his sector that proposed an idea for a mission that deviated from the normal. The mission was identified as top secret and classified. Ryanti was all too motivated to accept.

Briefly before, Ryanti was assigned an underling. An assistant to help him with every day operations. This assistant turned out to be Anzio Zansio, An Ul'Dahn Lalafell that balanced Ryanti's tenancies to follow intuition and break the rules with his hard-nosed, by-the-book approach to tactics and proceedings. The pairing made them terrifically balanced and close friends.

Ryanti invited his assistant to his mission, which turned out to be the testing of reverse engineered Garlean projectile weapons; guns. In one hilarious moment, Anzio fired one of the weapons himself, sending him reeling off of his feet. Despite the efforts of information brokers, word did not get out about the testing, and Ryanti was able to report it a success.

The Black Label (WIP)

[Note: (Ryanti has had several adventures as a member of the Black Label. Due to length, I will not resort to posting them here; however I am thinking of releasing them in a series of short stories in the future. All of these stories took place between patches 2.2 - 2.4.)]

"Your actions will be invisible and minus all praise. Your death will be invisible if your methods result in such. It is a hard life. It is not to be taken for granted that you can back out now if you wish, but I cannot promise you will be able to back out in the future."

"The possibility of an early death is nothing compared to the promise of seeing more in this lifetime than anyone in my generation had ever hoped to see; I'm in."

    ~ Ryanti Veanysus making his decision.

Upon the completion of that mission, Ryanti was called into service by a hidden branch of the Ul'dahn military. Due to his family standing, interest in both history and technology, and perhaps his naivety, he had been selected. He was summoned by his ordering Captain to a meeting held underneath Horizon's township harbor, and proposed a choice of a lifetime.

He was proposed to join a secret joint operation of the Eorzean Alliance called the Black Label. Responsible for excavating top secret ancient technology and magic, the Black Label worked hand and hand with the Sons of Saint Coinach to excavate lost technology and hidden majicks in the highest of secrecy, in order to determine whether or not the said devices could help mankind, or whether or not it must be destroyed or hidden forever. Beyond that top responsibility, the Black Label also works to steal Garlean technology for the purposes of reverse engineering it for the Eorzean Alliance.

The Black Label is composed of selected individuals, nobodies and somebodies, that keep their affiliation with the Black Label secret.

Ryanti has had several adventures as an active member of the Black Label already. What will be in store for him next?


A more mature, experienced Ryanti in the present day

Upon first glance, Ryanti has a soft-spoken aura about him that is benevolent in nature. The way at which he carries himself can be described as serene, and graceful. He is a natural nurturer, for both people and the world as a whole. He wears his heart on his sleeve when not on the job, as his appetite for social contact and forming friendships cannot be ripped out of his true nature, even now.

He values civilization and refinement very highly. He believes the soul is a very precious, beautiful thing, and that mankind deserves to a carve a surrounding about themselves beautiful enough to accommodate such vessels. He values people in harmony with civilization. However, he has a severe disdain for those resistant to change, and progression. It is because of this that he frowns upon tribal culture, and stagnant culture. He becomes 'nauseated' over the idea of 'backwater' locales, and generally tends to view Eorzea as severely behind the times.

He had a powerful sense of vision of how the world should operate, and a passion for bringing about positive change in society and mankind. However, he can be brash when his opinions are challenged, and has a tendency to go off on a mini-lecture about trivial things, or to be a smartass. All originating from his posh, noble roots.

His voice still contains that posh accent.

In his youth, he was directly rascist towards Miqo'te, blaming them for his harsh upbringing. Despite having overcome that perception, he is very insecure and self-doubting of his Miqo'te side when it comes to his own body. The stereotypes of the Miqo'te make him uncomfortable within his own skin, and he is concerned over his own self-image of his mother's blood holding him back. He prefers to be identified as a Veanysus and is quick to correct individuals who directly call him a Miqo'te. Rascist terms associated with Miqo'te being directed at him infuriates him.

Ryanti was raised in an upper class sect of Ul'Dah, surrounded by young nobles with money to spend on their vices due to infinite boredom. Because of that, most marriages that he witnessed were of business, and everyone had a lover on the side. Because of this, it is difficult for Ryanti to understand how marriage correlates with love. He believes that marriage can be involved with love, but that love is not required to marry, nor is marrying required to love. Ryanti is willing to love, and return love, though he believes love is a free thing, not meant to be tied down in commitment or forced.

Ryanti is bisexual, though he leans more towards women; he can only imagine himself marrying a woman.


Friendship and social value

Witty people


Advancement in Society

Fine living (Furniture, upholstery, etc.)

Hyur culture and Mannerisms


Paintings, drawings, and other art



Fine cuisine





Tribal culture

Pragmatic individuals


The Miqo'te side of himself

Individuals who forgo technology

Being dirty

'Swiney' Individuals

The fact he's a half breed


House Veanysus - Heir

Ishguard - Ancient family lineage

Ul'Dah - Merchant Nobility

Immortal Flames - Peacekeeper, Supervisor

Black Label - ???

Rumor Mill

Common Rumors (Overheard often)

"Aye, that one. A product of love born amidst a society stuffed with rules. Tsch, kid would of been better off a pauper and that's irony for ya."

"Kid's got his head way too up in the clouds to understand what's going on right in front of him."

"Been turning heads ever since he showed up in the Barracks. Skin softer then a baby sheep yet he just keeps on getting up. He's got that kind of aura about him that his father does. The beacon of light that heals the hearts of others and bolsters them to greatness."

"Can't help but gossip about a cat inheriting a man. Whether or not a cat could outdo a man. Could live up to being one when it grows older. He wants to be like his dad, but he's exactly the opposite."

Uncommon Rumors (Overheard sometimes)

"He turns into such a gentleman when in the spotlight. He has a silver tongue and a golden heart. He can just as quickly grow distant, afraid. Damn impossible to predict when, or why for that matter."

"He plays well, dances marvelously. Yet somehow he despises to show the world those facets about him. His attitude is too caught up in building an image that takes itself way too seriously."

Rare Rumors (Overheard rarely)

"I saw him with a shoulder bag. It was glowing. He seemed a bit in a rush. What the hell was in that thing?'"

"So his mother's from Garlemald? Lovely. More fuel to the fire in the controversy of that marriage. What a mess, especially considering the tension."

"He would sometimes take nightly walks. Looked up a lot. Was fond of the horizon. Tossed some paper away. I picked it up once. It was just a few questions he had asked himself. There were answers written down, but scribbled out so viciously that the paper itself was ripped."

Player Generated Rumors

(This is a section to add rumors of your own if you like! This could do with anything you've heard/experiences/etc. relating to Ryanti, whether it be from other characters or your own. Just make sure it's IC!)

"I hear the wild ones can't keep their hands off him."

"I have a feeling Nymeia has woven our fates together. To what end? I pray it's to see Eorzea to a brighter future." - Anzio Zansio

"Oh yes, he was always very much his father's son. Often when Lorenthian would leave for duty, he would try to run off and join him. We caught him once trying to sneak out with a broken broom shaft as a sword and an old tea tray for a shield." - Aria Veanysus

"While our meeting was not what he originally intended, and our friendship not what I had originally expected, I know that I have nothing short of a trusting relationship with Master Veanysus. While his health in all matters is our business, I admit that I am fond of the moments we can steal time together - and am ultimately beside myself that I have gained such a good and kind patron, supporter, and friend." - Kotone Shimayasu

"Ryanti is... he's something else. He's very enigmatic. On first glance, it's the silky locks of hair and those pretty aquamarine eyes that leave an impression on you. Yet, there's so much more to him than just that. And still you wonder that that's only the surface you've just begun to unravel. But he's a wonderful gentleman through and through, that much is for sure." - C'eleni Meztli

"He is a generous host. Told me how to taste Starlight; it was a lot of fun. But if you do meet him, pray pay special attention to how he is standing. Sir Ryanti is often wounded and pushing himself further. Althyk only knows when pushing will be in vain." - Jancis Milburga

"Sir Ryanti is hard to spot. A shadow knight. Last I saw him, there was glass in his chest. For at least a fortnight. I thought I saw him afterwards, but it could not have been. There was a Garlean that looked so much like him." - Jancis Milburga


The concept of Ryanti Veanysus first started in 1.0. I intended to make him a Hyur Midlander and to have his own estate in the middle of nowhere, and have him be indecisive from all three states. (Did not know much about the lore at the time.) The Upper Class association has always stayed the same. When I left 1.0 after being incredibly disappointed, I took Ryanti and redesigned him completely for TERA. The foundations were the same, however. I left TERA as well, and now coming back to 2.0, I redesigned him a third time. That's the Ryanti that exists now.

I took inspiration from the Italian Renaissance behind his last name in 2010, and the first name was the middle name of my first RP character I ever made back in 2004.

Ryanti Veanysus
Ryanti Veanysus (Commissioned by Meishali (http://borderbipoline.tumblr.com) (Contact: meishaliart@gmail.com)
Ryanti Youth
Ryanti at 15 years old
Ryanti young
Ryanti sparring in the Barracks
Ryanti Graduating
Ryanti during his graduation
Ryanti at time of initiation
Ryanti at the time of his initiation into the Black Label
Ryanti in the recent past
Ryanti in the recent past
Ryanti Bust