Ahyin'sae Hashnyvahr

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Limsa Lominsa-transparent.png Yin Moonclaw (Ahyin'sae Hashnyvahr)
White hair yin.jpeg
A free-spirited wanderer, carrying but a map and his spear. He longs for the journey, going wherever the winds of fate may carry him.
The Wanderer
Gender Male
Race Miqo'te
Clan Keeper of the Moon
Citizenship Limsa Lominsa
Nameday 7th Sun of the 4th Astral Moon, 1554
Guardian Nymeia, the Spinner
Mated to Ziuz Lyehga ( Alivia nan Nerva )

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Ahyin'sae Hashnyvahr is the youngest son of the Hashnyvahrs, a semi-nomadic Keeper Of The Moon family from the Twelveswood. Always curious, with a knack for exploring and a yearning for freedom, he was still at the wide-eyed and fresh-faced age of fifteen when he decided to leave and discover what wonders Eorzea could provide to an adventurer's journey. Now with around ten years of lone wandering about and surviving without much coin on his pocket, he's become a sort of jack of all trades with a mild knowledge of various crafts and a fondness for arts. During his venturing his interest for the art of the lance deepened so he's been honing his skills to the best of his ability as he moved along the road, always remembering Buscarron's teachings. He has seen his fair share of people, places and battles and though his life has been filled with twists and turns, at the end of day he wouldn't have it any other way.

Eorzea has proven to be a vast realm, in all senses, so no matter what the future brings there's surely a long path ahead for this Miqo'te to pave still.



Ahyin'sae was born in 1554, the youngest of nine children. He lived a relatively normal and carefree childhood in the woods of the Black Shroud, and was particularly close to his brother Ahyin'to and his sister Liah, later one to whom he was to be mated. Under the strict but loving hand of mother Ahyin, he learned to hunt with bow, skin, track and make a living surrounded by nature. But very soon he showed interest in other ways of doing and living, he'd sneak to play with other children in Gridania and would spend a lot of time at Buscarron's Druthers where he picked up lancer techniques. At the age of fifteen, not long after his coming of age trials, longing for an adventuring life and having had come to bad terms with his sister Liah he decided to leave the clan for good and never look back. The first months on the road where not easy, and he found himself hungry and without shelter often, but soon he grew accustomed to it and became sharper on the ways of the world. His first destination was Ul'dah and here he made quite a bit of gil and also acquired his chocobo, Kwehlora, after a most odd dispute with an old Lalafell. He kept exploring the lands but before he could make it to Limsa Lominsa, came the Calamity, which almost killed him, as he saw himself surrounded by flames and falling debris, heavily injured. Then came the blinding light, and he found himself awake and well in a changed Eorzea. The Calamity made him return to the South Shroud and stay there with Buscarron and then his family for some weeks. After this he made way to Limsa Lominsa were he recovered and worked until he felt ready to resume his wandering that led him to Coerthas. There he remained for almost two years, working for the Fortemps house and the Corbeau family. After this time and some traumatic events which almost cost him his life again, he ran back to Limsa Lominsa and after some time of rest he took back on his Wanderer mantle once more. Over time he's been focusing more and more on enhancing his combat ability, after the many incidents he's encountered in his life, and adventuring for the sole sake of discovery has fallen to second in his priority list. After meeting with the Lyehga family and forming close bonds with some of its members, his life would yet take another twist, after a series of events that led him to not only join the organisation they belong to, Angelum Lucis, but also bring his wandering days to a halt and become mated with the fiery Ziuz. His life focus changed definitely but he still plans to one day explore what corners he hasn't seen of Eorzea yet, and then beyond, possibly not alone.


(A younger Ahyin. Meh Art.)
Ahyin has all of the traditional Hashnyvahr characteristics: dalamud-red eyes, straight raven-black hair and bluish skin, he's paler than his siblings. He has an oblique scar between his eyebrows.
As a youth and after his coming of age trials, he got his adult tattoos, wore blue feline face paint and long braided hair adorned with hand crafted beads and blue highlights as any full fledged member of the clan. He kept this look until shortly after the Calamity. He decided to stop wearing his face paint and cut his hair not only for practical purposes but to rid it of the highlights. He realized it was meaningless to keep his family's traditional marks since he had cut ties with most of them. Ahyin still wears some black face paint around the eyes at times and considers it to be his own mark. His tail is long, with fuzzy black fur.
Being always the curious and active type, never really staying put for too long, from childhood to the present, he's been quite built and fit throughout his life, specially his arms due to spear wielding. He's a tall Miqo'te, like most of his relatives, at 5 fulms 8 ilms, and weighs about 160 ponz. Two years after the Calamity he became part of a Coerthan rogue group in which he underwent rigorous physical training, but this group ceased to be and he went back to wandering and adventuring. As of late, after joining Angelum Lucis, he's back to it and he has put even more weight and strength. He's become tanky and very sturdy though he still retains some of the agility and lean build that characterize his family.
His clothing is usually leather-worked and he has a few sets of armor he has earned throughout the years, used for hunting, fighting and training. Prefers dark colors.
His hair has turned white in the course of a couple of moons, due to aetheric damage caused by an artifact he had been carrying around.


This young Miqo’te is driven by the desire to discover and live as an adventurer, to learn and understand the world, find true freedom and enjoy all the good things he finds. He’s naturally curious and playful, also quite friendly and he tends to maintain a confident and optimistic attitude. He’s an intrepid and spontaneous young man, and may come off as a bit fickle and immature, but he has a good heart and can be very dependable and trustworthy if he cares about someone. He considers everyone he meets a friend until proved wrong, he may start a bit on the quiet side but he warms up to almost anyone very quickly, due to his natural curiosity but above all open-mindedness and ability to empathize. He can be a bit naive and easily led on because of this, and if comfortable he’s somewhat candid and frank, especially after a few glassfuls of alcohol. However, he’s not a complete open book, and some things he will most likely never share. Over time he's increasingly becoming more calm, focused and collected, specially after some heavy losses and traumatic events, and is becoming very protective of those he most cares about. Still, he retains the ability to bounce back from tragedy and remain easy going, even if only on the outside.
Cultural heritage or backgrounds don’t hold much importance to him, besides curiosity and learning purposes. He mostly pushes forward according to his own set of rules, and will probably retort with an unpleasant comeback if someone tries to enforce some limiting norms or ideas or looks down on him. However, he’s not easily angered and will most likely brush off unpleasant situations, sometimes with humor.
Ahyin is not the most spiritual person, and unlike his clan he doesn't worship Menphina. On the other hand, he can be found offering the occasional prayer to Nymeia, so the winds of fate may bring him good fortune.
He shows more interest in the opposite gender, but he’d be more correctly described as a being with pan-sexual tendencies. He can be very flirty and enjoys teasing the most, but even though he has had his occasional flames, he is actually a cover-up romantic and once he chooses someone he's most likely to dedicate himself fully to that person only.
He’s a good listener and likes to discuss a bit of everything from adventuring to art, crafting, combat training strategies, current events, humor ... he is also very curious of history and stories from far off lands. He’s also likely to be found attending some cultural event and sometimes even on a library corner, to make up for the education he didn't receive as a child, which is something that bothers him to a good measure.



(Ahyin in coming-of-age ritual outfit. Meh Art.)

Ahyin always preferred melee type of combat. During his childhood and time he spent with his family he was motivated by his mother to pursue the bow, and he would enjoy his lessons with his older brother Ahyin'to, but he'd very quickly drop the bow to strike at the target with a dagger or pointy stick, which caused many conflicts with his relatives due to spoiled hunts and lost targets he'd scare away with his sloppy head-on charges. He eventually met Buscarron while wandering around the Druthers, and with him he got his first spear and learned the basics of the lancer. After this he never dropped the lance again.

On his teenage years he was still not very built, specially he after he fled home and had trouble finding food, so during this time he relied on speed and crafty tricks to overpower his opponents. Over time, as he grew older, he became increasingly sturdier and taller, having reached a very built and tanky figure when compared to even his brother Ahyin'to. He still relies on agility, fast attacks and varied feints, but his combat is now more focused in strong well aimed strikes, patiently waiting for the moment when he can apply an all out slash or pierce through his target.



  • Spears
  • Exploring/sightseeing/adventuring
  • Mint Lassi and Rabbit Pies
  • Spices and other aromatic things
  • Acrobatics
  • Standing on high places/climbing
  • Astrology
  • Board-games/cards
  • Riddles
  • Artsy/crafty trinkets, leatherwoking and carving
  • Chocobos
  • Wolves
  • Rain
  • Snow and cold
  • Beach at night, dawn and dusk
  • The scent of rainy forrest and wet ground under naked feet


  • Hypocrites
  • Egomaniacs
  • Fanatics
  • Greedy folk
  • Arrogant folk
  • Folk who brag a lot and/or look down on others
  • Racism/Xenophobia and other of the like
  • Miteling meat
  • Jellyfish
  • Gobbie Cheese
  • Scent of blood
  • Loud places / crowds indoors
  • Fire (after the Calamity)
  • Desert and sand
  • The Ixal


  • Combat with spear/lance
  • Carving wood trinkets and/or leather pieces
  • Small item repairs/dismantling/tinkering
  • Fishing/hunting


  • He's currently of a chaotic neutral alignment, but he's progressing towards a neutral good alignment as times passes by, but he can easily bounce back and forth in between these two.
  • He has a very keen sense of smell and hearing, characteristic of his family. Keen sight at night, poor during day time, but he doesn't rely on it overmuch for this reason.
  • He's a good swimmer and likes water.
  • He likes to chew on random pieces of straw or weathered grass.
  • He displays his emotions through ear and tail movements more than through facial expressions. He's very expressive but he can also hide his emotions close to perfectly when necessary.


Romantic Interest     Sexual Desire     Platonic Love      Good Standing     Neutral Standing     Poor Standing


Chosen Partner

  • Ziuz Lyehga (Alivia nan Nerva) : Ahyin met Ziuz in Gridania, over one of his usal "food sharing with the people of the world" moments. After she refused his rabbit pie and seemingly rude manners, he didn't get a good impression of her. Little did he imagine that she was actually the twin sister of his best friend Koh'a. Many moons passed until he met her again, but the relationship didn't see much improvement, at first at least, specially because she was assigned as his combat trainer. She irritated him to no end but at the same time she wasn't someone he could just brush aside and forget. When he decided he wouldn't create more conflict or react to her provocations, she showed up at his place on Valentione's day with gifts and an attitude he wasn't ready for and before he even realized he was already entangled in the fiery woman's embrace. Over time desire led to discovery and intimacy, and realising that perhaps they weren't so different as to be incompatible, and so love flourished. Nowadays they are mated and living together as a couple, and Ahyin wouldn't bear to part with her.


  • Ahyin Hashnyvahr aka Ma Ahyin (born 1509): Ahyin'sae's mother. A proud matriarch with an iron fist, she birthed and raised nine children, four of which were boys, which was a seen as an enormous blessing and made her known among the families of their clan as "the mother touched by Menphina herself". Strict and rigorous with her children's aptitude training to survive in the Twelveswood, a devout reverence to the clan's ancient traditions and a presence able to impose respect amidst even the most dangerous of the poachers, she had everything to bring the proud Hashnyvahr name to a new prosperous era. Or so she thought. But somehow she slowly watched her family tear apart, as her children turned their back on each other through conflict, fled the familiar group or died. She was closest to Liah and Ahyin'sae, her younger children and the ones she had chosen to be the mother and father of the main family's new generation. Also, Ahyin'sae was the child whose father was the man she truly loved. When Ayin'sae ran away she prayed with all her fervour for Menphina to bring him back, and she believed he would. When Ahyin'sae finally gathered the courage to come back and state his intention to renounce the place as father she had picked for him, she took such an enourmous hit to her pride that she banished him from the family, stripping him of the name Hashnyvahr and everything that came with it. She still blames his father's blood, since he too was a free spirit who'd never come back to her. Mother and son haven't met again after this event.
  • Dahr'a Akhabila (born 1510): Ahyin'sae's official father. Picke'd by Ahyin's mother, Senah Hashnyvahr, to be mated to the matriarch-to-be, he fathered 8 of her 9 children. He never got along well with his mate but he was a kind father to his children, even if somehow distant since he spent most of his time out hunting, mostly due to his differences with Ahyin and her sister's. He was one of the few to know he wasn't Ahyin'sae's true father, but he never treated him differently since he believed the child deserved no punishment for it. They were just as close as any father and child would be, and his views on tolerance and respect influenced Ahyin'sae on the path he would take years later.
  • Laih'to Orhebapuuk (born 1507): Actual Ahyin'sae's biological father, recently discovered by Ahyin'to and the Dakwhil part of the family. His age and fragile heart have now rendered him bedridden, and so when Ma Ahyin heard of his condition, she visited and revealed that her youngest son was his. Ahyin'sae has yet to know of this as off the last edit to this page, but Laih'to has already sent Ohka to find and bring Ahyin'sae to him.


  • Ahyin'a Hashnyvahr (1526-1572)(deceased): The eldest from Ahyin'sae's siblings, they were not specially close and Ahyin'a left the tribe mated to another family when Ahyin'sae was still a child.
  • Nehya Hashnyvahr (1529): Head hunter of the group, a keen eye for archery.
  • Ahyin'to Hashnyvahr (1534): Both a mentor and a most reliable support for Ahyin'sae throughout all times, even after he left the tribe to be mated to a Nulekhan and after Ahyin'sae fled Twelveswood they always kept contact and are very close to this day.
  • Ohka Hashnyvahr (1537 - 1572)(deceased): A gentle soul fond of the arts of healing, ever a soothing and pacifying presence withing the familiar group. She'd taken the mantle as the Seer and Healer of the family after the previous passed away from old age, communing with the elementals and performing the spiritual rituals of the family. After her passing during the Calamity, Ma Ahyin took upon her duties.
  • Sahal Hashnyvahr (1542): Head trader of the group, she deals with both poachers and the occasional Gridanian.
  • Mokoh Hashnyvahr (1545): Responsible for the gathering and crafting in the family, she got trained by the elders in botany knowledge and assists with the healing and spiritual rituals of the family.
  • Ahyin'li Hashnyvahr (1547-???)(thought to be deceased, but body was never found): Though there were never on the best terms, Ahyin'li was perhaps the most similar to Ahyin'sae. Also a free spirit, he had fled the family shortly before the Calamity. He disappeared and no news were ever heard of him again, he's thought to be deceased due to this fact, but no proof has ever been found.
  • Liah Hashnyvahr (1551): Youngest female of the group, but soon she proved to be a talented and strong individual, being chosen as the next matriarch-to-be after Ahyin'sae was born. The both of them were inseparable for the most part of their childhood, but Liah's ever growing aggression, mental disturbances and obsessive behavior acted as the final catalyst to Ahyin'sae's decision of fleeing. They're on poor terms ever since.
  • Ohka Dakwhil (1546): Ahyin'sae's nanny for a while, left the tribe when Liah became impossible to deal with and Ma Ahyin sent her away. She later moved to Ul'dah and trained as a gladiator to this day. Now discovered to be Ahyin'sae's half sister.
  • Ruh'a Dakwhil (1549): They met on couple occasion's when Ahyin'sae was left in the care of Ohka. They always got along nicely even though they met very few times. Now discovered to be Ahyin'sae's half brother.


  • Sanran: Curious girl that is very quickly turning into a woman, Ahyin cares deeply for her first because she carries the soul and legacy of one of his dearest friends and now because he's grown used to her presence by watching her learn and grow as person. He does his best to look at her as new being with her own unique self. At times it is difficult not to compare her to her previous existence, yet he tries not to do this so that she can lead a new life as free from the ghosts of the past as possible. At the same time he also wonders if the ghosts of the past should be kept at bay forever because they are both a grim reminder but also a lesson of what happens when one lives too closely to people consumed by hatred. At the end of the day she is a dearest friend, part sister, part daughter, and though he wants to protect her he realises now he shouldn't shield San from the world, but be a nurturing presence to help her become strong and independent, free to to walk her chosen path on her own, just like he did when he was young.
  • Qih Lyehga (deceased): Ahyin met Qih in Limsa Lominsa and out of the blue she asked him to help her by modeling some pieces she had been weaving. He acquiesced on a whim, half dumbfounded, so much that he let her leave without asking for so much as a name. Later, by luck, they ran into each other again, while out training, and after spending that day together and getting to know each other better, they promised to one day travel together and have been close friends ever since. Ahyin developed a crush on her for a good while, but it eventually turned into a platonic form of love. Even when Qih got her memories back and returned a somewhat changed person, his feelings didn't change. Qih went through a lot on the final stages of her life and made Ahyin worry to no end. Losing her, even though another form of her remains, was a hard hit for Ahyin which affected him more than he realises.
  • Koh'a Lyehga : Ahyin met Koh'a in Vesper Bay, while waiting for a ferry to Limsa. The two teased each other for the whole time they chatted but he took a liking to "the lad". Over time they became close to the point that Ahyin would call him his best friend, a sort of younger brother he never had. They fooled around together as young men are wont to do and endured through some ups and downs until finally Koh'a was taken back to his homeland and put to jail, an event Ahyin'sae feels to have a part of responsibility in and can't very well accept yet. He deeply misses "the lad" and wishes to help free him somehow, someday.
  • Rhaya Lyehga : Rhaya was the only Lyehga left behind when Qih and Koh went back to their homeland. The odd but sweet girl quickly grew on him as the other Lyehgas, and her innocent charm had him in some tight and embarrassing situations sometimes, but they got along well even when she would make her trademark "difficult and improper questions". Shortly after Ziuz came over to oversee Ahyin's training, they started meeting less often and Rhaya ended up departing back to her homeland without warning. He also misses her and wonders how she might be doing nowadays.
  • Ighii Lyehga : Ighii is a relatively new addition to the Eorzean branch of Lucis, and she seems to have appeared out of nowhere and to be a self appointed member of the team. While her reputation precedes her, Ahyin hasn't had much interaction with the woman to have a formed opinion of her, only that one day he came to find her and Ziuz cogitating some indecent proposal he didn't like. Last mission provided with a little more interaction, and she seemed competent and experienced... still the situation turned awry and Ahyin still doesn't know if he likes the woman very much.
  • Pohka Nulekhan : Ahyin's sister in law, wife to Ahyin'to. She's a very dedicated and caring mother and a sharp archer. She was always warm to Ahyin when they'd meet, acting like a motherly figure. Besides Ahyin'to, she is the family member from the Shroud he trusts the most.
  • Miah Nulekhan : Ahyin'tos first child. Tiny and loud thing, just over her eleventh summer.
  • Ahyin Nulekhan : Ahyin'tos second child.
  • Pohka'a Nulekhan : Ahyin'to's and Pohka's third child. Baby boy. Much tears and snot.
  • Luah Nulekhan: Ahyin's distant cousin and "first love" from when they were kids. They wouldn't meet often but when they did it was all giggles and blushing. Nowadays they're on good and friendly terms, though Ahyin still feels somewhat shy in her presence.
  • Mokoh'a Nulekhan: Luah's brother and a good friend to Ahyin.



  • Ayultai Tsakhilgaan : Though he knows the Au Ra only by the name "Willyane Corbeau" and now by the grim title "Raven's Bane", he knows he was the one responsible for the reckoning of the Unseen and death of most of his former comrades. He has a will to take revenge but he also knows the man is someone he won't defeat easily.
  • Kaisar Von Solitudo : They were never on the much friendly terms, and he always looked at the elezen with some doubt due to his alien attitude and contempt. After he discovered he had hurt and almost killed Qih and Koh'a was made to pay for his crimes, Ahyin'sae became enemies with the man, though they still speak on job meetings.


  • Estelle Corbeau (deceased): Ahyin's former lover and comrade in arms. She was a recruiter for the Unseen, seducing young men into the ranks. The fact that Ahyin was close and caring towards her daughter Orianne, had kept the two close for a long while.
  • Orianne Corbeau (deceased): Estelle's daughter from incognito father. She was a wide eyed and sweet girl, fond of helping the kitchen maids with cookies and a book lover. She didn't live to see her tenth summer.
  • Raphelaux Corbeau (deceased): The last Elder of the Corbeau line. Ahyin's patron, he left his last heirloom's to the miqo'te, though he still labours to understand why, these have have so far proven to be dangerous gifts.


Not all of these are true.

Common Rumors

  • "He used too look like an airhead, as much of a dimwit as one can get, would bother the folk at the lancers guild to no end. No matter how much we kicked him out, he'd always come back, that pest. He sort of disappeared some years, but lately I've seen him taking some serious jobs and leves for the 'venturers guild, in hand with this Miqo'te lass and they look like they mean business." - Gridanian Wood Wailer.
  • "Oh, he's a sweetheart, very traveled and knowing. He helps me with all kinds of chores for just a few of my homemade pies. A kind hearted youth, it's like my son is back. He hasn't visited much lately but I hope he's doing well. He deserves it." - Tired looking elder Elezen lady.
  • "I wanna be like him and them other 'venturing folk someday too, ya know, going everywhere... I'll be an adventurer too!" - Lively Hyur child.
  • "That lad Ahyin? He's fun to hang around with... he used to do all kind of errands for a bit of coin or food, but lately he seems busy. I heard he settled in the Mist." - Ul'dah Roegadyn street merchant.
  • "Same as any other savage, that one, and his brothers all the same too. Those people are naught but trouble, they even get along with the Coeurclaws. So that sod's probably not as innocent as he looks." - Gridanian Archer
  • "Haha, the lad Yin. That's how they called him when he was a tiny little kit. He'd come here hungry, sometimes with a small bird catch, his aunts took food away from him when he misbehaved. He still comes to visit from time to time, have an ale with his brother." - Druthers Regular

Moderate Rumors

  • "Where does he get his coin from? He was as good as homeless just until recently, always wandering around but he owns a fine chocobo? I hear he stole it from a rich lalafell, probably got a bounty on his head for it, I tell you." - Serious Roe woman.
  • "Oh, he's found some sugar momma, a fine piece of lass. He looks like he's rolling on her coin now, he prolly gets it from warming up her bed. Might be the only thing he can do... Might be as he can't even do that right! Hahahaha!" - Scruffy Highlander
  • "You be wary of your women around him. That one's all smiles and ear wigglings... If I never see that mug again it'll be too soon. I'll crack his nose into that noggin'!" - Furious Hyur man.
  • "It seems he's runnin' away from someon'? I dunno... He shares a lot of tales from his travellin' but if you ask 'bout his family or past he gets all jumpy weird and you won't get much out of 'im.." - Young Seeker Miqo'te.
  • "Wasn't he in Coerthas some three years ago? As in, settling there with someone?" - Curious looking Hyur

Rare Rumors

  • "I hear som' old fart sayin' somthin' 'bout him takin' mercenary jobs. I dun' believe it, the kid looks goofy as on' can be, prolly can't hurt a chigoe larva." - Drunk Keeper Miqo'te.
  • "Don't buy that naive happy-go-lucky face. One of me girls said he left a mate behind on the Shroud with a little cub to raise by herself." - Seductive Highlander Courtesan
  • "He used to kill men for cheap, kept the Crow's daughter's bed warm too. He disappeared two years ago when the foul stench of blood got to him..." - Shady Hooded Coerthan.

PC Rumors

  • "Ahyin'sae what can I say about him? When i first saw him I thought he was the most beautiful Keeper I have ever seen. I didn't imagine us becoming the friends we are today. Although, I do wonder how his family looks like and acts like? if they are anything like him I would want to meet them."-Qih Lyehga


(Currently being rewritten due to changes in rp circle/IC connections)

IC thoughts/Journal (Resume of events so far pending)


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Ahyin's theme song would be Moonlight Wandering

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