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Dovienya Cuenn
Rose of the Obsidian Court

When one cannot be both, it is far safer to be feared than loved.

Niccolo Machiavelli


Vital Information

PRONUNCIATION: Doh vee en ya Quenn.

NICKNAMES: Rose, Tova.

RACE & CLAN: Roegadyn - Sea Wolf.

GENDER: Female.

AGE: 44.

NAMEDAY: 29th Sun, 5th Astral Moon.



Other Statistics


CITIZENSHIP: Dual citizenship: Ul'dahni and Ishgardian.

FAMILY: House Cuenn.

RESIDENCE: Estates in Thanalan, Ishgard, and La Noscea.

OCCUPATION: Mistress of the Obsidian Court.


HEIGHT & WEIGHT: 7 fulms, 3 ilms. 265 ponze.

ALIGNMENT: Lawful Evil.

General Information
When one cannot be both, it is far safer to be feared than loved. These are words to live by, to study, and to hold in reverence. Those who would betray one that they love would think twice about betraying one that they fear. To inspire fear in others is to secure yourself. To secure yourself is the first step into controlling those around you. Dovienya strives to maintain an immaculate public persona of the refined noble woman. She has been groomed since youth to ooze charm and charisma, to give the appearance of patience, elegance, and a strict adherence to decorum. Such qualities fade the more acquainted one would become with the woman, being far more apparent when one begins to work with Dovienya professionally. While the elegance and adherence to decorum remains, any hint of charm or warmth fades, replaced by a cold calculating mind and an unbending will to be obeyed. Working under the moniker of 'Rose', Dovienya is ambitious, devious, and ruthless. She will stop at nothing to gain that which she desires, often seeming to obsess over small details until they are arranged perfectly. Dovienya holds herself to a very strict set of guidelines that she follows fervently. While her guidelines are clear to her, they may not appear that way to others. In that, her morality is somewhat grey. She considers the work she does good, but it often takes a cruel and twisted form--such that by the end, it is difficult to determine if the end result was preferable or not.
One cannot wholly blame fate for their misfortunes. We are creatures damned by our freedom; no matter how good our intentions, we are cursed to live with the consequences of choice.
Hair & Eyes
Dovienya takes great care in maintaining her appearance. Her hair is typically kept in its youthful color of raven black. Her eyes are a piercing seafoam green that seem to never blink.
Physique & Markings
Though well into her forties, Dovienya does not appear to be a day over thirty. Her skin is a smooth pale grey, unmarked by age or blemish. Her body bares no scars and again, seems eerily flawless.
Hygiene & Attire
Dovienya is almost always found in full formal gowns. She favors darker colors to both match her dark hair and contrast her pale complexion. Much like appearance, her hygiene is immaculate and often takes her time to ensure as much before presenting herself to public scrutiny.
Psychological Profile
ENTJ. The Commander. ENTJs are natural-born leaders. People with this personality type embody the gifts of charisma and confidence, and project authority in a way that draws crowds together behind a common goal. But unlike their Feeling (F) counterpart, ENTJs are characterized by an often ruthless level of rationality, using their drive, determination and sharp minds to achieve whatever end they’ve set for themselves. Perhaps it is best that they make up only three percent of the population, lest they overwhelm the more timid and sensitive personality types that make up much of the rest of the world – but we have ENTJs to thank for many of the businesses and institutions we take for granted every day.
Low and soft, her accent can shift at will, but often speaks in a refined Ishgardian tone. Ideal voice choice:Tina Stabel
Philosophy & Mannerisms
Dovienya considers herself a realist and will often prepare for the worst possible outcome. While she strives to commit her work for the 'greater good', the form it takes may cause many to consider her actions heinous or immoral. She is the type of person that considers killing 99 people to save 100 a favorable outcome.
● Strong Tea
● Alcohol
● Polite Conversation
● Intimidating Others
● Flattery
● Storms
● Being the Center of Attention
● Poetry
● The Scent of Citrus
● Heights
● Eating in Public
● Rudeness
● Airships
● Sailing
● Magic
● Roses
● Hand to Hand Combat
● Natural Charisma
● Reading Body Language
● Speech Imitation
● Negotiations
● Acting/Bluffing
● Story Telling
● Penmanship/Calligraphy
● Battlefield Tactics

Combat, Abilities & Weaponry

Basic Statistics
Extreme: Willpower
High: Charisma & Strength
Above Average: Dexterity & Wisdom
Average: Intelligence
Low: Constitution
Aetheric Abilities
Mastery: N/A
Expert: N/A
Average: N/A
Novice: Corrupted Aether Channeling
Weapon Training
Mastery: Hand to Hand - Grapple based combat
Expert: Axes
Average: Marksmanship - Firearms & Bladed Weapons
Novice: Polearms & Marksmanship - Bows
Combat Relevant Skills
High: Tactical Thinking
Above Average: Reaction Speed
Average: Mobility
Low: Aether Resistance
Non-Combat Abilities
Insight: Dovienya is adept at reading subtle hints of another person's body language. She can often 'read' her opponent and understand their current mental state and from there, is better able to predict their next move. It often gives people the unnerving impression that she can 'read their minds'.
Combat Abilities
Note: These are used within the Obsidian Court's original battle system. These may not necessarily be relevant in standard role-play.
Battlefield Mastery: Dovienya pauses to observe the battlefield in order to direct her allies into areas they are needed. Either to shore up defenses or to exploit weaknesses.
Counterspell: Dovienya channels corrupted aether into a coming spell, neutralizing it.
OOC Note
Any relevant notes about combat should be added here, such as player preference, system preference, or links off-site to sheets using existing XIV player-made combat systems.

There are various plot hooks that can be used from Dovienya's history alone. Please see the OOC tab to view a few listed.
Disclaimer: Consider this section to be a constant Work In Progress.


Dovienya was born in Thanalan to Caldazar and Talmara Cuenn. Caldazar was of Ala Mhigo while Talmara was of Ul'dah. Dovienya was the 2nd born child and eldest daughter of house Cuenn. She grew up idolizing her elder brother and spent every free moment reading his books.

The Cuenn household had a very strict division between the sexes. Boys were the responsibility of the father and were taught what were considered the masculine arts while girls were of the mother and educated in the ways of the Court. Within the estates Dovienya was secluded from the outside world and taught a wide variety of topics ranging from political sciences to mathematics.

Dovienya also learned from her mother's vast experience from working within the Syndicate. There she learned some of the more subtle arts. To read body language, to fake emotions, and to lie without a second thought. She hated these lessons most of all because they were often joined by harsh and violent punishments for failure.

Dovienya's true passion was in her brother's novels of adventure and heroism. While she was stuck in her class room, she often watched her brother practice and day dreamed of one day leaving her life behind, to become a hero like in the books. One day that's exactly what she did. At sixteen cycles, she snuck out, stole her brother's armor and sword and left home to seek adventure.






The Lady Dovienya se'Tovya, High Seat of House Cuenn
❄ Marcus and Dovienya had established themselves and prominent members of society. Marcus busied himself with running S&S Trading Company, while Dovienya pursued her own interests. Occasionally, those interests aligned and together they were a force to be reckoned with. One of the first instances is the matter of the Vorai syndicate. They were a criminal orginization that Dovienya had been tracking for some time. When she revealed that they had a hand in the slave trade, Marcus also got involved. Their searches eventually brought them to a small group of vagrants and refugees called 'The Remnants'. There, Dovienya and Marcus coerced the leadership to allow their admittance. Once inside, Marcus gained the trust of the members while Dovienya did what she did best, work from the shadows. While the Remnants quailed and splintered, Dovienya and Marcus took what they needed and moved on.
❄ Dovienya is not one to be complacent with victory. Soon after the fall of the Vorai, she began to seek out a new project. This project came in the form of a fledgling information brokerage known as the 'Raven's Nest'. There, she began to work under two young miqo'te woman named Y'ashe Bajhiri and Ketsuchi Kotetsu. Earning Bajhiri's ear was a simple matter and the Nest soon began to flourish. Dovienya bided her time and waited for a moment of weakness before manipulating Bajhiri into granting her equal power within the organization. From there, she worked quickly and quietly, turning the whole of the company against the two former leaders. Realizing their power was challenged, a near civil war erupted. Satisfied with her new found allies and talent, Dovienya left the Raven's Nest with entourage in tow to found her life's work. The Obsidian Court.
❄More to be added later.

Family Platonic Involved Romantic Passionate Physical Friend Acquaintance $ Business Deceased Positive Negative Neutral ? Unsure Threat Enemy
Talmara Cuenn, Mother. ( )
Dovienya's Thoughts: "If a sword had memory, it might be grateful to the forge fire, but never fond of it."
Lady Talmara, mother of Dovienya was born from a wealthy family in Central Thanalan. She was a strict woman who helped direct the household. She believed in a distinct social order where the wealthy and prosperous inherited responsibility over the less fortunate. She was given responsibility over her daughter's upbringing, enforcing an extensive education in mathematics, philosophy, literature, and political sciences.
Caldazar Cuenn, Father. ( )
Dovienya's Thoughts: "I barely knew my father growing up, I think perhaps I had spoke a couple dozen words to him before I left home."
Lord Caldazar Cuenn, patriarch of House Cuenn. Born in Ala Mhigo but left for Ul’dah early in his life when his father caught wind of the approaching threat from the empire. While not as successful a businessman as his father, Caldazar still was deft in his dealings with the Ul’dahn syndicate, giving his family a quiet and privileged life. While his wife was responsible for the upbringing of his daughters, Caldazar raised his sons to follow in his footsteps. They were educated in the arts of mercantilism as well as force of arms.
Kadron Cuenn, Brother. ( )
Dovienya's Thoughts: "Kadron was my only friend growing up. He was my escape, my idol, and my role-model. I truly miss him."
Dovienya’s older bother. Dovienya idolize the boy as he grew up. He was everything she wanted to be, smart, strong, talented with a blade. Her fondest memories of home involve him reading her stories of adventure, teaching her how to swing a sword and ride a chocobo. He died during the calamity, trying to pull people from a burning building while Dovienya was away from home.
Tuatha Cuenn, Sister. ( )
Dovienya's Thoughts: "I only remember being perpetually annoyed by my sister. She was always trying to imitate me. I suppose, looking back, she simply looked up to me as I did Kadron."
Dovienya’s younger and only sister. Only about three years apart, Dovienya often shared classes with her. She seemed to excel where Dovienya struggled creating much animosity between the two as Dovienya blamed Tuatha for her punishments. She married early in life, at seventeen and died in childbirth soon after.
Gai'don Cuenn, Brother. ( )
Dovienya's Thoughts: "Gai'don is a good man. Followed in his father's footsteps, but he seems to be smarter than father."
Dovienya’s younger brother. About 5 years younger, Dovienya remembers playing with the young boy in her early teenage years. She remembers the boy being a bit of a cry baby, usually running to her or Kadron's rooms when father was cross with him. One of the few surviving siblings, Dovienya has a distant but amiable relationship with the man.
Tomanelle Cuenn, Brother. ( )
Dovienya's Thoughts: "I hardly know Tomanelle, left home when he was just barely learning his letters. I hear he grew to be a rather impressive fighter. Not surprising, being a Cuenn and all."
Dovienya’s youngest sibling at a full ten years difference, she has the least experience with the boy, having been only six years old when she left home. He gained a measure of notoriety as a member of the Sultansworn when he incurred a rather grievous injury in the line of duty. Dovienya did not correspond with the man much. He is something of a stranger to her, and will remain as much.
Anagna Kenesa, The Shadow. ( $ ) - Rebellious Child.
Dovienya's Thoughts: "Anaguma is capable, when he decides to be. The man lacks ambition and seems content to let life pass him by. He also seems unwilling to own up to his own mistakes. The boy will need a few harsh lessons in life before he will be broken of such poor habits."
Dovienya's former shadow. She felt the boy's loyalties far too divided to fulfill the duties she had wished of him. Though they had fought and shed blood together, there are limits to how far her patience is willing to be stretched for a comrade in arms. He now sits on the Obsidian Council, but in the face of an uncertain future, Dovienya wonders how the man will measure up against the challenges to come.
Ahzra'li Lhomi, The Watcher. ( $ ? ) - Indecisive Prodigy.
Dovienya's Thoughts: "I once told Ahzra'li that he would come to see me for what I really am. I think seeing the truth has made him doubt his purpose. I suppose it is for the best, those who have no stomach for violence would do well to avoid me."
Ahzra'li is a very rare individual, his mind is perfectly suited for ferreting out secrets. Though his education is lacking, the man contains the capacity to read nearly anyone. Despite what she considers to be a waste of talent, Dovienya hopes the man can find peace from that which hunts him.
Biast Basiliscus, The Junkie. ( $ ) - Addict Engineer.
Dovienya's Thoughts: "I have no qualms with master Biast. In fact, the boy seems rather talented. Is his dependancy on chemicals that I find distasteful. Such a lack of willpower is a weakness that can be exploited. Still, he is a pure-blooded garlean, he could prove to be an effective bargaining chip if needed."
Biast is one of the newest members of the Court. While Dovienya believes him to be a significant security risk, she cannot deny how effective he can be when properly motivated. Perhaps if he manages to kick his disgusting habit he can be trusted with more meaningful work.
Cemi Jinfeh, The Doll. ( $ ) - Court Alchemist.
Dovienya's Thoughts: "Cemi is one of those rare individuals that you can always rely on. No matter how difficult the task or how absurd the order, I know she will not question it. I intend to keep her very close in the days to come."
Cemi was Dovienya's charge during her tenure at the Raven's Nest. Having followed Dovienya to the court, miss Cemi was given a position among the courtier and placed in charge of the Courts alchemical manufacturing. Cemi is one of the few who has never shown herself to be insubordinate, a fact that makes Dovienya trust her more than most in the court. She somewhat regrets the fear that she inspires in the young woman, but figures that such things are best left where they are. Dovienya wonders what Rukira keeps the girl around for...
Cierra Borlaaq, The Perceptive. ( $ ) - Sharp Witted Swordswoman.
Dovienya's Thoughts: "Quiet. Unassuming. Astute. Cierra is far more than she lets on to be. A useful individual, one that I regret letting slip away. I think she is building up herself to be Marcus' Shadow. This means she is a threat, I hope I will not need to destroy her."
Cierra is a xaela of the Borlaaq tribe and is one of the few xaela that Marcus seems to tolerate, much to her credit. Dovienya has interacted little with the diminutive woman, though she seems to discover things that Dovienya wishes hidden. Cierra has recently drawn Dovienya's ire when she uncovered her and Livia's more private affairs, though she must admit that she finds the woman's skills in observation rather refreshing.
Charlant Bastoix, The Charmer. ( $ ) - Womanizing Court Mage.
Dovienya's Thoughts: "Master Charlant? He comes and goes like the changing of the fashions. Just when you think he's gone for good, he pops up again in the most unexpected places."
Charlant is one of the very first members raised to Courtier, a feat that the man has earned. The gregarious elezen has all of the pomp and circumstance befitting a member of the courtier, but seems given to fits of extravagant self-indulgence. She wonders if he rules his passions or if his passions rule him.
Dalmar Fererra, The Capable. ( $ ) - Jack of All Trades.
Dovienya's Thoughts: "Now, there's a man with raw talent. If I had a court with a dozen Dalmars then perhaps I would be able to get some real work done."
Dalmar has caught Dovienya's eye for his effectiveness and charisma. Though she has recently raised the boy to the rank of Courtier, she expects much more to come. He does seem to have somewhat of a insubordinate streak, Dovienya has chalked that up to the brashness of youth. A few corrective adjustments and the man will be a force to be reckoned with.
Hylda Brood, The Hourglass. ( $ ? ) - Earth Witch
Dovienya's Thoughts: "Miss Hylda and I have much in common. We're both women driven by the paths we have chosen. Both women of principles. And both women who have taken leave of their sanity."
Violence oft begets violence and Hylda seems to be at the center of the maelstrom, even if she does not wish to be. The sinful and the unpure are her are right to quaver at her coming, for Dovienya is sure Hylda will be their reckoning. Whether the world survives her is something to worry about in the future.
Livia Crane, The Flickering Candle. ( ) - Dovienya's Guiding Light.
Dovienya's Thoughts: "Livia? Well I would never betray her confidence. Suffice to say, I will do what it takes to see her happy. Whatever it takes."
Livia Crane is an oddity. At first, Dovienya thought her simple. A woman who acted in the moment with no regard to consequence or repercussions. But the more Dovienya spoke with her, the more time they shared together made her doubt her initial judgments. There is an ocean of depth behind those obstinate red eyes, depth that Dovienya is sure that Livia herself cannot grasp. She is one of the few that Dovienya listens to and confides in. Of all those she has come to known, she is the only one who has regarded Dovienya's ailments without apathy or disgust. She alone has given Dovienya something unique, hope for her own future.
Madeleine Lanverlais, The Adder. ( $ ) - Undercover Informant.
Dovienya's Thoughts: "It's a shame she always wears that mask, the woman is really quite pretty without it. Hm? Oh, I suppose she is effective on the field as well..."
Miss Madeleine is Dovienya's eyes and ears within the Twin Adders. A competent tracker and scout in her own right, Dovienya considers her an asset to the Court and was glad to welcome her into the ranks of the Courtier. Still, there is much that the woman seems to hold back. Dovienya will need to spend some time trying to uncover the secrets of the masked woman.
Marcus Feral, The Captain. ( $ ? ) - Dovienya's equal in cruelty.
Dovienya's Thoughts: "The Captain? Don't let his carefree manner fool you. The man is dangerous. His ambition and greed is second only to his selfishness and apathy. He is one I will not drop my guard around, a measure of respect."
Dovienya had met Captain Feral many years ago, during the travels of her youth. She later visited with something of a business arrangement, she would use her skills and family to make them both wealthy and he would be her alibi. They were married, but it felt more business than love. Marcus was the front. He was the honest business man while Dovienya worked from the shadows. He gained contracts because she bribed, manipulated, or blackmailed those who may provide competition. Working together they dismantled economic giants and built themselves up upon their ruined remains. Eventually fondness bloomed into affection, and from there love. Recent years have been difficult, however. Dovienya knows now that Marcus has truly grown into the man he sees in the mirror, and she does not know if she can ever forgive him for it.
Sephirah Eruafnor, The Fallen Hunter. ( $ ) - Voidal Threat.
Dovienya's Thoughts: "My mage hunter strayed too close to the proverbial sun. The man has gone rabid and must be put down. To do so would be a mercy."
Dovienya first met Sephirah during her tenure among a group of vagrants calling themselves 'The Remnants'. She found the man to be rude, violent, and easily cowed. She rather enjoyed provoking him, and took great pleasure in teaching him how to act properly. The man had a kind soul, despite the gruff exterior a detail that was not hidden from her for long. He seemed to have a great knack in destroying mages and void sent and was often used in such a capacity. Recently, however it seems that the boy had lingered too close to things he should not and has become corrupted. Where Dovienya was once protective of the boy, she now actively seeks his destruction.
Serick Aster, The Old Man. ( ) - Cranky Old Bastard.
Dovienya's Thoughts: "I've known Serick for a few years now. He's always been a pain in the ass, old age has only made it worse."
A willful young boy who grew up way too damn fast. No, really. She met Serick in his twenties and now he's bordering forty, not three years later. Something to do with magic, likely. Either way, the boy is somehow even more willful and bad tempered as ever. As long as he shoots where she points, she sees no reason to reprimand him for his insolence.
Tempest Fey, The Harpy. ( $ ) - Venomous Witch.
Dovienya's Thoughts: "Crass, venomous, and quite possibly void tainted. These are just a few of Fey's more charming qualities."
Dovienya initially met Ms. Fey through her ex-husband, Marcus. She initially thought the woman to be rather pleasant and refined, but the she grew acquainted with the other woman the more she began to see the truth behind the facade. The woman is vile and dangerous. She plots and schemes like an amateur, a fact that Dovienya does not consider particularly large threat. Her mastery over magic, however is something to be truly reckoned with. Her attachment to Anaguma only intensifies the problem.
Tsarnai Borlaaq, The Medic. ( $ ) - The Unknown Entity.
Dovienya's Thoughts: "She seems to have infiltrated my court based on a lie. Whoever she is, she is a threat."
Dovienya thought she knew the girl quite well, but that all seemed to be a lie. If she can explain herself sufficiently, perhaps Dovienya will allow her to live long enough to learn something of her..
Tsuki Amaranth, The Lost One. ( ? ) - "...".
Dovienya's Thoughts: "Dovienya refuses to speak on miss Amaranth."
Dovienya's former protege. That arrangement ended. Poorly.
Vado Mercier, The Engineer. ( $ ) - Talented man with a rebellious streak.
Dovienya's Thoughts: "Master Vado is a brilliant engineer. It is a shame that he allows his passions to rule him to easily."
Master Vado is head of engineering within the Obsidian Court. Dovienya tasks the man with many projects and appreciates his hard work, dedication, and discretion. It is damned unfortunate that the man seems to have a obstinate streak seconded only by Tsuki. She feels the need to beat the man publicly for his insubordination, but is content to bide her time and wait for the appropriate moment to strike back. When things are well, he is a completely pleasant man and a pleasure to be around.
Vevekera Lelekera, The Enigma. ( ) - Master of the Arcane.
Dovienya's Thoughts: "I have nothing but good things to say for the man, and you would neither had you seen what he capable of. Believe me, it's in your best interest to stay on his good side."
Master Vevekera is an anomaly, Dovienya can sense some..thing else within him that he keeps hidden. His selfless act to help Dovienya has earned him her eternal gratitude. Dovienya shares a similar 'ailment' with the Lalafell, and is sympathetic to his condition. She respects his wisdom and considers him a good source of counsel.
Xiang Kahkol, The Unbridled. ( ) - Negligent Protege.
Dovienya's Thoughts: "Xiang? Oh I don't know where she is. Go check one of the brothels down the street. Wherever you see a pretty girl, she won't be far."
Dovienya's newest protege, though the title seems to be more a suggestion than anything. Xiang spends more time chasing after women than seeing to her duties. Dovienya wonders when the girl will turn up again. When she does, they will need to have a very long and very frank discussion on propriety.

NPC Rumors

Some of these rumors are untrue, speculation, or are greatly exaggerated.

◢ Common Rumors - Easily overheard. Use these freely!
"The lady Cuenn? Why, she's one of our chief patrons! The Ishgardian war orphanage would be in disrepair if not for her selfless generosity. Halone has truly blessed that woman." — Halonic Cleric
"Rose? You mean the Rose? Listen, I don't know you well enough to share that sort of info. Her ears are everywhere. Go back to whoever sent you and tell them they're better off not dealing with that woman." — Underworld Information Broker
"Dovienya? As yes. The roegadyn. Barely a thought in that pretty little head of hers. Heard she's slept with half the nobility of Ishgard. Who exactly? Well, I don't know. That's just what the rumors are. Really, it's quite amusing seeing a sea wolf try to act proper." — Ishgardian Noble Woman
◢ Uncommon Rumors - A little more difficult to hear. Use sparingly or ask first!
"You don't understand, she's behind it. She's behind it all! They all plot and scheme but she's pulling the strings! Remember to watch her eyes, they never blink! Always watch the eyes..." — Committed Ishgardian Lunatic.
"House Cuenn? A cursed family if I've ever seen one. Half the family is dead and the patriarch seems to have gone missing. At least the daughter seems capable." — Syndicate Information Broker.
"Rush? That's a tough one to get. The Rose has the formula on lockdown. They say it's made here in the west, but not sold here. I'll have to charge y'more, security reasons." — Drug Dealer.
◢ Rare Rumors - Very rarely overheard. Please ask before using!
"Rose? There's a bounty for one called Rose. Seems to be behind a scandal involving the old prison warden. Whoever this 'Rose' was, they have killed hundreds of prisoners over the past seven years." — Ishgardian Temple Guard
"They claim she's almost fifty. Have you ever seen a fifty year old look like that? I've heard...things. I ain't sayin it's true, y'know? But I've heard from a trustworthy source that she bathes in the blood of virgins to keep her young." Shady Rumor Monger
"The name? I'm not sure what significance it plays, but I've heard tales. They say there's a green eyed wraith in a black cloak. If you've sinned it will visit you and offer you a red rose. When the rose begins to wilt, you die." — Chatty Prison Guard
PC Rumors

Feel free to add your own rumors to this section.

◢ Player Character Rumors - Some of these are more rare than others!
"Aye, I know the one. Everyone was callin' her Dovienya. 'cept one, he kept callin' her Rose. Anyhow, she's supposed t'be some noble lady. Lemme tell yeh, the woman's madder than bollocks. Yeh can see it right in her eyes. Yeh don't know if she's gonna bed yeh or tear yeh limb from limb for the sport o' it. Right scary, yeah? She wants me already. Yeh might be next, love." — Veke Illska Quicksand, to anyone who will listen.
"Dove? She's doing quite well, thank you for asking. If you were hoping for a meeting, I'm afraid to say she is quite busy lately, spending my money. If you are attending next week's charity ball, you will surely see her there." — Marcus Feral.
"People tend to think I'm prim and proper? Compared to her I'm blue collar. She's the epitome of regal, yet, she's changed much since I first met her. She's definitely a lot more loose." — Tempest Fey
"The Mistress? She terrifies me. Yet I believe that should I ever find myself at the gates of hell, she would be there destroying everything in her path to bring me home again." — Vado Mercier
"Pssst hey you kids, c’mere a minute." Anaguma beckons over a trio of local Mist children, whom approach cautiously. "I know, I know. Your folks say don't talk to strangers, but I'm one of them adventurer blokes, totally ain't the same." The children look at each other. "Anyroad, see that creepy old joint up the hill there, top of the ward?" They nod collectively. "People 'round here reckon it belongs to a mean, old witch." Their eyes widen. "Aye, that's what I reckon. I seen her once, almost killed me. She's tall like this." Anaguma gestures up high, the children gasp, "Big ol' teeth like this!" He gestures widely, they gasp again, "And her skin is green and wrinkly from chuggin'frog blood!" A third gasp, one starts to tear up, "You wanna know the worst part? She has a pack of flying opo-opo." The children look at each other again, fearful. "Aye, every sennight she lets 'em out to hunt little kids for her supper. One of 'em has big pointy ears and talks all funny like, and another of 'em grew horns and got all scaley cos' of her magic. But her favourite...Her favourite one has big red eyes, bushy white fur, and she likes to kiss it!” The children scream and flee the area, Anaguma dusts his hands. "That'll do for today." — Anaguma Kenesa
"Add rumor here." — Rumor Monger

RP Info

Location & Probability
Places where the character is very likely to be seen
The Shroud: Medium
Gridania: Low
Thanalan: High
Ishgard: Medium
Ul'dah: High
Coerthas: Low
Dravania: Low
Limsa Lominsa: High
La Noscea: High
Ala Mhigo: Low
Gyr Abania: Low
Doma: Low
Most of these aren’t public, and would have to be asked after!
City-State, Region or Organization: Affiliation reason/purpose.
Ul'dahni Syndicate: House Cuenn has strong financial ties to several Syndicate businesses. While Dovienya does not often deal with syndicate members herself, she often draws information and resources from her contacts in the criminal underworld.
S&S Trading Company: A business founded by Dovienya's ex-husband, Marcus Feral. She worked closely with him, building the small one boat shipping company into a financial empire. She uses the resources and funds provided by S&S to pursue her own projects.
Obsidian Court: The Obsidian Court is her own personal project, her life's work. Within the Court her word is law and her will is made manifest. A majority of her time and creative energies are dedicated to the Court and those she accepts into her Courtier are amongst her most useful resources.
Ishgardian High Society: Dovienya and her ex-husband bought and schemed their way into the ranks of Ishgardian nobility. Though they are outsiders, they have lied, manipulated, and blackmailed their way into a rather comfortable status, despite the relatively small size of House Cuenn.
IC Inventory
The following items are things that this individual carries on their person at all times. These are noted for pickpockets, and those watching her closely. This information is meant to be a prompt for insight and is not to be meta-gamed, though feel free to use this information if it comes up logically in RP (pickpocketing, a search, etc) with use of a simple /tell.
Coinpurse: A simple coin purse made of soft leather, containing several thousand gil.
Linkpearls: Half a dozen pearls, One black, one white, others of several different colors.
Charm Bracelet: A bracelet with a simple silver chain adorned by jewels of several colors, they seem to swirl with raw aether within.
Obsidian Signet Ring: A ring of smooth polished obsidian. This glossy black ring has the insignia of a rose upon it's head.
Livia's Obsidian Ring: A ring of smooth polished obsidian. Once belonged to Livia, Dovienya is holding onto it for safe keeping.
Potions: Small vials filled with healing potions, high concentration.
Vial of Rush: A vial of red liquid. The drug is a narcotic and battlefield stimulant.
Concealed Pistol: Dovienya keeps this easily concealed firearm at her side almost constantly.
RP Limits
I like to consider myself a flexible player who is willing to commit to a number of different types of scenes and role-play scenarios, but I have limits. If something is on the play list, assume it means yes, as long as it's within the context of the current play or ongoing plot. No's are typically a hard no but given appropriate context we can discuss it.
I will play just about anything mature within reason.
Ask about injuries, dependences, and relationship advancements.
I won't play I generally will accept most RP as long as it is relevant to the situation. I reserve the right to back out of a RP if I do not like the direction it is headed.
RP Hooks
While the below is by no means comprehensive, it's a kind of spring board for walk-up RP. Longer plots that are meant to run for more than a few quick RP's, please feel free to send me a tell so we can work out a good reason for our characters to get to know one another. I'm always looking for RP, so please consider the following as for reasons you may know of Dovienya:
Underworld Contact: If your character is well versed in Eorzea's seedy underbelly, then you may have heard of the one called 'Rose'.
Business Contact: If your character is heavily involved in the mercantile arts, then perhaps you would know of Marcus Feral's wife, the lady Dovienya of house Cuenn.
Court Prospect: If your character is seeking employment, or has a reputation for ruthless efficiency, perhaps they would be looking for work in the Obsidian Court.
Ishgardian High Society: If your character is involved in the intrigues of Ishgardian nobility, you may be familiar with house Cuenn and by extension, Dovienya.
Drug Contact: If your character is one who deals in illicit goods, you may have desire to contact Rose of the Obsidian Court for discrete delivery of new products.
Old Veteran: If your character is an old mercenary or soldier, you may recognize Dovienya as one that went by the name 'Rose'. About fifteen to twenty years ago.
Thanalan Syndicate: If your character is involved in the Syndicate, you may be familiar with house Cuenn and be looking to do some business, either legitimate or not.

OOC Notes
Player Information
Player Note
There is a lot of information on this character wiki, but it is by no means completely comprehensive. There are chunks of backstory that are left intentionally vague so that details can be later added as developed through creative writing or in role-play revelation. Feel free to use Common or Uncommon rumors freely, if you want to use a Rare Rumor as a plot hook or to spark RP, I would ask that you send me a tell first, to make certain it's acceptable. The line in between IC and OOC is very important. While I do seek to make friends and connections OOC, Dovienya is not a good person IC. If I ever say something to offend, kindly let me know OOC!
Character Lore Adherence
Everything concerning this character that has not been confirmed by in-game lore should be taken with a grain of salt. Anything that has had to be changed because of lore shifting will be noted below.
■ No changes.
Miscellaneous Information
Classes: Lvl 70 Monk/Warrior/Astrologian/Machinist
Server: Balmung
Timezone:US Player; PST (UTC -8)
Character Tidbits
Links Out
Links that lead off the wiki, but are technically relevant to the character.
■ IC/OOC Tumblr Blog: N/A
Tropes & Explanations
A trope is a convention or device that is often found in creative works. In this case, the tropes below describe my character either in part, or as a whole. Their background, personality, appearance, etc, most of them can be described in the tropes below.
The Social Darwinist Dovienya accepts her superiority as something natural. Those beneath her are expected to obey with little to no complaint.
Evil Gloating Dovienya is gracious in most things, but don't draw her ire or her inevitable victory over you will be punctuated by a dramatic monologue.
Chessmaster If you think you've won, you never saw Dovienya change the game you were playing.
Well Intentioned Extremist Dovienya's goals are laudable, worthy of praise. Her methods are horrifying, deserving of condemnation.
Corrupter No matter how well intentioned, everything Dovienya touches turns to ash.
Mask of Sanity Like fine hairs the cracks spread, her smile remained the same but her eyes had long since lost their warmth. Something turned within those cracks.


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