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Ajisai Ushikai WIP
~ thaumaturge artist ~


NICKNAMES + ALIASES... Alias ~ Ushikai is not her clan name. Nicknames ~ Sai, Hana (Flower).

RACE & CLAN... Raen Au ra

NAMEDAY... tba

GENDER... Female

AGE... Early 20's


MARITAL STATUS...Not in a Relationship


PLACE OF BIRTH.. Providence near Doma

RESIDENCE... Currently Ul'dah

FAMILY... Father (...), Mother (...), Brother (...).

OCCUPATION... Adventurer, former geisha

PATRON DEITY... Does not follow one god

HEIGHT... ...

WEIGHT... ..


Some information here is OOC (out of character) knowledge only, and should not be used without legitimate access.. Thank You, The Management

Ul'dah-transparent.png Ajisai Ushikai
Gender Female
Race Au Ra
Clan Raen
Citizenship Ul'dah
Age Adult
Deity tba
Orientation Bisexual
Marital Status Not in a Relationship
Occupation Thaumaturge & Artist
Nameday N/A

((Side note: Character and backstory are created entirely from my head and thrown together in a giant mixing pot of asian culture elements, due to the lack of material on Doma and Raen. As such anything expressed in the wiki is not necessarily canon lore.))

Ajisai Ushikai (Ah-jee-sah-eye Oo-she-kah-eye) is a generally softspoken woman from Doma, dressing in mostly traditional attire and carrying herself with a quiet pride. She speaks with a notable accent gained from the traditional language of the region. WIP


Kiseru Pipe - Long slender rod of mixed metals, a masterpiece of artwork showing a dragon's tail wrapped down the base and the head of the dragon with an open maw serving as the bowl.

Painted Fan - Another special piece with an illusionary trick in how it's folded. Different scenes emerge depending on how she holds it.




Complexion: Pale

Hair: Violet

Eyes: Gold with glowing limnal rings

Tail: Delicate and fragile looking, warm and smooth scaled.

Body: Short, slender, and lacking muscle mass

Scent: ...

Additional Features: ...

Clothing Style: ....


So much WIP. Don't look. >_<

The following is OOC knowledge that avoids going into much detail.

Please do not use this In Character. Learn about her through direct RP.




Avoids being rude sometimes to the point of twisting the truth
Overly demure, won't always voice her opinion or open up on personal matters
Lacks practical knowledge in many areas
Superstitious, finds random patterns in the world and links them together


Being forced to act against her will
Living to see another invasion
Never returning to her homelands
Ghosts and spirits ((If applicable to the setting))


Returning home
Becoming powerful enough to protect herself and others
Other undisclosed goals



Quirky and unusual people
Filial Piety
Hot springs
Music, Dancing, The Arts
Traditional food
Sweet bean buns
Gesture of affection between friends
Filial Piety
Plum Wine - sweet drink made from pickled plums, yellowish in color
Stories and tales
Subtle uses of humor


Being directly involved in Doma politics
Racist actions
Having her tail, scales, or horns touched by strangers
Technology, specifically anything resembling Garlean work
Drawing or painting on command
Upsetting or disappointing others

Weapons + Combat Styles




Early Life & Childhood

Ajisai hails from a well to do family of the noble class with the responsibility of overseeing a large farming district near Doma. The small family she was born into had both privilege and righteousness, as both father and mother were compassionate and kind souls who turned away from corrupt behavior. As a child her passion for the arts formed very early on and she was encouraged to peruse an education in the Burashi no Akademī. From there she worked hard over several years until she was accepted into a renowned team that produced paintings on large folding screens (byōbu) and sets of sliding doors (fusuma). Her early life was full of happiness and prosperity, even under empirical rule. Sometime in the years to follow, her family standing crumbled and she changed her name. Old life lost, she began the sordid state of courtesan in training as opposed to the alternative - becoming a slave. But even that was erased under the anger of the empire once roused from distraction by political strife within Doma. She and many others made the great voyage and now begin again in a strange land, where she is challenged to find herself and determine how much of the old ways to keep close in her heart.

To find out what happened to Ajisai, you'll just have to RP. ^_^

Text again

Some of these rumors may be untrue or greatly exaggerated.

Common Rumors (Easily overheard)

"..." ~Stationary Yellowjacket
"..." ~Lominsian Youth
"..." ~Gridanian Citizen

Moderate Rumors (Moderately difficult to overhear)

"..." ~Lominsian Tavern Wench
"..." ~Angry Tavern Owner
"..." ~Doubtful Gridanian

Rare Rumors (Very difficult or rarely overheard)

"..." ~Seeker Kinswoman
"...." ~Tribe Elder

PC Rumors (Rumors from the characters of other players)

"Insert rumor here." ~Name
"Insert rumor here." ~Name
"Insert rumor here." ~Name
💑 In a Relationship Romantic Interest Sexual Desire Platonic Love Family Good Standing Neutral Poor Standing Deceased

Ds - "Dezzo, Head-Honcho, Ser Dezzalot" : Dezmond .............. WIP, ignore the names

Hori - (No Nickname Yet) - : For a magic user.......

S'ao - "Sev the Heartless" - : Another .........

Sann - "Sare/Reyu" :A latest edition .........

Batha - "Mister Muscle" - : Balor ............

Gno - (No Nickname Yet) - : One of ...........

Ballade - "Bally" - : One ....

Commissioned Paintings and Gifts:

For Coren ~ Concealed within a small scroll case of dark metal with a heavy patina is a smaller than average painting, rolled up for protection to fit inside. The piece only measures 7x10 due to the expense of creating it. Showing a view of Eastern Thanalan's skyline from a vantage point above Camp Drybone, the scene is rendered in a vivid contrast of color crafted in the Yamato style. Dark black inks run along the bottom to create shadowed shapes where sun had set and covered the land in shade. Rising out of the hills are golden curling shapes in abstract patterns, spires of the fallen moon rendered with actual gold in the paint give the shapes thier own luminous glow where the light catches the painting to reflect the warm toned metal. Gold dust is worked in around the edges of the fallen fragments to further extenuate the glowing effect. The coiling figures reach up into a starlit sky of deep rich cobalt blue of the recently descended twilight. The sky is a pristine clear wash of color, without any clouds, a miriade stars sparkling in silver dots that catch and reflect the light. Stamped on the bottom corner is a red square seal, as well as her name written down the side in handwritten lettering. It reads as - Ajisai Takahashi.

For Litigus Pahr ~ A thick scroll unfurling over time as the colorful piece was over seven feet long. The exotic art style revealed a pastoral scene set along a mountain and a wide river snaking through the countryside. The lines of the mountain reflect opposite in the bottom of the panorama, the waters below it as clear as a mirror. Figures of women sat together beside the water washing clothing on the rocks. Farther down fishermen walk with baskets and nets, setting off towards home along a well worn road. The quaint scene portrayed a day of day-to-day life outside of doma in a nearby providence. It'd be easily recognized for any who had visited the area, the telltale shape of the mountains was well known to the region. For the viewers who are especially observant, they might come to notice the shapes and shadows in the mountain and it's hills were softer that you might expect, and if you viewed the piece from a distance the landscape started to look organic, roughly like the side of a giant who'd decided to fall asleep there on the earth.

Want to walk up and find yourself struggling to come up with a conversation topic? Worry not! Perhaps the topics below will give you some ideas.
WIP Ignore this too


Note: Please ask me beforehand when using these.

If your character is an X tribe Miqo'te


Use these,'OTHER APPEARANCES', and 'AFFILIATIONS' to your heart's content!

Sometimes, makes a few appearances here and there at the Fated Inn


seen loitering around in the Carline Canopy, the Forgotten Knight, and the Drowning Wench.

More recently, may be seen wandering around The Shroud picking berries and chopping wood.

tends to perform most of her business transactions and meetings at Fallgourd Float and various DoH guilds throughout Eorzea.



What I am looking for:

IC Friends, enemies, frienemies, relationships, fun. I'm up for most kinds of RP but I prefer anything with character development.

Plotlines and Stories!

Learning the setting lore through RP

Clientele and Apprenticeships!

Walk-ups and tells are welcome. Stalkerish and controlling OOC behavior is not okay and will earn you a block.

What I will NOT RP:

I reserve the right to refuse any RP whatsoever that makes me the player uncomfortable. The character will attempt to escape or I will send an OCC request to stop the session.

Character Death or mutilation rarely, and only with OOC discussion and agreement prior.

Anything extremely lore-broken. A bit of bending here and there is acceptable, but I will refuse to delve into anything that goes overboard.

About the Player:

I'm new to the FFXIV world and I may goof up the lore or game mechanics sometimes. The wall of text in a room full of people can sometimes get the best of me as my eyes adjust to the formatting. Thanks for your patience.

If I do not answer you in game, sent me a PM! I probably missed it while working on something else.

LGBT friendly!

I play mature content and themes (violence, sexuality, drug / alcohol use, etc) as long as they make sense to the story and develop naturally in an rp-driven encounter. I do not accept walk-up or ooc set-up ERP.

If any aspect of RP with my characters makes you uncomfortable OOCLY, please send me a tell and let me know so it can be addressed.

My play style depends on my mood and current rp partner(s). In a private setting I typically post in paragraphs and consider myself as a sort of medium/heavy type of role-player. In a public setting I may tone it down a bit to keep up with all the text flying by.

I do not often share about my personal life or me the player. If I choose to divulge something it makes you a rare case and you must be pretty awesome.

While RPing, I always type my responses out on notepad before copy/pasting them in-game. Sometimes it may take a minute or two before I post.

I do not like bashing playstyles or sexuality. I would appreciate if we can avoid using any degrading comments about MRPers, ERPers, Hardcore RPers, or Sexual Orientation.

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