Alex Castell

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 Alexandra "Alex" Castell
"Tell me the story again! Please?"
Gender Female
Race Hyur
Clan Midlander
Citizenship None
Age 18
Occupation Wanna-be Adventurer
Residence Stonesthrow, Thanalan
Guardian Byregot, the Builder
Namesday 8th Sun of the Sixth Umbral Moon
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Alex Castell is an eighteen year old hyur who lived a fairly basic life in the desert of Thanalan. She recently left her parents in the refugee camp of Stonesthrow on the outskirts of Ul'dah. More often than not she was found caring for the children in the camp while their parents did their best to earn gil. At times she had been known to take a job as a courier, transporting supplies from one settlement in Thanalan to another on behalf of businesses, in order to provide for both of her parents.


Due to an upbringing of poverty, Alex is most often found in very simple clothing. A worn tunic and leggings with boots are her normal choice, and they are often in a poor condition - both dirty and tattered from living in a harsh climate. She is always found with several supply pouches strapped to her tattered leather belt, and now also carries a small worn bronze dagger that she keeps sheathed at her hip.


Kind, simple and uneducated are all words that are often used to describe Alex's behaviour and personality to others. On the other hand, dirty, sneaky and scrappy are also words that have been used to describe her. Most often, when people manage to become close to this young woman, they also find a sense of need for something more within her, as though she isn't happy with herself at the present time.

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Due to her current lifestyle and also having experienced firsthand the treatment many refugees suffer around Ul'dah, Alex has trained herself in the basic use of swords and daggers to fend off thieving bandits, the wild animals of Thanalan and also those who simply wish to cause more pain to the refugees for their own amusement. While she has no formal training in using blades, an upbringing of physical labor has made her quite formidable in a close up fight. Alex has also become quite the talented pickpocket and thief and while she despises this talent she has developed, she continues using it out of necessity to provide for her family.

~Elaboration will come after more RP~



A hearty meal
Warm temperatures


 Snobby wealthy people
 The cold
Refugee Camps


 Physical labor
Melee combat
Theft - Although she hates doing it


Favourite Place: A camp fire with a Bard
Favorite Weather: Warm, sunny days
Favorite Season: Late Spring/Early Summer
Favorite Color: Purple
Favorite Scents: The sea, fire


Romantic Interest Sexual Desire Platonic Love Good Standing Neutral Standing Poor Standing

Friends & Acquaintances

?♥? Nazyl Tharazyl - Alex was immediately won over by Nazyl's friendly attitude and willingness to help her so much that she couldn't go through with her original plan to steal from him. She now looks up to him for advice on both becoming an honest adventurer and also improving her skills with a dagger and sword. Alex now finds herself travelling in the same caravan as Nazyl, largely due to the Lalafell's efforts, and finds herself spending increasing amounts of time with him. She really enjoys the Lalafell's company but is starting to confuse herself with mixed feelings.
X'linwh Tia - Alex met this rather blunt Seeker at Highbridge when she slipped out of the caravan she was hiding in. Another member of the group she had planned to steal from, Nazyl introduced her to him briefly. She finds his blunt nature and his slight lack of culture both refreshing and amusing. After spending an evening with him around Highbridge, she has found that she enjoys his company due to his different way of life and way of thinking.
Lotan'to Jiub - A male Keeper who Alex was introduced to along with Onuma. While Onuma was incredibly wary and suspicious of Alex, Lotan'to was very welcoming and offered her aid, believing her to be a traveler in need. Due to his friendly nature and, perhaps, his trusting attitude towards Alex despite only just meeting her, she is happy to have him around, especially as he seems able to keep Onuma a little calmer around Alex.
Onuma Ahntifi - Alex met this female Keeper at Highbridge and immediately the two had an incredibly rocky start. Correctly thinking Alex a thief, Onuma was very wary of her and Alex bitter at the woman seeing through her story. However, Alex now finds herself working as an ally to Onuma and is now trying to change her ways and prove herself to the woman. The problem is, she isn't entirely sure how to do so.
Rah'na Lihzeh - Alex first ran into this young Keeper in Gridania when she joined several people on a treasure hunt. She fought by his side against the fiends used to protect the chest when they had located it. Now she is travelling Coerthas with the kit and the group he associates with. She hasn't had much time to speak with him, though he didn't seem to suspect anything of her when she first met him, which she finds pleasant.
Chesh'ir Lihzeh - Alex met this Miqo'te within Ul'dah when she was first scouting potential targets to steal from. Thankfully she left a decent impression when helping a Miqo'te woman collect her dropped belongings, and he was quick to bring this up upon meeting Alex again at Highbridge. As he happened to retell the memory in earshot of Onuma, Alex was thankful having someone say something good about her whilst Onuma was ready to cut off her hands.
Tahla'li Tayuun - Alex first met Tahla'li within Ul'dah, where she attempted to steal from him. Her attempt failed entirely, however, as Tahla'li immediately saw through her efforts (handing him fake gil) and promptly ushered her away. Whilst Tahla'li recognised her at first, Alex brushed him off the way he had brushed off her initial thieving efforts. Still, she hasn't really spoken to him since and finds she's still a little bitter.

Enemies & Rivals

None as of yet


Easily Overheard Rumours
"She's a useful lass. Doesn't ask questions when doing the job and she got my stuff delivered pretty fast. I'd use her again." - Black Brush Station Merchant
"She's in here every Friday, exactly when that one Bard comes in. Just sits there listening, all quiet like." - Tavern Owner
Somewhat Difficult To Overhear Rumours
"The Castell girl? Yeah, I know her. Always leaving her folks here while she goes off to work. She's gone for days usually. If you ask me, she hates it here. Only stays because of her folks." - Stonesthrow Refugee
Rarely Overheard Rumours
"I found her in the dead of night once, outside with that little dagger she carries smacking on a cactus. Girl's dedicated to improving herself, I'll say that much. Wonder if her folks know what she's up to?" - Stonesthrow Refugee
Player Character Rumours
"I admire her efforts to mesh in with so large a company. It takes gall to do what she did and come out alive. I won't say I like her, yet, though. Her word is only as strong as she can will it, and right now, it can go either way." - Onuma Ahntifi


While her mother was heavily pregnant with Alex, her parents left their small village in the Eastern regions of Thanalan before it fell to barbaric Amal'jaa forces that had been heading towards the village for several days. To begin with, most of the villagers fled together, planning to move to a nearby settlement and make a home for themselves there. Alex's parents decided against this and instead decided to travel towards Ul'dah, hoping for a prosperous life in the desert city.

Whilst travelling west towards Ul'dah, her mother went into labor in the middle of the Thanalan desert. Alex was born on the road and, although the experience was daunting for her mother, both mother and child survived the birth in good health.

When the family finally arrived at Ul'dah, they found that due to a lack of material wealth they were turned away from the city. Like many others who had flocked to the city, Alex and her family ended up settling in the desert at a refugee camp.

Alex was raised in relative peace, though also clear poverty. Her parents couldn't afford to send her to an education institute. Alex spent the majority of her late childhood performing small jobs around the camp that she was deemed fit to handle. While the pay was almost nothing, every gil she did manage to earn went to her parents, as she supported them as best as she could.

Today, Alex and her family call Stonesthrow their home. Due to her upbringing, she is unable to read or write, but she now has several other skills at her disposal. Despite a relatively slim form, she shows decent physical strength due to an upbringing of physical labor, and has also shown great promise with close melee weapons such as swords and daggers, a skill she decided to learn to fight off bandits and wild animals.

She often works as a courier in the desert of Thanalan, taking supplies between settlements and performing odd jobs for anyone who offers to pay her enough. In her free time, she is often found caring for the children at Stonesthrow while their parents work to scrape together some gil.

Despite this lifestyle being all she has ever known, Alex longs for something more every day. While close with both of her parents, she has grown to hate her refugee home and instead dreams of something more. She is often found listening to Bards singing tales of distant lands and adventures, and deep down wishes she could experience the stories they tell first hand.

Currently, Alex has found herself with a group of travelers headed north towards Coerthas. Her original plan was to sneak into their supply caravan and steal some of their goods before they got too far from Ul'dah. However, she's now found herself further from home than originally planned and is questioning whether the group is just another target for her or potentially something more.


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