X'linwh Tia

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Ul'dah-transparent.png X'linwh Tia
Gender Male
Race Miqo'te
Clan Seeker of the Sun.
Citizenship Ul'dah
Age 19 (Deceased)
Namesday 23rd Sun of the 5th Umbral Moon
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He was quick tempered young miqo'te who always wished for a place to call his own in this world. Being an offspring of a Tia, X'linwh was often shunned and cast aside since he was a small child among his peers. His half siblings, a brother and sister both older than him, never really connected with him either though it was not for lack of trying on their part.

When Linwh turned seven, his sister fled the tribe, seeking life elsewhere out in Eorzea. His brother, Nilwh, did his best to try and teach the young miqo'te all he knew but it only resulted in more misunderstanding and gorge forming between the two as the younger one grew.

After causing death onto one of mate of Nilwh, now a nunh of the tribe, Linwh was banished away without a single weapon to himself. He traveled for days, sustaining on cacti water and lizards and bugs before reaching the Shroud where he met Rhesh'ir and others.

He didn't get off too well with the group initially but soon grew warm to them beyond simple necessity for food. The group traveled toward Ul'dah together where they encountered Linwh's old tribe. It was discovered that Nilwh has been tempered by Ifrit since Linwh's banishment and has spread the corruption onto the entirety of the tribe. The group was then trapped, and handed over to the Almalj'aa as offering to Ifrit where Hydaelin came down upon them to grant them echoes to defeat the primal.

After the escape from the beasttribe's lair, part of the group traveled back to tempered miqo'te tribe's settlement where they culled them off, wiping the place off the map. They then traveled south to Blackbrush station where they reunited with the rest of the group.

Linwh has since then struggled with a hallucination, a phantom of his brother that constantly spoke to him from his own reflection. He has, however, done decent job of hiding his worries as he was determined not to show weakness in any form.

The stay in Ul'dah was met with catastrophic event where one of the member was imprisoned and held trial by the Flames. Linwh was unable to do much to help and in his desperate attempt to do -something- ended with his best friend getting bitten by a viper. These events has further caused the seeker to retreat away from revealing or sharing his worries with others, thinking himself a burden to all should he allow himself to give in.

Regardless, once the charges were cleared, the group split into two, part going off to Limsa while the other to Coerthas. Linwh followed the Coerthas group where he fought and died within Stone Vigil during certain defense against a dragon.


Romantic Interest Sexual Desire Platonic Love Good Standing Neutral Standing Poor Standing

Rhesh'ir Zhwan - He respects him great deal and sort of sees him as the leader of the little 'tribe' of a group they've somehow formed. X'linwh often finds himself unable to understand Rhesh'ir's motives or thought process but that just makes the keeper that much more intriguing and fun to be with.

Y'lyfriel Sikah - When it became public knowledge that Lyf and Rhesh'ir was an item, X'linwh finally realized he had a feeling for her. It was, however, too little too late and the young seeker male has decided to bury it away as he thinks highly of Rhesh'ir and he knows the keeper is much better miqo'te for her than he is currently. Still, he can't help his feelings growing like wildfire once he did acknowledge it. Perhaps it was a good thing that Lyf left for Limsa.

Tahla'li Tayuun - He's unsure of this guy. They hadn't fought or in any sort of scuffle before this keeper started avoiding and downright hostile toward X'linwh when they do talk. The seeker's opinion of Tahla'li isn't certainly high but for all X'linwh knows, he hasn't done anything to cause such behavior...this time around. That said, he wasn't about to try and 'fix' things. He doesn't see him worth the time. All in all, he just tolerates him for sake of Kodaro and Rah'na.

Kodaro Ba'rococo - Mixed bag of joy. Kodaro is something of a friend, rival, brother all packed up in fun colorful parcel. X'linwh does feel quite bit of guilt over getting this lalafellin seeker in trouble more than one occasion but he still can't think up anyone else he'd rather have by his side when it comes to sticky situation.

Dawson Colwell - X'linwh looks up to Dawson when it comes to the hyur's knowledge of medication and herbs and the like. While the miqo'te doesn't understand Dawson's fascination with the sky or the rock or the trees, he can certainly admire his quirk. Someday the young seeker will be as level headed as this hyur...maybe.

Lotan'to Jiub - He hasn't seen Lotan'to for a while now. X'linwh secretly wonders if Onuma has locked him up for doing something bad...

Onuma Ahntifi - X'linwh tries not to think about what Onuma did to his ex-tribe. It wasn't her fault, after all. He likes her enough, and certainly admires her many talents but it's hard to 'forgive and forget' when he's suffering from hallucination about his dead brother haunting him.

Surilian Blu - He sort of misses her. Surilian has grown apart from the rest of the group and even when she does interact, she feels distant. X'linwh doesn't understand just what is going on with her or why she threatens to kill him one moment then cowers and hides away the next but if it's just some illness that she's suffering from, he wasn't about to treat her harshly over it. He also wonders why Tia(his pet rat) likes her more than him.

Rah'na Lihzeh - Rah'na was something of a little brother to him for long while. However, after the little 'rite of passage' that he put up for the young keeper, X'linwh has been trying to treat the younger miqo'te as an equal. He very much loves him as a family and secretly dreams of the day when the two can finally go hunting together without Rah'na hurling up his lunch.

Sizha'to Chalahko - There's something odd about Sizha'to that X'linwh can't quite place his finger on. They haven't really known each other too long and only met couple times, one of those encounter resulting with him 'borrowing' Sizha'to's airship ticket. He knows that he likes this keeper but to what degree, he's not sure. Maybe it's the hair.

Nazyl Tharazyl - He likes him. The lalafell's funny and quite attentive. He's also proved himself to be beneficial to the group. X'linwh would definitely love to befriend this guy.

X'Yue Tia - He's Sizha'to's friend, and a seeker. That's about all he knows.

Oliwat Kokiwat - The lalafell has been the one that taught X'linwh how to read and write. It gets confusing lot of times but Oliwat seem able to exercise quite a stretch of patience with him by some miracle. He just wishes that the lalafell would stop trying to ride him and others into battle.

Oriel Durand - He's not sure of him. Oriel seems nice enough but they haven't had much time to interact save for general banter and the older miqo'te chastising him for idolizing a fictional character.

Chesh'ir Lihzeh - He still doesn't like this keeper despite, or maybe because of, the fact he's Rah'na's cousin. For the longest time X'linwh thought he was his sister's mate but recently he found out that that was not the case. He also talks too much for his liking.

U'dahsh'a Nunh - He's alright. X'linwh really doesn't have any opinion for or against him. He's wary of the fact that this 'self-proclaimed' nunh badgers after Surilian but he figures U'dahsh'a's just trying to justify his 'title'. |}