Nazyl Tharazyl

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 Nazyl Tharazyl
"A hero don't do nothin' fer himself."
Gender Male
Race Lalafell
Clan Plainsfolk
Citizenship South Isles
Age 25
Sexuality Heterosexual
Occupation Adventurer
Guardian Halone, The Fury
Namesday 8th Sun of the 3rd Astral Moon
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Nazyl is a Lalafell of simple origins, and thus leads a simple lifestyle, never giving much thought to his existence. He wanders from place to place, making gil by mining or protecting others, believing that his destiny is to become a great hero. With his faithful chocobo Turyl by his side, he takes on the world in all its beauty, and its danger.


Nazyl stands at about 3'4", slightly taller than most other Lalafells, tanned skin, and boasts a better body for physical work, his muscles (as much as a Lalafell can have) are defined, allowing him the energy for a long day of work. Earthen brown hair is grown long, going to his shoulders, and comes down into two bushy mutton chops on his cheeks, which he is immensely proud of. Freckles dot his face and slightly darkened nose, and a blood red symbol is painted across his face, going over his verdant eyes. It's the mark of a Behemoth in his village, a symbol of strength. What he wears goes with what he's doing for the day. When he mines, he dresses in heavy dark blue cloth, padded and plated to prevent harm, lantern and hammers at his side. He usually dons a metal helmet with a light for dark caves and the like. For battle, he wears a myriad of different armor and leathers, each suited to his style of combat, for sword, spear, dagger, whatever is needed. He occasionally slips into his Onion armor, for old time's sake.


Adventurous, energetic, and cheerful describe his general attitude, more than happy to throw himself into danger given the chance. The bigger the challenge, the more likely he is to take it on, even if it means possible death. Why he feels the need to do this, no one knows but him. After a period of brooding and self reflection, he's matured further to where he no longer considers every living person an enemy. There's a hint of sadness however, particularly when the subject of a conversation happens to be about relationships. He'll clam up, and refuse to speak. Otherwise, he's more than happy to chat.


Much has happened over the course of his life in Eorzea, and in his quest for heroism, he's trained among some of the best fighters the realm over. Armed with the knowledge of paladins and other shieldbearers, he willfully takes up arms against darkness and its minions, fighting with far more skill than he ever hoped to achieve. In time he has become accustomed to the spear and daggers, and is now practicing magic. His dreams of being an Onion Knight of legend will come true if his determination keeps him onward.

In light of discovering more about himself, he's become a stalwart pillar against the darkness. The Voidsent to be specific, and has trained in measures solely to combat them. Lithe and hardhitting, he makes a terrible enemy to those who dwell in the dark.

His delving into the Wolves' Den had given him a knack for fighting men, and uses two different styles of fighting when going against the six races, even going so far as to change out equipment.

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Good food
Friends and family
Keeping busy
Physical work, though he's not entirely disliking of mental learning
Has a penchant for wearing ridiculous looking attire.


Wild animals larger than he is
Being the weak one
The Void


Learning skills at an unusual speed
Mending relationships
Loves to participate in tournaments, even holds a champion title in the Grindstone. There's no better place to learn all the different styles of other people.


Favourite Food/Drink: Onion soup (for the sole reason that Onion Armor exists) and pineapple juice.
Favourite Place: Dravanian Forelands.
Favorite Weather: Sunny, cloudy.
Favorite Season: Summer and Fall
Favorite Color: Red and blue
Favorite Scents: Whatever the Bismarck is cooking. (He would inform you that he speaks of the restaurant, not the whale)


Romantic Interest Sexual Desire Platonic Love Good Standing Neutral Standing Poor Standing

Friends & Acquaintances

Onion Kid - A mysterious lalafell, draped in the same Onion armor that Nazyl himself wears. Skilled in the arts of the sword and shield, he's the pinnacle of what an Onion knight should be. Who he is, and why he's around is a mystery...even more mysterious is that no one he tells this to knows of the other lalafell. An illusion perhaps? No one knows, but Nazyl sees him as a sort of mentor figure....even if he isn't real.
X'linwh Tia - A young Miqo'te Nazyl seemed to find often, a young man which reminds the Lalafell of one of his friends back home. After a tragic encounter in Stone Vigil, the Miqo'te, and one of Nazyl's first real friends, has died. The lalafell has sworn revenge on the dragon that killed him, and curses himself for not being able to protect him.
Alex Castell - A young Hyur woman Nazyl found while training with his group on an expedition to Coerthas, and proceeded to make himself known to her. He learned much about her, and became sympathetic to her story, more than willing to help her with any problem she might have. While she is seen as a thief in the eyes of the others, he sees someone who can change, and is striving to help her do so.It's been far too long since he's seen her, and wishes her all the best.
Nahare Mergrey - A spunky and somewhat hotheaded Limsan born Seeker, the Miqo'te dresses in clothes finally, much to Nazyl's relief. Her intentions are always good natured, and she's very relatable to him. Her mannerisms have him referring to her as a sister more than a friend, and has become rather protective of her, even though she doesn't need it.
Sharon Broadaxe - A highlander who Nazyl has traveled with to the ends of Eorzea and back. While she's stubborn to a fault and tends to put her emotions first before thinking, she's extremely caring and puts the lalafell before any of her own desires. A master of the axe, she can cleave three adult dragons in twain with but a single stroke, her strength equal only to her hotheadedness. Sworn to each other as siblings, the two face off against the enemies of Eorzea, axe and shield always at the ready.
Bethany Drennstead - Captain of the Nightshade Corsairs, who only likes others to refer to her as 'Violet'. Draped in clothes dyed the color of her namesake, she commands a powerful presence wherever she finds herself. Unlike many pirates who rely on blades or guns, her own body is a weapon in itself, her fists enough to break the bones of a hardy Roegadyn. This is not to say she doesn't use pirates are not wont to fight fairly. If he's ever in purple gear, you can bet he's doing something for the captain.
Shoshopu Shopu - A Dunsefolk woman that practices arcanima, a frequent attendee of the Runestone and healer for the Grindstone, magic seems to be her prime interest. Good thing then that Nazyl himself seeks to learn more about it, and who other than a master of it? The boy met her while dueling for glory in the Grindstone, and she would heal him often after each bout, eventually simply talking like good friends. Learning she was part of a company he was present in the past brought back unsavory memories, and learned many of the fates of his former comrades. She seems like a good girl, and he admires her attachment to a certain Roegadyn. They almost seem like family...
Mikh'a Korofi - An odd Miqo'te male that at first glance, doesn't seem to be a leader of any sort. Shy, softspoken, and quick to panic and apologize, this young man in fact holds a high position in the Dauntless company, and several respect him as such. Nazyl thinks there might be a hidden power to the man he hasn't seen yet. With the pursuit of the map, he has become an important person to him, even considering the Miqo'te a younger brother.
Seitsuda Gladepetal - A big goof of a Raen male, this tall imposing figure is perhaps the most softhearted and least aggressive person Nazyl has ever met...and that's not a bad thing. He stumbles over his words often, and shies away from conflict in a normal setting. Though there is another side to him, a serious, quiet, and strangely bold warrior that awakens when loved ones are in danger, belying his general personality. Nazyl respects this immensely, and awaits the day he can see that side again.
Y'amra Tia - A perpetually shirtless Miqo'te monster hunter who isn't afraid to show off. He wields a greatsword with ease, and looks to be at home with carving up beasts rather than drawing their attention. The light hearted and whimsical personality he has reminds Nazyl of an older time, in fact, the Miqo'te is just like...
Tsaganarii Dhoro - A doman Xaela whose speech patterns indicate she isn't fluent in Eorzean. She is a hardy woman that's no stranger to combat, and a personality that he can only consider as 'bubbly', for lack of a better term. He knows very little about her, but he feels that might change in the coming days.
Osric Melkire - A Midlander whom Nazyl met through connections to the Dauntless. Time has not been kind to this man, his children often causing him more grief than not, and not by their own accord. The lalafell carries incredible respect for the man, and would do anything to see a genuine smile out of him.
Kyuuri Txon - A strange young Raen that seemed to have come from another world, her mannerisms and clothing not like any he's seen. Quick to anger, yet dependent, she is key to solving a great mystery that Nazyl was wrapped up into.

Enemies & Rivals

Easily Overheard Rumours
"I swear a different lalafell walked from that gate two moons ago. A twin mayhaps?" - Shroud Levemete

"Awfully nice dress for an adventurer. Either it pays well, or he's just getting the junk handed to him." - Gossiping Deckhand

Somewhat Difficult To Overhear Rumours
"I heard he once slew a man in cold blood...then killed his ghost!...Yes it's true obviously! Why else would I tell y- hey come back!" - Young Gladiator
"He likes to dodge questions when you ask him about certain past dealings. I bet he's got some evil secret." - Hauty Noble

Rarely Overheard Rumours
"Ah, he' something to prove it seems. Some will say he possesses strength that does not fit his frame, but perhaps it's just him defying the limits the Twelve set upon him." - Melancholy Conjurer

"A paladin he is, we trained him. Though I can't tell you where he's getting those weapons from, or where he's evolving that fighting style from, but I can guarantee you he won't be allowed near the Royal Promenade. Too many rumors of voidsent, shady dealings and such, you understand." - Sultansworn Shieldbearer

Player Character Rumours
"A true friend with a huge heart. I owe him so much after such a small time. He truly is one of those heroes from a Bard's tale." - Alex Castell
"A man I would consider a very close brother...he may be small, but his heart is bigger than the whole world. Aye, this brother will be sung in tales and stories. A true hero. An Onion Knight." - Akama Kharn
"It's been quite some time since I've seen that brother. He spoke often of a great darkness, I wish I had heeded that warning. I hope his journeys are well, for I cannot guarantee they will be should we cross paths. Fury, keep watch over him." - Orenji Kharn
"Nazyl has, an' always will be, me big brotha. Tha man has looked aftah me through countless situations." - Nahare Mergrey
"The good ones avoid needless conflict 'n' bloodshed. Nazyl? Hes one o' those. Little man could hold steel to m'throat and I'd feel perfectly safe, knowin' he wouldn't slit it 'less I gave him cause." - Osric Melkire
"E may be a prickly little pineapple but e 'ave yer back. Tough one, e 'is." - Quine Octavion


Nazyl comes from the islands far south of Eorzea, where many Lalafells originated. Working as a farmhand for fifteen years, he led a simple life with dreams of one day being a mighty hero, leading a group of young Lalafellin boys into caves and forests with little more than twigs to fight imaginary monsters. He was a prankster that liked to show the boys a good time tipping Aldgoats, putting spices in people's breakfast, and other harmless jokes that tended to get him in trouble. While he grew up, he was taught humility and manners by his parents, who were strict, but wanted him to have a childhood. In his teens, he, along with the others in his little village, noticed a certain moon getting bigger...or was it getting closer?

As the moon Dalamud edged ever closer, Nazyl began to have strange dreams. One in particular, repeated several times and became clearer and clearer over the course of his teen years, involving a great light, and a great darkness, and the silhouette of a spiked warrior siding with the light, about to clash with the darkness. The dream always ended right before the clash, and the boy would wake up in a cold sweat. It was clearest on that fateful day, when the Battle of Carteneau took place. After Nazyl had awoken from his dream, he took to the orchards to pick fruits for his family, and hefted the sack toward his home after he was done. The moon was closer than it had ever been in years....and then the unthinkable happened. It exploded. Nazyl watched in both awe and horror as the red moon was dismantled, and from its remains a great dragon, one told in legend, threw itself into the sky and lit up the night air. Fire destroyed everything around it, and it was as if the world itself shuddered in response. Trees died, plants wilted, and the villagers ran screaming for their lives. A piece of the destruction, Mega-flare, made its way to the tiny village, planting a fiery crystal smack dab in the middle of it. It was a night Nazyl would never forget.

Five years had past since the calamity, and the young Lalafell was ready to depart. In the garb the village guards wore, he took up a rusted sword his father had kept for personal safety. After saying his tearful goodbyes to his parents, he told the village he would return bearing fortune and fame, promising he would be a great hero. He set north in a trade ship to Eorzea, where he would be bound for Ul'dah. It wasn't until he arrived that he found out keeping his promise was harder than he ever thought possible.

When he arrived in the desert, the heat was enough to make him pass out on the caravan, where he dreamt clearly of his vision before. The shadowed knight, throwing himself against a black void, with light behind him burning bright. He questioned its meaning yet again as he awoke in a sweat, now at the gates of the great city. He brushed it off and began showing himself off to the people, taking up jobs to rid the gates of pests such as marmots and the like. He charged outside with no knowledge on how to fight, and was trounced by the critters before he could raise his weapon. The refugees staying outside the city took him in and nursed him back to health, since the Brass Blades would leave him for dead. When he was able to walk again, he decided to take up a pick and help the poor gain income for housing to repay them for taking care of him. He became a skilled miner and had taken to selling his work for profit to help him along. As a side job, he puts himself out as an escort to protect supply caravans or take out pests, and is slowly becoming better at swordsmanship. A wanderer wearing his heart on his sleeve, he travels the realm in hopes of quelling what darkness may hide beneath it.


Ishgard threw open their gates, and a more mature Nazyl was among the first wave of adventurers to storm the city in earnest. Leaving behind those he knew, he embarked on a journey of self reflection and meditation, alone in the untamed wilderness that was Coerthas, Dravania, and Abalathia's Spine. It's been moons, but the Lalafell returns once again to society, eager to share his stories with old and new friends alike. Draped in ancient Ishgardian armor, he seeks an end to the Dragonsong War by any means necessary, whether the enemy is dragons, or Ishgardians...or both, he will stop at nothing to achieve lasting peace on all of Eorzea, and Hydaelyn beyond.


The Dragonsong War ended, and tensions among Ala Mhigan refugees against the Garleans have grown. Nazyl, having seen what has happened to friends who fell victim to the Empire, is more than willing to lend a hand. With Dauntless, he has gone where he had not thought possible, an adventure of incredible proportions that could change fate itself, and is close to ending the strange journey. Sword and barrier in hand, he stands as a wall to any evil that dares show its face to those he holds dear.


Touched by Courage and Pride

Alignment: Neutral Good

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