Alexander Stormwind

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Ul'dah-transparent.png Alexander Stormwind
Nothing is eternal, except power
Gender Male
Race Hyur
Clan Unknown
Citizenship Ul'dah
Age 51
Occupation Aetherial and Allagan Researcher
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Alexander Stormwind is a man of means, power, and prestige and he wants everyone to know it. Though he is officially listed as a refugee, Alexander does not concern himself with the plight of those who he supposedly arrived with and cares not for the people. To him, people are tools to be used until they are of no more use to him. Not surprisingly, his wealth has earned him a comfortable and private living in the city of Ul'dah, something he has used to great effect as he spends countless hours in his home researching and studying.

His associate (and rumored more) Rhianna Oruissi is his companion, providing research support as well as managing the day-to-day affairs of their home. She is also generally the only one who can keep Alexander otherwise in line, and considers it her duty to the rest of the world to keep the man in check.


Alexander looks every bit a man in his 50's. Whitening and grey streaks color his black hair and visible lines are starting to appear on his face, adding to his already dour appearance. The corners of his mouth show visible signs of constant anger and distress, as to the increasingly deep divots in his skin where his eyebrows meet, indicating a regularly sour disposition. His face is extremely pale, likely from his endless, sunless, hours toiling away in his laboratory or study.

His eyes are a dark violet, though upon closer inspection one would likely notice that the left eye does not act and twitch like a real one, because it is not. The left eye is a glass fake, and though offers to upgrade it or replace it have been offered, Alexander often simply replies with a curt "No." and ends the discussion.

Alexander dresses in robes and garments which help maintain his wealth and power. A student of the Allagan Empire and the aether, much of his clothing is custom made to include ways which will enhance his own aetheric abilities.

Despite all his pomp and bluster though, Alexander is still getting on in his age and that age is starting to catch up with him. He is always seen with one ornate staff or another which serve as both a focus point as well as a walking stick. He will often have to lean against this staff for support after long periods of standing or use it to support him while taking long walks.


If you ask anyone who knows Alexander they'll all tell you the same thing. That he is an angry and compulsive individual who would rather incinerate the focus of his ire more then anything else. Alexander's quest for ever increasing power, mostly aetherial, leaves his little time for frivolities and even when he is out he is constantly working, either reading over his research notes or settling accounts with one of his many contacts who bring him research material, either legitimate or otherwise.

While he mostly believes everyone to be beneath him, he does on occasion deign to speak to others, especially those who consider themselves researchers of the allagans or the aether. Alexander enjoys scholarly discussions, and while you would never get him to admit that he is wrong about a topic, he will consider it once he leaves your presence.

For all his faults, Alexander does generally listen to Rhianna, even when it counteracts his own desires. He is also extremely protective and possessive of her, often refusing her time to herself if he is in the middle of a long research session. For all that, after all these years, Alexander would be lost without Rhianna. She is a rare mental equal to himself, and he is loathe to give that up to anyone or anything.



Alexander has little time for unnecessary violence. Force of arms is for a younger generation in his opinion but that does not mean he is defenseless. Quite the opposite, his age has allowed him to study multiple magical forms. Alexander has a great deal of aetheric ability, and he uses it to the fullest extent. As a student of all forms of magic, and will unleash a torrent of destructive magic at a foe to destroy them before being allowed to reach him.


Alexander is an accomplished magic user, having studied multiple aetheral arts. His use of the destructive arts are by and far his most advanced, able to call on powerful bolts of lightning and balls of fire to bring enemies to heel. While he can not contact the elements, he has studied conjury and is able to use aether to control wind and water with varying effects, as well as utilize some healing. He spends more time of late studying the aetherial geometry involved in summoning and how to create better, stronger constructs. Though his research in this is slow, he can still call forth an aetherial construct as needed to support him if necessary.


Alexander makes liberal use of his magitek and allagan research to augment his natrual aetheral abilities. His clothes are often of magitek design or imbued with allagan fibers which have been magically infused. Even his staves, all of which are of his own design, utilize magitek to augment his natural abilities making him a stronger opponent. Nothing goes to waste with regards to Alexander protecting himself, and it is safe to assume that Alexander often has a back-up plan in case something goes wrong.



  • Studying/Research
  • Increasing his power
  • Being left alone


  • General frivolity
  • Being pestered
  • People, for the most part


  • Magitek
  • Fishing
  • Incineration



Officially, Alexander his no family outside of the small group of people that he arrived in Ul'dah with some years ago.


Rhianna Oruissi- Trusted research assistant, caretaker, and rumored paramour. Alexander has come to rely heavily on the woman since they met as refugees. Her handling of his affairs as well as her discerning eye on his research has left Alexander with being completely unable to function without her.

Daghbheri Himalspyr aka "Captain"- Alexanders forward companion in his primal research. Originally starting as a business relationship, Dogberry fell more under Alexanders yoke when the Sea Wolf lost his legs following their fight with Leviathan. Since then, Dogberry's focus on taking down the primals has helped Alexanders research tremendously. If Dogberry could simply manage to settle down in his personal life, Alexander would be far happier with their arrangement.

Menelwen Veara- The relationship between Menelwen and Alexander has been more or less professional, but her continued assistance with his primal research has been welcome. Alexanders opinion of Menelwen improved following her relationship with Dogberry seeing it as a stabilizing influence in his life, but as with any good thing in the Captains life it could only last so long. Now Alexander is working on ways to keep Menelwen in the fold. Not only is she smart and resourceful, she is aware of one of his secrets.


Alexander is not a public man. He maintains a certain distance from the general populace in a effort to keep the kind of people who could harm him to a minimum. Those who attempt to are met with extreme retalitaion.


Common Rumors

  • "He's got a large Roegadyn that looks up to him, almost like a father."
  • "He's rich, that much if for certain. No one who is hurting for food spends money and dresses like he does"
  • "You'd think someone with his money and influence would have a magitek eye if he was going to have a fake one."

Moderate Rumors

  • "Lots of people going in and out of that house and at all hours. Some reputable, others not so much. All go in with boxes or sacks, all come out with heavy purses."
  • "That woman, Rhianna Oruissi, isn't just a research partner. I've seen how he talks and looks at her when he thinks no one is listening."
  • "I heard he spent a great deal of money to invest in a ship and crew to keep on the rolls and push ill-gotten funds through."

Rare Rumors

  • "He's got something big in mind. Whatever it is, he's up countless days working on it."
  • "I swear on my mother I once heard him speak in Garlean tongue to that woman he is always with"
  • "He has blood on his hands, he just uses his money and it's influence in Ul'dah to keep it buried."

PC Rumors

  • "There's more to Professor Crankypants than meets the eye, but you know that old saying about the line between madness and genius? There ain't really a line here so much as a squiggle." - Daghbheri Himalspyr
  • "Admirable, what he's doing. Damn near crazy I have to admit. When he started on when we found what they'd sought... it chilled my bones just a tad. I'd rather stay on his good side. If he has one." - Kage Kiryuu
  • "...Despite how it all ended, I like to think that he had only the best intentions with his project. Stormwind is the textbook definition of brilliant, there is no doubt about that. But even a man of his own mind is prone to making mistakes." - Menelwen Veara



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