Daghbheri Himalspyr

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Limsa Lominsa-transparent.png Daghbheri Himalspyr
I would strike the sun if it insulted me.
Gender Male
Race Roegadyn
Clan Sea Wolf
Citizenship Limsa Lominsa


Ships Are Safe in the Harbour (poem, author unknown)

All I live for is now
All I stand for is where and how
All I wish for are magic moments

As I sail through change
My resolve remains the same
What I chose are magic moments

Because ships are safe in the harbour
But that is not what ships are made for
The mind could stretch much further
But it seems that is not what our minds are trained for

We call for random order
You can't control Mother nature's daughter

Ships are safe in the harbour
But that is not what ships are built for

The witch hunter roams
The scary thing is that he's not alone
He's trying to down my magic moments

As we sail through change
Ride the wind of a silent rage
And sing laments of magic moments


Daghbheri "Dogberry" Himalspyr was born in La Noscea from a long line of whalers. The name Himalspyr translates to "Heaven Spear", and it is said that the first to bear this name could throw their harpoon into the highest parts of the heavens. His childhood was normal and happy for your average Sea Wolf. Plenty of roughhousing and surfing. When he came of age, Daghbheri set out to become a whaler like the rest of the men in his family. After spending time aboard He soon became a prodigious harpooner, and amassed a modest amount of fortune and fame for his work. He even sometimes hints at a stint as a pirate. For a while, Daghbheri was satisfied with the way his life was going until the Garlean invasion. It was then that Daghbheri joined up with the Maelstrom. During the battle of Carteneau, Daghbheri was on a crew sent to investigate an anomaly in the tides most likely caused by Dalamud falling. Daghbheri watched as the moon broke apart and a small piece hit the water near him. The piece caused a wave that capsized his ship, The Syldra. Daghbheri went under and suffered major injuries, including the loss of his eye. While under, he saw the face of a dragon. Originally believing it to be Bahamut, he now believes it was Leviathan, and that for some reason Leviathan saved him. He woke up on a strange beach, and found himself a broken man. He spent years as a drifter, making money from bareknuckle boxing matches. It wasn't until recently, when he was able to build a decent support network of friends and contacts, that he took to the sea again. He picked up a spear, and managed to finance a ship with the help of several business partners. He named the ship "Syldra's Revenge" and seeks out Garlean and Primal threats upon the waters. He sees himself as living on borrowed time, and destined to throw himself against the worst the seas have to offer as a way to deal with the immense amount of survivor's guilt and post-traumatic stress he feels.

In spite of having ties to the Maelstrom, Dogberry is openly critical of it, believing that Limsa Lominsa deserves more than a military dictatorship. As such, he withholds information and cargo of use to the Maelstrom, giving it instead to neutral entities with similar goals to his.


A hulking, massive Roegadyn, who looks like he was chiseled out of marble. He keeps his hair and beard dyed green and in deadlocks pulled back into a ponytail. You can see his natural blond hair coming out at the roots. His face is covered in scars, and his left eye is covered by an eyepatch. These days he dresses in a more formal fashion than he used to. He prefers a Limsa Lominsan overcoat and makes his face up in traditional hunter makeup from his ancestral tribal history.


Dogberry comes across as cold at first. Often polite, but cold. His greetings, if he says anything at all, are monosyllabic. When striking up a conversation he tends to be direct. Once you begin talking to him, he warms up considerably, and can prove to be a decent conversationalist. Put a few drinks in him and he's downright boisterous. When dealing with others, he can be quite charitable and generous. He's always willing to help out someone down on their luck, or give something he has to someone who hasn't.

When not feeling overly social, Dogberry is prone to bouts of hypervigilance, which stems from his trauma on board The Syldra. To counter this, he throws himself into work and training, and failing that, surfing, intoxicating substances, and loose company. Dogberry is extremely reluctant to enter into a normal relationship due to the feeling that he is living on borrowed time. It wouldn't be fair for him to promise something he isn't sure he'll be alive to deliver tomorrow.

Inwardly, Dogberry considers himself one of the last of a dying breed. He holds on to more of his primitive Sea Wolf ancestral heritage than most do. As such, he often feels like an outsider, even among other Roegadyn. He chafes against the stereotype of the brutish idiot Roegadyn. He has a mind for business, and does his due diligence when it comes to his studies. He's not a genius, but he's average, and it bothers him how often that surprises people.



Daghbheri was trained as a lancer by his family aboard whaling ships and other vessels of lesser repute, but hadn't picked up a spear in years. For a while he worked as a pugilist in the shady parts of Limsa Lominsa and Ul'dah. He has since studied the ways of the Monk and has rededicated himself to mastering the spear.



  • Busy places full of people.
  • Strong drink, good moko grass.
  • Good company.


  • Silence.
  • People determined to kill the mood.
  • Pointless conflict.


  • Surfing.
  • Weaving.
  • Shameless flirting (Is that a hobby or a talent? You decide!)



Daghbheri is the only son, with two sisters. Only his father and one of his sisters are alive. His father lives in Aleport, and his younger sister lives in Gridania. His older sister died in the battle of Carteneau, and his mother died of natural causes a year later. He still sees his father regularly, but doesn't talk to his sister very often. Dogberry closely guards the secret that his sister is currently raising his son, who he abandoned after the Calamity killed his fiancée and left him a broken man.


Xenedra Ambreaus - His closest friend. A trusted confidant, a valued companion.
Alexander Stormwind - Dogberry is in serious debt to Stormwind, who designed and built his magitek legs. He now aids Stormwind in his research on primals.
Rhianna Oruissi - Dogberry is so glad that she's in on this plan of Alex's. She's the nice, sane, charming one.
Scarlet Willow - A former co-worker that Daghbheri regards fondly. Calls her by her Roegadyn name out of respect.
Salty Lake - Dogberry likes to join Salty Lake on her escapades to see what kind of trouble she gets into. It's usually worth a funny story to tell later.
Endemerrin Rosethorne - Merri and Dogberry have a strained relationship after Merri refused to even speak to Dogberry after he requested his help in designing magitek legs so he might walk again.
Yangh Linh - A good friend, a partner-in-crime, and one-time lover. Dogberry has used Yangh to re-align his own moral compass on a few occasions.
Dennthota Ahtahrmwyn - He knows she's nothing but trouble, but that doesn't stop him from helping her out from time to time. Even he isn't really sure why.
Menelwen Veara - Former lovers. Primal slaying partners. They tried to have a relationship, but it didn't work. Dogberry is hoping he can salvage at least some of that relationship.
Abaigeal Causland - Dogberry is of the mind that if she thinks well of him, then he can't be that bad of a person.
Castus Allard - Dogberry thought Castus was reckless, even by his standards. Now he sees Castus' more pragmatic side and finds they have more than he originally thought in common.
Vash Ashford - A stupid kid who's going to get himself killed one day. Dogberry tries to teach Vash a lesson or two every now and then.
Flickering Ember - Dogberry has deeply protective paternal feelings toward Ember. He sees an innocence in her that he wants to preserve.
Brynhilde Wulf - His latest paramour. She is vastly different from anyone he knows. She challenges him to be better than he is, and seeks to rise to that challenge.


Common Rumors

  • "Cap'n don't sleep much nights. We asked him to stop pacing the deck so's we can sleep. Now he just takes night watch up in the rigging and writes in his book."
  • "He's a good fighter, he just needs to watch his blind side. That left hook gets him almost every time. He's got a long way to go, but he could be great someday."
  • "He don't look like it, but he's actually got a mouth on him. Good sense of humor, that one."

Moderate Rumors

  • "You need some zany ass magitek whatzit, he's the man you wanna see. Twelve knows why he'd deal in that, though. Y'never know who's buyin' that."
  • "I seen him in the middle of a bar in Coerthas with a spinnin' wheel and needle out. He was makin' warm clothes for some stranger he met who didn't have 'em."
  • "Hedonist. It don't fool me none."

Rare Rumors

  • "Boyo thinks his shit don't stink, callin' himself a honest business man. Still needs us to fence for him, so I ask you who's the honest one here?"
  • "I sailed with him once. He was a totally different person then. Whatever happened to him, it's like it killed a part of him."
  • "I heard he's financing some kind of revolution or something."

PC Rumors (Feel free to add your own)

  • Daghbheri is actually Llymlaen's son. She formed his body from sea stones, his hair from seaweed and his eyes from droplets of the sea during a storm. That's where his coloring comes from.
  • "That fellow? A... er... rather impressive Sea Wolf brother. He reminds me of the sea-- of which I yet have little fondness for." - Siobhain Surtsthalwyn
  • "I... I didn't mean to call him short!!!! You're not here for -me- are you? -- He has the most amazing legs!" - Aya Foxheart
  • "While his personal life begs question, one can't deny his business acumen. He knows a good deal when he sees it and, more importantly, knows how to be discreet about it." Alexander Stormwind
  • "If you ever find yourself toe to toe with a primal, he's one of few who you'd want to have watching your back." Menelwen Veara
  • "Dog! Dog he live on sea! Dog he....gives food!!!" - Flickering Ember
  • "That is none of your concern." - Brynhilde Wulf
  • "Old Sea Legs? The last I saw him he seemed to be doing well. He's the only man I know who has had his legs bitten off just to get up and keep walking. I admire that." - Berrod Armstrong
  • "The Captain! I met him at a drinking contest; he faired much better than the rest. He is a strong and brave man. Only thing that brings him pause is if one of his own is wounded. He watches over them as they recover; a very diligent and caring leader." - Jancis Milburga
  • "I remember the Captain. Few are willing to lead others into uncertain battle. -Yes, it's a compliment." - Jana Ridah
  • "I'd carry him home from a night'a drinkin any night, despite tha vomit." -Castus Allard

Character Soundtrack

"Main Concept - "Blood and Thunder" by Mastodon
"General Attitude - "I Am That I Am" by Peter Tosh
The Softer Side - "Heart of the Ocean" by Gaelic Storm
Recovery - "Prison Sex" by Tool
Revenge Revisited - "Domination" by Pantera
Lancer Deathwish Lunatic Bastard - "High Speed Dirt" by Megadeth
Hippy Speedball - "Pressure Drop" by Toots and the Maytals

OOC Info

Hi! Let's RP! I'm willing to run with pretty much anything! RP's a game of give and take! I really don't like to RP fights unless there's an impartial means of resolving conflict, like dice. I don't ERP, I just fade to black!

Dogberry is a composite of a lot of different inspirations to me, most of all stemming from the book Moby Dick and other literary depictions of life at sea.


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