Kage Kiryuu

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Ul'dah-transparent.png Kage Kiryuu
Gender Male
Race Lalafell
Clan Dunesfolk
Citizenship Ul'dah
Server Balmung
Age Late-20s
Height 2' 10"
Time Zone North America Pacific (GMT-8 Standard, GMT-7 Daylight Savings)
Availability Retired unless specifically asked for pick up.



Kage is a Dunesfolk Lalafell whose family has lived in the Thanalan for many, many years. He was traveling through Thanalan, the Clutch area, when he spied something that festered a strange feeling within him. He was driven and inspired by the events he saw; of Papashan and other Sultansworn coming to the aid of another. It became the driving force within him to train to be a paladin and to eventually become Sultansworn. This led to him meeting with the Sultansworn, Natalie, as well as others that she knew. He has since realized that the politics of the job and those of Ul'dah were that in which he's not capable of handling. Disillusioned, he's since left the Sultansworn order, taking up the axe.


Kage is the shortest an adult male Dunesfolk Lalafell can be. He has blue hair with highlights of a red shade. His head is constantly topped by a white beret or some other ridiculous hat though the white beret is a near constant. He normally carries an axe as his weapon of choice. One of his axes has a long thick noticeable chain. The other axe that Kage favors is a very sharp bladed battle axe.


Once he's comfortable and willing to open up, Kage will be happy to give people as good as he takes it. He's shy, soft-spoken, reserved and mild-mannered but also playful when with friends. He cares very much for those he becomes friends with. As such, he does not take well to being insulted for seeing whether his friends are in danger or being harassed. Only his self-restraint keeps him from lashing out at someone physically or violently for doing so. He's very forceful when he feels like his friends need to be defended from physical or personal attack. He does not easily make friends by himself, usually making friends from friends. Kage finds it very hard to lie to people to their faces and usually would prefer not to unless for a good reason. Thus, he hates it when people lie to him. He has a lot of anxieties about himself, but he's started to grow stronger as his training progresses. He believes in his friends and is generally too "goody two shoes". He wouldn't enforce this belief unto others, especially his friends, unless he thought that the trouble for them is too much or if it puts them into danger. He doesn't like it when his friends get hurt, being upset that they would not ask him for help or for him to cover their backs. He does not have a rigid sense of judgment only a subjective right or wrong on how people are affected.


While Kage is skilled with manipulating his own aether, he highly prefers not doing so. The payback factor remains, where when he might use it there is a high chance of it exploding on him. Like all paladins before him, Kage received brief lessons and training in conjury as well as healing arts. He may be able to tend to a wound, he certainly cannot do major surgery.


  • Whittling
  • Reading novels
  • Fishing
  • Smithing
  • Cooking
  • Listening to the hustle and bustle of the people who frequent bars.



Kage's mother's side of the family had a heavy focus in thaumaturgy and a few tomes ready for study on some black magicks. Kage's father comes from a family who specialized in goldsmithing. His father does quite well in goldsmithing so that Kage and his family were never in want. Kage has two siblings, an older brother and a younger sister. His brother continues the family's goldsmithing business while his sister has turned to alchemy. Kage was disowned by his family when he was, later found to be temporarily, transformed into a Miqo'te. Perhaps, he wasn't disowned by all of them if his gift was any indication.

Roen Deneith: Kage first met Roen right after he approached Natalie about Paladins and Sultansworn. She was introduced to him as a Paladin in-training. Natalie nominated Roen to mentor Kage of sorts. At first, the two did not seem to know how it would work but throughout each individuals' training, Kage realized that Roen would be a good friend. He thinks her very worthy of the Sultansworn title, believing that she deserves it more than he does even. He now sees Roen as part of his family and he would do everything and anything he could for her. He is stubbornly and fiercely protective of Roen. He has let the distance between them grow, believing that she is far and above beyond him.

Delial Grimsong: She once had great reason to hate him. After all, it was in Kage's misguided attempts to assist Roen while fulfilling his duties to Ul'dah did Grimsong lose some fingernails to Natalie. He finds the highlander very stubborn but.. he is quite fond of her sometimes. Kage respects her, and while working with her he would rather she speak. He is also quite happy that she does not actively show any explicit signs of hate towards him, one could say that he is happy when she seems to think well of him. He enjoys their rapport. If it could be described as such.


Kage has made a variety of friends in the city of Ul'dah, especially so in Momodi's fine establishment at the Quicksand. He has recently relocated to the city-state of his birth. He needs his friends.

Haruko Kokojo: Kage first met her while she served in the Immortal Flames. He was quite shocked to later meet her as a Brass Blade and with shorter hair. Even later, she tracked him to his residence in the Lavender Beds and insisted on speaking with him. But what Roen told him worries him just a little. Is he falling for the same type? The same type that nearly wrecked Kage? One thing is for certain, Kage is absolutely head over beret smitten. He hopes she likes the gifts he made her, for this time, almost all of them were completely made with his own hands.


Kage's met so many people, some of them very fleeting. He hasn't had time to get to know them. But maybe they'll be someone he would die for as a friend.


Kage is generally easy to get along with and so far has not had the need nor the want to make enemies. However, he has started to have a bit of a dislike for those with lances. He's had quite a few unsavory meetings with those who wield those weapons.Though, it could be said that he particularly doesn't like Jameson Taeros.

It's Twelve-Damned Complicated

Franz: It's so complicated. The man has done many things, making Kage feel like the highlander had ruined his life for quite a bit. The stalking and the harassment. But now... Twelve have mercy does Kage have some fondness for him? It certainly is not what Kage felt for others such as Frhanz'ir or Salem, not at all. But, the Lalafell didn't hate him. He... cared for him. Why? The Lalafell struggles with this.

Natalie Mcbeef (Deceased): While previously he had only ever entertained the thought of being a Paladin and then Sultansworn after seeing Papashan, Natalie gave him the advice and courage to move forward. He viewed her as many things: mentor, friend, family... lover. Her death had left him devastated for a time, picking up the axe as the sword and shield were too much for him to bear with tainted memories. He's grown resentful of her memory and past.

Past Acquaintances

Kage hasn't talked to these people in a long time. Perhaps they have grown apart. Perhaps they can rekindle past bonds. As it is, it is possible they have moved on in their lives.

Alexaria Whiteraven: Kage loves to listen to her! One of the first that Kage met in Ul'dah, her advice has lived with him long since. She once told him to fake it until he made it. And he has. He might even still be faking it to this day, but perhaps he's gained a little courage that he hadn't when he first met her... and it is all because of her.

Chachanji Gegenji: Kage's not sure how he feels about this lalafell, but it's all good. Chachan reminds Kage of himself, or rather what he used to see himself as before his life took such an about turn. The lalafellin youth is actually far more than Kage can hope to be, even though Chachan is younger than Kage by quite a few years. Kage hopes that the young guy achieves his goals; he's deserving of it.

Edda Eglantine: While she may not have realized it, Kage first met Miss Edda outside of the Ul'dahn gates after the fight there with Jin'li's collared peoples. After that, he'd seen her more often at the house in Goblet before Kage ran away. He's since seen her once more at the Caroline Canopy, where they talked about what has passed and Franz.

Salem Nunh: One of his first and closest friends in Ul'dah. No matter how long they have not spoken to each other they are able to continue on as if they had seen each other 5 minutes past. The Miqo'te does so love to tease the Lalafell with his constant flirts.

The Before

His mother raised Kage to be the heir of sorts of her family line since his oldest brother was and continues to be his better at shaping the fine and malleable metals that Kage was only average at best at. He ruined the gold metals and others. Kage has a fairly decent amount of control over the large amount of aether he has so his mother put him on that path. It was not a fulfilling life prospect and so a few years after the Calamity Kage found his life changing.

Traveling through the Thanalan, The Clutch area, Kage observed an incident in which several Sultansworn came to the aid of a fellow. They were led by a Lalafell. Kage wasn't sure about how things came to be but he soon felt something in himself that wanted change. He wanted to do something with his life and not just follow the flow his family had set for him. Leaving against the protests of his mother, Kage packed his things and left for Ul'dah. He hid his aetherial disposition unless the very odd jobs that he took required them, and only if no one would be the wiser. He asked for help and advice, receiving it from those he'd made contact with.

The Journey

Kage did not make these contacts easily. Nor did he ask for help so easily either. Through time and his initial correspondence with Natalie Mcbeef he was able to foster relationships and himself. He was introduced to Roen Deneith and many more. His aetherial proficiency came to surface when his friends showed that they might be in trouble. In a small confrontation between Marrow and a few others, he tried to use his magic to get Marrow and others out of the incident. It then became useful when dealing with a friend's, Salem Nunh's, crisis.

Kage had since started to wind down and relax, focusing on his training to be better at using a sword and shield. He recently undertook the Sultansworn Trials alongside Roen. Erik Mynhier administered the Trial of Faith to Kage first. While lounging in the Quicksand and speaking with Natalie, he was surprised by the Trial of Courage Natalie decided to administer to him. He and Roen took the Trial of Loyalty together under Anelia Sadowyn. They left not knowing whether they passed or failed. After watching Roen's own Trial of Courage, Kage learned of his failing the Trial of Loyalty. Upon re-trial of the Trial of Loyality with his friend Lambert Arkwright, they were told by Anelia that Kage and Lambert passed.

In between the Trials, Kage heard Natalie call for assistance from those harassing her and Kayah. He went to support her only to be insulted and offended by one of the masked, hooded, or helmed lancers.

The Royal Ball of Ul'dah and its Aftermath

Kage and Roen were sworn and mere days later the Royal Ball of Ul'dah was had. During that time Kage met and befriended another Lalafell named Rurutani Sasatani, quickly becoming close. After a small mission to look into the lancers from before to see if they meant Ul'dah or Ul'dahn citizens harm, Kage suggested that Ruru apply to become a Sultansworn recruit. It was thus then that Kage became Ruru's mentor. Kage was able to accompany Dennthota Ahtahrmwyn at the ball for a short while, enjoying her company outside having sparred with her. He had to leave for some small time to guard the Sultana as she met with audiences but soon after Kage was relieved of his duties. When he found Denn once more she quickly told him she had to leave. Kage left the ball and returned shortly after, noticing that Natalie was not there anymore. Afterwards Natalie returned to the ball and let slip that both Natalie and Denn had had a tryst together. Distraught, Kage told his friends over the pearl that he would be somewhere else. His friends followed him, worried, but he ran away to the Airship bar that he liked to frequent to be alone. There he found someone who he had met awhile before, a female Keeper named Suri. He knew Suri to be acquainted with or thought to be friends of Natalie and Kayah. Knowing of the complicated relationship he did not tell Suri why he was upset when she tried to ask. After a few drinks, Kage swore to put this behind him as he was friends and family with Natalie and Kayah first. While he believed there was more to Denn than just a fighter, he would rather see his relationship with Natalie ok. He left the bar and his hat and headed to the ball. He found Natalie and Kayah arguing and he paused. He walked towards the Alchemists' Guild but knew he would rather repair this. He walked back to try and talk to them only for them to leave angry and hurt. Having felt as if he was the cause for his friends, Kage broke down crying where they once stood as he heard Natalie break her pearl. After awhile, deciding that he would return to drinking he headed to the Alchemist's Guild's Aetheryte shard only to find a scene that would hit him to the core. Kayah lay on the floor, beaten and bloodied with his head caved in slightly. The attackers were hooded, masked or helmed but he could tell that at least two were Roegadyn female and one was a Miqo'te female pugilist. With one last knife stab into Kayah's back the leader called her group to leave. Only with help from Natalie's friends in the Night Blades did Kayah's fate not turn to the worst imaginable. Kage returned to the airship bar for his hat as well as to tell Suri about Kayah. There he found out that for a moment Suri was involved and it related to her being able to take out Natalie. Enraged, Suri left to deal with the one she only knew of as a tall purple haired female Roegadyn.

Left to himself, Kage tried to do all he could to find information about this Roegadyn and her band. Soon afterwards he found Suri, who he found out was beaten and tortured for telling Kage any information about the Roegadyn and a perceived betrayal on the Roegadyn's part. Kage learned that he best lay low as Suri had been told to silence him. She obviously was not there to do so but to make sure that Kage lived. Roen, dealing with her own troubles still, found him after receiving word from Natalie. Knowing that Roen had much on her plate, Kage did not tell her the extent of what he was going through and only told her some things. She left him be, trusting him to confide in her. While trying to lay low, Kage failed and was attacked in Pearl Lane just outside of the Quicksand by a female pugilist Miqo'te. In the process, Kage received a head injury and a snapped arm while his friend Ruru took a blow meant to kill Kage to his eye. Denn showed up and took them both to be healed after Roswyn revived Kage to consciousness.

It was at this time Kage retreated into himself, in a world of self-pity and self-despair. Feeling as if he had failed Ruru and that the other Lalafell would hate him, Kage did not actively seek out the other. Natalie soon returned and it was then Kage almost gave up on his life. He had faltered, for a bit, and it had nearly broke him and his oaths. It was then that things with Roen's plight came to light as well and she also lectured Kage, making him realize that though he was burdened he did fail his friend Ruru. He had left him alone. Kage tracked him down in La Noscea and the two had words. All was said and done, their bonds renewed, hopefully for the stronger. Returning to Ul'dah, Natalie tasked Kage with the tracking of one Highlander female who Roen had informed them of. Delial Grimsong. After seeing her speaking with Chokho outside of Quicksand, making a deal, Kage hoped to make his own deal with her to ensure Roen's deal would come out well while dealing with anyone who might serve to deal Ul'dah harm. However, a masked female Roegadyn started to spread inflammatory remarks, defaming Kage in the public. She even called him out in front of the whole Quicksand while he was there, insulting him by calling him a traitor. He and Natalie let her be, deciding that she was just deranged. With Ruru's skills and reconnaissance after Kage mentioned having seen her outside of Quicksand speaking with Chokho and making a deal, Natalie and Kage interrogated Delial over her interests in Ul'dah. Kage was clearly uncomfortable, knowing what this might do for Roen's deal. Soon afterwards he would find out that it soured things for them all.

Having reaffirmed his place with Natalie, Kayah, and another in an urban tribe of sorts, Kage was taken from behind as he stood on the railing in Quicksand as per his usual. A blade held to his back, the masked Roegadyn from before told him if he cooperated nothing would happen. Some of Kage's friends were present and noticed that something was amiss, most especially the Free Paladin Nazeru Auronas. A chase out to the steps ended with Kage being wounded. Nazeru got him back into Ul'dah, where quick aid was applied. Ser Anelia Sadowyn answered a call for help where she took Kage to a clinic once Natalie saw that Kage would be safe in her hands. While being tended to by Ser Anelia, a call over one of his linkpearls alerted Kage in his weary state that they had been able to track down the Roegadyn. When he expressed his desire to help, his loved ones told him his only job was to rest. Resigned, he stayed still at the clinic but he encouraged Ser Anelia that perhaps lending her medical aid would be a boon. It was a complete surprise to him when she decided to take him with her. He had only had time to tell Denn who had called him worried that he didn't know where he was but that he was headed to Camp Drybone, where he found himself in the middle of a chaotic field of battle. Right until he was hastily barreled over, being taken up into the arms of a heavily armed, axe-wielding Roegadyn. It was a stand-off as Natalie held the attempted kidnapping Roegadyn and the new Roegadyn held Kage with an axe to his throat. In the end, Natalie took the one to be interrogated, Kage was thrown away as the Axe-wielding one teleported away. Soon after Kage was forced by his loved ones to rest, having been forced to ingest a tea that knocked him out for a bit so that his breathing would get better. Later, Kage learned who exactly these two Roegadyn were.

The Break

Kayah and Natalie had had some arguments, resulting in Kayah leaving. Kage found him at the Sanctum of the Twelve, in an effort to find out the cause of this rift. Not seeing how he could get Kayah from permanently leaving Kage slowly made his way back home, and finding a baby opo-opo. Making it back to Ul'dah and feeling as if his life was breaking apart, Kage never made it back to the place that was considered his home. Despondently, he sat outside of the Quicksand, unmoving until Natalie came to him to set him right. The tribe was together again until a series of incidents tore them apart once more. An attack on Lolorito's house was blamed on C'kayah Tia. Breaking a promise to Kage, he left without a word. Kage knew that Kayah was innocent but was upset that he had left. Kage was sent on a mission to La Noscea, rumors abound of Kayah being sighted there. Kage met Suri, bringing her business and bad news. He however was quite glad to see her happy and seemingly engaged. Soon, Kayah and Natalie spoke together, bringing Kage into the conversation that broke it apart. Kayah had plans as his head was now wanted by two forces. While Kage was simply concerned and wanted to offer his aid, Kayah insisted that Natalie should speak to Osric with Kage or not at all. Natalie left, leaving Kage and Kayah to talk. Kayah perceived this as abandonment and the tribe was no more.

Meeting with Natalie in Limsa Lominsa, they found Roen with her brother. After finding out that Roen would be returning to the city once more, Kage and Natalie spoke. It was then that Kage found out exactly what was happening. Kayah had left and Kage blamed the Flame. He had left his pearls behind and the tribe was in danger of being broken apart once more. Natalie said that the tribe needed a leader, the one that protected the tribe and kept it safe to grow together, the nunh. In a moment of desperation and resolve, Kage told Natalie that he would take it. He would become the one to keep the tribe together and protected, so that all the ones he loved would have a place. She agreed.

In Ul'dah once more having had a fruitless search for C'kayah Tia, Kage resumed his work until he dug into it. He was dead. In disbelief, Kage drank his sorrows away at the Quicksand but his friends told him that they doubted Kayah could be dead. Kage resolved to find the Flame and when he did he found out that Kayah was alive. And yet, he had not returned. He had not spoken to them at all. Kage told Osric that the Flame should try to keep out of his business and his life and parted ways. Speaking one night in the Quicksand speaking with Aya, Kage was pushed over by an armored axe-wielder. Kage insisted that the man follow him outside of the Quicksand where the man took a swing at him with his axe. Kage blocked the blow, as onlookers came out and he called for them to not interfere. Kage tried to force the man out of the gates when he grabbed Kage and teleported them to Eastern Thanalan. There Kage realized that the man was the same Garlean mercenary that he had fought with during the Mergrey bomb incident. A Garlean experiment caused strange aetheric events that Kage could not even resort to his magicks of old to fight against. Kage was able to deal a blow to the Mercenary before an axe swing threw Kage onto this back. The mercenary grew bored and left, leaving Kage to head back to Ul'dah and heal.

After soothing Aya's concerns and a quick heal for the most serious of sores, Kage walked out of the quicksand into Pearl lane only to happen onto Kayah. In an angry exchange of words, Natalie came upon them as well. It ended with C'kayah leaving and Kage in despair over his relationship with C'kayah Tia. It looked like it was not going to be the same ever again. While in his heart Kage hopes that he can see Kayah once more, he has more pressing issues such as keeping his family together and happy.

A Blade Dulled but a Heart Refined

In time, Natalie and Kage's concealment of what they knew of Roen's dealings caught up to the three. A hand with connections in the Syndicate looking to get their focus off had them disgraced and they were transferred to the Brass Blades. Kage soon realized that this had something to do with Roen and had resolved to do anything and everything he could so that she would not have that attention come to light.

After one morning patrol, Kage had been heading home via the Aetheryte in the plaza. As he was in the process of using it he was, unbeknownst to him, knocked out by the Garlean mercenary once more. Bells later he woke up in Crescent Cove almost naked and in a different form. Under some force and guidance by some such as C'kayah, he grew to accept some of the new changes to him. Soon after he had to prove to the Brass Blades as he was ordered to retrieve gil from the Quicksand while Monetarist or Brass Blade spies watched him. Momodi was not there and alas Aya was the one Kage had to pursue. This led to Aya fleeing and Kage could not follow. He ended his report truthfully up to that point and then lied to the Brass Blades about how he came up with more gil than was ordered to retrieve.

Kage found out that a deal Natalie made with Jameson Taeros included giving them Gharen Wolfsong, Roen's brother. For this Natalie was going to get Roen's freedom and amnesty, no fear of being hanged as a Garlean spy. But in order to give Gharen to Jameson, Natalie had Askier Mergrey kidnap and take Roen away until Natalie received the documents for Roen's freedom. Instead, Roen and Askier came under torture by Crim, an offensive Roegadyn that Kage had had the displeasure of meeting and working with twice before he found out Crim's role in Roen's disappearance. A team of Natalie, Kage and Osric Melkire got Gharen out of his imprisonment and later a large group went to find Roen and Askier. In the end, Natalie cut Roen free, free of any duty to Ul'dah... and free of any ties to Natalie herself. Kage retrieved Roen's items and gave them to Melkire, asking him to deliver the bundle to its owner, Roen. Unknown to many, it held Kage's goodbye to Roen: a white feathered beret.

Conversations made him very wary and anxious, especially that of Melkire's. Kage was desperate, hell bent on making sure that Natalie did not die. By her own hands or Melkire's. Or Jameson Taeros's. This made Kage approach both Commander Swift of the Immortal Flames as well as Jameson Taeros.

Captain Anden Anduron summoned Kage's presence after the Captain spoke to Natalie. He promoted Kage to Lieutenant and instructed him to bring Roen in for desertion. He also told Kage that Natalie was demoted for 'fraternizing with a subordinate' as it showed favoritism and could lower units' morale. He was clear that if Kage continued with Natalie, that Kage would be strung up in the square and castrated. In his instructions to Kage to bring Roen, he was willing to give him 10 men. All this culminated in Kage's decision. He would first approach Roen. Upon return to Ul'dah, he would resign from the Brass Blades and confess to his sins. Kage received a missive from Commander Swift that he would also speak to the Captain about when he resigned.

Upon arrival, Kage notified Natalie and they went to speak with Captain Anduron together. He already knew. Anduron listed the names of the men that were killed, more than those that Kage had slain himself. The Captain saved him from execution, stating that by keeping Kage in the Brass Blades they would punish him in-house for the deaths. When Kage was to meet with the Captain, a hooded man attempted to assassinate the Brass Blades Captain. He severely wounded Stank Balls Mcbeef and was able to use smoke bombs to cover his teleportation. Kage was hit upside the head another day and met the would-be assassin, Xydane Vale, when he awoke. Natalie and Franz found him as he had commented on the suspicious nature that the man had approached Kage in before Kage was knocked unconscious. Xydane left once more, later sending a missive stating that he would leave matters to the people of Ul'dah and Kage decided that he would not pursue him. ... after all, inside, Kage wished he could have stabbed Stank Balls himself for what he did to Roen. With the Captain missing and news of Jin'li growing ever worse, Kage dug around. Unfortunately, all news were too late. An attack on the gates drew him outside of the Gates of Thal where he encountered 2 females, one of whom he recognized as Hornet. He wounded the helmed female fighting Hornet as the Roegadyn fell but a shout from the attacker's companion made him suspect who it was. After getting Hornet sorted out Kage learned of the events that had unfolded. The attack had been a diversion and a couple hundreds were dead from poisoned waters. Soon after the reports of the poison, Kage's suspicions were confirmed. One of the attackers was Franz and the other... the other was Natalie who had been under Jameson Taeros's orders. Natalie spoke with Taeros and returned a Sultansworn once more as Kage learned of what Jin'li's next plans for Ul'dah were from Ros. Kage sent word to all the Brass Blades he could command as well as just notify about Jin'li and his appearance. Using the dead to make an army of voidsent powered bodies with a Black Mage ally. The use of a bomb with a cerulean core.

When Kage finally caught wind of Jin'li, he had entered the city through the Gate of the Sultana playing a violin. Natalie and Franz distracted him as Kage attempted to sneak up and subdue the Miqo'te. While Kage's attack was successful, he ultimately fell to two gunblade shots to his chest and a fireball burn. Natalie and Franz pursued but only Franz could continue after Jin'li while Natalie brought one of the Miqo'te's assassin agents. Using this injury, Kage resigned from the Brass Blades with no resistance as Captain Anduron was still missing.

After a long hard talk with Natalie, Kage resolved himself back onto his path. He once swore an oath to not falter and should he stumble, he had faith in his fellows. He desired to rejoin the Sultansworn once more and has told both Natalie and Roen this. After visiting Roen in the Sultansworn gaols, he has decided to seek out Delial Grimsong in hopes of finding a Highlander by the name of Shaelen, in order to clear Gharen's name as Kage is confident that Roen would be cleared.

With the Sultansworn Crofte taking over the investigation Kage was able to make contact with The Rose. While wary, Kage accepted the miqo'te's plans to change his life, and make anew in order for Cicero to recant his inflammatory accusation of Roen being a spy for the Garlean Empire. This also meant that Kage found a place for the Rose in the Brass Blades and would not speak of his former affiliations with the Garlean Empire. With this recanting, Roen was cleared of all charges as well as Gharen. The names of the Sultansworn involved were cleared and all approved to return from their suspensions.

Certain events caused Kage to believe that the best course of action was to purchase the supplies needed to defend his house and home. In doing so, he took out a mortgage on the house from Ul'dahn bankers to purchase Ishgardian steel cannons. In order to start repaying the loans back, Kage had both opened his house to others as well as those who need a cheaper place to live than in the Inn all the time. After watching Natalie make it to the Championship round of the Grindstone, Kage decided to test his worth as well. He too made it to the Championship round but he fell and yielded when he was distracted by his thoughts on Natalie and Faine.

In the meantime, Kage has been informed that he was to be the mentor of one Lalafell, Koporo Aporo into his own trials of the Sultansworn. This has left Kage with both apprehension and resolve. Especially after the debacle that Kage made for Rurutani... he is worried he might do the same once again. Tensions and the belief that Natalie did not trust him led to a small fight. Right after he casted a ring to propose to her, he was beaten and left for dead in Pearl Lane. The attack him left him without much memory and he'd only been left with a few items, such as his smithing kit. He had stayed in Limsa with a Blacksmith master who helped foster Kage's smithing talent, something he found to be much more... wieldy than goldsmithing ever was. One night he woke up as a Lalafell and the shock of it to his system brought back his memories. He returned to Ul'dah and his home.

When he found out that Natalie died in a botched raid, Kage suspected Taeros' hand in it. No matter what. What was once his favorite sword has become something of a botched nightmare for him to look at. His grief turned Kage into a recluse. He drank a lot, spending time at the pubs or occasionally at the Grindstone. He spent his time investing his money or taking on leves. He found comfort and solace in the arms of doing what he'd found he liked doing; protecting people. He took on a temporary bouncer position at a courtesan house where he came to know them all pretty well, especially its founder Hestia Redde.

The North

Kage then found himself in the Lavender Beds, hearing that his former Paladin mentor, Erik and his free company were trying to raise funds for a home. Kage was quite uncomfortable in the setting, finding solace by sitting next to a young Keeper and a female Hyur who didn't seem to speak much. It was when an Elezen maid for an Ul'dahn merchant approached the Keeper that the Lalafell learned his name, Ilwe'ran. Very curious, and relishing in the kind atmosphere that Kage found with the Keeper, Kage followed out of curiosity and concern. After some misbehavior, Kage offered to accompany the Keeper in his meeting with the Ul'dahn merchant, Rhea.

Kage has been in Ishgard, keeping a Lalafellin eye on one Roen Deneith. While he keeps his distance, he is firm in the opinion that he needs to be quite near at all times, fearing that her life is in danger. He has gotten closer to Delial Grimsong, having apologized to her. The two of them have spoken together with Roen and seem to be acting as a team, though they try to make sure that they are not quite associated with each other as they know that Kage's race casts suspicions upon himself by the native populace. The two are investigating a certain woman along with Kiht Jakkya as well as the disappearance of Gharen Wolfsong, Roen's brother.

Delial and Kage worked together as well as separately, trying to gain the trust of those in the Brume hoping to find information on the woman. When it seemed like they were going to be able to pay their way for some information and get a lead, a large hulking figure of a Nameless Warrior arrived and killed two of the three who had arrived for the meeting. One man lost his arm and fled, leading to the destroyed fragile connections that they had worked for. Afterwards, though they had a room at the Forgotten Knight, Kage thought it best to find another place for the two after Delial received a direct correspondence from the Nameless Warrior out of fear for Delial's safety and wanting more space for the two. The constant demand for Roen made Kage think of something in the past that he heard Natalie once do. She had found a courtesan who looked remarkably like Roen who agreed to take Roen's place in a Sultansworn gaol for a small night out. He approached her, telling her of all the dangers, risks and details. The sultry courtesan, Hestia, had the rot and was moons away from death. Even though her death was almost certain, she agreed with some conditions and met with Delial and the Nameless Warrior, posing as Roen. One of the conditions was that Kage was not to be there as Hestia knew without a doubt that she would perish and that witnessing it would lead Kage's final destruction. The Lalafell found her snow covered body and burned her body with a pouch of gil to pay his respects and mourn. He would follow on to keep his promise, taking on a more active role in the courtesans' protections.

Recent Events

Eventually, it came to light that the Nameless Warrior was actually Gharen Wolfsong. His long recovery aided by Delial meant that Kage would return to a less chaotic adventure. Finding Haruko Kokojo at his doorstep. It was obvious that Kage was enamored by Haru. Meeting with Roen and her friend Gideon North, Kage decided on how to address and speak with Haruko.

Where Kage can be found at the Moment

Current location: Kage has moved back to Thanalan, having an apartment in The Goblet.

Mail can be forwarded to him from his stay in Ilwe'ran's clan home in the Lavender Beds or to the Ishgardian Post. He can also be reached by Linkpearl if one has been provided or shared.

Other Hooks

As a past Sultansworn and Brass Blade, Kage is known to those in Ul'dah. You might have heard of his previous career in frequenting The Grindstone or when he was employed for the city-state or the Sultana.


Shiron: A large amber draught Chocobo that came into Kage's care when he first started his journey into being a paladin. A young Miqo'te had left the Chocobo behind, running away from danger in the Thanalan desert. Once Kage dealt with the dangers, he was left with a large bird whom he decided to take care of and care for. Shiron's down is amber, similar to the sunset with white tips. Currently Shiron has been at The Driftin' Sol after Kage loaned the Chocobo to a Miqo'te named D'lyhhia Lhuil while she and her companion were extremely drunk when they chanced upon the famed Grindstone Champion, Sounsyy Mirke. Kage was not able to meet the champion and Shiron had been at Driftin Sol for quite a few moons before he left Ishgard for a bit and left a hefty bag of gil at the Sol for their help.

Zephyr: A smaller female Griffin that had initially attacked Kage in their first meet on the way to Ishgard. The Lalafell thinks that Zephyr adopted him after the two brought a dragon down together. The Griffin treated Kage in an extremely motherly way, and has recently made its nest out of the rest of Kage's clothes, leaving him with mostly battle-ready equipment. The nest is currently protecting precious eggs.

Baloo: - Smaller than usual, Baloo is the name of the Warbear that Kage fought and befriended. The two traded blow after blow. The fight seemed to convince the warbear of something and when Kage was vulnerable to nature's elements, mostly the rain and water he had collapsed into, the warbear took Kage to warmth and safety. Baloo and Zephyr take turns keeping Kage in their view, never letting him go off far out of their sights when they are out in the wilderness and away from the city-states. Lately, Zephyr leaves this task mostly to Baloo as the griffin mother is nesting.

Spiro: - A large red-feathered lanner bird whose first meeting with Kage was having the bird pluck Kage out of the way of danger only to make the Lalafell fear for his life.

Ossy: - (To be featured in the future - Yol)

Pets and Companions

Monty: This baby Opo-opo can be quite mischievous! He takes Kage’s hats to play with, usually returning them to the top of the Lalafell's head. He’s taken to chirping with a feather in his mouth, much like how people will have something like a straw hanging out of the corner of their mouths. His white ribbon is tied around his tail, a small bow. His preference is Kage's head but has left it to Oak, the nutkin. He now perches atop one of Kage's shoulders, looping his tail about them. He spends more of his time by himself.

Oak: The Nutkin who hopes that it will find a honey roasted acorn mother lode with Kage. Another companion, the Nutkin is quite simple in his wants and desires. Kage tied the feather to his fluffy tail. The feather doesn’t hinder the tail’s movements even if it might seem to be as it lays around it with the white ribbon keeping it in place. Oak's perch is atop Kage's ahead on top of his white beret.

Arturius: The fat cat that seems to just keep getting fatter even with such a small head and fat cheeks. Arturius is surprisingly fast when chasing down foods. Kage adorns her head with the feather, with a white ribbon headband but it simply falls around Arturius’s neck constantly. Surprisingly. How did the headband get around her cheeks?! She is named Arturius, a name Kage briefly took as an amnesiac Miqo'te. There is no way that Arturius could climb on Kage so she is typically just purring around Kage's legs. It was only recently that Kage realized that he had misgendered the fat cat, having not able to inspect her. She gave birth and Kage had gifted close friends and acquaintances with kittens from the litter.

Owlet: - The owlet who spontaneously found its perch atop Kage's head one day and just followed him since.

Lexa: - The red panda.

Tobias: - Hawk

Brachy: - ... did Kage...? Yes, during his travels the Lalafell was able to save and endear himself to a young baby Brachiosaur. Kage return him when he gets older, and far too large for even his zoo's habitat. When the hunt died, one of the large leaves that the Lalafell used to hide his presence appeared too appetizing for the starving baby.

Otto: - It's not normal for Kage to be near such wet places so often but after barely surviving the long/short voyage on a trade expedition, it was with great amusement how the two became fast friends. Wearing his trademark and loved beret, Kage found himself in the company of an adorable creature with its own head adornment. Soon enough, it became evident that the young otter had been trailing the Lalafell with an agenda. It became clear as the otter enthusiastically gesticulated at Kage's beret while taking off its hat. With a large grin on his face, Kage and the otter, Otto, traded hats. Of course, Kage still wears a beret. He has far too many of them.

Drabbles for Monty, Oak and Arturius.

((OOC Note: Just as in real life, not all rumors are true.))

Common Rumors

  • "He's that sellsword Lalafell, sulkin' about at the Quicksand drinking shite ain't he?" - Ul'dahn citizen
  • "I always used to see him sitting on the rail here." - Quicksand patron
  • "Heard he just packed up his old home and abandoned it when his friend died. Now he keeps wandering around. Weak."
  • "He used to always use a sword and shield like most of the Sultansworn right? Now he's usin' an axe?"
  • "He ran with his tail behind his legs. Typical of his ilk."

Moderate Rumors

  • "Didn't he always follow that reckless Sultansworn, Mcbeef?"
  • "He's a good man, Ser Kiryuu. No matter what the rest of the Blades or the newer 'Sworn think. He's always done good for me and mine." - Brass Blade Corporal Caleb Aggron

Rare Rumors

  • "Heard he made Lieutenant just before his Captain went missing. Coincidence? Hah!"
  • "He killed a couple of Brass Blades. He should be dead."

Player Character Rumors

((Feel free to add if your character has met Kage))

  • "Ten ponze of grudge squeezed into a five ponze bag. I can respect that. Can't say it ain't something I'm not guilty of either." - Flameson Hammersmith
  • "Lot o' history there. Can't rightfully say it was all bad. Here's hopin' for better." - Osric Melkire
  • "People do not care too much about me. 'Tis wise not to. But Kiryuu is... not especially wise, is he?" - Delial Grimsong
  • "He is one of those people who continues to reach out to his friends, no matter what has passed or how much time has gone by. I am thankful that I am one of them." - Roen Deneith
  • "It has been some time since I’ve last seen him. It is comforting to see that his spirit and goodwill have not dulled in the slightest." - Edda Eglantine
  • "The Little One is a Naive One with his attempt to deceive This One. More will be buried for the Naive One's deceit." - Nameless Warrior
  • "Does he know me? We friends? Nae. But I bet I can get him tae buy me a the finest bottle under the bar!" - Brynnalia Callae

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