Aliciena Leach

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Ul'dah-transparent.png Aliciena Leach
Alice Leach Profile.png
Gender Female
Race Hyur
Clan Midlander
Citizenship Ul'dah
Age 25
Marital Status In a relationship
Occupation Bodyguard, fighter
Height/Weight 5'2" / 131 lbs
Alignment Neutral

Basic Info

Aliciena (Ah-lees-e-in-ah) "Alice" Leach is a short, wiry bundle of energy who is trying to build herself a brand new life. With everything she knew and had gone and a significant chunk of time afterward that slipped through her fingers, she finds herself attempting to regain a modicum of normalcy. She has slowly been succeeding, gathering herself a new family and friends and a place in the world. Her past still plagues her in the form of deep insecurities about herself and a not insignificant level of self defeatism and loathing. While she makes great strides in bettering herself, she never feels it is enough and pushes herself harder and harder to be as good as she can. This is most obvious in her obsessive training regiment, but she very rarely tries to do anything halfheartedly.

While she has recently begun to find out who she is as a person, the changes in herself have pushed certain people out of her life. She finds herself struggling to balance who she wants to be with who people feel she should be, even as she wonders if she should try and balance that at all.

Most recently, an incident involving unknown magic has transformed her into a lalafell.


The sun and warmth
Sparring / training
Reading trashy romance novels
Spending time with loved ones




Vice(s): Alcoholism, lust, obsessive training.
Food: Apples. Anything apples or just apples.
Favorite Drink: Black, unsweetened tea.


Alice is short and has a body that had been described as boyish while growing up. This hasn't changed over the years, especially as she gains muscle and tones her body increasingly through her work as a fighter. Her hair is almost always cut short and kept out of the way. It also, at the least, is streaked with purple though it is more likely to be dyed completely so these days. Her eyes are a very noticeably yellow. Not golden or hazel, but a bright yellow color that she makes even more vibrant with dark makeup.

Her back is covered in burn scarring that is easily noticed if her back is visible.

Her left arm and hand are tattooed. A skeletal hand on the back of her hand to the wrist, where twisting vines covered with thorns sprout and grow up to her shoulder.

Hair Skin Body Type Voice Clothing Notable Features
Bright yellow Naturally black. Usually streaked with purple, sometimes entirely purple Light tan Short. Muscular and sinewy Low and often rough. Lazy speech patterns. Casual, almost always in deep purple. Burn scars on her back.

Behavior & Personality

Alice is incredibly friendly and flirtatious. She's willing to talk to nearly anyone and tries to get to know everyone she can. She slips easily into conversation and can make friends easily. She's high energy but this can also lead to her being somewhat high strung. Her out going personality covers up a significant number of insecurities and a somewhat more troubled self. She hides this as best she can.

She is eager to help and please and compliment, wanting to make people happy and lift them up. At the same time she tends to be incredibly hard on herself and finds fault in most things she does. She is driven by a very obvious need to prove herself to others and to herself. This drives her to extremes to try and better herself, often putting herself in danger to try an accomplish it.


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Some of these rumors are untrue or are greatly exaggerated. Please feel free to add your own rumors under PC!

◢ Common Rumors (Easily overheard)
"Used to see her a lot in the bars. Come in, get drunk, pick fights. Not so much lately."
"She flirts like crazy. Dunno if she's actually after anything, but still..."
"She's almost always looks like she's been beat up or beat someone else. Bruises and cuts, always."
◢ Moderate Rumors (Moderately difficult to overhear)
"She loves to fight more than you'd think for some one looks like her."
"Heard her start laughing in the middle of a fight, like it's some big game."
"When she thinks no one's looking, she gets this sad look about her."
"Could swear I saw her a few years back, out living like some kind of wounded animal."
◢ Rare Rumors (Very difficult or rarely overheard)
"Seen her lose all control in a fight before. When she finally came around, she looked like it was the best time she'd ever had in her life."
◢ PC Rumors (Rumors from the characters of other players)

Romantic Interest     Interest      Good Standing     Watching

Lyuri Felnica - Lyuri and Alice didn't hit it off right away. Alice only really started to get to know her in the aftermath of an ended relationship on Lyuri's part. Alice tried to play mediator, but eventually Lyuri caught her interest instead. As one of Alice's attempted relationships fell apart, Alice found comfort with Lyuri and eventually started to fall for her. It didn't take long before they began to fall in love and their relationship blossomed. The two became engaged before things fell apart. Realizing that Alice was changing in ways that made them incompatible, the two decided to call off the engagement.
Ciciru Ciru - Cici is Alice's dearest friend. The confident Lalafell has had a great affect on Alice, helping to open her up and bring her out of her shell. Alice cares for her a great deal and some of the best days Alice has ever had are in Cici's company. Alice can't really imagine what life would be like without Cici. The two fell in love at an awkward time in both their lives and things grew difficult. They've recently begun to rekindle their relationship.
Cerise Maylithos - Cerise was the first person Alice really hit it off with. The woman picked her up when she was feeling overwhelmed and helped her adjust to life with the company. Alice thought there might be more there, but the two never quite hit it off for various reasons. Cerise is still one of Alice's closest and dearest friends, though.
Vasque Desmarais - Vasque is Alice's leader and a massive inspiration to Alice. She sees Vasque as the epitome of calm, collected power and wishes, deep down, that she could be more like her. She has a mild infatuation with the woman and wishes dearly that they could be closer.
Chokho Viqqoh - Cho is someone Alice had an immediate crush on when first meeting her, but the miqo'te proved fairly intimidating to Alice. It has only been recently that the two have started trying to forge a friendship together and Alice is hopeful they can be closer. Alice also sees Cho as someone she can admire and strive to be like. The pair quickly decided to be best friends and Cho has become an important fixture in Alice's life.
Ennara Calian - Ennara and Alice hit it off fairly quickly when Ennara found the easiest way into Alice's favor: a sparring match. They remain friends despite some recent complications and Alice hopes that doesn't change.
Soaring Griffin - A loud, crude, drunk woman who Alice has befriended. A good drinking and sparring buddy, Alice is fond of the roegadyn but not always entirely of her actions.


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