Alistair Greywolf

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 Alistair Greywolf
Alistair Final Version.png
Gender Male
Race Hyur
Clan Highlander
Citizenship Currently Ul'dah
Place of birth Sagolii Desert, Thanalan
Guardian Nymeia, The Spinner
Age 52
Marital Status Bonded
Occupation Vagrant
Current Alignment Chaotic Neutral
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Basic Info

Alistair is your typical Highlander in appearance: exceptionally tall, dark skinned and covered in muscles. However, this particular Highlander was not born in Ala Mhigo; rather, he was born in the sands of the Sagolii desert to parents who broke the mold of the Highlander way themselves. The son of naturalists and researchers, Alistair was primed and groomed to follow in their footsteps. Highlander blood isn't so easy to suppress, however; Alistair grew into a skilled fighter rather than a scholar or learner, though he has a great respect for those who pursue those paths. Swinging wildly between lonely brooding and good-natured ribbing and teasing of even strangers, Alistair is difficult to get a read on at any point in time. Usually friendly enough to strangers - even moreso to those of the female variety - Alistair does not stand out from the crowd, nor does he desire to. He wishes only to watch, to listen, to learn. His leadership days long behind him, the man now looks to live his life in someone else's shadow, rather than to be placed on a pedestal as he was in the past.


Art courtesy of Berrod Armstrong

Height: 6 fulms, 5 ilms

Weight: 220 ponze

Complexion: Tanned

Hair: Black, streaked with grey

Eyes: Green

Visual quirks: Multiple scars across his face, a traditional Highlander tattoo covering the both sides of his face, a tattoo of fangs where his neck meets his collarbone

Voice: A deep baritone

Clothing Style: Prefers armour, but will wear loose, light cloth in civilian dress



  • Metalsmithing
  • Flirting
  • Reading
  • Cooking


  • Thanalan
  • Honesty
  • Passion
  • Quick wits
  • Sunlight
  • His privacy


  • Lying
  • Liars
  • Cowardice
  • Politics
  • Large crowds
  • Bark without bite


  • Color: Varies between green and blue
  • Food: Anything spicy
  • Drinks: Any kind of alcohol and water
  • Scent: Sawdust and the ocean
  • Place: The Sagolii


Though he follows Nymeia and believes in the idea of fate, Alistair is strange in that he does not believe fate is prewritten or immutable. He expresses belief that fate is something of one's own making, a result of their choices; anyone can change their destiny for either good or ill through their own will.


Alistair slides between Chaotic Neutral and Neutral Good, depending on circumstances and his current whims. He will never intentionally harm anyone else for his own gain; collateral damage is regrettable, but acceptable.


Alistair is a strange individual. Both friendly and cold, welcoming and intimidating. The man himself cannot explain why he so often switches between openness and melancholy. When friendly, the man is good company to have about: quick to joke, tease, make good-natured fun. He has been known to intentionally embarrass himself and others, simply for the fun of it and to help others break out of their shells. When his melancholies hit, however, the man is nearly painful to be around. Quiet, brooding, and quick to self-deprecate, it is exceptionally difficult to force him into the light.

Recent events have driven the man to be quite selfish. Any altruism he may have displayed in the past is largely forgotten now; outside of a select group of friends and partners, the man fully expects recompense for his time and effort. Benefit of the doubt is no longer given; one wonders what may have happened to cause him to no longer trust his fellow living creatures.


Alistair is a proficient fighter, and as of late tends to enjoy using his skill as an intimidation tactic. Diplomacy and manipulation are his preferred methods of solving conflicts, as he has cultivated a skill with both and they allow him to preserve his essential laziness; when it is clear neither will work, however, the man has no qualms with spilling blood to end a conflict.


  • Has become inherently selfish, and is extremely slow to trust or respect others
  • He can come off as very cold - even to close friends - due to not being very affectionate in public
  • Can be blunt to the point of rudeness, and seems to either struggle to read the mood of an encounter, or simply does not care
  • Due to never receiving formal training, his fighting style is pure force, relying on overwhelming his opponent quickly


Alistair is a formidable melee combatant, despite never having received any formal training. Preferring either weapons his size or larger, or his bare fists, he uses his sheer strength to overwhelm his opponent. However, this does give him a reduced endurance in drawn out fights; he does not conserve his energy, preferring instead to beat his opponent down in mere minutes or seconds. Protracted fights will leave him tired and sloppy.

He also has a minor natural resistance to magic, both white and black. This allows him to shrug off some of the pain that black magic would inflict upon him, but it also makes him more difficult to heal, as well. Due to this, he tries to avoid magic in its entirety; black magic can leave wounds only white magic can fix. He tends to want to have physical wounds heal naturally, which infuriates his caretakers.

Finally, the Highlander has a surprisingly tactical mindset. Though untrained, in combat he is able to pinpoint weak points and flaws in combat stance. This allows him to not be instantly overwhelmed by a master of their art, though he is still at a significant disadvantage against the classically trained.

TV Tropes

Unskilled But Strong, Tall, Dark and Snarky, Knight in Sour Armour, When He Smiles, Brilliant but Lazy

Abilities and Skills


  • Has a natural proficiency with large weapons
  • Is a proficient - though unskilled - hand to hand fighter
  • Has a decent control of aetherial manipulation; enough to reduce the effect of magic on him, as well as wield it to a minor degree
  • Is a humorously good homemaker; cooking, sewing and the like are within his wheelhouse


  • An exceptionally large greatsword is his weapon of choice, and the one he shows the most skill with. Often changes swords, to test different balances and himself
  • Has a greataxe that is never switched out, and he seems to have a personal attachment to


  • Can deflect a portion of magic aimed at him, through concerted effort. Secondary effects of magic are rarely stopped, however
  • Has minor proficiency with healing magic


  • Describes himself as a jack of all trades, master of none. Is capable with all trades, but cannot make masterpieces

Family and Relationships


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Brooker Bandersnatch - Husband

Alistair's partner and husband. The Hellsguard saved the Highlander's life when he was at his lowest, and a romance quickly blossomed in the wake of the rescue. Alistair would do anything for the Roegadyn, and not simply because he owes him a life debt; the man is hopelessly in love.

Tyo'li Tayuun - Estranged Husband

Alistair's currently ex-husband. Though married for several years prior, a long string of arguments and misunderstandings have since driven them apart. Their current relationship seems strained, but civil.

N'hara Tia - Son

Alistair's half-miqo'te son. They met purely through an unlikely coincidence, and have since attempted to create some sort of familial relationship. The success of this endeavour is still up in the air.

Multiple illegitimate children

A womanizer in his youth, Alistair left behind many children to grow up without their father. He now feels a deep sense of guilt and shame about this.


Berrod Armstrong

A constant - though sometimes unpredictable - factor in Alistair's life. Their relationship is not always the happiest, and can sometimes turn violent, but the two always find their way back to one another.

Ren Himino

A Hingan noble who approached Alistair in Ul'dah during a mutual visit. Through their discussion, the Hingan hired the Highlander for some intriguing - though dangerous - work.

Koh'li Delanoes

A longtime friend, though they don't speak as often as they used to. Alistair respects the man, and wishes him only the best.




Astral Advent (Allegedly)

Music Themes


  • "Strong. Not jus' strong, but frightenin' strong. He says he's outta practice, but he was able ta stop me from gettin' too big a advantage. Win or lose, that fella ain't somebody ta take lightly." - Berrod Armstrong
  • "He's an incredible fighter, he has a big heart, and a big sense of passion for anything. He's courageous too. He still has a lot to look forward too, I can just see it.: - Oscare Iono

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Other Notes

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