Arctir Striker

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Arctir Striker
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The Life and times of a man lost, and trying to find himself.

Character Information
Full Name Arctirius Wir Galvus
Nickname(s) Arctir Striker
Race Hyur
Subrace Garlean (Highlander)
Gender Male
Sexual Orientation Gay
Relationship Status Single
Nameday 15th Sun of the 1st Umbral Moon (2/14)
Age 28
Birthplace Garlemald
Occupation Garlean Defector turned well meaning mercenary.

General Information

Arctir is the son of a bastard, a defector from his home and country, though he dreams of something better for them, and their relations with not only Eorzea, but the rest of the world as well. Given the chance, this idealist would do everything he could to see it come to pass, however he understands that this is not the time for such dreaming.


Arctir is tall. Standing at 85.2 inches, (7ft 1in.) with a well toned, muscular build. His hair is silver-white, and flows down to the small of his back. Unless wearing a helm, he lets it hang freely about his shoulders, save for a small leather braid which he uses to hold back his bangs. Piercing golden eyes are accompanied by the Garlean third eye, set into a stoic, oval face, ending in a strong jaw with a well trimmed beard.


Personality Traits

  • Idealistic
  • Intuitive
  • Honorable
  • Friendly
  • Loyal
  • Protective
  • Charismatic
  • Patient
  • Dreamer
  • Philosophical
  • Dominant


Habitually outgoing, and yet gaurded, he knows his kinsmen are not welcome in the lands he now resides, and with good reason, however he attempts to be kind to all he meets, in hopes that it will shed light that not all his kinsmen are the same, and that somewhere, even in the distant future, there is hope for change.

Philosophy & Ideals

"Ever that which the father wrought will be payed for in triplicate by the son... Can this not be changed?"


  • Ever the Idealist, he hopes for a world that has changed for the better, and endeavors, with what little he has laid before him, to make it happen.
  • Unable, like the rest of his kinsmen, to channel aether, he strives to find a way to mimic it, for the sake of ease in living in the new home he has taken residence in, for both him and those like him. While no engineer himself he has a basic knowledge of Garlean gear, and can at least perform general maintenance on his own armor, weaponry, and standard issue magitek, as long as the damages are not too severe.
  • Slow to trust fully with most, though when he does you have never known a more loyal ally.
Likes Dislikes
  • Physical Training
  • Spending time with friends
  • Reading
  • Needless Cruelty
  • Outright Slavery
  • Harming the Innocent
Skills Education
  • Negotiation and Mediating
  • Martial Prowess
  • Multi-Lingual
  • Academy Graduate
  • Magitek General Repair and Maintenance
  • Aeronautics
Strengths Flaws
  • Martial Prowess
  • Well Educated
  • Compassionate
  • Slow to Trust
  • Occasionally Dense
  • Self Doubt
Fears Favorites
  • Being found and killed
  • Losing what he has fought to obtain
  • --Other fears undisclosed---
  • Comradery with Allies
  • Hand to hand or Lancer combat.
  • Visiting ancient ruins.

Early Life


Born the son of a bastard, he should by all rights, have never been able to obtain much at all. His father, however, had other plans for him, raising him and affording him every opportunity he was able to let the young man carve a path for himself. From training at the Academy, to home schooling with a variety of Aan, and citizenry alike to teach him all he wished to learn and more.


A prodigy, he was skilled in every field he took mind to, a fact which caused unrest with his peers. His birth should have made him unable to obtain the rank which distant blood called for, but ever was he introduced thusly, and he fought hard to keep that station. Everything he went through was at least twice, to three times as hard as his peers.


There were a few that held great envy for him, and his position, and one day, close to the end of his training, he was working on his first reaper, about to take her for a test run. There were two small explosives placed on either side of the cockpit. His armor protected him, for the most part, and one was facing the wrong direction, however the man's thighs both caught an excessive amount of shrapnel from the blast. While, thanks to medical science, and skilled attendants, he did not loose much motor function, he would always bear the scars and phantom pains of his peers judgement. It would serve to drive him ever forwards, and upwards.

He does not know this, but the two lads found responsible for the act were summarily executed.

Recent Times

Venis. Forav. Rolarius. Gaeda. Isonoa.

The last five of his most trusted. The last who had yet to leave. Names and faces he would remember to the end of his days. Loyal to their last… even when he told them it was folly. They had all heard the rumors. Rank and file seldom kept such secrets in such a grand force. His kinsman was coming. Paving the way for total domination. He was yet another target, another enemy, to a man that held no value on familial ties, on kin.

He had done what he could. He had made citizens of his most loyal Aan, which were most, and sent them to work for others he trusted, different sectors that would not be affected by this.. blood purge. His men he sent along with them, most, those that chose a different path were free to do so, some became citizenry, while others joined other sectors.

His mind returned again to those five names. The preparations had been made. They were supposed to come with him, to lay low until they would be able to come back, and work from within. It was not to be. The fighting had reached the outer walls of his estate. Soon the soldiers his cousin had sent would rain hell down upon them all. There was a back way out, he was ready to go, but though he begged… his men.. they would not budge. They vowed to give him time. To get away, that he may come back one day, and live out the ideals he had set forth in their own home. To make theirs a better nation. He had the mind for it, the ability. He just needed the time.

What else could he do? Called coward by some, he was certain, he ran, with naught but the supplies he had set aside for the men that yet defended his retreat, with his reaper, with his armor, and with his lance.

Common Uncommon
These are rumors that are easily overheard or public knowledge. Use them freely!*
  • "He is of Garlean Descent, only recently defected. "
  • "He is a skilled Lancer, even without the ability to hold to god or magic alike."
  • "He has a habit of giving up what he has for others, in return for naught but friendship... as if he was trying to garner allegiance."

* Some rumors may be partially or entirely untrue.

These rumors may take a little digging to find. Use sparingly or ask permission before use.*
  • "He has spoken of one day returning to Garlemald, and seeing it returned to it's prime, without need for conquest."
  • "Once a Wir, and yet he never held people as slaves for long, going so far as to falsify documents to allow them citizenship."
  • "He's traveled abroad before, in disguise, with his closest chosen guard, learning of the peoples that lived close to the borders of Garlemald."

* Some rumors may be partially or entirely untrue.

Rare Player Character
These rumors are very difficult to find. Ask permission before use.*
  • "---" - ---
  • "---" - ---
  • "---" - ---

* Some rumors may be partially or entirely untrue.

These are rumors made by other characters. They are color coded for common, uncommon, or rare.*
  • "---" - ---
  • "---" - ---
  • "---" - ---

* Some rumors may be partially or entirely untrue.

Relationship Status Key

  • Loved One
  • In Love
  • Attraction
  • § Complicated
  • Friend

  • Good Standing
  • Poor Standing
  • Neutral
  • Uncertain
  • Deceased
Close Friends Family
  • ----- -----
  • ----- -----
  • ----- -----
  • Solus Zos Galvus


  • Arcturus Wir Galvus

    Birth Father.

  • Leorlena Quo Bellus

    Birth Mother

  • Garel Lux Riliel


  • Varis zos Galvus


Friends Friends
  • Venis Oen Leoniosus

    Trusted guard and good friend.

  • Rolarius Oen Basilicus

    Trusted guard and good friend.

  • Forav Oen Cadellus

    Trusted guard and good friend.

  • Isonoa Jen Aborena

    Personal medic, trusted guard and good friend.

  • Gaeda Cen Sorelius

    Highly talented weaver, personal assistant and rumored ex-lover.

  • ----- -----



Likely Locations Affiliations
  • Ul'dah: Around the city, and in the Goblet, very likely.
  • Shirogane: Around the city, in the residential quarter and near a private estate coined "Castrum Sanctus", very likely.
  • Ishgard: Around the city, likely.
  • Coerthas: Traveling, sometimes, but not often.
  • Castrum Sanctus: <<CASA>> Member of this FC (IC and OOC).
  • Grand Company: Maelstrom (OOC) (Ishgard's Knights IC)
  • Garlemald Born there, hopes to one day return in peace (not likely).

RP Hooks

  • I'll follow you.

    Arctirius was always extremely kind and generous to those that worked under him, to the disgust of many of his peers. Perhaps your character was one of those either Aans he made citizenry, or else garleans that were loyal to him and his forward thinking way of life.

  • Fellow Defector

    You've heard rumors, that one of the Wir themselves have left the comforts of home, and supposed guarantee of a future for the lands of Eorzea and abroad. You want to know whether he be spy, or truly a defector like yourself.

  • On the hunt

    Your character is on the hunt, from whatever source, nation or creed, and Arctirius is the target.(Note, this will need to be heavily discussed ooc as to the plans of said conflict, and eventual resolution, for mutual benefit. Do not choose this hook lightly.)

Acceptable Unacceptable
  • Story Driven, Political, Intrigue
  • Comedy, slice of life, Suspense
  • Dark, Mature, Romance
  • Character Death, Abuse, Non Con
  • Metagaming / Godmodding information
  • Bleed of IC and OOC.

Player Info

I am new to the game, and world within, and thus still learning the lore and progression. This profile, and character, are always a work in progress, and will likely evolve as time goes on. While I cannot always promise the world, I can promise the things listed below:

My Policies

  • Clear Communication

    While I do prefer organic story progression, I am a big, BIG fan of communication. Do you have an idea for how you want to progress? Do you have something that is making you uncomfortable? TELL ME. I promise you I won't bite. A successful role-play hinges on things meshing well, and the story writing is always better when both parties are enjoying themselves. Don't be afraid to message me OOC with questions or concerns!

  • OOC =/= IC

    I am not my character, and he is not me. What is done ICLY has no effect on OOC. He may be a jerk IC, or he may be a flirt, this is the character, and I am not him. This also means that information given OOCLY will not be taken ICLY unless it has been given IC. In addition to this, while my character may or may not actively seek partners, I am not, Though I do adore friends!

OOC Character Info Links
  • Additional Info: I have odd hours at work. This means I will not, necessarily, be on every night. I am, however, almost always on Discord, and you can message me for the name to add. Character exists on Mateus.
  • Additional Info: I run an IC Tumblr for Arctir, kind of like a visual journal. If you have an impact on his life, You are likely to be featured, at least in screenshot, there.
  • Additional Info: I am an artist (though Ametuer). If you RP often with me, you can expect gift art. It's just something I do, even little doodles.
  • [Blog]: IC Blog for Arctir Striker
  • Dreamwidow Productions My SFW artwork Twitter for random doodles and commissions.
  • I also play:
  • [1]J'areth Nunh
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