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Magic and Mayhem

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Birth Name... Arin

Aliases... Khepri

Race & Clan... Miqo'te | Keeper of the Moon

Gender... Female

Age & Nameday... 26 | 16th Sun of the 5th Umbral Moon

Marital Status... Single

Quote... "We never made it, did we?"


Clan... Unaffiliated

Current Residence... Ul'dah

Occupation... Arcana/Tarot Reader

Height & Physique... 5’3” | Slender

Alignment... Chaotic Good

Status... I finally remember...

M A G I C   A N D    M A Y H E M

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Arin Tayuun is an only child. Quiet and reserved, this young Keeper has far too often a tendency to wear her heart on her sleeve. She is always ready to assist the less fortunate, often times landing herself in troublesome and difficult situations, but somehow becomes resourceful enough to find her way out. Her loyalty to people she cares for knows no bounds.
But this is just one of the many layers the encompasses Arin's personality. When involved in active duty, the woman can be quite cutthroat to any who threatens her or her loved ones. One would quickly learn that despite her normal shy and secluded personality, Arin knows what it means to survive and simply 'get the job done' whilst also protecting herself along the way.  


Arin is fairly average in comparison to most of the other Miqo’te she knows. It is easy to see that she is of a slender build but her body is becoming rather toned as she continues her training with Pugilism. Her grey toned skin seems to be flawless for the most part, save for the marring she has gained from sparring sessions and other minor battles she's taken part in. Like most Miqo’te, Arin has signature facial markings along her cheeks with a beauty mark lying just below her right eye.

Magic of all kinds
A good book
Intellectual conversations
💀 N/A
■ Pressing her index finger to the tip of her nose when she's thinking.
■ Arin only sleeps a few hours each night.
■ Lightweight



The Keeper began training in thaumaturgy at a young age as she had a natural affinity for magic. By the time she was seventeen years old, she had mastered the art save for the fire-aspected magics. She had always fallen short in those areas, preferring the lightning and ice aspected elements.
Melee Ability
Currently training with Pugilist Guild in U'ldah, Arin is slowly working her way through the ranks to become more physically agile and able to protect herself in the event close range combat becomes necessary. While magic is her primary and her first go-to for solution, Arin believes that knowing at least one style of physical combat is necessary to be at your highest potential.

S P E C I A L    T R A I T S

These are items.

P A S T   H I S T O R Y

Arin was born to two alchemists in the city-state of Gridania just a bit north of the main city. The trade her parents had decided to make a living with had done more than enough to provide them the funds of such high quality living. With parents who took pride in their perseverance and dedication it would come as no surprise that they would intend for their children to carry on the 'family business'. Her mother did not stop working even though she could have and her father did what he could to support Nerah's decisions.
By age 3, Arin had a younger sister named Ehmi of whom the tiny Keeper was absolutely facinated--and, soon, came to adore as time passed. As she aged, Ehmi would become Arin's world.
Age 5
At the age of 5, Arin had been put to work with household chores. She was expected to keep things clean, to do the laundry as it was needed, to cook when possible whilst also beginning educational studies. As the oldest of the household and the reputation that their family of females were to uphold as strong and independent women, there were high expectations for Arin to become what her mother invisioned her to be far too quickly and lead her younger sister in the right direction as she grew as well; to be a 'proper role model' for the new generation of Tayuun's.
Ehmi attempted the best she could to keep Arin calm despite the age difference and lack of understanding, but Ehmi's compassion was enough to get her through.
Age 7
At 7, Arin had become more than accustomed to the schedule her mother had set for her. Realizing that her parents were creatures of habit, making herself scarce while they were home would save her from additional stresses. Her younger sister was also preparing to follow the same path, a daily set of routines and chores prepared for her when she turned 5 just as Arin's had. Ehmi sought to assist Arin where she could, something that made Nerah far happier than it should have what with the ages of the girls, but how could a mother not be joyful at seeing her children following the path she'd created for them to become as successful as she?
But none of this stopped little Arin from being overwhelmed. Most days, it was all work and no play and left her crying at the end of the night. After one too many repetitive sessions of this, Ehmi gave Arin the stuffed Spriggan doll that she'd carried around at her side since she was born. This item is still yet one of Arin's most precious and cared for possessions.
Age 10
By the age of 10, Arin and her sister had learned to take advantage of their days home alone. Having spent far too many years doing nothing but the work they had been given, it would come as no surprise that they would break down and give into the childish nature of their beings, starving for the joyous laughter they saw in the other children of their village. Hide and seek, tag, and other typical games were played within the confines of the house so as to not chance being caught by neighbors who might comment on their antics to their parents.
This, ultimately, led to Arin's disdain of games.
At 8 years old, Ehmi convinced Arin that they could give themselves a short period of time to play outside for once as their parents were too caught up in business meetings. The sun was setting and it was dark enough that they would be able to hide from prying eyes if necessary. The game of choice was hide and seek, the places within the house had become too predictable and they'd hid everywhere there was to hide at least once. Arin was the seeker, Ehmi was to hide. Neither of the girls thought that the river would become an issue.
Not knowing how to swim, Ehmi fell into the river as she attempted to make her way down the side of the bank to hide from Arin on the other side of a cluster of rocks. As a result, the young Keeper girl drowned. Arin would not forgive herself and neither would her parents.
Age 13
By the time Arin had turned 13, she was but a hollow shell of a person. The constant berating from her parents and the community in which she lived had taken its toll on her. She continued to do her daily chores, continued to complete the tasks set by her parents, all without a second thought. She had learned that it was much easier on her if she just did it rather than attempt to work with her parents for a middle ground. Her father was much harder on her than her mother was, an odd occurrence considering her Keeper heritage. It had never been revealed to her (and never would be), but the fact of the matter was that Arin wasn't biologically related to her father.
His disdain for her had stemmed from the time she was very young, intensifying only once Ehmi's death had occurred. He accused Arin of murder, a trend that stuck with the rest of the community, and isolated her from anyone else her age. After one particularly drunken night, he had physically attacked her, slamming her head into the corner of a table which resulted in the scarring seen over her left eye. Her mother, on the other hand, simply didn't pay much mind to her. Instead, she opted to "enslave" Arin and use her as a source of handiwork. But this was the last that Arin was able to take before she snapped.
Age 15
When Arin turned 15, she ran away from home after becoming far too tired to deal with the constant negativity coming from her parents and the way that they treated her. Nerah, her mother, wanted her to become an alchemist and take over the family business so as to keep their good relationship with those in the conjurers guild. However, the constant reminder of what happened to her sister simply became too much.
And to the Ossuary in Ul'dah did she trek in the dark of night, hoping that she wouldn't come across poachers or wild animals that might tear her to pieces before she could get there. The brothers of the Ossuary regard death in such high regards. To know death is to value life. Given that Arin was labeled murderer she thought it only fit to serve the very epitome of that.
Age 17
By the age of 17, Arin came to love her job. She had worked her way up from housekeeping of the Ossuary to a research position offered after expressing her attentiveness and ability to learn. The brothers of the guild had done their best to teach her their art of magick and Arin continued to refine and practice her abilities the best she could from her sanctuary. She hadn't conversed with anyone outside of the guild since she arrived and, given her isolated childhood, had quite a bit of trouble making purchases outside the library walls. When it became obvious that the task was much too difficult for herself, she simply asked for the items to be retrieved for her, a feat the brothers were all too happy to take on since they were seeing something from the arts that they had never seen before.
Age 21
At 21, Arin had done well in serving the guild. It was also during this time that a particular crazy Seeker decided to search her out and employ her within a mercenary free company known as Solace. Ever the reluctant one, Arin initially declined the offer. She wasn't comfortable leaving the confines of the Ossuary, not because she didn't think she was capable of the job asked of her, but because she was more than comfortable to continue the lifestyle she had created for herself. However, it was obvious that the Axe-wielding Miqo'te was... rather brash and, alone, the woman would surely get herself killed. In good faith, there was no way Arin could allow her to walk out the door alone. Sucking up her pride, Arin accepted the offer and began her journey in what she had deemed the "open world".
Age 23
[Note: WIP]
Current Day
W I P.
  Color Key

Romance Former Romance Attraction Family Unique Friendly Neutral Poor Business Unsure Enemies Deceased


  Nerah Tayuun ( ) - Mother; Head Alchemist
Nerah is Arin's mother, a cold and brutal woman intent on getting straight to the point and having the job done. Conversation with the woman tends to be one-sided considering she's head of the house. Her word is Law in all aspects. Once upon a time, she and Arin might have had a decent relationship with one another, but her background and actions before Arin was born shaped her perception of her first child. Mistakes were covered with lies and faux events, all set up to prevent the knowledge of her wrongdoings to her husband. With her power, Arin was used as somewhat of a slave girl though the interaction between the two in the eyes of others (those including her husband's). Nerah disregarded any of the vital mother-daughter interaction necessary for the growth of a relationship between the two, and intentionally went so far as to harm that relationship in hopes of expelling Arin from their lives. It worked. Arin is no longer on speaking terms with her.
  Jeru'li Bilau ( ) - Step-Father; Alchemist
Jeru'li is Arin's step-father. He was a happy man, bright-eyed and a dreamer, always speaking of the multitude of possibilities in the world they lived. As an alchemist, he worked to create the silliest of projects, most of which were to simply laugh about. When Arin was born, he looked upon her like she was to be the light of his life. He never had an ill word to say to her, never had anything but love for her. Of course, with his wife as head of the house, he opted to sneak around and give Arin his fatherly affections when Nerah wasn't to be seen. When his second daughter, Ehmi, was brought into the world, however, his views seemed to change. He continued to make an honest attempt in taking care of both girls without the watchful eye of his wife. Upon Ehmi's death at the age of 8, however, his personality did an entire 180 degree spin. He stopped looking Arin in the eye, would snarl at any contact. He never seemed to give her a second glance when her mother would become too harsh as he might have before, simply allowing her mother to take care of her most basic needs. He became the cause of the scar gracing her left eye. They are no longer on speaking terms.
  Clive Kantian ( ) - The Devil
Clive Kantian, the bane of Arin's existence. Hidden like a pest in the most unusual of places, he was a rather unexpected find for the Keeper, not to mention the fact that his looks are nearly identical to that of Turik's. The man is cruel and has a twisted way of looking at the word, of looking at the deeds committed by the people of Eorzea and how they stand up to the penalty of death--which, for this man, means that he's ready to put anyone down that he can.
Arin's one and only goal is to rid the planet of this man by any means. Currently, he has a bit more hold over the Keeper than she would like what with him holding Turik (previously presumed dead) hostage and using Arin and Eclipse (Turik's chocobo) as bait.


  Ehmi Tayuun ( ) - Little Sister; Always there in Spirit
Arin's younger sister. Growing up, the two were almost always attached at the hip. They had a twin-like bond in which they always seemed to know what the other was thinking, a special sort of intuition Arin realizes now. However, at the age of 8, Ehmi drowned in one of the many water ways of Gridania.
Or so Arin grew up believing. No body was ever produced as a result of the moving waters that would easily sweep away the tiny girl. Arin still has no idea that her sister is, in fact, alive and well.
  Turik Flarewyng ( ) - First love, the Spirfire; Monk
Turik holds a very special place in Arin's life. From the moment she had met the man, she had always known something was different about him. It wasn't until months after their first meeting that she would find out that her first impression of the man had been accurate. Out of need for revenge, Turik had quite literally taken a bite out of the primal Ifrit, the aether from the fire-god and Turik's own chakra eventually fusing. Despite the knowledge that Turik could turn on her at any moment if his control and concentration slipped, Arin took to pushing his buttons and taunting the man for the pure fact that she had more faith in him than he seemed to have in himself. With a little motivation, she prompted Turik to join the free company in which she had enlisted. While the company ended up falling apart, Turik chased his passion to teach and created a school for those willing to learn.
It wasn't too long after that the man went missing, leaving Arin alone whilst the rest of those around her decided they could no longer handle her slow decent into insanity. For two long years, the Keeper was unable to come to terms with his disappearance.
  Julius Bennett ( ) - Half-brother; Free Paladin
Julius Bennet, free Paladin and half-brother to Arin, the man is too often a martyr. In the time that Arin has known him, the similarities between their two personalities have fallen together in too close of a pattern. In some ways, a person not might question their blood relation if it weren't for the fact that Julius was Hyur-born. It took time and a lot of effort on Julius' part to work his way into Arin's life the way he has, slowly sliding pieces of himself into her ritualistic routines and patience, but now she couldn't imagine her life without him. Upon the mutual trust, Arin offered Julius a position within the free company for no more than simply offering him a place to stay. He was too much of a free spirit to lock down with company jobs. Just as he had confided in her, she has also confided in him. But she swears the man was hit too hard in the head given his reckless tendencies.
  Ace Celah ( ) - Freakin' Rude; Crazy Axe Lady
Ace Celah, the woman who gave Arin her first broken nose. All Arin had been trying to do was joke with her! It wasn't like the Keeper was actually gonna hurt her! But no, Ace just had to smack her in the face so hard with her palm that it broke Arin's nose. But that was just fine--Arin got revenge!
Arin and Ace have a very unique dynamic wherein they go around being jerk's to each other. Most often, Ace will slap Arin in the back of the head and Arin will respond with a swift kick to the shins. Arin is actually quite fond of the woman despite that.
  Xeiz Feine ( ) - Trouble
Trouble. Everything about Feine had spelled trouble for the little Keeper.
Feine is easily one of the few--if not only--people Arin would trust her life with. Prior to his disappearance, Turik had told Arin that Feine was far more similar to himself than she realized and requested that she be kind to the man. Turik also seemed to hold Feine in high regard, keeping secrets even from her despite the nature of their relationship. Arin was not one to question Turik's judgment, however, as he was often accurate in his observations. After Turik disappeared, Arin decided that despite how much Feine seemed to hate her that she would stay by his side and do what she could to ensure his safety. It would be true that, in the beginning, Arin took on this challenge in remembrance of Turik. After some time, however, it simply became about her own feelings for the man.
As it stands currently, after a failed potential relationship, the Keeper's outlook towards the Ashkin screams of betrayal. Arin had retreated to his home with his assistance to treat many wounds she had sustained whilst on a job. How could she have known that the man intended to leave her alone, naked and injured, to collapse the roof in on her? Arin had been quick, however, and escaped. Arin isn't certain how she would react should she cross his path again.
  Haylonos Val ( ) - Former Trainer; Free Paladin
It was a chance meeting at the Quicksand that brought the two together as fate works in strange ways. She had been wary of the man at first given his upbeat and fastpaced personality, but she quickly realized there was more to the man than what her eyes took in. Words had slipped and revealed an entirely different side of the happy man in front of her and, must as she promised, she kept his secrets. In turn, he kept hers and agreed to train her in weaving her magick abilities with up-close combat. Hayl has become a very important person in Arin's life considering he was the first to witness her potential. He has an almost father-like persona in Arin's mind, though he could probably pass as an older brother.
  Nahare Mergrey ( ) - Maybe friends?; Gunner
Despite Nahare being her brother's ex-girlfriend, Arin still looks to Nahare with admiration. The strength the woman carried about her through the many trials and tribulations forced upon her shoulders was more than enough to inspire Arin. Sometimes, when she's alone, she'll take a look at where she is now and how far she still has to go, wondering just how Nahare might handle such a situation. Despite Nahare's spitfire attitude and occasionally difficult mood swings, Arin would continue to trust the woman with her life. After all, she stood up to fight with Arin's troupe to save Turik once upon a time.
  Binxi Saphe ( ) - Pugilism Trainer; Monk
In Binxi, Arin finds a comfort that she can't quite find anywhere else; familiarity, a longing ache deep within her very spirit. In him, the woman sees what could have been if things had went different, if her world hadn't fallen apart the way it had. Unfortunately for her, she must continue forward knowing that she will never quite have a firm answer on where she would have ended up.
Having met Binxi in Pearl Lane at random, Arin had taken up his offer to be his apprentice and learn his techniques. As Binxi is well on his pathway to researching chakras and punching objects with enough force to shatter them, this one aspect that calls Arin home. Perhaps the other is that she realizes how little the both of them regard their existence, always willing to lay down their life at the first instance of 'the greater good' when, in reality, they just want to stop the heartache and be reunited with the hearts they lost. Perhaps, in other ways, Arin seeks to help Binxi find solace. It's true that Arin doesn't believe in an afterlife but she sees so much potential in her friend that she simply can't allow his life to end prematurely.
In fact, Arin may have just resolved herself to chasing Binxi into the aetherstream and retrieving him if necessary.
  D'Rado Tia ( ) - Ambition; Unknown
This Seeker of Sharlayan decent is one of Arin's most odd findings. Having met under the guise of being affiliated with one of the most notorious free companies in Ul'dah's back alley, D'rado lured her out into the market district with blatant observation of her character to one of his members via linkpearl. And, of course, Arin being the vigilant person she is, decided to become deeply involved in the mission the man had set out to complete.
While the two are involved in a relationship, it would seem that the feelings the Keeper might have harbored toward the man have been on a steady decline. Her view of the man has started to become relatively poor, his nature anything but complimentary to hers, especially where business is handled. The Keeper had undergone a very dangerous task in his name and he nearly destroyed it--and, subsequently, her mission.
  Jalander Aluman ( ) - Acquaintance; Mage
If Arin were to be honest, she would have to say that she didn't know that much about Jalander but was still yet fond of the Lalafel. A few nights of alone time between the two gave way to far deeper conversations than the Keeper had anticipated, but her heart had swelled at the prospect that she had trusted Arin with such intimate details of her life. While Arin might not be able to say they were close friends, Jalander had done something far more for Arin than even the Lalafel might have realized.
Arin owes Jalander her life.
  Cibern Aluman ( ) - Starlight; Mage
Until Arin met Cibern, she was spiraling down into a deep pit of desperation and despair. Her life was leaving the realms of her control and her mind was fracturing. Those who knew Arin prior to meeting Cibern didn't seem to understand or would brushed off Arin's behaviors, which Arin herself would admit were certainly childish on her part, but it seemed as though Cibern was able to see through her, was able to look at her very core. One stern talking to from the younger Au Ra, calling Arin out on her behaviors, and many realizations were made. The Keeper had to stop turning the people she met into projects to atone for the things she had done in her past, to stop trying to save everyone as though it would save herself. Cibern helped Arin realize that if she wanted to be happy with someone, to find someone, then she would have to first focus on herself. Cibern didn't know that Arin had been contemplating suicide that night.
The Au Ra is very, very special to Arin. She doesn't quite understand the relationship the two of them have formed since then, but she does know that she thoroughly enjoys his company. If she had the choice, she would follow him. Unfortunately, they are simply not to be. Fate is a cruel mistress.
  Ciel Cobalt ( ) - Lancer
Perhaps the closest person she had to being her friend female best friend, Ciel remains special to Arin despite their circumstances. Having met in Pearl Lane after Ciel had trekked her way through the hot city of Ul'dah far too overdressed, given that Ciel had originated in the coldest parts of the world, there was no doubt she'd nearly given herself heat stroke whilst trying to travel with such heavy wear. Arin took the girl under her wing in hopes of keeping her safe and protected during her stay. Alas, as with everything Arin had experienced, nothing quite ends perfectly for the Keeper.
After a rough bout of misunderstandings and a lack of common knowledge on Arin's part, Ciel and Arin's friendship fell apart. Getting into a rather brutal fight with one another, Ciel left Arin burned and gasping for air after nearly choking her to death. If she hadn't reacted in such a way, however, Arin would have been far more worried. Arin had hopes to find her again one day and hopefully reconnect with the Keeper. They came to know far too much about one another than to let something so bitter destroy them.
And find her she did. It just so happened to be during one of the darkest times of Arin's life as well. Winning Ciel's trust again was no easy feat but fate would surely see to it that the girls rekindled their relationship well. In additional to the trials the two faced prior to their initial disengagement, the two continued to move forward walking a dangerously thin path between life and death. They decided, then, that where one went then so too would the other.


Old Habits Die Hard
Remember Everything
Artist: Five Finger Death Punch Blank
Theme: Family Blank
Context: "Oh, dear mother, I love you
I'm sorry, I wasn't good enough.
Dear father, forgive me,
'Cause in your eyes, I just never added up.
In my heart I know I failed you,
But you left me here alone."
Context: "Oh, dear brother, just don't hate me
For never standing by you or being by your side.
Dear sister, please don't blame me,
I only did what I thought was truly right."
ARC #2.
[Place Holder]
Artist: Blank
Theme: Blank
Context: "Blank"
Context: "Blank"
ARC #3.
[Place Holder]
Artist: Blank
Theme: Blank
Context: "Blank"
Context: "Blank"

To Have Loved and Lost...
Still Here
Artist: Digital Daggers
Theme: Missing You
Context: “Musing through memories, losing my grip in the grey. Numbing the senses, I feel you slipping away. Fighting to hold on, clinging to just one more day. Love turns to ashes, With all that I wish I could say. I'd die to be where you are. I tried to be where you are.”
Context: “Hidden companion, phantom be still in my heart. Make me a promise that time won't erase us, that we were not lost from the start. I'd die to be where you are. I tried to be where you are. I dream you're still here, ever slightly out of reach. I dream you're still here, but it breaks so easily. I try to protect you, I can't let you fade. I feel you slipping. I feel you slipping away.”
The Bliss (English ver. of For Evigt)
Artist: Volbeat
Theme: Love
Context: “Memory, your lamp light is burning holes. Recover the damage, bring it all home. Follow the bliss just like summer song. Please stay there forever, I'll try to remember. Come home."
Context: "Memory, you gave me another note. A voice that is endless, bring it all home. Oh, what it is feels like a summer song; I'll stay here forever, [his] face I remember."
Context: "Presenting a new beginning, forever you and I. And when the morning gets lonely, and life is out of sight, then we'll be leaving together, you and I."
Context: "Happiness, I'm sorry you've been on hold. The doors will be open, bring it all home. 'Cause what it is, feels like a summer song. I'll stay here forever now that I remember.”
Artist: Starset
Theme: Love
Context: "All these broken souls, they never make me whole ... They don't know my heart. All these broken souls, each one more beautiful, they don't, they don't know my heart ... I'll send out my soul, to worlds more beautiful but they won't, they won't know my heart. It's the darkest part."
The Thunder Rolls
Artist: All That Remains
Theme: Betrayal
Context: "The thunder rolls and the lightnin' strikes. Another love grows cold on a sleepless night. As the storm blows on out of control, deep in her heart the thunder rolls."
Coming Down
Artist: Five Finger Death Punch
Theme: Drowning
Context: "Was there ever any question on how much I could take? You kept feeding me your bullshit hoping I would break. Is there anybody out there? Is there anyone who cares? Is there anybody listening? Will they hear my final prayers?"
Context: "I could never be what you want me to. You pulled me under to save yourself. You will never see what's inside of me. I pulled you under just to save myself."
What a tragedy you've built out of me.
The Show Must Go On
Artist: Famous Last Words
Theme: What I've done
Context: “I must accept these consequences for my actions when all I did was what the world told me I should do. And do anything for my dreams, if only I knew, the costs of my dreams A.K.A you... would be you.”
Artist: NateWantsToBattle
Theme: Morality
Context: “I'm not what you want, but I'm exactly what you need. Take a bite and feed; Your satisfaction guaranteed. I'm your sunshine, whoa, I'm gonna burn down your parade. I'm a shooting star, that wish you wished you never made!”
Context: “This world is what you need, where the monsters roam and the demons all feed. Relax don’t you look so wary. It’s all only temporary. We roam and sing along while the choir joins in sing an abhorrent song. We bite it’s a little bit scary; The pain’s only temporary!”
Artist: Breaking Benjamin
Theme: Love
Context: "As I fight for one last prayer, I keep holding on. No love to believe in. As I drag the Devil down I will stand alone, no longer defeated."
Context: "Stripped away, we rise above it all, forgotten and betrayed. We all fall down, the pain goes on. No better than before, still broken and afraid. We all fall down, the pain goes on."
Begin Again
In The End
Artist: Black Veil Brides
Theme: Resolute
Context: “Born a saint, though with every sin I still wanna be holy. I will live... again. Who we are isn't how we live, we are more than our bodies. If I fall, I will rise back up and relive my glory!”
Context: “In the end, as we fade into the night, who will tell the story of your life? And who will remember your last goodbye? 'Cause it's the end and I'm not afraid, I'm not afraid to die.”
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