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Naharé Mergrey
The Duplicitous Dame

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Name... X'nahala Rahz
Alias... Naharé Mergrey
Gender... Female
Age... 30
Race... Miqo'te
Clan... Seeker
Deity... Llymlaen
Orientation... Pansexual/Polyamorous
Marital... Estranged
Birthplace... Limsa Lominsa
Occupation... Mercenary & Engineer
Alignment... Chaotic Neutral
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Much to Naharé's chagrin, she is of average height and weight for her race. She stands right at five fulm and four ilms, and weighs approximately one hundred and forty ponze. If she could have things her way she'd at least be five ilms taller, a desire she compensates for by occasionally wearing heeled boots. However, the two racial boons she's thankful for are her magnified senses and superb athleticism. Because of this she prides herself on maintaining a stringent physical and combat routine without much struggle.

Scars & Markings: Years of mercenary contracts and bounty hunting have marred the woman's body. Three scars reside on her left cheek, the bridge of her nose is crooked, the left side of her back harbors a stab wound, her right thigh is discolored from burns, and the entirety of her left arm has been replaced with a Magitek prosthetic.

Voice: Her speech carries a husky tone and is accompanied by a Limsan accent.

Clothing: Casual garments are mostly centered around Limsan fashion, though she can be seen in other styles of street wear or even leather armor. She is never seen without her bomb earring, and if anyone were to try and take it, she'd immediately lose her temper. In addition to the earring, there's her link pearls, cigarettes, a flask of rum, and a small pouch of gil. A varying number of hidden weapons come with each outfit because she'll be damned if she has no means of defense should her gun leave her hands.

Temperamental, Cunning, Stubborn, Guarded, Protective, Attentive
Nahare Headshot Flat Resized.png

  • Crafting weapons, upgrading Mammets, and working on airships
  • Business deals
  • Drinking and brawling


  • Being cheated out of gil
  • Nosey people
  • Frigid climes


  • Losing family
  • Extreme heights
  • Cactuar

Mental Health

  • Suffers from PTSD and is prone to Bipolar mood swings
  • Addicted to alcohol and tobacco
  • Has been admitted into chirurgeon care twice


  • Favorite Place: Costa Del Sol, Camp Bronzelake
  • Favorite Scent: Sea air, Jasmine
  • Favorite Color: Wine red
  • Favorite Food: Rabbit Pie
  • Favorite Drink: Pineapple juice, Rum


Color Key
In A Relationship: Naharé is romantically involved with this character.
Romantic Attraction: Naharé is romantically interested in this character.
Sexual Attraction Naharé is physically interested in this character.

Platonic Love/Family: Naharé considers this person family.
Friend: Naharé considers this person her friend.
Friendly Acquaintance: Naharé considers this person mostly friendly, or as an ally.

Good Standing: Naharé has no specific feelings about this character, however they left a good impression.
Neutral: Naharé has no specific feelings about this character.
Bad Standing: Naharé has no specific feelings about this character, however they left a bad impression.

Dislike: Naharé doesn't consider this person a friend, and will talk if needed, but try to avoid them.
Hate: Naharé considers this person an annoyance, and will try to avoid them. Conflict can happen.
Fear: Naharé is terrified by this character, and will try to avoid them at all cost.
Rivalry: Naharé considers this person a rival, and will try to initiate conflict every time she gets to meet them.

Family Member: This character is related by blood to Naharé.
Business: This character is either an employer, employee, or coworker.
x Deceased: This character has passed away.
? Hidden Feelings/Unknown: This character has one of all the color keys above, but Naharé isn't fully aware of it yet.


X'rahz Tia ( )
"A Gods fersaken liar an' piss all excuse fer a father. So me parents moved ta Limsa fer 'business opportunities', yeah? What 'e failed ta mention was them bein' exiled from tha tribe because 'e knocked up mum without bein' tha Nunh. It's always nice findin' out ye were an accident, ain't it? Well, I guess I can be glad that I wasn't raised around tribe filth, because I know I'd 'o been booted too."
X'adeya Mhasa ( )
"She shoulda known better. I despise tribes an' ev'rythin' ta do with 'em, but ta lie ta yer daughters ta cover up yer shame? An' not only that, but she hid tha fact that we have an older brother from tha Nunh. It was utter bullshite growin' up wonderin' why tha kid that constantly visited yer family resembled ye, but was treated like a 'friend' an' not family. I lie all tha damned time but at least I learned how ta cover me tracks."
X'khajirr Tia ( )
"As much as I hate me parents, I hate me brother less so. It's been ehhh awkward tryin' ta play catch up over tha past couple 'o moons, but so far 'e's done right by me an' me kids. I understand why 'e kept 'is mouth shut in tha beginnin', I jus' wish it hadn't 'o gone on as long as it did. We'll get ta see how well 'is conjury holds up when 'e travels with me ta Rhalgr's Reach."
X'tohba Rahz ( )
"Me an' me twin sister were an 'oops', but there's always that one damned brat that ends up bein' tha so called 'golden child'. She buggered off ta Gridania ta learn how ta twirl twigs in self defense. Somethin' somethin' dreams 'o bein' a lancer an' leatherworker, who tha hells cares. Sadly I gotta deal with 'er arse 'gain seein' she joined BPT's Gridanian unit an' tha entire free company is shippin' out ta Rhalgr's Reach ta provide aid."
Askier kir Mergrey ( )
(aka Jin'a kir Epinoch) "Husband? What husband? Tha bastard's been AWOL fer over a year now, decides ta get off 'is arse an' come back, an' 'e seriously expects me ta be happy ta see 'im? Piss on 'im. Not holdin' me breath, I know 'e'll swive it up 'gain."
Mikh'a Korofi ( )
"Askier's son an' me stepson. We had a rough start but I love tha boy. Sadly we've drifted apart an' sometimes I worry. 'e isn't in tha best 'o health, but trackin' 'im down has been tedious as 'o late. Crossin' me fingers I see 'im 'gain sooner rather than later."
A'ahdra Korofi ( )
"Askier's daughter an' me stepdaughter. I didn't have much ta do with 'er in tha past an' I dun right now in tha present. I'm not particularly bothered by it. She's a little smart mouthed wench that does nothin' but test me patience."
"I love me kids, but they ain't exactly work friendly. I guess I should consider meself lucky after what happened tha firs' time. M'glad me brother helps take care 'o 'em because I most certainly dun have much time ta."
D'lyhhia Lhuil ( )
"I'm grateful ta have D'lyhhia offer me work whenever possible. She's kept coin in me pockets an' me fingers from sittin' idle. A gentle lass with a heart 'o pure gold. I actually kind 'o feel bad when I say or do summit outta turn that makes 'er pout. She's jus' that endearin', ye know? M'rather fond 'o 'er an' I hope ta keep 'er company fer a while yet."
Rolling Stone ( )
"We bounty hunt together. 'e takes me ta dinner. We draft schematics an' build 'em. I sip rum an' smoke while comfortable in 'is lap. Tha man has caught me attention with more than just business deals. We share summit together, but m'able ta come an' go as I please without any jealousy. Same thing fer 'im. We're enjoyin' time with each other so far."
Orenji Kharn ( )
"Not me actual nephew but I consider 'im like one. Used ta work with 'im, too. Sure, we may fuss at each other, an' tha little shite has shot me on one occasion, but 'is well bein' will always be important ta me. I dun take kindly ta threats made 'gainst 'im, not unless ye wanna see me nearby with tha muzzle 'o me gun aimed fer ye kneecaps. I still help 'im out when I can, an' I make it a point ta hassle 'im. That's what aunts do, yeah?"
Nazyl Tharazyl ( )
"Oy, Nazyl? Hah! Tha man is practically me brother! I've known 'im fer well over three years now. I've takin' up arms with 'im, shared drinks an' stories with 'im, an' we've experienced our fair share 'o hardships. We've laughed, we've loved, we've hissed an' spit, but not once have we turned our backs on each other. I'll always admire 'im an' look up ta 'im."
Julius Bennett ( )
"Where ta start? I've enjoyed 'is friendship fer quite a while now. Diligent, diplomatic, an' gentle. 'e certainly has more patience than I ever will. We kinda balance each other out sometimes. A mere 'thank ye' dun even begin ta repay all 'e's done. 'e's truly honorable man an' one m'glad ta have in me life."
Osric Melkire ( )
"Tha man likes pineapple juice an' rum. Instant bonus points. 'e's carried me through many battles an' ensured me an' me family stayed safe. I appreciate 'im an' tha hard work 'e's done. Now I jus' need ta figure out where 'e keeps 'is extra store 'o booze. Damned git took ta hidin' 'em from me."
Kanaria Melkire ( )
"Osric's wife an' one 'o tha many talented healers I know. She used ta rub me tha wrong way, but we managed ta come ta terms with each other. An', well, back then she understood what I was goin' through tha most. It helped me open up to her, an' she knew exactly what ta do when I was ill."
Delial Grimsong ( )
"Askier is fortunate ta have someone else willin' ta put up with 'is shite. I woulda kicked 'im in tha swivin' shins an' told 'im ta scat a long time ago. Delial's been a good sister ta 'im what with tha way 'e goes on 'bout 'er. It warms me heart, especially so that she helped me with Askier's recovery when 'e became sick. I dun see 'er often an' I wish I did."
Sasazi Sazi ( )
"Sazi's a sweet one. Sorta bashful, an' sometimes she stutters, but m'thinkin' she jus' needs time ta come outta 'er shell. I know she enjoys 'er books an' studies. It ain't often that I see 'er without some readin' material in 'er hands or at least nearby. I dun understand a lick 'o what she reads, but it's caught me interest."
Siha Xinkei ( )
"An' unexpected friend an' ally. Tha motherin' type, truthfully. Always makin' sure ev'ryone is fed, in good spirits, an' stayin' outta trouble. She's offered me a shoulder ta cry on an' arms ta hide within. She's even forgiven me fer shite I've done, whether it be ta 'er 'o anyone else. Siha 'as a big heart, an' I think ev'ryone can benefit ta learn summit from 'er."
"Hmph. She talks like Jin'li an' it's bothersome. Then 'gain tha lass can't help it. She ain't got nothin' ta do with that menace. I really showed me arse in front 'o 'er one day when all she tried ta do was help. Yet she didn't give up on me. She always greeted me with a warm smile an' calm attitude."
"That's one tall son 'o a bitch if'n I've ever seen one. Tha man is also really, really quiet. An' awkward. Quiet an' awkward. I typically see 'im glued right next ta Narii. I didn't expect 'im ta come see me when I was sick, but 'is company was summit I needed after all. 'e listened ta me rant an' whine, an' not once did 'e make a snide remark. Ta be fair 'e really ain't all that awkward once ye get 'im ta, ye know, talk more."
Y'amra Tia ( )
"Pft. It ain't no secret that m'not fond 'o tribe cats. Amra seems ta have a good head on 'is shoulders, though. I can appreciate that 'e doesn't shove 'is 'traditions' on other people. At least 'e's loyal ta 'is word, because I've had ta rely on 'im quite a few times. I wasn't disappointed, I'll give 'im that."
Vyse Gilder ( )
"Tha kid's enthusiasm fer explorin' an' life in general is damned near infectious. Sometimes it's good ta see shite through someone else's eyes when yer own vision seems ta be bitter. Smart as a whip when it comes ta flyin'. I ain't seen 'im smile brighter than when 'e's behind tha wheel 'o an airship. I'll always wish 'im clear skies an' safe travels."
Shirono Usagima ( )
"Ta be honest, tha lass used ta freak me out. She has this uncanny ability ta jus' pop 'round corners when ye least expect it. It used ta unnerve me an' make me jump a few fulm in tha air. She's also quiet, mayhaps a little too quiet fer me likin'. She's quick on 'er feet with 'er shenanigans an' will likely sweep yer arse ta tha floor before ye could even get one hit on 'er."
"Ye wanna know shite? That lass can get it fer ye. Fer a price, that is. 'er knowledge dun come cheap, an' neither do 'er talents as a Thaumaturge. Jen's got a quick wit an' dry sense 'o humor ta go with it, too."
Arin Tayuun ( )
"She's Julius' adopted little sister. I didn't exactly trust 'er at firs'. She knew summit used ta be wrong with me even before I had tha chance ta say summit. It spooked me, really. I didn't want ta stay 'round 'er because I was 'fraid 'o what she'd probably do. I hate spellcasters an' I avoid 'em like tha plague. Julius managed ta keep neutral ground 'tween us, an' she gave me tha space I needed. Kind 'o got a soft spot fer 'er after gettin' used ta 'er, an' now she makes smile instead 'o wantin' ta run."
Sun'ra Zhawn ( )
"Nnh. I dunno what ta do with that man. 'e's done work with Hojo an' I, an' is damned good at it. Connivin', but at tha same time 'e can deliver ye tha most saccharine smile. Dun let 'im fool ye, not even fer a nonce. Some days I wanna shake 'im by tha shoulders, others I dun mind 'im."
Sieg Egeas ( )
"Ehehe, ohhh Sieg. One 'o Ishgard's biggest thorns in their rear. I wasn't kiddin' when I said tha man's got a laundry list 'o crimes, an' said crimes were answered fer by a successful Trial 'o Combat. So now 'e gets ta walk free, turned over a 'new leaf', an' works in 'is family's soup kitchen. 'e also opened 'is own restaurant down in Limsa. Dun let 'is s'posed straight laced career blindside ye, 'e'd still wrench a knife in yer gut an' not think twice 'bout it."
Setras Volkov ( )
"Alexei's widower, a freed whore, an' a longtime friend 'o tha Dauntless. Some still call 'im 'Doc's Boy', I jus' call 'im Set. Tha boy's seen some shite, been through some shite, but damn it all 'e keeps on. M'proud 'o 'im, an' I do what I can ta support 'im."


X'nahza Nunh ( )
"I ain't never met tha man personally, but I know 'e's me brother's father an' tha man responsible fer kickin' me parents out 'o tha tribe. I never heard anythin' good 'bout 'im. Technically 'e saved me from bein' trible filth, but I'd still beat tha shite outta 'im."
Qubh'li Kharn ( )
"Former mate 'o mine. Our relationship was interestin'. I dunno how else ta put it. Tha whoreson knew all tha right things ta say ta keep me from leavin'. All 'o 'is words an' actions were filled with a false sense 'o security that I stupidly fell fer. I loved 'im. I loved 'im so much that even though what 'e did was poison, I still cried fer many moons when 'e disappeared without nary a word."
Flynt Reddard ( )
"Pft. Narcissistic, selfish, an' a right spoiled brat are tha firs' things that come ta me mind 'bout Flynt. A Gods damned pain in me arse, 'e was. Somehow I managed ta work with 'im. Ain't no love lost 'tween us, but we shut up long 'nough ta get work done, an' that's what really mattered. Dun mean I still didn't contemplate chokin' 'im out."
Yvain Dulimont ( )
"Heh, was waitin' ta see how long it'd take fer 'is shite ta catch up ta 'im. Freeloadin', lyin' git. Dun trust 'im. Failure ta report, disobedience 'o orders, post abandonment, an' wasteful use 'o resources. Real classy guy."
Togy Brandmakt ( )
"Heh heh. Tha man, ta this day, is still mad that I stole from 'im. I gave it back, dun that count? Yeesh. 'e likes ta shove it in me face each time I see 'im that I've done 'summit wrong'. Pft, I'll get scared when 'e finally acts on 'is threats. Until then I'll keep snickerin'."
Jin'li Epinoch ( x )
"Gone. That son 'o a bitch is finally gone. No more will 'e abuse me, me family, or anyone else. No more will I have ta call 'im me brother-in-law. 'e will not be missed, nor did I have pity on whatever soul 'e had left. It'll take some gettin' used ta not lookin' over me shoulder so often, but we can all start ta heal."
Tengri Geneq ( )
"Swivin' sod. Can't stand 'is arse. Fer whatever reason 'e thought it was a good idea ta give me husband a job many, many moons ago that I didn't necessarily agree with. But because I didn't want ta see me idiot husband do summit stupid, I agreed ta help if'n only ta keep 'im outta trouble. Ain't heard a peep in many moons, either, which is fine by me."
Roen Deneith ( )
"I didn't want ta hurt 'er. Gods, I really didn't want ta hurt 'er. Me heart sank tha minute Jin'li painted a target on 'er head, an' at that time I had no choice but ta seek 'er out. BUT, an' there's always a but, I was able ta wiggle worm me orders. So I warned 'er. Told 'er ta watch 'er back an' why. An' ye know what? Llymlaen smiled on me that day because she agreed ta help put an end ta Jin'li's bullshite. Gods bless ye, Roen. If'n it woulda been me, I woulda ran."
Warren Castille ( )
"Another target painted by Jin'li, an' I sure as hells wasn't going to lay so much as a finger on 'im. Ye see stupid written across this forehead? I have a healthy respect fer Warren. I did tha same with 'im like I did with Roen. I warned 'im. Tha man's help was limited, but appreciated nonetheless. Turning Jin'li's pawns 'gainst 'im was so satisfyin'."
"I didn't exactly go 'bout tha right way askin' fer Berrod's help a while back, but it didn't take long fer 'im ta figure out why. I dun think 'e was too pleased, nay, 'is whole body language was clear 'e wasn't pleased, yet 'e kept an even playin' field with me. I got what I needed an' ran like hells afterwards. I was not 'bout ta test that man's patience."
"Ye know, ye should be able ta trust tha surrogate father 'o yer kids. What little help I received was mostly from me friends or I had ta help me own damned self. Swivin' arse stuck 'round long 'nough ta see tha kids born an' I ain't heard from 'im since."
Hawu Jinjahl ( )
"A racist, pretentious little shite, an' a shameless doxy. On top 'o that, a self-proclaimed, attention seekin' 'aristocrat' that gets pissy if'n ye dun kiss 'er feet or if'n ye dare disagree with 'er. She damned near came close ta ruinin' tha completion 'o one 'o me jobs because she couldn't swivin' leave well 'nough alone, especially when I had Hojo with me."
"Lyin', sneaky bitch. I thought she died, only fer 'er ta come back under a diff'rent name an' personality. Oh I yelled, screamed, raged, an' damn near hit tha woman. I prob'ly should have given tha amount 'o frustration she caused me. She made 'er apologies an' said she was done tryin' ta hurt people. We'll see if'n 'er actions mirror 'er words."
Tiergan Vashir ( )
"Summit ain't right with that man. Got a bad energy 'round 'im, an' I ain't talkin' 'bout emotional shite. It looked like 'e had fiddled with summit 'e shouldn't have. When I found 'im 'e was crawlin' across tha Dauntless front lawn lookin' fer Osric. I told 'im I'd help only because 'o Osric. Neither 'o 'em have said more on tha matter so m'considerin' me hands washed 'o tha situation."
Sounsyy Mirke ( )
"Another one 'o those damned goody-two-shoed Maelstrom officers. Must be nice sittin' high on that pedestal, yeah? At least I can put a face ta one 'o tha Limsan 'peacekeepers' should I need ta avoid trouble, or send trouble right in 'er direction."
R'jahkob Nunh ( )
"Sarcastic arse, but 'e's witty with it. Can be amusin' or infuriatin'. All depends on tha mood 'e's in. Tha decrepit git still moves pretty fast despite 'is creaky old joints."
White Rabbit ( )
"A sweet little lass, but by tha Gods does she get excited 'bout damned near ev'rythin'. It kinda won me over when she wanted ta see me gun an' learn how ta shoot. Oh well. We'll see if'n I can turn 'er into a quickdraw."
P'azih Tia ( )
"Another damned arrogant tribe cat. I dun understand why D'lyhhia keeps 'im 'round. Tha lad is rude as hells, an' really needs ta learn tha concept 'o personal space before I show it ta 'im. Buyin' me booze will only help ye fer so long."
Some of these rumors are untrue, speculation, or are greatly exaggerated. Please feel free to add your own rumors under the Player Character category!


• Player Character Rumors
Nahare Portrait 1.png

    "She's a pair of horns and a speech impediment away from becoming a demon herself!" Flynt Reddard
    "We're both broken and dangerous. Technically, we should be too feral to work. And yet, somehow, happily, we're mates." Askier Mergrey
    "A great lass ta be 'round. I think me favorite thing 'bout her is how down ta earth she is." Nazyl Tharazyl
    "She's a loud one, but she seems fun enough. Tensions were strained between us for a while, but at least I feel like things have calmed down." Jenivieve Ravendale
    "A fermenting keg of madness and bravado quietly ruled by fear." Jin'li Epinoch
    "A good friend. Tad too tight on that trigger finger, mind, but she's better now than she used t'be. I wish her all the best." Osric Melkire
    "A fine specimen. I wonder what Ser Grimsong values more, her skills or her... skills." Tengri Geneq
    "Seemed like a decent enough gal. Got no complaints here so far." Berrod Armstrong
    "She's terrifying and endearing all at once, I only hope that I can help her as I intend to." Siha Xinkei
    "Naharé is truly a delightful soul. Time required to understand but this one believes well worth. Pray no further troubles and misfortunes will fall upon Naharé, undeserving of them." Tsaganarii Dhoro
    "Naharé...? Erm... She's not a woman to take lightly. Fair warning ... If she doesn't worry you, erm... Worry about those at her side she calls family." Seitsuda Gladepetal
    "The fact that she could love someone like Askier... it resonated with me. I hope I can help her gain her freedom from a madman, as her husband once did for me." Roen Deneith
    "Interfere with her life and I'll have you at the bottom of your nearest river. Old girl's done enough, she needs the rest." Masked Criminal
    "Rumor here." Name
    "Rumor here." Name

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